My short bio: I'm of Lebanese heritage, but was born in small town USA - Easton, PA - home to Crayola Crayons. During the last trip to Lebanon in Oct 2016, my wife and I got in touch with a children's home outside of Beirut that provides care and education to 70+ children who have been rescued from street work, organ harvesting, sex trafficking, etc.

My wife is a financial literacy educator and I specialize as a career and life skills coach in London. We developed a curriculum from scratch for 30+ students ages 11-18, who don't know how to read or write and had never been in formal schooling except for the 3 weeks prior to our arrival in Lebanon.

These young people, due to their circumstances have no nationality and no ability to find a legal way to work and make a life in a country that is the largest refugee asylum per capita in the world with 1.5 million Syrian, Palestinian, and Jordanian refugees.

Wanted to keep the bio shorter, but I felt that the above points will create some clarity around the situation

Proof: Home of Hope - Lebanon Workshop Picture

I can provide more evidence later if requested, but I must disclose that due the sensetive nature of the young peoples' situations we cannot release photos that expose any of their faces.

Story I published on LinkedIn

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How much are Lebanese child organs going for these days(asking for a friend)?

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Although we specialized with money management education, this was an element we didn't get into in our lessons for good reason. If you have access to the dark net I'm sure you can figure it out. Pretty dark first comment.