My short bio: I play in Passion Pit. I do a lot of weird/cool stuff.

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r053m3rry5125 karma

What inspired Sleepyhead? It's the best song ever.

mangelakos171 karma

Honestly, the samples usually tell the story. Was really into Mary O'hara, listening to lots of Irish folk music. But I had been making a lot Passion Pit material. I hadn't sampled anything that heavily before. But I realized I had a song that was kind of doing what that song was doing already (melodically).

In the end, I finished it in less than 2 hours... And the sound in the beginning was an accident -- had some plugin turned on accidentally that reversed the whole song and this one drum loop.

It's always the stuff that isn't perfect.

ipeedmypantstoday53 karma

Is Passion Pit a band or a solo project?

mangelakos97 karma

it's a solo project. live it is a band.

Revolution91745 karma

Hey man. I read Kindred, a novel. At one point in the book, a character asks the young protagonist "Where will you go?" She replies, "I don't know, but I can't stay here."

I noticed that the same sentiment is echoed in "Dancing On The Graves." Is this intentional or just a weird coincidence?

mangelakos68 karma

WHOA! Just saw that book somewhere. Um, total coincidence, actually, but that's... man, that's the best.

WilliamMC734 karma

What would it take for you to come to Chicago and play a show that a seventeen year old long time fan could afford?

I'll even bring you tacos.

PS - Gossamer got me through a very tough time in life, I owe you a ton. Thank you so much.

mangelakos43 karma

you rule. i wish somehow that could work, haha. come to a show soon, my friend. you don't owe me anything -- we're all supposed to be doing things for each other -- you just did something wonderful for me!

curious_asf32 karma

Hey M!!! I really appreciate that you are connecting with your fans a lot recently. You are an inspiration to me, not just because of your music but what you have gone through in life generally. I look up to you so much for being an open book.

So, anyway my question would have to be: how did you know that it was time to come out? Right now, I'm still confused which probably explains why I'm often too depressed.

mangelakos85 karma

It is... very hard. I am bisexual, and to confront my homosexuality was just... a matter of time. There is not right time, which means there's always the right time, so follow your gut but understand that you need to make yourself feel happy. You need to control your narrative for you. Don't let other people hijack it. I know how hard it is, I know it's painful, and it doesn't make sense really -- but at the end of the day, you will be coming out the rest of your life. This stuff is really dumb, we should be able to be whatever we want. But you're probably a really creative person -- make it work for you. I m rooting for you.

curious_asf9 karma

Followup question: how did you come out with your closest friends? Did you just say it blatantly or you have a feeling they knew anyway so why not let the cat out of the bag?

mangelakos25 karma

it was a very hard, weird process... i don't know how to even recall it, i think it's still kind of fresh, actually.i mean, just never assume anyone knows. i think some people thought it, others didn't. none of it matters. you have to control your version of it all.

beginning-g6 karma

As a bisexual person, thank you so much. Knowing there's other awesome bisexual people out there makes me feel a little more okay about everything.

mangelakos7 karma

it is a very misunderstood world. do not question yourself. enjoy yourself and the things you bring to the world. otherwise it's all a waste of time. xo

Grage30 karma

Hey Michael! I just wanted to say thanks for all the rough times you've helped me through and everything your music has given me. It's really something I can never give back. If you had any advice for an aspiring artist, what would it be?

mangelakos75 karma

Do not question your validity. You are an artist whether a system tells you are or aren't. Do not look to others to validate you -- just share, share, share.

xandersingh29 karma

1: What is your favorite eurorack module?

2: Who is your favorite former bandmate, and why is it me?


mangelakos17 karma

i love any of the addac or makenoise stuff.

xandersingh15 karma

Cheers bud, I just ordered a 4ms DLD, I'll let you know how I get on with it

mangelakos24 karma

dude. look at that. i just was flying through answers. YOU SEE? TRUTH. love you of course you are my favorite. on the record. i tried to get you to join the band AGES before you did.

xandersingh17 karma

Haha much love my friend. Won't be the last time we work together. Speak soon!

mangelakos7 karma

psssh u

Clapped28 karma

Can I use your music in my YouTube videos? I'm traveling around the US solo and making daily videos and would love to include your songs.

mangelakos47 karma

yeah, awesome. and thank you

sassmasters20 karma

Hi Michael! First of all, shout out to you for introducing me to one of my favorite electronic DJs/artists, Madeon! Pay No Mind is one of my favorite songs ever. How did you meet Madeon? How was it like working with him? Also, have you seen him perform on his own tour or during the Shelter tour?

mangelakos30 karma

he reached out to me. he's so damn good. he's super nice. he's very smart. he's super driven. he's probably just going to keep on crushing it. he's a good friend, i'm proud of him.

mmmardybum15 karma

How would you feel if Trump's secretly a big fan of your works? LOLLL

mangelakos37 karma

oh, god... well, maybe i could make him feel something, but i highly doubt it. let's be real. so, really, nothing.

Revolution91714 karma

Is there a certain reason why "American Blood" and "Almost There" didn't make it onto the American release of Gossamer?

mangelakos44 karma

well, when you release music, your supposed to incentivize services by giving them bonus material. so, whatever you have left over...

personally i hate that. all of a sudden those songs aren't special, they're "additional." this is... dangerous to me.

pasta4ever11 karma

Hey! Thanks for everything- your music and all you've done for mental health awareness. I'm looking forward to hearing more about The Wishart Group. Any updates you can share at this point?

mangelakos18 karma

I am terribly anxious to update but the wait will be worth it. Actually, i think we'll be able to announce stuff pretty's a loaded thing, it's a big effort. And it's not easy because it is new.

A_Tree_Killed_You11 karma

I've seen you 6 times now and you have fucking killed it every time. Manners is hands down my favorite collection of music of all time and I think you are an unbelievably talented lyricist. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Is there a particular reason that you never play Seaweed Song? Some of the older songs never seem to get any love anymore, as I don't think I've ever heard you play Cuddle Fuddle and I would LOVE to hear more from Chunk of Change in a live setting. Do you not enjoy playing your older music anymore? Is it not as meaningful as what you have written more recently?

Lastly, I must have read the Pitchfork piece on you about a dozen times. It was incredibly powerful and really made me appreciate your music even more. Was it difficult to initially open up about that? I think that was the first interview where you started discussing the context of how your music and I loved the honesty. It was really inspiring.

mangelakos18 karma

it's a really hard song to play live but that's not a good excuse. also it's kind of slow... hard to really get the audience into. so maybe that. we'll work on the older material, trust me. THANK YOU

Macubass11 karma

Omg I love ur songs take a walk and sleepy head. <3

Do u like Britney Spears? Would you ever collaborate with her? And what is ur favorite Britney song?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA

mangelakos52 karma

i actually tried writing a song for her. and failed. because i cannot really write sexy music. or something. i think the tone of this answer should explain everything

bleaknoose310 karma

How did you come up with the name Passion Pit?

mangelakos43 karma

was in a fashion class, studying the 50's, was the name used, in slang, referring to drive-in movie theaters. i passed a note to my friend, and was like, "band name?" and she wrote back "no."


Broductivity10 karma

Hey Michael,

I don't really have a question other than to say thank you for one of the best nights of my life. I got tickets for my birthday to see Passion Pit and Matt & Kim at MSG back during that snowstorm in 2013. It was an amazing show and my friends and I spent the night walking around the empty city in the middle of the snowstorm, seeing places like Times Square completely barren. How close were you guys to cancelling that show?

mangelakos16 karma

So close. That was insane. sold 12k+ tickets, 10,500 people still showed up. They shut down the damn city! That moment was absolutely staggering.


Hi Michael!

I love your music so, so much. Kindred was my most played album last year. I realized I was in love/gay while my friend and I were listening to Constant Conversations, and whenever I play that song, or Where The Sky Hangs (his favourite), I can't help but smile. We're about 6000 miles apart and I don't feel that way but listening to your music reminds me of him, and makes me think of love.


  • Do you think you'll be playing in Korea in the future?

  • How does Dancing On The Graves make you feel?

  • Will TSOL see a tour release?

  • Are you single? If not, wanna go on a date in Seoul?

(PS, /r/popheads LOVES you. You're basically the only non-top 40 artist that gets played)

mangelakos12 karma

Hopefully Korea, yes! DOTG makes me feel, well, it's a really important song, i think it was when i stopped feeling like I NEED TO PUT DANCE BEATS IN EVERY SONG TO IDENTIFY AS PASSION PIT. It's just pop music, really. It's all melody, that's my focal point.

roseerblooming8 karma

Hey Micheal, this is a bit of a presumptive question, but do you ever feel constrained by Passion Pit's deeply personal focus as a project, and if so, how do you distance yourself from your work in its creation? I say this as an artsy-fartsy writer liberal arts type trying to jumpstart her career - I've seen a lot of my academic and creative work become celebrated in the circles that I run in, but so far that work has been coming from a deeply personal place, basically exploring and re-exploring my experiences as a bipolar trans girl, and I'm worried that "soul-bearing" will become a part of how I'm seen to the point where that's all I can be (or be seen) as an artist.

P.S. I'm a huge fan of your work - TSOL has brought me a lot of joy in these last couple weeks.

mangelakos13 karma

oh of course. yeah, i mean, it's a defining thing. it's very defining as much as it is, you know, whatever i want it to be. but it isn't, because a lot of it is defined by what people expect. i let people down, i exceed expectations, etc -- this is the language most people use when listening to new material. so a lot of it is this weird thing trying to understand what people want and also doing what you want, and then combined with being so personal, you know, it gets mentally draining, but there's more of a reason to do then "just do it" or "make money." i've been doing this all of my life, honestly. the recording at the beginning of better things was me when i was 5. this is very important but it's also very fun to me -- you have to be okay living in a paradox.

sloowhand8 karma

What's more dangerous: getting caught in a Temper Trap or falling into a Passion Pit?

mangelakos12 karma


lurkynic8 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

mangelakos37 karma

Basically. We're really into classifying stuff, aren't we?

burritodude178 karma

mangelakos14 karma

i think that's... wait that's actually an early demo of i'll be alright. believe it or not.

Cjruiz77 karma

What is to kingdom come about?

mangelakos21 karma

That's a loaded one. I'll try to get back to this. I also don't know who to really... talk through songs, they're really emotional time capsules. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. I've got you though, I'll try to get back to you. xo

ImNotVenom7 karma

Advice to aspiring producers?

mangelakos17 karma

Make a ton of music, that's your business card. Share fearlessly. Flip other songs. Don't just go with what's working now, you're supposed to be developing what's next.


Hey dude. What would be on your version of the best burrito ever?

mangelakos15 karma

I go carnitas. And I go pretty simple.

AQ38526 karma

Hello Michael! Thanks for doing the AMA. I have only recently discovered your music through a friend of mine and i have been enjoying it a lot. I really love your fast paced songs like "I'm Perfect" and was wondering if we would see more of that on TSOL?

Also, come to DALLAS. There are a lot of Passion Pit fans here wanting to meet you.

mangelakos10 karma

yeah was thinking i'd push some faster stuff, actually. but it's amazing to see that like, at the end of the day, these songs can be arranged in so many ways, tempo, pace, all of that stuff i just packaging. but yeah, i hear you, i actually thought similarly.

RokanPohan6 karma

Is TSOL being released to streaming services at some point? I fucking adore pretty much all of it so I'm hoping it isn't just a Youtube experiment

mangelakos14 karma

Well, let's just consider that usually, yes, a service like that will have it. But if something isn't an experiment, I get kind of bored. Also, at the end of the day, I have very specific plans for it, and I don't think it's what you're thinking. But i think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

sinceileftyou26 karma

You liked one of my tweets abt your music being a reason to live (I stand by that statement) but thanks for acknowledging it!

Is there any musician you really want to collaborate with at the moment?

Also, what's some of your favorite TV shows / movies?

(PS, come check out /r/popheads if you ever have the time, we love your music!)

mangelakos2 karma

WEST WING and currently obsessed with Schitt's Creek. Too many films. I just... I don't know where to begin. But, seriously, seasons 1-4 of West Wing. And Twin Peaks. And A Bit of Fry and Laurie.

CuttiestMcGut6 karma

Michael, i owe you one. I discovered your music back in 2009 or 2010 and it changed my life. Not only that, but you have inspired me as an advocate of mental health awareness, and an example of someone who fights similar struggles. I have depression and anxiety, so not quite as severe, but it has certainly been one of the greatest challenges in my life.

That being said, what is the best advice you can give to someone with mental illness? How have you been able to rise above the demons that haunt you?

mangelakos19 karma

first i don't think you should call them demons. i don't like a lot of the language we're using in this discussion. i think that serves as a reminder that there's something "wrong." maybe we need to stop thinking about it being something wrong and it just being a setback that can be harnessed correctly, that it's something everyone deals with just more of it, that maybe we're just talking about it the wrong way. i always think about how it's not really what someone's saying, it's how they say it, and i think this, and many other issues today, stem from communication breakdowns. this is a very binary, human issue, to deny it is insanity, but that means that there's just something wrong with how we're talking about it. it started off the wrong way, so we have to find a way to make sense of it now, or rethink our approach altogether. but it's going to get better very soon, we're going to start to see that procedure-based therapies that are in fact holistic are so much better than medicines -- and anyone, even someone who is just sad, can access them someday. that's going to be on of the main shifts.

best of luck!

Revolution9175 karma

"Somewhere Up There" is your best, most unexpected track to date. If you don't mind sharing, how did this track come about?

mangelakos18 karma

i wrote the music to, quite literally, walk in the city too. i have a few songs like this. my brain just craves certain kinds of songs, and i can't always get them from other artists, which is a gift because, as you said, the unexpected is the best. but i'm particular so i literally just...started soundtracking my walks, i walked faster/became more punctual actually. it sounds insane but i swear, it kind of works. interesting exercise.

anyway so i had the first part of this song done for a little bit but it needed work.

it's a panic attack in three movements. i listen to a lot of classical music, particularly opera, and i decided to just completely rip the rug out from underneath listeners and not be so obsessed with making songs make sense to people from a structural standpoint. in fact, i think my music was so obsessed with doing that, it eventually cancelled itself out. it became so predictable, people probably stopped listening, or just could assume almost correctly what would happen. that's... really depressing, because that's not how i think in general.

so then someone that i go to who's a mentor to me, i record conversations with him because he says a lot and it's not worth him writing it down, it's part of the process. and one of those moments we talked through my childhood. and it became clear what was the main issue in a lot of my current problems / transitional situations.

so i sampled him. with his permission. that's the bowlby theory portion, the part about three different attachments.

and then it became this piece that... explored a panic attack in three movements. that's what my pain sounds like. that's what my horror sounds like. it's pretty, that's what's weird and creepy about it to me.

and then maybe the most honest thing about it is that it starts as a song about my divorce, about my insecurities in it, about blaming myself for everything after a lot of really bad communication, etc. And that's the vocal portion at the beginning.

but it turned out i just wasn't listening. i wasn't listening to people, i wasn't listening to music the right way, and classical music taught me that. classical music taught me to listen.

and if you listen, truly listen, you understand people, but you understand yourself.

and at the end, there wasn't much more i needed to sing -- that's the irony in all of this. i don't need to speak so much. i'm learning this still, this is a process. i need to listen.

like finally listening to a voicemail from my mother that i had ignored until that moment -- and making that literally the finale of the song.

this is 100% real, and whether or not it makes sense to people at first doesn't matter. it makes sense to me.

msthemenace5 karma

Hello! Do you find that curating knowledge and inspiration from practices outside of your own is important to your creative process? If so, what other art forms and/or trades do you like to observe and use to inform your work? How do you feel about the fact that you've become one of those sources for other creators?

mangelakos7 karma

it is absolutely everything. that is theory. and theory is important.

nalehWeiddA4 karma

Just a thought - Swimming in the Flood, It's Not My Fault I'm Happy, Where We Belong, Sleepyhead, in that order.

Do you have any combinations or songs that you listen to in any certain order?

mangelakos10 karma

nah, and i don't really listen to them like, all of the time. i do for context but... i'd rather just make new stuff.

Sisiwakanamaru4 karma

What is your favorite dessert?

mangelakos26 karma

i'm the guy that says he doesn't like dessert and demolishes dessert if its put in front of him. therefore i refuse to answer this question, just to remain in character

sixthreetwo4 karma

You responded to my retweet about you not getting paid for a concert you held in Manila a while back. I just lazily typed "awkward" and you responded "¯_(ツ)_/¯ tell me about it." I just had to let you know, that had me feeling pretty cool.

Besides not getting paid to play in Manila (which is terrible and inexcusable), what did you like about the Philippines? Did you get to travel around at all? The magic lies outside the city for sure! Hope you got paid man, your music is the common ground between mine and my girlfriend's taste in music, so thanks for being the glue that keeps us together on road trips!

mangelakos9 karma

everyone was very nice. the crowd was amazing. sometimes stuff happens. my point was, the people who haven't paid me could have just been kind about it. but then, all of this happened, and this was ABSOLUTELY INSANE TO WATCH. but people lie, and most people immediately assume an artist lies, but what's really frightening is when an artist is spot-on and telling the truth. it scares the hell out of people. as to why, that is the main point of all of that. i'm probably not going to get paid. but in a way, i don't even have to. money is a stupid energy. i am just a guy. underestimation is a weapon.

Denmakr4 karma

Hey Michael,

Huge fan of your music! I listened to it a ton in high school and rediscovered it college. It's really meaningful to me as someone who's slowly working through lifelong anxiety and depression. Can't wait for the new album!

How does it feel doing the falsetto? And how do you decide to incorporate it into a song?

mangelakos13 karma

it's actually not REALLY my falsetto, it's kind of called supervoice? like if i sang in falsetto all of the time, which is breathier, i'd lose my voice everyday. but actually i strengthened my voice at a time when it would've continued to change and deepen, as i was singing really really high for years at a time. and something happened. and now i have...a higher voice than i did in high school. nature is weird.

mmmardybum4 karma

It says you're weird so what's your weirdest quality?

mangelakos10 karma

"it" being me? i mean, i'm a a little strange. that's okay. i tried my whole life to not be strange. that made me look stranger. we're all strange. just some of us are, you know, louder.

theyoungtracy3 karma

How do you keep going when you have no motivation?

mangelakos10 karma

I have no idea. It's very, very, hard. It is for everyone. There is nothing that isn't renewable energy, basically. What you see as a hindrance can actually be a tool for advancement. Start considering your perception of things as the main culprit.

Pianta3 karma


mangelakos6 karma

MCMF was the single most important project of my life. And it's only just begun. It is a long-term project. It has my heart. Completely.

nhensley1133 karma

Hey Michael,

Are there still plans to repress old records like gossamer and manners?

Thanks for the sweet jams, Noah

mangelakos8 karma

Yes! This is a grueling process, i promise you that vinyl is very important to me and I think the price points on this stuff is just criminal. I am working really hard with some people to do this right.

xmilyz3 karma

Hi Michael, long time fan of your music. I listen to it when I write poetry (and dance in my room by myself), so thank you for all that you do. What is your creative process like? You've cultivated quite a distinct style, and I was wondering what your approach is to creating a song from beginning to end, including the lyric writing too.

mangelakos8 karma

i'm basically a tornado, and when i kind of am in a controlled environment, sometimes i finish stuff and it works. no one has any idea what the hell i'm talking about or getting at until it's done. and that's why i love the hell out of anyone that helps me, because it's not easy, but it can be really fun. for the most part, there's no set way of starting anything. it just... it's a chaos, and i'd prefer to keep it that way, because in the end it's just... a thing. it renders something. it's funny.

ImNotVenom3 karma

How do you go from a 4 bar loop to a full song ? How do you develop ideas for your songs ?

mangelakos7 karma

I have no idea ! it's pretty easy to me, everything just unfolds. I mean everything kind of starts with a little loop, you know? and you just... quit allowing it to be a loop and start unraveling it.

ThisRiverisWild3 karma

Hey Michael,

What is this mystery song and where/when is it from? I've had it on my computer for over 5 years and I'm not sure where I got it. But it was listed under 'Chunk of Change'. I listen to it constantly.

Thanks for being here and your music has changed my life, luv ya bud.

mangelakos6 karma

Oh, that was a theme song for my friends who had this comedy troupe called Zebro. That was pre-Ableton!

mmmardybum3 karma

What's the hardest song that you have to play live? Hard in the sense that it means a lot to you and it makes you feel all kinds of stuff that you may actually tear up while playing that song.

P.s. Manila misses you a lot!!!! Come back, alright?

mangelakos9 karma

They're actually all pretty hard. I mean, it's way more athletic of a show than I ever want to admit, and I realize it about, I don't know, 3 minutes in. But then it gets fun again.

nalehWeiddA3 karma

How do you think you've grown from album to your new material?

mangelakos11 karma

You are hearing me grow! I think that's pretty wonderful. I don't think it's embarrassing. I don't think I'm perfect. I think the fun thing is to watch people just be themselves and attempt to be fearless. I'm not fearless, but I can make myself vulnerable, because I like when other people do and that's a powerful thing. If everyone stopped hiding and starting being more of themselves, just imagine how amazing things would be?

TotalCognition3 karma

Was carried away based on your life?

mangelakos7 karma

all of my songs in some way are, yes. or interactions with people in it.

Frendazone3 karma

I never really listened to much music until a friend sent me a link to some of your music and I fell in love with it.

Just one question, dogs or cats?

mangelakos15 karma

Cats. Dogs are cool. Cats are just...emotionally way more tapped in then ANYONE gives them credit for.

solodude722 karma

Hello there! One of my favorite lyrics in any song ever came from Eyes as Candles: "Never have I ever been clutching at your hair to cure you of some sin, but that's the kind of state I'm in: swimming in a pool of Godly medicine." I have always wondered where that line came from. What was your inspiration to write that? Additionally, what made you decide to sing mostly in falsetto as opposed to your natural range? Was it a result of your composition and arrangement choices in your music? Or has that always been your preference outside of Passion Pit?

mangelakos3 karma

to be honest with you, i'd have to go and read all the lyrics together. because manners is some dense stuff, and context is anything. but i'll tell you that i actually really like the lyrics to that song. i think that song is pretty interesting in terms of what i've put out.

magnanimous142 karma

What's the most insane thing you have ever seen a fan do?

mangelakos3 karma

i actually... don't know the answer to this.

Cjruiz72 karma

Hey, Micheal.. wanna ask what's your favorite song to perform live??

mangelakos12 karma

man, we did cuddle fuddle, all live, in nyc... that was really fun. and we never do it. ever. i think that's essentially the model. deprive yourself of joy. hahahaha. ridiculous, we should really play it more.

chrisophical2 karma

Going off of this, do you tend to prefer slower paced songs or the more upbeat, fast ones (both when making them and when playing live)?

mangelakos2 karma

no preference.

luoy_panda2 karma

What keyboard/instruments/effects processors do you use for live shows?

mangelakos8 karma

wooof, this is SUCH A LONG ANSWER... i'll do this later. is that cool?

FogSeeFrank2 karma

Hey Michael. You're my favorite band. I love your music. My question is: How are you doing? Since Gossamer (one of my favorite albums by the way) you've seemed to be doing much better.

mangelakos10 karma

somedays great, somedays not so great. just like anyone else. the harder i work the happier i am.

paperfairy2 karma

I was very heavily attracted to a woman, we have sex and then she stopped talking to me

Her favorite band was Passion pit

What song do I blast via boombox outside her window to get her back?

mangelakos5 karma

you know exactly which one.

Batchagaloop2 karma

What inspired "Take a Walk". I love that song, but could never really understood what it meant. Something about selling flowers in front of Penn station? Regardless, whenever I hear it now I get hungry for Taco Bell...thanks for that.

mangelakos6 karma

it's just a weird character study that went almost too far, i have no idea. but i like that it's so uncharacteristic of me. each verse, well, including the bridge, is about a male figure in my family, and the common thread is immense financial and familial pressure, and how money seems to have always ruined everything. you need it, but it's very clearly the corruptive element.

mrduck1232 karma

Listening to your music on shrooms is the best, are you aware of this?

mangelakos7 karma


mmmardybum2 karma

Who do you want to collaborate with next?

mangelakos5 karma

i don't know, who do you think?

StonewallBurgundy7 karma

CHVRCHES x Passion Pit would be a dream. I could also see you and Ezra Koenig making amazing music together. You and Grimes could also make an amazing song. Or maybe a Pay No Mind part 2 with Porter Robinson and Madeon this time?

mangelakos9 karma

ugh, chvrches. so good. all of these names -- yes, all amazing.

idksammi2 karma

Hey! Saw you on tour with Muse in 2011 at the staples center. first concert ever and y'all inspired my love for live shows. any good memories from that tour?

edit: word

mangelakos6 karma

they are super nice guys but their chef would test out recipes on me. i was like the medieval foot-taster, the guy that would taste the royalty's food before they ate in case it was poisoned. it was definitely not poisoned, and it definitely helped me stay healthy, actually. was a weird but fun tour. fascinating to see such a crazy production from that perspective.

iowafan5292 karma

Hey Michael, just have a two for you.

  1. What is your favorite line that you wrote in a song.
  2. Was the tweet about "upcoming viral videos" you made in December 2015 about something still to come?

Thanks for all the dope music!

mangelakos6 karma

I think I was kidding about the upcoming viral videos. I think i was making fun of a conversation I had. How the hell am i going to make a viral video, really? What does that even mean? Ha.

Oh, I don't know... there's one Im writing now that I think might be the answer to this question.

Hey K has some stuff in it that's pretty on point for me. It's hard to favorite what you do.

chrisophical2 karma

Hey! Thanks so much for doing this!

Do you have any advice related to the creative process (such as writing songs or doing anything else creative)?

Also: If you go on tour be sure to stop by Dallas, your show in 2015 was amazing! --- Also wanted to say that your most recent song, To The Otherside, I really, really, loved. It hit me harder than any song has before. Thanks for being such a cool dude and making awesome music!

mangelakos8 karma

Make stuff all of the time. Even when you don't feel like it. Don't force it, but practice. Not everything you make is going to be amazing, but that's how you're going to know when something is amazing -- making a lot of stuff. Your brain is incredible, use it.

AprenderUmIdioma2 karma

Which DAW do you use?

mangelakos7 karma

ABLETON! and we mix in pro tools sometimes. or a lot of times. but these songs brad, my studio partner, just jumps in to make sure what i do in ableton isn't INSANELY noisy, etc. we both agreed TSOL should feel like chunk of change in this sense. just straight from the source, not matter if it's noisy or whatever. imperfect. etc

MusicaaLaauraa2 karma

Hey Michael! "My Brother Taught Me How to Swim" means the absolute world to me because my brother has gotten me through a lot with depression, aspergers, bipolar, etc. So I just wanted to know more about how he's helped you, and what he's done to inspire you to write the song. Also how do you/did you repay him? I often question this because my brother is my world, and I wouldn't be alive today without him and with that being said, I feel like he needs something in return.

mangelakos5 karma

my brother is a message. he is an enormously important person. like many people, he doesn't feel important. and so i wrote a song about him. it doesn't really mean much, but it does to me, and maybe it did to him. he's a wonderful guy, i love him very much.

heofnt1 karma

Michael! Hey huge fan. Love what you've made and what you're making with sea of love. Which of your albums would you say was the most emotional one to put together?

mangelakos9 karma

honestly, they have all been... so intense, so dramatic hahahaha. but this one, actually. this one is the product of years and years of work and pain and... not understanding what was really happening. I'm just trying to say that if you stay at it, you're going to be heard. Just keep working at it. You're never really done if it's still so cathartic, you know?

mangelakos10 karma

also, i am making the songs the night before i release them. so if that tells you anything...

IHaveBigCalves1 karma

Huge fan, currently in my last semester of college and have been listening since freshman year of highschool! Music is one of (if not the) most important thing in my life. Who are the bands/artists you listened to that made you realize your passion for music? Thank you for everything you've done and given us

mangelakos5 karma

damon albarn from blur is a hero, that's for sure.

curious_asf1 karma

Do you have a special someone right now?

mangelakos9 karma

nah, but i'm meeting lots of fun people. i'm focusing on work. i think, for anyone, like my friends, anyone in particular that's around me, that's for the best. as rupaul would say, if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anybody else?

nhensley1131 karma


Have you ever considered to try and make a different genre of music?

mangelakos10 karma

have you heard merry christmas mr fields? the album i released in december?

AprenderUmIdioma1 karma

What was it like working with Benny Blanco?

mangelakos2 karma

fun dude.

paytonkuhn1 karma

Hey, In 2015, the Big Guava Music Festival had a little thing on Instagram where if someone commented why they wanted to go to the fest, they would pick one person's comment to get free tix to the show/fest. At the time (more then/still a bit now) i was going through a rough patch and at the time your music had a pretty profound and helpful impact on me, so i wrote a pretty long thing about this and they gave me the tickets, so thanks for giving me that opportunity to see my favorite show to this day. I don't really have a great question on mind but here's one to fill in the space.

  • As a sound guy/designer in musical theatre, what is the oddest interaction you've had with a sound guy/girl at one of your shows? (if you've had any)

Thanks for making them funky ass tunes!

mangelakos3 karma

ha i feel like MY LIFE has been, actually, learning to admire and love sound guys/girls. really, there is the band, then there's the crew. the crew is the band too. really, love your crew. take care of your crew. sometimes i didn't, sometimes i did. there was never a real personal reason if i didn't, but i can tell you right now, a pp show is super hard, and we are nothing without hardworking, super-talented crew members.

Edgartron1 karma

When can we expect to see your new music on Google Play?

mangelakos8 karma

that will happen, i'm sure. just enjoy it, you know? and rip the music, whatever. it's not like i'm not going to write and release many more songs! in the meantime, this is a moment, and look what it's doing? this isn't a one-shot -- it's a volley! thanks for supporting me

iamjamesmartin1 karma

Would you consider doing a Fleetwood Mac cover? Alternatively (and oppositely), what new song in the last six months has captivated you?

mangelakos3 karma

actually one of the first covers we did was "dreams' by fleetwood mac. 2007/8...something like that.

StonewallBurgundy1 karma

I'm sure you hear this from a lot of people, but I just want to start by saying how much your music means to me. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression for years now, and your music really spoke to me more than any other artists. What you do is very inspiring, the way you can portray how you--and so many other people--feel through music, and the way you can push on and remain positive, it's just inspiring. People like you keep people like me going, so thank you for that.

Apologies for the long intro, on to my question: How do you take all your feelings/thoughts and use them to create coherent lyrics and music? I've always tried writing songs but I always have so many thoughts and feelings popping into my head at once that it's impossible to create anything meaningful or understandable. Additionally, what is your writing process?You seem to do a great job of creating vibrant instrumentals which contrast somewhat darker lyrics, is that always the intent or does it just seem to happen?

Thank you so much for doing this ama! It really means a lot to me and everyone else, I'm excited to read your responses!

mangelakos9 karma

How do you take all your feelings/thoughts and use them to create coherent lyrics and music? I have no idea, I think it's from working a lot. It takes practice. It takes a long time to make sense of what you're doing. And in the process, you sometimes don't know what you're doing. Actually, most of the time. And that's because you're in it. And that's kind of what it's all about.

My writing process is insane. No one understands it until they're around me for awhile. It's a very weird thing, it evolves, and it's just... it's like your personality -- you accept it, and you take constructive criticism because people who believe in what you're doing they're just trying to help. But in the end you just do whatever you have to do.

The dichotomy you're talking about is literally the point of passion pit. Feelings are complex, they are not happy or sad, etc. They don't sound or look like what they are. It's basically, to me, ideology.

smryan081 karma

Michael! Youre amazing. Boston loves you! My dad just discovered Manners and is completely obsessed. He tells me what he loves about every song on the album.

Do you have a specific album(s) (of any time any genre any band) that you put on repeat and never get sick of?

mangelakos6 karma

Nat King Cole's collection The Nat King Cole Story in Stereo has been hitting me hard.

FogSeeFrank1 karma

I didn't buy the Christmas album because I was hoping a CD/DVD release would happen. I should have just bought it and then done the videos after idk I kinda wanted the first experience to be with the video. Anyway, my question is will there be a physical CD/DVD release of Merry Christmas Mr. Fields?

mangelakos2 karma

watch the video album on youtube!