We are Rob, Dave and Kris. We make Cyanide & Happiness comics and do AMAs sometimes.

Proof over here

Here are some SWEET NEW PROJECTS we’re up to:

-We made a third season of the Cyanide & Happiness Show over on Seeso.

-We’ve been making new animated shorts every week for 3.5 years over at our YouTube channel. We just starting doing C&H Minis, and we’re home to a new series called ChannelATE based on our friend Ryan Hudson’s webcomic.

-We created a card game called Joking Hazard and people like it for some reason.

-We also make a daily comic at Explosm.net that people still read, probably.

Ask us anything, except don’t ask us what our butts look like because we can’t see them. You don’t even need to ask questions, you can just give us compliments. This AMA is in your hands. No pressure.

EDIT Thanks for doing this AMA with us, we'll be periodically answering questions throughout the evening, so keep 'em coming!

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Nomeliph1890 karma

Hello there! I am a french translator for C&H on a fan-account on twitter (https://twitter.com/C_and_H_FR) and I noticed that Kris recently changed his font in his comics. Could you please tell me what it is? I can't find it anywhere and now is my chance.

Also, I really really really REALLY like your comics. Keep up the good work! You're awesome!

KrisWilson2006 karma

Thanks! The font I switched to is called Milk Mustache.

mentallyhandicapable1509 karma

Firstly, massive fan, love your work. My question: which comic that you've each made are you the most proud of? The one that made you laugh while you were thinking/designing it.

KrisWilson6078 karma

Thanks! For my comics I couldn't stop myself with this one:


Rock-Paper-Cynic1145 karma

Whose butt is the best butt? Both in the group but also in general?

robdenbleyker1530 karma

My butt is the best butt, from my own experience. I've never touched Dave or Kris's butt; I haven't even seen Kris's butt for that matter.

KrisWilson2767 karma

If you see my butt, please tell it to come home and its family misses it.

JayConz1109 karma

Why have you guys not done Bread Week yet?


KrisWilson2317 karma

Thanks for reminding us, we definitely knead to get on that soon.


whats the worst comic each of you have drawn?

KrisWilson1181 karma

Years ago my parents' computer crashed while I was moving and I only had MS Paint on the local library computer to work with. So I drew a realistic portrait of Vin Diesel with MS Paint and a laser mouse. http://explosm.net/comics/999/

gruntothesmitey568 karma

Great comic, loved it for a while now.

I often find myself running out of creative ideas. Like I have a reservoir of creativity which gets drained if I do too many "creative" things for too long. Do this sort of thing happen to you guys? If so, how do you overcome it?

KrisWilson895 karma

Creative fatigue is a real thing for sure, and it's an obstacle for us as we do so much writing so often. Something that helps is getting out of your comfort zone a bit or put yourself in situations where you can get ideas by accident. Sometimes being distracted helps instead of hunting inspiration down.

Dmanthelucky543 karma

Have you guys ever thought of of making a cyanide and happiness video game?

KrisWilson952 karma

Maybe... I've said too much!

Adser1367 karma

Did you fire whoever it was that wrote Ow, my Dick?

KrisWilson460 karma

No, we gave him a promotion.

phd_dude330 karma

Thanks for doing this, what do you believe is your most wholesome piece of work?

KrisWilson536 karma

I find this pretty damn wholesome: http://explosm.net/comics/151/

Bconsapphire161 karma

How did you guys become friends?

DaveMcElfatrick643 karma


KrisWilson852 karma

Eat shit, Dave.

Toodles89141 karma

What do you guys think of Rick & Morty?

I know its a comic not a cartoon but I think the humour style has a lot of crossover.

KrisWilson240 karma

We love that cartoon! Justin Roiland even helped us with one of our Kickstarters.

StealthClobber112 karma

Do you guys remember SFDT?

KrisWilson124 karma

My very first email address was for SFDT.

I_am_a_Dogg86 karma

Do you have any animals in your studio? And if so, why am I the best one?

KrisWilson260 karma

You are, because you're a good boy. Yes you are.

PiotrElvis83 karma

Do you guys cooperate with other comedy sites and youtube channels? I'm asking because I remember seeing the same style of drawing in videos from other channels and I wonder whether it's actually yours or just a product of inspiration.

KrisWilson135 karma

From time to time we do, we've had voice actors from Vsauce and Egoraptor and work on After Hours with Cracked. We're looking to collaborate even more with other channels.

EveryTodd72 karma

Who is the best robot from Mystery Science Theater, and why?

KrisWilson102 karma

Definitely Tom Servo.

mbraderz71 karma

Have there been comics you've created and then thought of a better punchline afterwards?

KrisWilson117 karma

Definitely, sometimes we branch off the idea for the animations if it's a good fit.

NewBliss27 karma

Thanks for doing another AMA. What's your favorite comic of each other's? (Not your own).

KrisWilson131 karma

This Dave comic still kills me http://explosm.net/comics/4045/

This one by Rob rules http://explosm.net/comics/2855/