Hi. My name is Kulbila Agyarko Samuel and i am a Proudly Ghanaian Natural Bodybuilder. We with friend do our DIY gym for workouts. We only hard work in appalling conditions.

My Video.

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Borodataya15 karma

Only hard work

SimReb11 karma

Pretty cool video!

Just some basic questions:

How does your meal plan look like?

In your opinion: Which exercises should every athlete do?

What's your current training regime?

Borodataya15 karma

i am not have special meal plan. every athlete should work hard

Snowbank_Lake1 karma

I know you're here to talk about your career, but I have a different question. I feel like Ghana would be a nice place to visit. It is a good place for Western tourists?

Borodataya18 karma

some places specially designed for tourists. but I would not recommend traveling alone

rickmuscles1 karma

What's your weekly workout routine look like?

Do you take any supplements? If so, are supplements hard to get in Africa?

Borodataya6 karma

i am training 4-6 per week. use only creatine