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tfyuhjnbgf14 karma

Do you make any famous horses or horses from movies?

tsundereuke22 karma

Few years ago I made the horse from the Brave for a little girl. Usually I just do whatever comes to my mind :)

tfyuhjnbgf9 karma

How did you get started doing this?

tsundereuke15 karma

I heard about this from a friend when I was 9. This is a really common hobby in Finland and there is tons of people who ride and make these. :)

RifleGun233 karma

Can you make me a horse that looks like this?

tsundereuke11 karma

It would be pretty hard to make a horse that looks like that 😂

tfyuhjnbgf2 karma

What are they called in Finnish?

tsundereuke5 karma

Keppihevonen :)

Ezl2 karma


There are tons of people? In Finland? Riding hobbyhorses? Like, to work?

tsundereuke2 karma

Nah, some little kids and teenagers (mostly girls) ride them in their free-time :) But it's kind of a 'cheesy' hobby so some people keep it a secret to avoid bullying.

JimiDarkMoon8 karma

Do you use hand pressed wool felt or synthetic felts? How long does each horse take from design to completion?

tsundereuke9 karma

I use fleece and fur fabrics. It takes 2-3 days to make one horse. :)

krypt0x6 karma

How much do you earn in a year?

tsundereuke13 karma

It depends on how many horses I make. I get around 30€ -45€(+ shipping fee)/per horse. But I think around 200-300€/year. :)

EuropoBob4 karma

How long does it take to make one of these (on average)?

tsundereuke7 karma

1-3 days, I'm pretty slow because I sew by hand :)

Arterrie3 karma

What is the hobbyhorse sport like? :) Also hi, fellow Finn!

tsundereuke3 karma

It's kind of hard to explain 😂

UniqueMumbles2 karma

Very nice! What materials do you use? Do you make all of the pieces yourself or do you source parts from a hobby store?

tsundereuke2 karma

I use fleece and fur fabrics and I make all of the pieces myself :)

UniqueMumbles1 karma

You clearly take a lot of justifiable pride in your work and should be proud. Do you sell them locally or online?

tsundereuke1 karma

I sell them in Instagram since it's easy to use :)

skookumasfrig2 karma

Do you ever ride them when no one is looking? :)

tsundereuke4 karma

Sometimes I ride with my little sisters (8 &6) :)