I was in a serious car accident 6 months ago. I broke my hip, pelvis, open femur fracture, and severed my sciatic nerve. Ask me Anything!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/oLCCo

More Proof [GORE]: http://imgur.com/a/PV36c

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PhillipMignon27 karma

Did you have a seatbelt on?

dumbasses4lyfe28 karma

No. If I was wearing my seatbelt, I would've been decapitated, so that saved my life.

StatsRunsWins18 karma

Why would have you died if you were wearing the seat belt?

dumbasses4lyfe29 karma

The way my car was crushed. The hood of the car came in on the driver side. I flew to the passenger side. If I wore a seatbelt I would've been held in place while the hood of my car chopped off my head...

DogBoneSalesman67 karma

Yes but the rest of your body would have been restrained. I'd say it's worth sacrificing 5% of your body for the other 95%. Next time wear a seatbelt.

dumbasses4lyfe21 karma

Im telling you what the paramedics said....

goanna332 karma

He jokes he jokes, he kids he kids! If he offends please please forgive!

dumbasses4lyfe10 karma

Lol. Im not upset, if i had the other pic id post it, but the drivers side was fucked, so a seatbelt would've not been good in this situation. But you should always wear a seatbet.

burnttoast343 karma

That's a crazy fucking scenario, good to hear you made it out alive man

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

Thanks man

PhillipMignon5 karma

That's what I though didn't seem like there was room to live on the driver side but wasn't sure if the rescue people just cut it up?

dumbasses4lyfe5 karma

Nope the rescue people didnt cut me out. The passenger side didn't get torn up as bad. So I told them to open the door and pull me out from there.

geordilaforge2 karma

Jesus Christ. What kind of vehicle hit you?

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

No vehicle hit me. I hit a really deep pothole. My front axle broke, I flipped twice and hit a tree...

geordilaforge2 karma

Oh I see now, you were saying how your hood moved in the crash. That is crazy. Glad you're alive!

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Thanks man.

twoscoop14 karma

Has the city fixed that pot hole? If not, you should call the news and make them force the city to fix all the pot holes in your town, just show them your leg.

Also man, HOLY SHIT you can see right through it.

dumbasses4lyfe15 karma

They fixed it afterwards and changed the speed limit on the road. And thats after I had the bone set. It looked way worse than that haha.

twoscoop3 karma

Got a pic? Also might want to post that picture on gore and say you have an ama going.

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

I used to have a pic of the pot hole on my old phone. I got a new phone, made sure to save those pics though haha. Would you like to see some pics of the surgery I had 2 days ago? Could you post it on gore for me?

twoscoop2 karma

I actually can't go to gore since i don't have an email. But yes i like pictures.

twoscoop3 karma

Gnarly dude...

dumbasses4lyfe6 karma

Hell yeah haha. Im glad that both of my surgerons were cool enough to share pics with me.

twoscoop4 karma

Yeah man, i find that most surgerons are cool people who like making bank and doing blow on patients legs...

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

What the hell 😂😂😂😂😂

iRepice12 karma

Left you disabled, how? For how long?

dumbasses4lyfe21 karma

I can't feel or move my left foot. So I am at risk of infection (if I get a cut I don't know). If the docs can't fix my nerve, it will be for the rest of my life.

CaulkingHoles12 karma

Just had back surgery after severe sciatic nerve compression. Can't feel my 3 last toes on my right leg and have a very weak right calf as well. Was told I may never get the feeling or function back. I'm only 28.

Edit- typo

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

That's terrible man. I hope things get better for you.

CaulkingHoles3 karma

I still play sports, just not at the level I was before (semi pro). Life is still pretty normal.

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

My life is still kinda normal. I cant run, stand for a long time, get on my knees, touch my toes, climb ladders, etc.

Feebedel3246 karma

How are you doing now? What is hard now that you never even thought about before?

dumbasses4lyfe6 karma

I just had another surgery to try to fix the nerve in my leg. So im hurting a lot and its hard to walk. But before I had this surgery I never thought how hard it would be to walk without being able to feel or move my foot. I also cannot run.

Capt_Tommy_Bags5 karma

You suing the municipality responsible for maintaining the road?

dumbasses4lyfe14 karma

I tried. They couldn't continue the case because an officer was going to give me a reckless driving ticket, because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. If i was wearing a seatbelt I'd be dead, so that makes no sense whatsoever.

StatsRunsWins11 karma

I don't understand this. Why not take the ticket for not wearing your seat belt and try to sue for having an unsafe road? I know nothing about traffic laws but it seems if you could sue for not having a safe road, a ticket for not having a seat belt would be much less than your suit.

Now if you want to talk about bird law I am an expert.

dumbasses4lyfe5 karma

Because the cop talked to my lawyer. The cop didn't give me a ticket, he said he was going to give me a ticket. And my lawyer said they weren't going to continue with the case because of that.

consequentialdamages17 karma

As an attorney, I believe it is worth it to get a second opinion on this- if this is the rationale your attorney gave.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Good to know.

Version2131 karma

Damn, should have said you were wearing your seat belt and it came off during the accident. :p

dumbasses4lyfe1 karma

Hahaha true

Capt_Tommy_Bags5 karma

That is really stupid. In my state of you are in any kind of accident they give you a reckless driving ticket. Also even if your lack of seatbelt contributed to your injuries, a percentage of fault is still on whoever is supposed to maintain the road. Therefore they are liable to pay that percentage of your medical bills.

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

I think its dumb as well, I just gave up and moved on. Moneys not going to turn back time.

aheedthegreat4 karma

You are right, but money can buy cocaine or a razerblade pro and if my lower half didn't operate so well I'd probably want one or the other or both.

Edit: This was a joke, I don't actually condone buying razer products.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma


aheedthegreat1 karma

Seriously though man, I hope good things come your way

dumbasses4lyfe1 karma

Thanks dude.

eddiecubed5 karma

Do you have anymore pictures? Any crazy story while going to/ being in the hospital?

dumbasses4lyfe13 karma

I posted some more pics of a surgery I had in the thread.

And they refused to give me any pain meds when I got to the hospital. They had to see what was wrong first (take xrays and shit). Then a nurse came up to me and said "hold your breath, this is going to hurt". Before I could ask why, she popped my bone back into my leg. I screamed loud as hell, and had almost passed out. After that they put me on a PCA pump giving me dilaudid.

eddiecubed6 karma

Holyshit, that's brutal. Side note, you should share the whole story of what happened, where you went, etc.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

What do you mean where I went?

eddiecubed4 karma

What I'm getting at is, you should tell us the full story.

dumbasses4lyfe15 karma

I drove down to my grandparents house with my sister (don't remember why). We left and I was following her back home. I remember hearing a boom sound and I couldn't move my steering wheel. It all happened so quick but I flipped and then BAM! I smelled fresh dirt from where my car had dug up the ground. I heard my sister scream my name (she thought I was dead), I screamed back. She was relieved to hear my voice, she asked what was wrong. Thats when I realized I couldn't move my leg, I yelled "my leg". Then I pulled my shorts up and saw my femur sticking out, it was unreal. I told her to stay where she was (I didn't want her to see me like that). Then I see a man running down to my car, he stood there with me holding my hand until the ambulance came. They managed to get me out of the car and into the ambulance, they start asking me questions like "What's todays date", "Who is the President", etc. They took me to a field so they could get me into the helicopter, they put me in the helicopter and we fly to the hospital.

MjrMjr7 karma

Who did you say was the president? Obama? Trump? Or someone else?

dumbasses4lyfe15 karma

Obama was the President at the time. I said Obama

brainwilcox4 karma

Thanks for sharing! My youngest brother was in a car accident when he was 4. He was literally seconds away from death when a completely random stranger who happened to know what to do ran in and held on to his life while we waited for an ambulance. To this day he has struggles in life I can't even imagine having to go through. He isn't physically disabled, but his brain took a hard hit and was in a coma for 2 months.

What do you think is the hardest part of all of this?

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

The hardest part is that he is 4... No kid should have to go through that kind of stuff. Because they are a kid, they should have no worries and just be a kid. But a lot of kids get injured and stuff and its terrible, I hope he is doing a lot better.

brainwilcox1 karma

He is a wicked guy though. He may have serious neurological problems, but he is the most genuine dude I know. He is also a father of the most beautiful little girl ever. He's doing awesome for himself. What would you say is the hardest part for you, in your situation?

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Thats amazing! The hardest thing for me to deal with is that I have a lot of siblings. They are used to me running around and playing with them outside. I can't do that anymore and it makes me sad, I wish I could do everything they want me to do. And im only 18, but I feel like im 50...

brainwilcox1 karma

Well hopefully you will be able to find things to do with them still. Are you and any of your siblings gamers? My brother isn't disabled, but he isn't able to run for long periods of time. It induces a seizure. So our solution was to build some gaming computers and play some chill laid back games.

dumbasses4lyfe1 karma

We do play lots of videogames. I can't at the moment because I'm back on strong pain meds (had surgery again). But I try to play with them when I can. Thanks for the idea though!

easy_breezy_marizpan4 karma

Do you ever get dreams about the accident?

dumbasses4lyfe13 karma

Yes. I used to dream about it a lot, now it happens less. It's hard for me to ride in a car, it's like ptsd.

ILYMusicOfMadaila5 karma

I survived a bad wreck recently. PTSD. Helicopter ride. Broken bones. Getting off pain medicine was hard. I dream of running and dancing. No seatbelt here, either. I pray we both recover fully!

dumbasses4lyfe7 karma

Im sorry you had to go through this as well. Its been one hell of a ride (literally) for both of us. I wish you the best of luck ma'am.

Edit: Changed man to ma'am because youre a woman.

ILYMusicOfMadaila1 karma

Thank you for the kind words. Good pun. P.s. I'm a lady! :) No worries, though. Brutal injuries you had. I was fortunate enough that my leg, which was broken in two places, few broken ribs, pelvis, vertebrae, & etc., didn't break the skin and didn't require surgery. I have road rash scrapes and a limp, but healing well. Keep your head up. Breathe deep and heal well!

dumbasses4lyfe1 karma

No problem, Im glad you made it out ok, your injuries sound terrible. Hopefully both of us finish recovering fast. Have a good day ma'am :)

PhillipMignon3 karma

Can you tell Us about what happen in that accident?

dumbasses4lyfe13 karma

I was driving down the road. Was only going about 45mph, I hit a really deep pothole and my front axle broke. The car then flipped twice and hit a tree. I didn't pass out, I was coherent the whole time.

PhillipMignon5 karma

At any point did you look at your leg and think, yup I am fucked?

dumbasses4lyfe12 karma

I thought i was fine. Didn't think I got hurt at all. Then I realised that I couldn't feel my leg. And I saw blood. I slowly pulled up my shorts and saw that my bone was sticking out. At that moment I thought I was going to lose my leg.

sushisuiside4 karma

I'm so glad that you did not die and you got to keep your leg. I hope you get better.

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

Thank you

IscoAlcaron3 karma

At any point during the accident did you start yelling "Oh, it is fucking LITTTTTTTT"?

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

Hell yeah bro..... Right when my car started to flip. Lol

IscoAlcaron2 karma

Damn..THAT IS LIT! Kudos! Good luck on your recovery and definitely try and sue again im no expert but u should deff get a 2nd or 3rd opinion on that.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

I will definitley try again man! Thanks.

CorkKid3 karma

What was it like during the crash? I've studied car crashes a lot and it's made me more and more fearful of driving, even though I love driving. I just wonder exactly what is it like during/immediately after the crash? In terms of shock, realisation and pain.

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

The crash happened so quick I couldn't even really register what just happened. I was in shock until I realised I was injured, that's when it started hurting a lot. The pain was really intense, I didn't cry or yell, I was pretty calm surprisingly (shock and adrenaline still pumping I guess). Once I got to the hospital and eventually got meds I wasn't satisfied, because I was still in a lot of pain. Overall it was a pretty crappy experience lol, I hope you never have to go through this.

CorkKid1 karma


dumbasses4lyfe1 karma

Thank you.

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma


TXBY4363 karma

Does "it" still work?

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

The car doesn't work at all, "it" has been scrapped lol.

intoxikateing2 karma

I think they meant to ask if your manhood is still fully functional. Unless you got that and it was scrapped. In that case, I'm sorry.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

My manhood is still intact, i don't know where i'd be without that lmao.

TXBY4361 karma

Damn euros cant make cars for crap! You need some good ol american wheels! (My whole family drives Japanese or German cars haha)

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

True haha.

noahswetface2 karma

i think you should mark the 2nd photo with a warning. i thought it was AWESOME (i love gore, not awesome that it happened to you!) but it might make others a little squeamish.

i hit black ice and crashed into a tree 3 years ago today. my sister was tboned on her side by a car going 70 mph. we both had issues riding in a car for a while before even "relearning" that it was okay to drive. i don't know if you can be in cars in your condition but is it something that has concerned you? sorry this is worded so poorly, i am not great with expressing myself. i'm very sorry this happened to you and i can't believe how crushed in your car is.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

A lot of people love seeing this pic, hell I even like it haha. Sorry that happened to you and your sis. I still have trouble sitting in cars it's like I have PTSD or something. And its a miracle that I'm still alive today.

Ryandw22 karma

Is there anything you'd want to say to the new drivers or people about to drive?

dumbasses4lyfe21 karma

Pay attention! Don't speed! Don't drink and drive! Dont smoke pot and drive! And watch out for all the other drivers on the road!

For the record. I wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This was a freak accident.

_centaurus7 karma

And wear your seat belt.

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

That too. In my case it was a good thing though lol.

_centaurus1 karma

Did the paramedics tell you that you would've been decapitated or are you just guessing? That seems like the opposite of what a seat belt should do, haha.

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

Yes the first responders said I was lucky that I wasn't.

dankythedankmemer2 karma

What car were you driving?

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Volkswagen Jetta 2007

Shadowdrifter43 karma

That's the car I drive. I guess it's time to watch out for potholes again....

dumbasses4lyfe3 karma

Be safe man.

MjrMjr-3 karma

Would you buy another VW?

You prob wouldn't have had this problem in a big ass pickup truck. Like a dope F-150 with a lift.

Edit:to whoever downvoted... What I'm saying is basically a fact. All else equal, a vehicle with A) bigger tires B) more ground clearance C) sturdier overall construction

Is less likely to get fucked up by a pothole. It's just physics, that's all.

dumbasses4lyfe1 karma

Thats what I'm thinking to be honest.

dany_zero1 karma

So what car model was it?

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

I answered this question already. But it was a Volkswagen Jetta 2007

memeeater561 karma

How painful was it and what was the chance of survival from the doctor?

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

It was so painful I kept telling doctors to shoot my in the head. And my chamces weren't looking too good when I got a bloodclot in my lung.

memeeater561 karma

How were they able to get it out?

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Put me on Heprin (bloodthinner) and hoped for the best. After I got through that I had to have Lovanox (also bloodthinner) injections in my stomach. After I got out if the hospital i was put on Xarelto (another frickin bloodthinner lmfao).

DrDeducer1 karma

How did this affect working aspects of your life?

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

I will hopefully get back to work sometime this year. But I can't stand on my feet for long periods of time.

DrDeducer1 karma

What do you do for work? Do you have a desk job, or does it affect you more than that?

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

I am only 18 so I didn't have the best jobs. I worked at a pizza place, italian restaurant, and did chinese delivery. I wont be able to do my restaurant jobs anymore unfortunately.

DrDeducer2 karma

Sorry to hear, man.

dumbasses4lyfe9 karma

It's all good man. Things happen for reasons, and I must be alive for something haha.

DrDeducer1 karma

I like your attitude!

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Thanks man

europeanCigar0 karma

Nsfw tag please. How did the accident change your character?

dumbasses4lyfe4 karma

It made me realise that life is too short. I used to be a crappy person, but now i am a pretty nice guy. I think it changed me for the better.

europeanCigar2 karma

Would you say it was a good thing to happen to you?

dumbasses4lyfe6 karma

In a way. Because I was a "dumb teenager"who just wanted to party. Now I want to go to college and try to get a good job.

StatsRunsWins1 karma

Go to school to be an electrician. It will be a good job and you will not get replaced anytime soon. It won't be as fun as college but you will make money while going to school.

dumbasses4lyfe2 karma

Thanks for the advice!