UPDATE THANK YOU to everyone who came by today to ask our team questions! All of your questions were excellent and we had a lot of fun answering them. We really appreciate all the love and support you've given us - not just today but through the years. The Banner Saga would not be the same without the great feedback and insights our community has given us. Thanks for helping us make the saga awesome!

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Stoic formed in 2012 with the launch of the Kickstarter for Banner Saga, and now we’re back, hoping to make Banner Saga 3 just as special.

Banner Saga 1 threw you into a deep, strange world where the gods were dead. The sun had stopped. A colossal serpent leveled mountains, searching for answers hidden in an ancient language as darkness roiled on the horizon. You guided your flock against overwhelming odds, to protect the ones you loved. How did you fare as the world began its end?

Banner Saga 2 remembered your deeds, both wise and foolish. Calamity tested your leadership. Friends became enemies and enemies, allies. You walked in deep places, and glimpsed places deeper still. Always one more hill to crest. Did you endure to the great city of Arberrang? Were you welcomed or feared within its black wall while the world outside was breaking?

Banner Saga 3 concludes the tale. Steel your nerves, step forth into the approaching abyss. Cross the threshold from daylight without end into untold darkness. Warped lands within threaten your sanity, and a writhing wyrm tests your mettle. But here, in the darkness, is where secrets are brought to light and motives are made clear. Are your friends who they claim to be? They all look to you. What story will your banner tell?

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/eLNdafC.jpg

Founder/Programmer, John Watson u/stoic_john

Founder/Artist, Arnie Jorgensen u/stoic_arnie

Producer, Zeb West u/stoicproducer

Writer, Drew McGee u/stoic_drew

Designer, Matt Rhoades u/stoic_matt

Composer, Austin Wintory u/Awintory

Community Manager, Katie Postma u/StoicStudio

View our video telling more about the project, here: https://youtu.be/TPApGhsf-lM

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AguilarX21 karma

Imo, the only thing missing from Banner Saga is great voice overs. It is more expensive but do you guys have something planned either for BS3 or for all 3?

stoic_arnie31 karma

We hope to have exciting news about this goal. It is an expensive thing to get in the game for a small studio like ours, but it's something we'd love to offer the community. Can't say much more about it, but if you want to see this someday, please support the Kickstarter that we're currently running!

thekfish9 karma

I do voiceover as a side gig (hopefully one day a full time gig) and I'd love to discuss helping you guys out with this at a low cost. Please PM me and we can share info.

StoicStudio15 karma

We currently have our VO team already lined up but we really appreciate your offer!

AlexsisAnomaly14 karma

Hi Stoic. Thank you guys for the awesome Banner Saga series. It's an incredibly unique game in so many aspects. Here is my first question:

Who is your favorite BS character and why?

StoicStudio18 karma

I'm a big fan of Oddleif, because I feel her choices and the things she says most reflect what I would personally do and say in the same situations. Or at least, I hope I would!

SaulJones6 karma

What games are you guys currently hooked on?

StoicStudio7 karma

Currently I'm playing WoW, HS, and HotS in my free time. I also replay Banner Saga 1 and 2 when I think of things I should have done differently (so, a lot). Next on my list is actually Stardew Valley. Recently finished Undertale and loved it. Also loved Brothers and Journey. <3

forava73 karma

who can eat the most pizza?

StoicStudio3 karma

My guess would be u/stoic_arnie as he's had the most practice. Although we could all probably put away a good amount, given the chance. :D

Pizza = game dev staple diet. ;)

AskStoic3 karma

Could you make it so that Ludin's hairstyle doesn't look exactly like Tryggvi's on the battlefield? :):):)

StoicStudio6 karma

They are both fighting all day in the same climate and sleeping in the same caravan conditions... so probably not. ;)

TWCSwagger3 karma

Can I send you a photo of my dog? He really liked your games

StoicStudio7 karma

We would love to see your dog! You can send a picture to [email protected] and I will share it with the team who will all say "aww". <3

AWintory5 karma

Preemptive awwww from me

TWCSwagger4 karma

here he is! A fine ex stray Portuguese dog :D


StoicStudio3 karma

Awww! <3

TWCSwagger3 karma

oh, also sent an e-mail lol!

here's a question: now that BS is at it's end, and assuming you're going to work on new games, will it be around the established art and/or trilogy style or are you eyeing towards a different iteration on your next projects?

StoicStudio3 karma

Right now we're not thinking past the Banner Saga 3 as there is so much to do! Once we have the chance we will need to really explore our options... and figure out where we'll go next. :)

StoicStudio3 karma

P.S. got the email and replied, thanks! :D

mac322 karma

Why another kickstarter if the first two games were a success?

StoicStudio3 karma

The best answer to this is probably in a recent interview u/stoic_john did for GamesIndustry.biz:


We want to have the time to make the final game in the trilogy worthy of the saga. To do that we need time and resources that will be expensive. But we want to do it right and make the experience both profound and rewarding.

XenoFractal2 karma

Any current plans to develop other games in the near future?

StoicStudio4 karma

Right now, we're focusing on Banner Saga 3 but once that's well in hand we'll start to think about the future. :)