My short bio: I am a NH native, a redditor, and a representative to the NH General Court. I was elected as a Republican but switched to the Libertarian Party out of frustration with some of the policy priorities of the Republican majority.

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Redsox933323 karma

As a democratic leaning NH resident why should I vote for you?

My wife would like to know your opinion on Edelbut.

cqdyer551 karma

I am a firm opponent of Republicans on a great many social issues. I support the decriminalization of sex work with Rep. Elizabeth Edwards (D-Manchester). I am a co-sponsor on HB656, the primary bill for the legalization of recreational cannabis. I am also fervently against the death penalty.

As far as Frank is concerned, I supported his candidacy for Governor because I found him to be a very honorable, truthful man. I didn't agree with some of his policy (namely that he was very pro-life) but I could respect him for being a genuine person.

maximkat1295 karma

Do you believe that other members of the house will specifically seek you out to cosponsor their bills which libertarians agree with to show that a bill has multi-party support?

cqdyer368 karma

This will likely be the case. I do not plan to just go around co-sponsoring bills willy-nilly. I plan to do the same as I have this year next year; picking just a handful of bill ideas and making sure they are submitted to the legislature.

papaone286 karma

What are your thoughts about the 9th Circut Court's decision handed down a few minutes ago regarding the President's travel ban?

cqdyer671 karma

I think the travel ban is ridiculous. I find it interesting that travel bans of a similar nature have previously been unchallenged by the courts.

Produktivitaet223 karma

Could you elaborate on the policy priorities of the state Republicans that caused you to switch?

Kudos for following your conscience.

cqdyer501 karma

Republicans in New Hampshire do not seem very focused on reducing expenditures but rather focused on finding ways spend a surplus that we realistically don't have. Apart from this I also question the Republican party's commitment to the accountability of executive agents including police. Also I part ways with many Republicans in that I heartily oppose the death penalty.

NYLaw149 karma

Are you aware of the typo in the description on your Facebook page?

cqdyer222 karma

Well now I am :P

NYLaw63 karma

It's gonna bother you until your social media guys fix it, isn't it?

Also, I'm a law student. Any jobs I can apply to with you?

cqdyer291 karma

I make $100/year in the New Hampshire legislature. I'm not really in any position to be hiring staff.

nkdeck0782 karma

I grew up in NH and found out that salary when I was 14. Still like to bring it up in conversation to shock people.

Actually on that note how the heck does anyone have time to be in the NH legislation and work? Or is everyone just independently wealthy?

cqdyer126 karma

No, I have to work a normal job. Some of us just do our very best to make the time to do the job.

DWPerry122 karma

Rep Dyer, assuming HB384 is adopted, will you be requesting inclusion on the proposed Committee to Study Ballot Access?

cqdyer146 karma

I will speak with Rep. Pearson soon. I will most certainly request a seat on this study committee. However, who the Speaker appoints is out of my control.

Shieldzilla107 karma

Have you had any reaction from your constituents? Any pushback or worries about reelection?

cqdyer174 karma

I have so far been met with nothing but support from constituents. The real test is in two years time of course but I'm not too worried about it. I had to work fairly hard to get here as a Republican anyhow so I'm sure I'll be able to put in the work to do it third party.

patentolog1st49 karma

Did you switch parties immediately after election?

cqdyer85 karma

No there was a period of realization that it would be a better option than remaining within a party that wasn't serious about working with several libertarian Republicans and Democrats.

SavetheEmpire202078 karma

You just graduated Alvinre High School just over 1 year go, in 2015. Why do you think, at your young age, you have the answers to our most pressing problems, many of which span generations?

cqdyer100 karma

I don't claim to have all the answers. I don't even claim to have a good many of them but I certainly have seen a lot of good things come from people who got together of their own freewill to solve a problem and I want to see more of that kind of voluntary cooperation. Any policy that increases one's liberty to engage in commerce should be seen as inherently beneficial.

aqua_vit61 karma

In your opinion, what are some hard truths the average American cannot swallow?

cqdyer291 karma

The United States Federal Government murders thousands of people every year. War is essentially nothing more than tax-funded murder.

LordJesterTheFree59 karma

Are there any other state representatives you think might flip?

cqdyer137 karma

I am not comfortable floating any names but there are discussions being had.

_Nicktheinfamous_54 karma

How do you propose to decrease cost of living in this country? What do you think we should do to help the homeless and those living in poverty?

cqdyer146 karma

You know I'd really love to bring up to the Speaker of the House resurrecting the policy of allowing the homeless in Concord to sleep in the State House over night. It's a public building after all. If we have the problem of homelessness we should be using every last resource we have to combat it including opening up public buildings.

cqdyer87 karma

The reason I say resurrect this policy is because this is actually something they did during the great depression. We take the "The People's House" very seriously.

eritic41 karma

It's awesome to see a State politician moving to the libertarian side!

Now I read further down in a response to another question that you feel taxation is theft. Is there any form of taxation that you would approve of?

If not how would you suggest that we fund departments like the NH DOT, Fire Departments and The local/state Police?

cqdyer50 karma

While I do believe that taxation is theft I realize that the system of taxation will not magically cease to exist. Therefore I will be focusing more on more prudent, efficient uses of those tax dollars and refunding them whenever possible. I have no problem with the state having a budget I just want to make sure we are not constantly growing that budget.

SavetheEmpire202040 karma

At your young age, how were you able to run/manage a successful campaign?

cqdyer123 karma

Knocking on tons of doors after work. Don't underestimate the power of grassroots organizing. If people see that your willing to engage them and defend your ideas intelligently and respectfully they will respect you even if they disagree with you.

lefty__lucy34 karma

Are you planning to seek higher office?

cqdyer77 karma

No, I do not have any plans to seek higher offices. I have decided that I would never run for a federal office but have not necessarily ruled out higher state offices.

tailsta32 karma

Do you think this will significantly hurt your chances of being re-elected?

cqdyer115 karma

Perhaps. I'm not too concerned. I'm here to work. When I've done the work I will leave it to the voters to decide if it is representative of their interests. I would hope that they can vote for someone for a better reason than just their party label.

CultureMind31 karma

Are you aware of the free state project? It's a long standing movement to get at many libertarians to move to NH and elect libertarians to state government. In fact I am planning a move in just a few months based on this. What are your feelings on free state project, and the chances of more people actually being voted in intentially as a libertarian in your state.

cqdyer52 karma

I am friends with plenty of free staters. In fact several of the folks who constitute the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire are free staters themselves. There are several free staters in the legislature. I would say that if you move to a libertarian heavily portion of the state you would have a very good chance of winning election.

thelavaflow16 karma

Caleb, why switch to the Libertarian Party instead of the Democrats or some other party?

cqdyer25 karma

I see you Rodger ;)

cqdyer21 karma

Because the Libertarians were the only other people I could find on the political landscape who agreed that taxation is theft. :P

RugbyAndBeer36 karma

So is your stance that there should be zero taxation?

cqdyer37 karma

As a pragmatist I simply believe that existing rates of taxation should be reduced whenever it is made possible by a corresponding reduction in expenditures. As I have stated elsewhere in this thread I understand that the system of taxation isn't going away anytime soon. We must be focused on the efficient use of tax dollars.

mdak0613 karma

Do you expect to have a better relationship with Democrats regarding some issues, now that you are not a Republican?

cqdyer40 karma

Actually I do expect to have a slightly better relationship with some Democrats. Just today I went to a luncheon put on by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU where the majority of the representatives in attendance were Democrats. They were happy to see people looking to hear a different perspective on some issues.

SavetheEmpire20205 karma

Do you consider your party switch to be a power move, as your support may infer cross partisan support, thus making you a valuable political commodity?

cqdyer12 karma

That will doubtfully prove to be the case. I will have the same policy priorities as I would have had if I kept the Republican label. I don't think my political capital has increased by switching parties. If anything its likely decreased. However, I'm willing to risk my reputation to prove I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and make my work public knowledge and let the voters decide my term limits.

newocean4 karma

Do you see the Libertarian party growing a lot in the near future?

I feel a lot of voters, both Democrat and Republican, feel very disenfranchised, and historically, that seems to be good for smaller parties to grow.

cqdyer11 karma

I absolutely see the Libertarians on the rise. You are absolutely correct that there are many disenfranchised voters out there that we are hoping to expose to the ideas of limited government and maximum natural liberty.

elyobn4 karma

Have you received any negative messages from republicans in the general court?

cqdyer12 karma

Not yet. I'm sure I'll get some eventually.

easyryders2 karma


cqdyer5 karma

I do not know Pat Soutter. I have been to the Quill a few times.

SavetheEmpire20202 karma

How is it that you claim to be Libertarian, even going as far as to say you're officially the second Libertarian state legis in US, yet clearly ran under the Republican affiliation? I'm confused.

cqdyer2 karma

I switched. I stated this in my bio for this AMA.

jeieisnxbshsisn1 karma

You were elected as a Republican, not a libertarian. This post is misleading.

cqdyer1 karma

In my bio I literally mentioned that I switched.

SavetheEmpire20201 karma

It is that simple? We're any constituents upset about the switch? Did you publicly declare it?

cqdyer2 karma

I did publicly declare it. So far I have not heard from any constituent upset about the switch but I'm sure several are. Ultimately my work and priorities will remain the same regardless of the party label. I'd rather be judged on my work than my party label and I think this will help get people involved in holding their elected officials accountable.

Private_Part-3 karma

If NH is so great when are you going to pass Constitutional Carry?

cqdyer8 karma

The House of Representatives just passed SB12 today! The tally was 200-97. The vote in favor was tripartisan with a record number of Democrats supporting it.

Private_Part0 karma

Ok...there is some chance that was an intentional softball ;)

cqdyer2 karma

I'm just waiting for the trolls to find this.