I am the face of Kappa, popular gaming meme from Twitch. AMA!

https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-a-former-twitch-employee-has-one-of-the-most-reproduced-faces-ever/ Proof: https://twitter.com/lazythunk/status/831616023610609664

All right folks, that was fun. I hope I answered enough of your questions. I don't have any books or movies to promote, so just Kappa in the chat next you're on Twitch. :D

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Twisted-Toucan443 karma

What do you eat in order to maintain your trademark chubby cheeks?

kappaIAMA450 karma

All the carbs

4tlu355 karma

do you smile the same way permanently now for pictures?

kappaIAMA478 karma

Only when the mixture of milaise and sarcasm is just right αƒš(Β΄Ϊ‘`αƒš)

MCgwaar245 karma

What is your favourite alternative Kappa emote?

kappaIAMA575 karma

Golden Kappa

br0000d214 karma

Do you have any funny stories of being recognized as the Kappa face in real life?

kappaIAMA465 karma

Was at a streamer event where I witnessed a hushed exchange that ended with "that's because he is" and some brief shock.

ShanghiUK206 karma

How does it feel seeing your face being used all over the internet these days? Do you ever get tired of it?

kappaIAMA356 karma

Fairly normal at this point. The weirder thing is seeing my face show up outside of the internet, like posters at WWE events or esports crowds

Spritedz194 karma

Do you ever get the "Please do the Kappa face for me" or do people not recognize you enough for that to happen?

kappaIAMA228 karma

Mostly at conventions.

qkingq149 karma

do people recognize you as kappa since the lost of weight and hair change?

kappaIAMA204 karma

Haha. I think you mean weight gain but, yeah, if I'm in the right crowd. You have to be looking for the Kappa.

TopicalTV140 karma

You're face very well may be scrolling through the twitch-chat logs more often than George Washington's face through the U.S. Mint. On that note, how would you feel if your face was on a 47-cent bill?

kappaIAMA191 karma

That I'd be on a really inconvenient unit of currency. πŸ˜…

SpencerDavis4499 karma

What is the context behind the famous picture of you? Who took it, when, and why?

kappaIAMA208 karma

The pic is an employee photo. I needed an image when I added Kappa to the chat and that one was recent at the time.

rockman_welost90 karma

What is your favorite video game of all time?

kappaIAMA205 karma

Yikes. That's the toughest question so far. Maybe my top 3 based on hours played would be: Chrono Trigger, Nethack, and Fallout NV.

CripleMike71 karma

  1. How did the emote end up being called Kappa.

  2. I follow you on twitter and github, are you working/planning anything in the near future ?

  3. Do you get recognized often in public or twitch-con if you participate?

kappaIAMA159 karma

  1. How did the emote end up being called Kappa.

I worked on the Justin.tv chat (which then became Twitch.tv) and I added my face as an easter egg. I used Kappa) because I'm interested in Japanese stuff, thought it was a cool word etc, and also because it was short (all the other emotes at that time had crazy long names: RedCoatBill etc) & I thought it wouldn't be typed often. Boy was I wrong.

TakeNRG70 karma

What have you done since leaving Twitch?

kappaIAMA120 karma

It's been a few years so there's been a lot since Twitch/Justin.tv. I'm currently the cofounder of a Virtual Reality testing startup

ThisManDoesTheReddit61 karma

Do you have trouble with noone in the gaming community ever being sure if they can take anything you say seriously? (Kappa)

But seriously is there any link between the way your face is used on twitch and your general personality are you quite sarcastic in person or has your face taken on a life of its own so to speak?

kappaIAMA58 karma

I think it matches my dry humor pretty well.

The_Skope52 karma

I know you've talked about how seeing your face everywhere is normal at this point, but can you remember/describe the first time you saw the Kappa Emote being used in such high quantities?

kappaIAMA102 karma

Roughly 2 weeks after I added it to the chat as a secret. There was a decent sized event streaming on the site and some folks figured it out then started spamming Kappa in the stream.

Drunkasarous44 karma

which of the basic twitch chat emotes are your favorite?

what about BTTV?

kappaIAMA69 karma

Tough call. Maybe FrankerZ, PogChamp, or Kreygasm. I'm usually using my phone to catch random streams so I'm not a huge BTTV user.

Mafia_Jinx41 karma

Since you currently live in Japan(or used to, I haven't checked your twitter in months, so I wouldn't know) what are some of your favorite Japanese dishes that you would recommend?

kappaIAMA62 karma

Currently in the US atm.

Technically Okinawan but, Goya Chanpuru (ゴーダーチャンプルー) is a favorite.

Capsule3430023 karma

How old were you when you did the original Kappa picture?

Why did this picture got taken?

Do you have royalties on the Kappa emote?

kappaIAMA46 karma

About 23 I think. Was my employee photo, hence the awkward smirk.

Ajfergy22 karma

Are you friends with any of the other people that have their faces as emotes?

kappaIAMA60 karma

Absolutely. Most of the global emotes are long time Twitch streamers or employees I know.

Sheerkan17 karma

What do you do at Twitch?

kappaIAMA36 karma

Programming. Worked on various site features.

massacrekid14 karma

Do you own the Kappa username on twitch?

kappaIAMA39 karma

Maybe I should but, I'm lazythunk on twitch

Jeff_Baezos10 karma

What's your favorite fraternity?

kappaIAMA37 karma


samwise09129 karma

On a personal level, what are some of your favorite films?

popozuda525 karma

I miss Justin.tv 😭 what was your favorite channel?

kappaIAMA15 karma

Lot of early folks like DansGaming, MVG, etc. I also sometimes miss the owlet/puppy/kitten cam stuff and a lot of the long-tail content that's completely gone now.

IllBePirateKing4 karma

I'm going to be one person that doesn't ask about your face; What are your favorite games to watch and what are your favorite streamers?

kappaIAMA10 karma

I usually check for any interesting VR streams then default to Overwatch since that's what I'm playing whenever I have some free time.

Throwaway564223 karma

Should I invest in the British Pound? How do you think it will fare over time due to brexit? Should I invest in a Roth IRA or a regular IRA.

kappaIAMA11 karma

I mean cmon' Roth and put the rest into a low cost meme index fund.