Hey reddit I’m back!

Here at Funny or Die Studios helping out /u/_HEALTH_ with their album drop and reverse-telethon Facebook live stream!

We are having a great time on HEALTH’s AMA so I thought I’d start my own. I’ll be here for an hour or more to answer your questions.

Proof: https://twitter.com/PaulyShore/status/832725452900831233

Edit: It just started raining hard and my parking meter is up. Hopefully I can jump back on this later!

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brokenknee27148 karma

Out of all the movies you've done, which would you consider your favorite? Personally, mine is Encino Man.

MrPaulyShore81 karma


JohnWad47 karma

Any hope for an Encino Man 2?

MrPaulyShore6 karma

Crowdfund it. I'm ready.

DroneLover34 karma

Are you aware of the r/SaveBrendan movement here @ Reddit?

MrPaulyShore53 karma

He doesn't need to be saved, he's doing just fine.

steviahall27 karma

I've been watching your early movies recently. Do you miss your luscious curly locks?

MrPaulyShore58 karma

Don't remind me, I'm depressed about it

poodles_and_oodles26 karma

what the heck is a reverse telethon

MrPaulyShore13 karma

Its where we call people. /u/_HEALTH_ has been on the phone all day calling over 8,000 numbers today. Bad day not to answer your phones.

Hazardous_Nights26 karma

Did you enjoy your time on the set of "Workaholics" as much as I enjoyed the cameo?

MrPaulyShore1 karma

Yeah it was great

ReliableSource25 karma

What was it like being on the Hollywood Handbook podcast?

MrPaulyShore18 karma

That was one of the best podcasts I've ever been on. Questions were amazing. People were nice. I just don't like how they tried to touch me at the end. I like babes.

Chtorrr18 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

MrPaulyShore26 karma

yes its a circular sandwich. which definitely puts it into the sandwich category.

DroneLover14 karma

Have you ever heard of or seen FPV drone racing?

MrPaulyShore15 karma

No I heard about it want to check it out! sounds really cool

TheDandyWarhol8 karma

Do you still squeeze the juice?

MrPaulyShore24 karma

Prune juice

BarneyStinsbro8 karma

If you could redo any thing you ever worked on, what would you pick?

MrPaulyShore22 karma

I would remake ENCINO MAN. Instead of weezing the juice it would be weezing the prune juice.

FrankArt8641 karma

How did you get to be so awesome?

MrPaulyShore28 karma

My mom smoked a lot of weed when she was pregnant with me. Naturally in my system