EDIT: Thanks for all the questions guys! We had a great time answering everything, but it's time to go record some videos now!

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We are UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD and we're YouTubers who have been making videos for as long as we can remember. This year we decided together to create the channel Cow Chop where we primarily play video games but also do some excessively stupid things every once in a while.

You may have seen some of our popular video series such as Amazon Prime Time featuring that time we played with 55 gallons of lube or Wrong Side of Youtube where we watch the darkest and weirdest videos on YouTube. We've also been highlighted on the Front Page when Brett made a mess of the house.

When we aren't playing video games on the couch or trying to burn the house down, we spend our time figuring out what the next stupid adventure is going to be. Usually it ends up being age-gated by YouTube so we've had to bring some of our business to YouPorn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

We're here with the entire Cow Chop family so ask away!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/0ger5lyxgz3y.jpg

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CowChopTeam963 karma

Which one of you idiots keeps forgetting to put their name in their answers?


CowChopTeam873 karma

It's for comedy. You cuck.

CowChopTeam789 karma

Alright who said this

CowChopTeam858 karma

i like to smell feet - aron

CowChopTeam527 karma

Not me dude. -Joe

Panek70608 karma

When is spooky craft coming back Alex?

CowChopTeam1002 karma

Stop. -Alex

Dracopyre449 karma

Hey James, has there been a moment in a recording where you thought to yourself, "This is gonna either kill or maim one of us"?

CowChopTeam537 karma

Any of the fire stuff over the past few weeks. The Uncharted 4 window grappling.

There are likely plenty more, but those stand out to me the most. ~James

ValentinoTheLoser416 karma

thoughts on NovaHD?

CowChopTeam355 karma

Stop upvoting this??

123qwet12406 karma

Have you guys thought of including Seamus in cow chop or just having him make an appearance? Love your stuff btw.

CowChopTeam501 karma

Yes, we have. -Aleks

ISagaI359 karma

Is Ein Mishka's best friend?

CowChopTeam776 karma

YES! They love eachother. -Joe

dankmenes352 karma

Aleks, when can we expect you to start speaking only Russian in your videos with English subs?

CowChopTeam692 karma

I haven't thought about hitting the Eastern European demographic with my content yet. Although it sounds like a good time, I have a feeling that the comment section doesn't need Блядь сука upvoted every video.


jscorps816341 karma

Why is Joe always happy? Is he experiencing Stockholm Syndrome around you guys?

CowChopTeam1080 karma

Because he's fucking weird.


CowChopTeam939 karma

Life is worth being happy. :) -Joe

SandsRealm323 karma

Have you ever had someone, like a delivery driver or a plumber or maybe even a family member, question what the hell you guys do in that house and give you odd looks? What's the most awkward moment you can think of?

Been watching you guys forever, and y'all have never failed to make me laugh. Keep up the amazing content!

CowChopTeam974 karma

My Mom and Dad have both witnessed me bathe in lube and get strip teased by a grandma, that was pretty awkward to talk about. - Trevor

CowChopTeam748 karma

We had the 50 gallons of lube delivery guy question stuff after he loaded it into the house. He just wanted to know what it was being used for since technically it was "passion lube". He figured we were all gay for one another so that is pretty much the story that was told. He was totally cool with 5 guys getting passion lube together for a big orgy in the backyard. What a great guy!


CowChopTeam562 karma

I think the lube delivery driver had a few questions for us but stopped after he thought we operate an orgy house.

Getting kicked out of the grocery store as Captain American and Iron Man was pretty fucking awkward. -Aleks

OscarHatesYou279 karma

When are you going to become a weed review channel?

CowChopTeam614 karma

When YouTube eases up it's rules on age restricted content. -Aleks

killninjas272 karma

Y'all eat ass? 👀

CowChopTeam368 karma


camjam980268 karma

Would you let eric andre into your house with full permission to do whatever he wants if it meant that you could be on his show?

CowChopTeam298 karma


TheGreatOscar240 karma

Thoughts on a cow chop podcast?

CowChopTeam523 karma

We are looking into one, we are pre-planning different ideas for it but we are unsure as to how that will shape up and when it will actually happen. So no promises!


caro7238239 karma

What was that cowchop bomber jacket Brett was wearing in the latest video???!!!??

CowChopTeam472 karma

A spoiler. -Aleks

NoxiousSanjay231 karma

Been a big fan of yours since you guys started, Had a question about you and the creatures. I know it's a sensitive topic but honestly when you guys left, did you guys leave on good terms, and how is your relationship with them now? Like do you guys still talk or hang out outside of work, or is it kind of like i don't really care what they do. When you left did u guys have harsh feelings towards them? Thanks, keep doing what you do

CowChopTeam612 karma

Creatively it just wasn't fulfilling, everything was very stuck in place there and it was time for us to go pursue other things. Obviously some stuff went on that not everyone agree'd with, it happens, not necessarily in itself but just how things got handled overall. We don't really hang out or do much with them, we have just been strictly focused on the CowChop side. I wouldn't call that harsh feelings, but it was more so that we were out to prove a point with the content we wanted to make and the channel we were creating. It was more self-motivation for us more than anything.


warcrime1331210 karma

What is the dumbest/strangest thing you think you can get rooster teeth to sell on the store?

CowChopTeam454 karma

Dildo. -Aleks

FearTheZ206 karma

Hey guys! Absolutely love your channel. It has become one of my favorites. Do y'all have any hope/desire/interest in teaming up with FilthyFrank, iDubbbz, MaxMoeFoe or H3H3Productions in the future? I feel your brand of comedy and theirs would blend perfectly together. Thanks again for all the entertainment!

CowChopTeam447 karma

This gets brought up a lot, honestly, I watch those guys and enjoy their content. It's a little tricky coordinating something like that, even though it would be dope to do a collab video, I've only chatted with H3H3 once and my extent with iDubbz is us following each other on Twitter.

It would be a cool possibility but that's all it is. A possibility. Thanks for the support. -Aleks

Jameserio192 karma

With all the ridiculous stuff you guys do, has there even been something someone has done that crossed the line, in or out of a video?

CowChopTeam379 karma

I feel like the line probably gets crossed a few times a week. However, if it's in a video, no one really bats an eye. I think it comes from us chilling together off cam, so when the camera turns on, you sort of EXPECT the line to be crossed. -Aleks

MAlpha17189 karma

Hello guys. Huge fan since 2013. Question: How are things looking foward for 2017? Any thing huge? Thanks for the content! 🐮🔪 Bonus Question: How do you plan each video?

CowChopTeam441 karma

We are currently looking forward to getting together a move to LA for 2017! That's likely the biggest plan for us currently.

Bonus: Most of the videos are pretty improv, some do have a general idea but not much else goes in. We buy random shit off Amazon, and then hope the items can do the videos justice haha. ~James

ACFan120179 karma

Aleks, has Cowchop helped or worsen your fear of having stuff on your face?

CowChopTeam331 karma

Not sure. I think only time will tell. -Aleks

Brace4iimpact3179 karma

Whose poop was it?

CowChopTeam438 karma

Definitely Joes. We deduced this by seeing who took a shit that day.


kristianj99178 karma

Are you planning to stay in a house when you move to LA? I much prefer it to the office.

Love the content!

CowChopTeam410 karma

We have no idea yet! It could be a house, it could be a warehouse. Rest assured it won't be something that limits us, the hope is that we can be just as destructive in a new place as we are now.


CinereousChris171 karma

I know you guys film a lot of your videos in bulk, so I gotta know. How often is Brett at the house?

CowChopTeam357 karma

He comes out for around a week or so every month.


Kemolomo171 karma

What did you want to do prior to YouTube?

CowChopTeam500 karma

I wanted to be an animator - Trevor

Ketchanator167 karma

How long does a video take to produce from shooting to editing? Love the videos btw.

CowChopTeam337 karma

Editing a video can range from 1-3 days, shooting one can also go from 20 minutes to 2-3 hours. - Trevor

Quadricorn153 karma

Do you guys have an official safety word for when things get too crazy?

CowChopTeam510 karma

Nope. If we die, we die. We Just have to assume.


inkished151 karma

Hello Nova, Inmortal and, of course, rest of the CowChop team. I've been dreaming with both Nova and Immortal making this YouTube channel since that HILARIOUS gameplay of BattleBlock Theater. I could watch that anytime of my life and laugh hysterically no matter what. So, my question is: what or why took you so long for you to create this channel? And how was the process to cast all of the other CowChop members? I would've been pleased with only a channel with Nova and Immortal macking silly gameplays, but you guys took it to a while another level, and I thank you so much for all the laughs! (sorry if there is any faulty English, my native language is Spanish 😊)

Edit for bad engrish

CowChopTeam298 karma

Most of the other guys came over from the Hub, so there wasn't a real casting deal. Asher we actually interviewed at the Hub previously, but we couldn't bring him on at the time. Luckily months later once we started CowChop, he was still around when we reached out again. Anna was more traditional interview. Brett has always been around behind the scenes, hes just in a much bigger role now for us.


raaaasmus151 karma

Hey guys! I'm Rasmus, the owner of the Cow Chop Community Discord and a moderator on /r/CowChop. I've got some questions I wanted to ask!

  • How do you guys feel about the community around Cow Chop, your personal channels and streams?
  • How much do you think that has to do with how communicative you guys are here on Reddit, on Twitter, and so on?
  • What are your plans going into 2017? New shows, merch, and such?
  • What inspires you guys to do what you do? It's pretty obvious you all love what you're doing, seeing how much effort is put into every single video you produce.
  • What has been your favorite part of launching Cow Chop, and making it what it is today?


Thank you guys so much for everything you do! It makes my day just that much better seeing a new video pop up in my feed, so thank you so much for that. I'm excited for what's to come, thanks for answering!

CowChopTeam237 karma

Hey dude! Thank you for everything you do!

  1. The community feedback has been great, obviously we could have never predicted the support over the past like 6-7 months? Even those outside, other youtubers and other personalities chiming in to give us good feedback has been awesome. Obviously we have a bit more of a meme centered audience, so i guess that can be good and bad haha, but i feel the good highly outweigh the bad.

  2. Communication is defiantly key all around. We have been very active all across the board and have kept people informed and up to date on the latest happenings so i feel that helps the community as a whole. If someone has a question, there is more than likely an answer out there, and if there is not, its for good reason or just because we don't want to make any promises that are not concrete.

  3. The move is the biggest thing going into 2017. Merch will keep flowing, plenty of new ideas for that, i personally have a few more things i wanted to see happen for our store. Show wise there are a few ideas but again, i don't really want to spoil any of that until it's flushed out.

  4. Keeping things fresh for me is big. Again after 8 years its hard to find that passion, even if it is something like playing video games haha. It's just to stay in that same routine for so long so changing things up is a big motivation thing for me. The goals we set and have been achieving have been a great step towards that as well.

  5. Not having anyone say No. Everyone is on board with a common goal and everyone participates towards reaching it. Creatively it's fulfilling because if an idea doesn't work, we work together to try to make it work rather than just let the idea die out.


ImLeftHanded149 karma

How big are your feet?

CowChopTeam339 karma

13 - Trevor

TheRoyalPeanut148 karma

How all in were you guys with CowChop? Early on James and Aleks talked about how James was the one who invested a lot on the project.

Were there any back up plans should the channel flop? This is more so a question for Joe, Aron, and Brett.

CowChopTeam643 karma

I was 100% in, since the only reason I was out here to begin with was James. -Joe

CowChopTeam640 karma

Back up plan for channel flop = hitchhike back to California and mooch off parents till they kick me out


MrTacoSunday148 karma

Is Joe seriously 4'11?

CowChopTeam419 karma

No, I'm actually 4'8". - Joe

ryshaf136 karma

When do you think Trevor will snap and kill everyone in the house?

CowChopTeam314 karma

Maybe today


TheNeonChicken134 karma

Do you have any plans for future guests on the show?

CowChopTeam349 karma

Yes. -Aleks

Synge2050134 karma

Can I smoke you guys out when I come to Denver next week?

CowChopTeam354 karma

Not sure if you watched last weeks Behind The Cow Chop, but I smoked everybody out already. -Aleks

JZAce132 karma

Who is your favorite porn stars?

CowChopTeam494 karma

Lexi Belle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


CowChopTeam532 karma

Wait why did no one else answer this?


Jayybones127 karma

These question are for James. How did you feel after breaking the table on the wrestling tournament video?

Bonus question: Hows your back doing? Has it gotten better?

CowChopTeam315 karma

The table was surprisingly shit and did not hurt too much. My back is doing ok, i think working out has really helped, but i need to focus efforts on my lower back specifically to help it long term. So i hope to get there in time, but lately it hasn't been too bad.


Swingot124 karma

If I were a first-time viewer of your content, what video would you suggest for me in order to fully absorb and understand the cultural phenomenon that is CowChop?

CowChopTeam299 karma

The first wrong side of youtube video, maybe an amazon video. Those two series show some of the strengths i would say. The Pokemon GO series was also a big highlight for me.


BasicCape842123 karma

Question for James particularly, unless anybody else is a wrestling fan: AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura?

Bonus for Aron: Tastiest dog breed?

migui616118 karma

Which video would you say has been the most fun to shoot so far? Not just for views sake, but legitimately, you enjoyed yourselves and had fun while shooting the video.

CowChopTeam309 karma

We've shot so many videos that it's hard to remember what the process was like for all of them. I think one of the funniest shoots I was a part of would be the Ice Cream Brownie Disaster.

I just couldn't stop laughing while holding the camera


zaidbriones117 karma

Yo Aleks when is mission craft coming back?

CowChopTeam387 karma

When Minecraft 2 is released. -Aleks

Gorth8117 karma

When you move to LA, how do you think the landlord will react to the property damage?

CowChopTeam256 karma

Hoping we have something bigger than a house by then. -Aleks

jvb89112 karma

Are James, Joe and Brett single? Asking for a friend.... for science...

CowChopTeam317 karma

Nope I'm taken. http://imgur.com/a/RFTLm -Joe

CowChopTeam157 karma


JPGKid111 karma

Aleks,do we all go to hell?

CowChopTeam226 karma

Some of us actually go to purgatory. -Aleks

mrskyloren108 karma

How is working with Rooster Teeth like? Are they supportive of most of your ideas? love you guys!!

CowChopTeam263 karma

Rooster Teeth has been a great support for us! Obviously when we went to them with the CowChop idea, i feel they may have been a little cautious on the idea, mostly because it was just that, only an idea. But once we got the ball rolling and we proved that CowChop was a viable thing, especially coming into a new Youtube channel in this day and age, i feel they really opened up support wise. The merch has been on point for us and we are super happy with the way our shop is being handled. Merch has always been a top thing, if not THE top thing so that was huge for us. I'm sure there will be more things happening down the road, but in the short few months we have just been focusing on showing what CowChop can do, and hopefully making it so CowChop can stand on its own two feet even with it being so new.


therealjuyah106 karma

Has any of your neighbours ever had any questions about you guys? I imagine some have seen some strange things...😂

CowChopTeam440 karma

There's a grandma that lives next door. She calls us the "crazy internet guys". I think her grandson watches us. That's about the only questions we've had.

I've even answered the door wearing a full Roman outfit when our other neighbor brought Mishka back to us when she got out. No questions asked. Nice neighborhood here.


PoisonousAura100 karma

Hey CowChop, do you guys have a safe word?

CowChopTeam221 karma



migui61695 karma

James and Aleks: are there any VR games that you guys are looking forward to torturing Trevor with?

CowChopTeam187 karma

We want to try to get back into VR Porn but our VR setup is not ideal, hopefully when we have a more concrete set up we can explore more crazy VR stuff.


Frankiezz294 karma

Aleksandr I formally challenge you to an arm wrestling contest do you accept?

CowChopTeam253 karma

Send me a picture of your bicep. -Aleks

CowChopTeam370 karma

Why do you never ask me for pictures of my biceps?


Zutara201588 karma

James what will you do if Joe steals Ein?

CowChopTeam290 karma

I already do, he can't do anything about it. -Joe

migui61685 karma

Any news on if you guys are actually gonna do PO Box videos? Or are they just gonna be purely part of BTS?

CowChopTeam169 karma

The one that we did was pretty much a stand alone PO Box video, if we get stuff that holds weight, then we can make a video. Some stuff just doesn't carry a video well, and admittedly we don't push the PO Box as much as we probably should, but i would say it would mostly be in BTS, cause those videos serve that purpose.


swiftscuba83 karma

Is foreign import going to come back any time soon?

CowChopTeam159 karma

Yes. -Aleks

CowChopTeam96 karma


NoxiousSanjay80 karma

Hey guys, I've been a big fan of yours for almost 3 years now i have 4 separate questions for you guys 1) for trevor- How old are you? 2) For James and aleks - If you can tell us what new games do you guys plan on playing for future videos, or maybe new segments you have ideas of? 3) For aaron - why are you an asian supremacist? 4) For All - Are you guys planning a secret santa thing similar to what you guys used to do with the creatures? I really enjoyed those videos and would be fun to see what you guys get each other.

CowChopTeam220 karma

My racist grandparents made me like this. - Aron

Nonpoint7777 karma

So is moving to LA mainly so Brett can be more involved consistently or is it also an effort to be more collaborative in general?

CowChopTeam285 karma

LA has always been at the forefront of this industry. Like it or not Colorado does not have a real "spot" for this kind of thing, while most of it as a whole resides in LA. We were asked dating all the way back to the Machinima days to come to LA. To at least give it a try. Over the years i feel we became complacent in Colorado, and that move never entered the equation because... reasons? But honestly there is no reason to at least try it, and this is coming from a country dude who lived in Amish Country. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. But with the industry there, so many friends there (not just Brett), and just a landslide of opportunity for us, why not at least try it?


DragonBreath7571 karma

Would either of you chosen to start something like Cow Chop by yourself? Say only James or only Aleks being the host with editors if James and Aleks had never met?

CowChopTeam245 karma

For me, no. Back in 2014 when the idea originally came up it was always going to be us two. Aleks wasn't very keen on the idea at the time, we actually did a few "tester" series like Amazing Frog on my channel just to see how things would go. The tests were good but the timing wasn't. The idea just kinda sat until i really pushed to attempt it through our time earlier this year. Thankfully things fell into place, we took a good approach with the channel and i guess it worked out, as scary as it was. But i doubt it would work with any other combo. ~James

aperson3369 karma

Hey, James & Aleks! Long time fan, I've been subscribed to James since the Nightmare House playthrough and to Aleks since the Battleblocks playthrough. You know, I always look forwards to the new content that you both put out, it really brightens my day seeing you all in my sub box!

I really want to say that I admire the both of you immensely, and I wish the both of you and the rest of the CC guys luck in your journey - I can't wait for more crazy shit to come!

Aleks: What drove you when you were younger to start a Youtube career, if that was your orignal plan. If not, what did you want your career to be?

James: Do you plan on visiting your mom or family back home anytime soon? I remember you saying that it's been awhile, and I think it would be hilarious to see a few episodes with your mom playing again!

Trevor (if he's there): What is it like being the youngest member of the CC crew? We're actually the same age, and this would be incredible if I were in your shoes.

CowChopTeam117 karma

I wanted to this holiday, i'm still unsure if i will or not and time is cutting close haha. If i did i doubt i would actually record as the time would be used to just catch up with family.


MushroomUnited69 karma

Is it a little gross to sit on the couch? I just looks so crusty in the videos.

CowChopTeam176 karma

Yes. It is covered in shit.


Brewster-Rooster68 karma

How many Tacos could you eat in one sitting?

CowChopTeam198 karma

I can do about 7-8 of the Dorito Tacos from Taco Bell. Although they get really soggy when they sit out too long. -Aleks

AnimeChow68 karma

This question is for James, how come whenever one of the other members plan to do something gross or cringy, you are never a part of it?

CowChopTeam191 karma

I think i just got extremely lucky with the food stuff, cause i am usually there for that. Cringe wise, i was there for all the Pokemon GO stuff and that was pretty cringe haha. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for me to get into gross shit.


Arc4Lyf67 karma

ETA on the Cow Chop varsity jackets?

CowChopTeam139 karma

Shhhh. You're not supposed to know about those yet. -Aleks

talhaaakhan62 karma

Hey guys, huge fan. Just was wondering, is YouTube monetization really enough to pay the lease and the editors? With some videos being age-gated, do y'all get most of your money from merch? Just want to know the best way I can support you going forth. Thanks for everything :)

CowChopTeam175 karma

Merch is always the best support for us! No matter what happens on Youtube has a platform, merch will still remain, so to us, merch has been almost #1 in terms of support. Thanks!


Stoyks62 karma

Whats the scariest thing you have ever done/plan to do? Love the content.

CowChopTeam209 karma

Probably driving the car in Extreme boys while Aleks was hanging on the back with skates, he could have died. -Joe

xxRapidNinja42xx60 karma

Hey there guys! Is there anything in the works for the CC twitch page? I would always love to see more stuff being done there! :)

CowChopTeam115 karma

No not really currently


Midengames56 karma

Are you planning on making cow chop a bigger team or do you want to keep it balanced? I've heard that you guys wanted cow chop to be just James and Aleks and everyone else is a guest, but is that really true? Also lots of love for your content, you're the most dedicated channel I know, and I know you'll always be.

CowChopTeam191 karma

We would love to expand the team in various ways, but that doesn't mean over taking the roles myself and Aleks have. Editors and the like will always be welcome as we try to grow the idea into much more. How much those people appear would be unknown, Asher and Anna worked for months prior to any screen time. We do try to take a cautious approach on the intros of people.


KrabbyPizza51 karma

Any plans for a Cow Chop blanket or a Cow Chop phone case?

CowChopTeam138 karma

I'm sure Roosterteeth is going to make merch of everything, so I'm positive a blanket and a phone case is in the realm of possibility. - Trevor

CowChopTeam98 karma

I don't see why not? -Aleks

TyCooper851 karma

Any cool ideas for the future that you'd like to try if you can? Also, do you guys ever plan on introducing someone new as an on-camera personality?

CowChopTeam181 karma

I'd personally like to do more scripted shorts, we've recently filmed one with Brett and Dex and I think it's turning out really cool. - Trevor

xvxDaRkRiiDeRxv47 karma

Hey James, what's it been like having Brett get you back into shape? And what made you want to start working out and losing weight? Do you feel more lively than usual? I only ask because when I started working out I was always more active and awake, I'd love to hear your story!

CowChopTeam251 karma

I mean, Brett helped advice wise but i had to put in the work myself. What made me start? It was a combination of a lot of stuff. Feeling crappy, looked crappy. A bit of depression. Stuck in a routine. I had got to a point where my life was just like a revolving door and everything else was just on the side, so i basically just cut everything out for a bit, like everything all together and just decided to focus on myself. I started to go to my tattoo artist again as well as the working out. Started to eat better. It's just been a process, mentally and physically i don't feel i'm there yet, not by a long shot, but i'm getting there day by day.


Chaotic_Rain46 karma

Hello James and Aleks! I'm wondering, since starting Cowchop, what's been the most rewarding thing about it?

CowChopTeam124 karma

Being creative


Nyalas39 karma

Since Jakob flew down from canada will there ever be a video with Jakob?

CowChopTeam116 karma

Jakob isn't a part of Cow Chop, he is James' editor. He visited to hang out, not for business, so no video. - Trevor

Bones64ftw38 karma

Hey guys been big fans of you and your content.

  1. How have you guys been enjoying Cow Chop in general?

  2. To James (or anyone for that matter), were you worried that Cow Chop might've failed/worried that things might not have gone so well?

  3. Has there been a video moment or idea that was way too far even for you guys?

Thanks for all the content you've given us!

CowChopTeam96 karma

  1. I think we have been having a blast with it! CowChop is defiantly something that was needed for us both, we needed that creative outlet and things felt stagnant all around. It's hard on youtube because in some ways you do have to reinvent yourself, after doing it for 8 years something had to be changed up and something needed a new formula, so that is what we went with here. So far everything has been great, and we have been extremely lucky most things have been well received.

  2. I was worried, i think everyone was cause creating a new channel in 2016 is a rough road to go down. The industry is so jam packed and saturated and only gets more so as the years go by, so how can it not be scary risking yourselves for pretty much just an idea. We went to RT with just an idea, that was all lol.

  3. Recently i guess the PO Box hot liquid that was sent in. Aleks didnt want anyone else to have to experience that so that ended very very quickly haha.


A-Big-Black-Ape37 karma

Are you guys going to do a Christmas Charity Stream?

CowChopTeam128 karma

We plan on taking Christmas vacation as individuals. No streams are confirmed right now. -Aleks

ShadowMadness33 karma

What was the hardest video to film and why?

CowChopTeam117 karma

Blaire Witch live action was pretty tough. The camera was different, it was raining and nasty out. I'm pretty sure we were not allowed to be out in the area where we were at the time. That's just off the top of my head.


Phreak_of_Nature33 karma

With you guys moving to LA, is there a possibility of you guys collaborating more with Funhaus?

CowChopTeam89 karma

Yes! Totally a possibility!


Yourkokoros32 karma

I'm not sure if it's be asked yet or not but do you guys plan an making "cooking" videos or at least more videos like the recent one that had Brett and Dex in it? I would also like to say that the videos have been amazing so far keep up the good work! c:

CowChopTeam93 karma

There is an idea floating around for stuff involving more cooking. It seems like these cooking disasters are a thing more want to see, so we are brain storming that out, no promises but we are hopeful.


Zdogsparky30 karma

For Joe: Did you keep your chicken mask? xD For James: Have you ever considered playing Infamous Second Sun: First Light? For Aleks: Have you ever considered moving on from CS:GO?

CowChopTeam83 karma

Yeah I have it on my desk as a little Easter egg. -Joe

unintoxicate30 karma

Hey guys! So far, what do you think has been the most disgusting or weirdest video you've filmed?

Been watching James since around 2011, and Aleks around 2013. I love you both so much and you both mean so much to me. Have a great day! 💖 Love the content.

CowChopTeam92 karma

The TMNT video in the sewage probably hits both of those things in the head. Thanks for the long time support! -Aleks

Gnyus127 karma

Are you guys planning to go out of the states? Love you from italy

CowChopTeam91 karma

Ciao amico mio. Non ci sono piani attuali, ma, naturalmente, che potrebbe cambiare se ci sono eventi di fuori degli stati. Grazie. :) -Joe

JackofCondras12 karma

Do you guys smoke weed? (Honestly)

CowChopTeam18 karma

No. (Dishonestly) -Aleks

cyberlock12 karma

This question is for the editors, I like editing but I'm very impatient and bit of a perfectionist which leads to not getting any work done. Any tips on how I can improve myself in editing? Thanks guys :)

CowChopTeam32 karma

Sounds like you need to work on your discipline, for me it came from work, if I didn't edit then I wasn't getting paid. - Trevor

Toastalicious_11 karma

Don't you guys ever feel like you guys are taking too far with the property damage? Lol Between the holes in the doors, walls and cabinets, dented garage door, and water damage to the floors, the landlord is definitely losing money even if he keeps your security deposit.

I know you guys said he doesn't care, but I don't think he ever imagined it turning into a crackhouse. Lmao


CowChopTeam34 karma

Believe it or not, we've actually paid for a lot of the damage that was already done to the house BEFORE we even started making videos. The holes and doors have been repaired.

We had a mold issue that we paid for out of packet and the sewage system that backed up was a result of the house already being in a shit state.

When we say he doesn't care, we mean, he didn't care enough to begin with.


thefalloutman9 karma

How did you guys end up hiring Asher, Trevor and Anna?

CowChopTeam20 karma

I'm apart of Cow Chop because of Aleks, Aron, and James. They pushed for me to come out here to Colorado to become an animator for The Creatures, then the split happened and I came with. I knew Aleks for a little bit before, I think I met him late 2014 during one of his streams. - Trevor

HobieHyung7 karma

which video did you have the most fun in making?

CowChopTeam13 karma

I'd say either VR porn or of course all the behind the scenes of the puppers. -Joe

DemonPride726 karma

Asher, where did you come from? Brett, what do you bench? Dex, what's the best "American" thing? Anna, what's your best game? Trevor, how old are you actually? Aron, why do people call you Alon? Joe, is there anything that you won't eat? Alex, why choose Optimus Prime to wear for so long? James, how's your back, mother, and dog doing?

Hopefully I didn't forget anyone but if I did I will definitely be able to think of a question. Thank you guys so much for everything you do. I've watched your videos nearly every night for the last 6 years. Couldn't imagine YouTube today without all of you.

captain_quincy076 karma

Do you guys ever rewatch your old videos and laugh at them?

CowChopTeam21 karma

I usually only rewatch old videos to see where I need to improve editing wise - Trevor

gatordude7315 karma

Was the bomb diffusal video the first time James and Trevor met?

CowChopTeam16 karma

No, first time I met James was when I flew out to Colorado for a few days to meet everybody and see how the work environment was. That was like Summer 2015. - Trevor

thatoneguy_5104 karma

Question for the cow chop family: do you guys plan on recruiting more target practice into the cow chop family?

Also, is most of the stuff you say in the videos scripted or do you guys come up with is as you go?

CowChopTeam9 karma

Not that we're investing into more projectile weaponry, I think we'll need a lot more targets to practice on.

The videos are only "scripted" in the sense that there's a general idea on what the recording is. Sometimes, we have videos where people have no idea what they're going to be a part of. The channel is 90% imrpov. -Aleks

Ra1nB0w53 karma

Hey Aleks have you ever traded on cs:go with fans? Just wondering. And also James i wanted to know if you think Super Mario Maker is worth buying?

CowChopTeam14 karma

The only time I trade with fans is to give them items they've won from a raffle. -Aleks

TheBlubKing3 karma

I think we all have only one important question, how big is Trevor's big pussi?

CowChopTeam12 karma

xD - Trevor

Jaampow233 karma

Hey my dudes, how are you doing? I really hope you are all doing much better and gearing up for that inevitable LA move.

I want to ask mostly stuff like what has been the most laborious task on Cow Chop? Have you guys been close to crying tears from how much crazy shit you do? What is your favorite video thus far? What videos would you be willing to do? Could I get free merch (I kid)? What is your view of our purpose on Earth? Any advice for people with depression? Favorite sexual position? Do you do stock market? Has a show ever moved you to tears? Is this too many questions?

I am just really excited that you might answer my questions. I really like your guys content and love the work and effort you put into each video. I've been following James for the past 5 years, 3 with Aleks, and it's been great. I hope to see you at PAX Austin in the future!

Jaampow233 karma

Also personalized:

James - How is Ein? Will you ever get a back tattoo? Aleks - Ever been back to Russia since you were adopted? Aron - What part of the Bay did you grow up in? Joe - Love you man.

That's pretty much all now.

CowChopTeam10 karma

Grew up somewhere around here http://i.imgur.com/KPHHFJ0.png


Samjimenez993 karma

Does Aleks come up with video ideas at all or is it mostly James?

CowChopTeam15 karma

We both contribute the ideas.


Estonia20123 karma

Has there been an idea for a video that is too dangerous to do?

CowChopTeam9 karma

Aron brought up hanging a hammock outside of the 2nd story window and sleeping in it today. Some ideas are just too dumb to actually follow through with and do. -Aleks