Hey guys! I'm Tom Payne, aka "Jesus" in The Walking Dead and "Jaxon" in MindGamers, my new movie which premieres world-wide March 28th.

“MindGamers” is innovative grounded science fiction fare. It follows a group of brilliant young students who create a wireless neural network with the potential to link every mind on earth via a quantum computer.
On March 28th 2017, one thousand individuals coast to coast will be the first to participate in a neuroscience experience of unprecedented scale as their brains are simultaneously connected to the cloud in real time using brain-computer interface technology.

This one-of-a-kind event will be shown in U.S. cinemas for one night on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. ET/ 8:00 p.m. CT/ 7:00 p.m. MT/ 6:00 p.m. PT, with playback at 7:00 p.m. local time for AK/HI, from Fathom Events and Terra Mater Film Studios.

Book your tickets here:

Check out the movie here:

Ask me anything!

Edit: Proof

OK guys, thats was fun! Hopefully you'll check out Mindgamers when it premieres next week on March 28th only!

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jhennices921 karma

Do you think Jesus and Maggie can become best friends??

thetpayne806 karma

Yes absolutely

TheOlRedditWhileIPoo888 karma

Is it true that nobody fucks with the Jesus?

thetpayne919 karma

Yes. Yes it is.

ledaclo855 karma

What drew you to applying for The Walking Dead?

thetpayne4507 karma


WindowCat1769 karma

You tweeted me once, is there any chance of getting a reply here too?

thetpayne1255 karma


immortalrollins676 karma

Will we be getting an episode more about Jesus' backstory? btw i love u :-)

thetpayne1130 karma

I hope so. That would be great. Morgans episode was one of my favourites from last year

candorandstyle631 karma

What's the most difficult thing about playing Jesus that you've found so far?

thetpayne1112 karma

Wearing all of his clothes!

ilikedogsalotok440 karma

Hey tom, just wondering if you were a fan of the show before joining the cast. If so, favourite season? (Btw, Jesus is such a great character, and you play him so well. You really deserve more screentime) thanks!

thetpayne569 karma

No I didn't watch the show. I have caught up now though!

thetpayne419 karma

Ok guys! Heading out now. Make sure you check out Mindgamers next week on March 28th! x

TomsRovia368 karma

Will Jesus ever get into a relationship with someone?

thetpayne538 karma

Never say never

buhhboyy337 karma

What is your favorite scene so far in TWD that you were apart of?

thetpayne1010 karma

Either Norman chasing me around a field or when I'm sat around the table with the group and say "Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger" and then the credits start. That was super cool.

Briana__nicoleeee305 karma

Why did Jesus open up to Maggie and what does it mean?

thetpayne563 karma

It means he feels comfortable in her presence and sees strength in their friendship

Blablasignmeup291 karma

When TWD is over, will you cut your hair and shave? (Please don't)

thetpayne329 karma

I think so. But maybe not take it all off completely!

LittleNinjaPrick258 karma

Can we expect kickass Jesus for the last two episodes of season 7? I'd like to see Ninja Jesus again!

thetpayne379 karma

There's always potential for kickass Jesus!

sydcarpenter243 karma

are you happy that jesus finally came out and that he came out to maggie first??

thetpayne362 karma

Yeah I thought it was a really nice demonstration of their new found connection. A subtle way to show that they are growing closer

iwillkeepitlow232 karma

When I meet you in June can I touch your hair???

thetpayne448 karma

If you've washed your hands ;)

shayvirtue182 karma

What training did you have to do to learn to perform your martial arts stunts? Anything specific like muay thai, kickboxing, karate?

thetpayne297 karma

I actually took bits from each of those. I have a great trainer named Steven Ho who I work with. He's a kicking specialist and so we did a lot of legwork which is incredibly tiring! Just when you think your fitness is improving you step it up and it's crazy hard again!

Maisiex210176 karma

Your hair always looks so good, what's your secret?

thetpayne254 karma

Not having a clue what I'm doing honestly! I think it's a new thing for my hair and it hasn't become tired of it yet :)

twdjess164 karma

Being from England, is it hard to handle the heat over there in Georgia? Looks super hot ahah ❤

thetpayne247 karma

You get very good at finding shade and keeping still when you're not filming! Actually when we were filming Mindgamers it was incredibly hot in Bucharest so I'm pretty used to filming in the heat. On both productions we had to contend with crazy thunderstorms which on TWD can mess up the schedule but on Mindgamers didn't so much cos a lot of it was filmed inside

shayvirtue150 karma

I'm an Atlanta girl so I was wondering, what do you think about GA/Atlanta? Enjoy being a resident part of the year? PS it is going to be a crazy hot summer!

thetpayne250 karma

I love Atlanta! The heat is crazy but there are so many cool restaurants and bars and places to go. I'm always telling people to visit!

redditVoteFraudUnit150 karma

Hello Tom - can you confirm or deny rumors that you once almost died in a Soul Cycle Class?

thetpayne326 karma

Hahahaha. Confirmed. I had to leave the class after about 10 mins! I totally misjudged the resistance on my bike and my fitness was not great. They took me out of the class and then profusely apologized. I said it was my own stupid fault for pushing myself so hard when I was so out of shape!

daehbonk145 karma

Who would win in a fight, you or Jesus?

thetpayne266 karma

Jesus by a mile

exponentialcherub128 karma

How was it growing up in Bath? It is such a lovely town!

thetpayne221 karma

It was great! It's just the right size to grow up in and have a good time. Now it's a place I really enjoy going back to. Andy Lincoln is from there too! If you go to England you have to go to Bath it's very beautiful.

kehrys104 karma

are u excited to meet me in 74 days? lmao

thetpayne149 karma

Always excited to meet fans! :)

logantf78 karma

I'm really intrigued by the lobster thing on jesus' wall does he just collect random stuff? also love the big red hat

thetpayne175 karma

All will be revealed in the future. Remember that Maggie has been wearing Jesus's clothes since she's been at the Hilltop too

lifelikeabarbie67 karma

What drew you into this movie project?

thetpayne146 karma

The fact that I'm a huge Sci Fi fan and I've always wanted to make a Sci Fi movie. That and the fact that the subject matter is fascinating. There are many different conversations to be had about the questions of life, death and science that are raised in the movie. I like movies that make you think.

iwillkeepitlow66 karma

Which characters would you like to see Jesus interact with more?

thetpayne128 karma


SaltyCrone57 karma

Are we going to find out more of Jesus' backstory? I was intrigued that he grew up in a group home, was he an orphan or abandoned or taken by social services?

What does Jesus see in Maggie/Sasha/Daryl/TF that makes him feel like can get close to them? What draws him to them?

thetpayne71 karma

Hopefully we will. But I also like how there are still questions around him.

tompaynr53 karma

hey, what's the best thing about interpreting Jesus?

thetpayne125 karma

Bringing some heart and thoughtful consideration to the group. Jesus is a person who thinks deeply before he takes action.

Jess149153 karma

What is the best advice you've been given?

thetpayne115 karma

Just be you

yepdixon52 karma

Which tv show would you like to guest star in?

thetpayne187 karma

Stranger Things!

homeisarealsong51 karma

Henlo Tom!! How is your day going??

thetpayne110 karma

Pretty good so far. I'm at Red Bull headquarters in Santa Monica. It's the coolest office space ever :)

ilikedogsalotok36 karma

Mindgamers looks really interesting! What's you're favourite sci-fi show/movie?

thetpayne94 karma

I like Blade Runner which is a classic. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW ONE!!

TinyJesusNinja35 karma

Will Jesus ever have his hair tied up like in the comics? He needs to rock a man bun!

thetpayne65 karma

If we get that far! I've been trying it out in real life (mostly cos long hair can be REALLY annoying) and it doesn't look too bad!

Brown97danny34 karma

Whats your favourite series of the walking dead?

thetpayne143 karma

Controversial but I liked the farm!

Tacirios32 karma

Can you tell me if Jesus and your character in MindGamers have any similarity?

thetpayne58 karma

I think the main similarity is that fundamentally they're both loners who are used to isolating themselves whether physically or mentally. Jesus is getting better at being in a group but I'm not sure Jaxon could collaborate as unselfishly.

onceonlyimagined32 karma

How has it been filming a lot with Lauren and Sonequa? They seem lovely and your scenes with each one of them are amazing :)

thetpayne71 karma

They're both beautiful, amazing people and it's been wonderful spending this season with them.

twdjess31 karma

Hey! Any chance you could reply with a nice message to Jessica please? I literally can't go to WSCL and this would just make me over the moon for my birthday that's soon🖤🖤 I love you so much 🖤🖤

thetpayne142 karma

Hi Jessica, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jesus Loves You xoxox

YousefTheActor25 karma

Tom, you are my favorite actor!!! Please is there any advice you could give to me as an amateur actor?

thetpayne56 karma

Study hard and always believe anything is possible. In the Mindgamers movie my character Jaxon is unstoppably ambitious. In his case I think maybe too much. But honestly I always believed I was capable of anything if I put my mind to it. So go get it!

Klho224 karma

If you weren't an actor, what career would you pursue? (Don't quit acting though- I'd be sad!)

thetpayne47 karma

A performer of some kind. Probably a singer

lonidee21021 karma

Would you be friends with your character in real life?

thetpayne41 karma

Yeah I think so. Would take me a while to get to know him but yes!

liamquane21 karma

Hi Mr. Payne! What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thanks and congratuwelldone on your success! :~)

thetpayne55 karma

Help me be the best I can be. I have no problem with being told exactly what is required. I'm not a precious actor. I understand that it's a group effort and everyone wants to produce the best end product. So it makes no sense to me when people act in a selfish way on set. Of course this requires trust amongst everyone which sometimes isn't easy to foster. On Mindgamers Andrew Goth the director was extremely collaborative and always on hand to answer any questions we might have about the minbending script!

KennyDouglas20 karma

Hi Tom. Big fan from Denmark! Ever been here? Just wanted to let you know, that I absolutely adore the way you bring comic Jesus to "life" on th TV show. Looking forward to see more of him in the future. I also like that he is that acrobatic fighter, how was your preparation for that?

Again, thank you. And a big high-five from me! Much love from Kenny Douglas.

thetpayne37 karma

I've been to Copenhagen. Love it there. Was actually just considering living there at some point in the future cos it's such a happy place! Last time I was there I went to Tivoli which was great fun too :)

sheskindalauren19 karma

have you ever had to improvise on set?

thetpayne58 karma

A lot of acting is 'improvising'. If you're truly in the moment of the scene then you're in a place where you are reacting in the moment to what the other character is giving you. I think it would have been quite tough to improvise dialogue on the Mindgamers set since I'm not a scientist and the dialogue could be quite complicated!

Walkersaround19 karma

Tom, I've 2 questions; The first... Have you ever thought about possibility of come to some country of Latin America for a Comic Con or a convention? As Argentina...
And the second, Can you tell me something in spanish? Please, haha.
I love you so much.

thetpayne35 karma

I'd love to. The closest I got was Mexico recently. The fans there were amazing! Te llamo x

jewelsinabox17 karma

Was it hard to get used to having long hair? I have long hair myself, so I know it can get in the way sometimes.

thetpayne28 karma

Yes! It can be really annoying. My hairstyle in Mindgamers was a lot more manageable :)

janitor198613 karma

Hey Tom. One: You have very ensnaring eyes. 2: Do people recognize you on the street? If they do, do they refer to you as Jesus?

thetpayne32 karma

They do! Even if they don't watch the show!

jhennices12 karma

Tom, how is your relationship with Alanna? I love you both so much, you're always so kind and attentive with fans, hope you have a precious friendship too.

thetpayne31 karma

We have a nice brother sister type relationship. I think we have a bunch of similarities.

jbernthals12 karma

Are you doing any other cons in Chicago this year? Sadly I can't attend WSC and I really want to meet you :(

thetpayne20 karma

Not this year I don't think. I was in Cincinnati last weekend!

sheskindalauren12 karma

is there any actor or actress you would like to work with in the future?

thetpayne50 karma

Anthony Hopkins. I once did an audition with him where we improvised together and it was wonderful. I think he has such a lovely air of calm in his performances. Pure simplicity. At the other end of the scale, Jack Nicholson! I think that would be fun.

yepdixon12 karma

Is there one thing that can instantly put a smile on your face?

thetpayne26 karma

An fan who's excited to meet me.

lovelyhilson11 karma

who's your favourite deceased character? or which would you bring back?

thetpayne50 karma

Herschel and Glenn

Tiny51311 karma

Hey Tom, Your character is one of my favorite, tell them not to kill you off please! Will any of these theaters be in the Cincinnati area?

thetpayne15 karma

Thanks! I'm lucky to play him. Go to the link in the description and you can find out where Mindgamers is playing :)

madinahz11 karma

do u have anything in common w jesus?

thetpayne41 karma

His empathy

Afrothunderzx10 karma

  1. What is your favorite memory from set?

  2. What is something most people wouldn't know about the walking dead, unless they worked on the show?

  3. Are there any lines from the comic that you really hope get to be used on the show?

You are doing a great job portraying JESUS.

thetpayne24 karma

  1. Making Norman chase me around a field in the midday sun
  2. How awesome the crew is
  3. Hmmm, can't answer cos then I'd give stuff away!


mandyhalo9 karma

Do you think you really understood what you were in for when you decided you wanted to become an actor?

thetpayne25 karma

I did but at the same time you can never be totally prepared for being in on of the biggest tv shows ever. I'm very lucky to be in it with some wonderful people though so that makes it a little easier.

lonidee2107 karma

That's cool. I often wonder if actors actually like the people they play. Have you ever not liked a character ?

thetpayne15 karma

Not really. I might not have liked some of the decisions they made but you always have to find the best in your character. There have been auditions I've been presented with that I knew I wouldn't get because I didn't like the character as a peron! :/

itsaraaah6 karma

have u ever been in spain??

thetpayne5 karma

Absolutely! Love Spain. Last time I was there was for the premiere of El Medico in Madrid. I still need to visit Barcelona.

marksnyd6 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

thetpayne13 karma

A hundred duck sized horses. Definitely.

NoraDehard6 karma

What's your favorite thing about Canada? (assuming you've been).

thetpayne14 karma

The people! I've been to a bunch of places in Canada and everyone is always so nice. I know it's a cliche but it's a cliche for a good reason!

exponentialcherub3 karma

How did you get into acting?

thetpayne15 karma

It was something I had always done whilst at school and I didn't understand why people chose jobs they didn't enjoy. I really enjoyed acting and so decided that would be my job! I studied at Drama School for 3 years and picked up an agent from there. Then I just auditioned for A LOT of things and some of them worked out! :)

paulmonreo2 karma

Will we ever hear you singing again?

thetpayne8 karma

I'm pretty sure the answer to that is yes

Jess14912 karma

Hi Tom, have you ever been in the Czech Republic?

thetpayne5 karma

I haven't! I'd love to get a job that brought me to Prague. We filmed Mindgamers in Bucharest and I loved the culture over there. Would love to travel more around eastern europe. :)

roviatom2 karma

what's a song you've been listening to on repeat recently?

thetpayne4 karma

Notion - Tash Sultana

blushyjarpad2 karma

What's your favourite thing about cons?

thetpayne11 karma

Meeting all the fans and giving out smiles and hugs all day. It's awesome!

sheskindalauren2 karma

wich characteristic of any of your roles that you have incorporated into your own because of it?

thetpayne4 karma

With Jaxon in Mindgamers I would say I definitely connected with his ambition and dogged determination no matter what anyone says. I was very ambitious with my career.

[deleted]1 karma


thetpayne3 karma

Very proud. xox