Hi Reddit! I’m Nicholas Hoult…excited for this Reddit AMA! You may know me from Mad Max, X-Men, and Warm Bodies. My new action movie COLLIDE hits theaters next Friday, February 24th, and also stars Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins, and Ben Kingsley. Can’t wait for you all to see it. Now Ask Me Anything!

COLLIDE Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gubU4V3ewQw

Proof: https://twitter.com/CollideTheMovie/status/831948224583720960

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leehomf1013 karma

Hello Nicholas. Did you really spray silver paint over your teeth in Mad Max?

Nicholas_Hoult1744 karma

Yes. And it was whatever silver they put on those cake decorations.

silentalarm_773 karma

When acting in Skins, was there a particular favourite moment of yours?

Nicholas_Hoult1354 karma

I mean the favourite moment was spending time with all that gang and now they're like some of my best friends. Certainly driving a Mini when we had stolen Chris' coffin.

ShanghiUK645 karma

What's the favorite scene you've ever worked on? And why was it the scene where you killed a duck with a stale loaf of bread in about a boy?

Nicholas_Hoult569 karma

That is one of my favourite scenes. And I actually like going back to that part of Regents Park. It's a beautiful park.

Watching Sir Anthony Hopkins in Collide. Because he's such a hero of mine.

rickmuscles456 karma

Is it hard to do an American accent? How do you study or prepare to do those?

Nicholas_Hoult713 karma

Yes, it can be hard to make them sound natural and you have to prepare enough to not think about it when doing scenes. I worked with a dialect coach before and during shooting to make sure it's authentic.

liamquane380 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set?

Nicholas_Hoult845 karma

Create an environment where you don't feel afraid to fail or make a fool of yourself.

sharabii254 karma

How did you get into acting? if you mind me asking! also i enjoy your films! keep up all the hard work you do!

Nicholas_Hoult715 karma

I did a play when I was 3 because a director needed a toddler for their next play and saw me in the audience with my mum and thought I could concentrate well for a 3 year old.

Flipadelphiaa243 karma

Hey! Huge fan from Singapore, loved you in X-men, skins, and warm bodies!

Who is someone you most enjoyed working with, and why?

Nicholas_Hoult230 karma

I've learnt a lot from everyone, it's great to watch ho people approach work differently. Especially insightful on this movie was watching how much Ben and Anthony love their jobs and commit to their roles.

hemsworthshugs185 karma

If you could be any of the characters you played for one day who would you choose and why? :)

Nicholas_Hoult472 karma

I would choose to be Beast because then I could do cool superhero things!

Illyriana178 karma

What are 5 essential things that you would bring with you to a deserted island?

Nicholas_Hoult483 karma

Some sort of music player, a machete, cuddly toy, hammock, and some Lego. A lot of Lego.

candancing152 karma

What music are you listening to right now?

Nicholas_Hoult463 karma

Sampha, Chance The Rapper, some Davie Bowie, Glenn Gould.

Sisiwakanamaru134 karma

What is your favorite dessert?

Nicholas_Hoult358 karma

Sticky toffee pudding! With Vanilla ice cream.

anate28131 karma

Did u get hurt during shooting? I love you so much

Nicholas_Hoult235 karma

Uh yeah. I got beat up pretty good in this film. I nearly got shot...that was nearly serious. A couple of light crashes. Mainly bumps and scrapes but they really add up after a while.

ciacco2295 karma

Who would you rather fight - 100 duck sized Beasts or 1 Beast sized duck?

Nicholas_Hoult202 karma

1 beast sized duck. I reckon I've got in on 1 beast sized duck. You're going to be overthrown by 100 ducks.

hemsworthshugs92 karma

Any projects for the future?

Nicholas_Hoult585 karma

Well the moustache is for an upcoming role I have, The Current War. I'm playing Nikala Tesla.

lol203491 karma

Do you ever plan on branching out into other areas of film making, such as directing?

Nicholas_Hoult173 karma

At the moment no, but if I found a story that I had an individual take on or I felt like I had to tell then yes!

SysTomBrady87 karma

What soccer team do you support?

Nicholas_Hoult188 karma

Reading FC

jensfairytail72 karma

How was it to film a movie in Germany? Did you liked it?

I met you on the set 3 years ago! Thank you for being such a nice & amazing human being ❤

Nicholas_Hoult107 karma

Fantastic! Loved spending time in Germany with the people and the wonderful crew, plus getting to eat and drink the local food and beer and explore Cologne.

Jess149145 karma

What book is your favorite?

Nicholas_Hoult172 karma

I'd say favourite is East of Eden but I've just finished Shantaram which was good

KellyLPotter38 karma

How much fun was it to drive all the cars and did it help in anyway when driving Mabel?

Nicholas_Hoult65 karma

I guess any motor experience can be useful but Mabel was more like the controls for a motorcycle. And she was way more underpowered than all these cars. I miss her.

liamquane34 karma

What was it like working with Danny Strong?

Nicholas_Hoult57 karma

Danny's is first of all a brilliant writer, and is very concise with his screen plays. And then he's great at guiding you through a performance and bringing things to life.

liamquane31 karma

Hi Mr. Hoult! Congratuwelldone on the film! What was it like working with Eran Creevy? Thanks! :~)

Nicholas_Hoult45 karma

Thank you! Iran's energy is infectious, he loves telling fun, action packed stories and creating this with him was one of the best working experiences I've had.

I think his relentless pace and energy shines through in the movie.

Mirandakane21 karma

What was the most dificult scene in collide?? Can you Say "Hello" for me?

Nicholas_Hoult67 karma

The most difficult scene was when having to be chased and shot at while on the phone to someone who wasn't really there and swerving traffic, and remember what to say at the same time. There was a lot of balls to juggle at that point.

DarthSunshine1 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 50 duck sized horses?

What was the last thing you ate?

(Edited to clear up comment confusion)

Nicholas_Hoult6 karma

I'd still fight the horse sized duck, still the better option.