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Michro2482 karma

Hey Patrick, love the show. A lot. Can you tell Gabriel Macht to stop posting stuff on IG that makes him look like a super chill nice guy? I think I'm gonna have to unfollow him because it's damaging his Harvey persona in my brain.

halfadams8275 karma

no #i #won't #but #ill #tell #him #to #stop #tagging #every #single # w# #o #r #d

swaminator2011622 karma

Hey Patrick! What's it like making out on-screen with the potentially future princess of England?

halfadams3037 karma

The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England.

8BallRunOut1292 karma

Can you please tell Sarah Rafferty that I love her? Thank you.

halfadams2325 karma

I will tell her that right after I tell her I love her too. I go first. You're welcome.

carolmendws891 karma

Would you change your name to Adam J. Patricks?

halfadams1097 karma

It's already in the works.

validproof868 karma

If you had to choose only one, would you rather be friends with Harvey Specter or with Gabriel Macht?

halfadams2764 karma

Rick Hoffman

azyrasdf782 karma

Can you please tell Troian that I love her? I love you too, but you know...Troian.

halfadams2244 karma

just told her. She just walked in from spin class. And says she loves you too. Awkward. Im right here guys.

BenjaminLee00762 karma

How did you obtain the position of mike Ross? Standard audition? Suggestion of a friend? Etc.

halfadams2378 karma

a regular audition. Right place right time. And then a huge amount of unmarked bills under the table.

meganpsitn744 karma

If you could travel back in time to your first ever day on Suits and leave a note for yourself, what would it say?

halfadams2609 karma

Wow. Amazing question. my first impulse is to say that id go back and leave a note tell me to relax and not be so afraid. but the fear was a great driving force back in those early days. Maybe I would love a note saying stay afraid. Its good for you. I would probably just say, "Don't grow your hair in Season 5. Its a bad idea."

KrazeeD739 karma

Do you get to keep any of your suits? What are the most common brands you all wear?

halfadams1941 karma

Get this question a lot. By the time we are finished with any particular suit on the show we have worn them for so long that you really wouldn't want to wear it again. The days on Suits are long and we live in those things day in and day out. But - have been lucky enough to get a few great suits because I'm on a show called Suits.

SDPants713 karma

Where are you right at this exact moment?

halfadams1899 karma


halfadams2217 karma

got you.

analutiz680 karma

Since I can ask you anything ... how is married life?

halfadams1478 karma

Good place to start I guess. Its pretty blissful. Married my best friend in every sense of the word. And the weekend itself was easily the best three days of our lives.

truthisoutthere11652 karma

Do you believe that the long lasting friendship between Gabriel and Sarah has largely influenced the dynamic between Harvey and Donna?

halfadams976 karma

one hundred percent. There is so much value to that kind of built in familiarity and history. Its really fun to watch them work together. Its like they have their own language like any of us might with such an old friend.

analutiz610 karma

Can you please describe Gabriel Macht in 3 words?

halfadams1758 karma

#easygoing #charming #infuriatinglyhandsome

dimplejuice552 karma

What is your most Canadian trait?

halfadams1686 karma

My constant apologizing and my unapolgetic love of Poutine. And ketchup chips.

axel270457 karma

Will you be returning to Legends of Tomorrow anytime soon? Since the show is about time travel and changing reality itself, it shouldn't be hard for the plot to bring Rex back!

halfadams676 karma

No idea. Had a great time over there but schedules are so hard to coordinate. We'll have to wait and see. That dark Flash guy broke my heart. Literally. Would love a little payback.

ehers02393 karma

Was it difficult to act while directing in the same time?

halfadams1039 karma

Its definitely a challenge. There is a sort of code between actors when you work together and usually that means you don't really ever tell someone what to do or give notes on their performance. If they ask for feedback maybe but most of the time you stick to your own job. When you're directing a scene that your also in you have to find a way to be there both as the actor in the scene for the other actor and stay open to their impulses but you also have to be unafraid to try and guide them in the direction you need the scene to go. Also you are just thinking about so many things the whole time which can make it difficult to focus the way you need to as an actor.

lawboysam367 karma

Have you ever considered writing an episode of Suits?

halfadams898 karma

No. Turns out writing is really hard. Our writers have it down to a science. Don't have what it takes to do that. Won't stop from trying to rewrite scene though. Korsh just loves when we do that.

ACNLPoncho349 karma

Hey there Patrick - welcome to Reddit mate! I really enjoyed seeing you on Orphan Black as Jesse and the connection that Helena had with your character, do you ever see yourself returning to that role? Thanks!

halfadams391 karma

Schedule is always tough with that one. But they know already that I would do anything and everything to be there. Loved working with those writers and with Tatiana. It a fun part and we always have a good time shooting it.

analutiz290 karma

Do you consider bring Troian to "Suits" one more time? I love her. And you. And her in Suits.

halfadams516 karma

Its not up to me but I know everyone over there loves having her on the show and on set. and her schedule is more open these days without all the Pretty Little Lying. So I wouldn't be surprised if you see Claire make a return at some point.

viksajjdk254 karma

Hey Patrick, huge fan, From the sneak peek released yesterday, it seems that Mike's character seems to be resembling his look from season 1. Was that intentional in anyway to represent him starting anew? Thanks

halfadams428 karma

I think Mike is starting over again. In almost every way. So I think it makes sense you'll feel like this is a return to season 1 in a lot of ways.

toomanypotatos239 karma

When is season 3 of rick and morty coming out?

And why did Suits start doing half seasons? I need it all at once.

halfadams400 karma

everything in moderation friend. Delayed gratification. But grateful to be in good company. love me some rick and morty.

jayhawk8210 karma

I've been wrapped up lately in the idea of innovation vs. proven successful methods, both in business and creative outlets. How do you balance -- as an actor, director, human being in general -- the desire to create something unique to yourself and making something you know will find success?

halfadams273 karma

wow. tough one. I think you really summed out the struggle for a lot of artists. The constant balance of needing to be personally and creatively fulfilled with also keeping food on the table. I guess I would say that Im learning more and more to balance them both. And to find any and every opportunity to find something for me to personally get out of every job. Sometimes thats just a great conversation you have with someone over lunch. Or sometimes you get luck and everything about a job changes the way you think, approach your work and and move on with your life. Those jobs are rare. Think we're lucky if we even get one in our lives. Im hoping for more though.

ktsm173 karma

Which part of the #6ix are you from?

halfadams313 karma

The beach. But was called The Beaches when I was there. Old School.

AutopsyGremlin160 karma

Hey Patrick, huge fan of Suits and it's hands down my favorite show on TV. I think I've re-run the entire show for about 3-4 times in the last 2 months in huge anticipation for tonights episode. One thing I always wanted to know is, how are you and Gabriel Macht in real life? Is it the same thing as Mike and Harvey? And what in regards to the others like Sarah, Meghan, Rick and Gina before she left?

halfadams416 karma

Gabriel is an amazing guy and a lot of fun to work with. He's endelssly patient and shoulders the weight of being number one a call sheet with a lot more grace than some people in this business. He really welcomes you into the process and we like to push each others buttons until the scene feels right. Everyone has a different way of working but they are all total pros and are constantly looking to make the day easy and get the best version of the scene possible. and that only happens when you have fun and take any and all ego out of it.

Thank you guys so much for this. Need to go feed my dogs and myself. Enjoy the episode tonight and the next 5. I think its a really strong little winter season we're beginning tonight. Hope you guys enjoy it. bye for now.

DadLife31156 karma

How'd you prepare for your role in Old School? Just non-stop frat parties? Or endless keggers on the beach?

halfadams349 karma

Yeah. I really committed myself to a strict prep of drinking heavily not sleeping often and eating as much bread as possible. To get that college bloat just right. Im happy with how it turned out. Think i really did what i was trying to do with that role.

iamthewalrusssss139 karma

Cheers from Brazil! What are your favorite bands?

halfadams410 karma

impossible question. Living and playing bands? Arcade Fire. LCD Soundsystem. Radiohead. Probably top 3.

azyrasdf130 karma

What's the best part about being Patrick J Adams?

halfadams270 karma

The friends and family that have stuck it out with me. Have an amazing support system in my life.

AmethystItalian103 karma

Care to throw out a #BellLetsTalk tweet to help Canada donate to mental health programs?

Also do you follow hockey at all?

halfadams129 karma

sure will. as soon as we're done here

Coji5gt93 karma

Why do you wear your watch with the face toward your body? Is that something personal to you or directed by the producing staff, have you carried it into your everyday life as well?

I have enjoyed the show since its original premier and have interest in all the attire you guys go through. Quite envious actually, but that's my question for you, despite it not being related to the series.

halfadams184 karma

I made that choice early on and it just stuck. When we started the show I made little choices that I built a back story for and liked the idea of putting things in there that maybe the writers could explain at some point if they wanted to. Sometimes they pick up on it and becomes part of the character and talked about on the show and then sometimes its just a thing you do that is just something that helps you get ready to shoot a scene. like the watch facing towards the body.

allexio789 karma

what are you currently reading? would you recommend it? (I myself am currently reading American Psycho and my only reaction is wow.)

halfadams209 karma

Just read David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster. Brilliant. First time I've ever read any of his stuff. What a brilliant guy. The piece he wrote about John McCains campaign is titled Up,Simba and is a must read especially after this election. Really valuable. Reading Paul Theroux's The Mosquito Coast now. And liking it a lot.

halfadams93 karma

Just read David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster. Brilliant. First time I've ever read any of his stuff. What a brilliant guy. The piece he wrote about John McCains campaign is titled Up,Simba and is a must read especially after this election. Really valuable. Reading Paul Theroux's The Mosquito Coast now. And liking it a lot.

an_s2481 karma

If you could change anything about suits what would it be?

halfadams360 karma

This is a trap isn't. Aaron Korsh is that you? Nothing.... I would change nothing... Its perfect just the way it is.

Afroarab75 karma

Suits is pretty iconic especially on my university campus, how does it feel being part of something so popular?

halfadams168 karma

Its an amazing thing having done this for so long and seeing how deep people go into the show. So much binging. Ive met a lot of people that say the show really helped them get through a difficult time too. That means a lot to hear. There is so much work in every department that goes into making even the worst television shows. So its a real gift to put that work into something that actually does connect with so many people.

lmaoisthatso69 karma

How did you know what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? I'm in high school going applying for university next year and I still can't figure it out.

And thanks for doing the AMA!

halfadams159 karma

I knew really young I wanted to tell stories. When I was young be an actor was a good way to do it. As I get older I see the opportunity to tell stories in a ton of other ways. like directing. And writing. And producing. I like being able to all of them so that I might get to really only chase acting opportunities that really really speak to me. There is no rush to figure out what you want to do though. Just stay curious and open to everything. Something will reveal itself - probably when you least expect it.

decrode61 karma

What is the one accomplishment in your life that you are most proud of thus far?

halfadams268 karma

my marriage, my relationship with my family and working with Rick Hoffman. not in that order.

brokenarrows11254 karma

  1. What was the greatest moment you've ever experienced on set as either an actor or director?
  2. What did you learn during your recent travels and how do you think it will help you moving forward?

halfadams137 karma

Tough question. Working with Dustin Hoffman was right up there. And another tough question. I learned that home is wherever I am. and that getting outside and talking to people you don't know, getting your hands and your feet dirty, learning as much as possible about as many things as possible, taking deep breaths - all of that is really really important.

allexio746 karma

Hi Patrick. So being on set for long hours, or just being an adult in general, its normal to feel stressed out. What do you do to cope and chill?

halfadams205 karma

Struggle a lot with anxiety to be honest. The last year particularly. Try to mediate, make sure to take deep breaths, get enough sleep and just not sweat things I have no control over.

dimplejuice36 karma

When you were in Old School, any sense that it would become such a quotable classic? Any memories on set?

halfadams118 karma

Seeing Will Ferrell scream "You're my boy Blue" over and over again - I knew that this thing was going to change the world. I remember the night we were shooting the cinderblock tied to the d scene was the night Luke Wilson decided to bring his then girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow to set. She came and hung out up there for a long time. Thats always great. Trying to make a good impression while your pants are down and cinderblock is covering your junk. good times.

sibigaa30 karma

I saw you went to Wayhome the past two years. So did I. What was you favourite part and do you plan on going this year as well?

halfadams59 karma

Definitely will try not to miss it. Happy Ontario got its own festival and super excited to get to be there to support it. Got to be on stage last year for the Arcade Fire show and I think Im still sweating from dancing that hard.

amyegrn22 karma

You've had some pretty awesome guest roles on other shows, do you have one that stands out as a favorite for any particular reason?

halfadams42 karma

Nathan Israel on Luck. That part changed my life in a lot of ways. Working with those actors and directors and David Milch. Was a master class in the kind of work I hope to be able to keep doing.

warmleatherettemelts12 karma

i've never heard of that show. what's your favorite pair of shoes you own?

halfadams32 karma

red wing boots. heritage collection

maalbertine6 karma

Are you excited for Mike to be out of prison again this half season? If so why/why not?

halfadams21 karma

very much. it was fun being in there and loved working with those actors but I really started getting punchy in there. Shooting a tiny cell for hours and days and weeks on end gets pretty claustrophobic. And did;t get to work with so many people on the show. Was happy we did it but happier to get out

tropicaltroian4 karma

Do you prefer acting or directing?

halfadams10 karma

depends on the job. Some stories I really like to be in and others I like telling