Hey! We are three travel professionals with extensive knowledge on how to get the cheapest flight deals. We, ourselves, travel on dirt cheap fares and we’d love to share our tricks with you and help you with your upcoming travel plans. Go ahead and ask us anything :)

Our bios:

  • Vlad - I am a digital nomad and co-founder/flight hacker at Flystein. Flystein is a team of flight hackers who help you find cheap flights, using various travel hacking strategies that beat any traditional search engines. Find out more here: Flystein.com.
  • Tony - I am an ex airline staffer and a semi-retired travel agent. I have a deep understanding of the complexities of fare pricing systems and am an expert GDS user. I use my experience to give a different perspective in travel advocacy blogs as well in travel hacking chat rooms. I’m here to explain why and how certain tricks and hacks that we use work.
  • Roman - I am a digital nomad, based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m also one of the co-founders of Flystein and the mastermind behind Flystein’s computerised brain. Ask me all things digital. I fly over 100,000 miles every year and have been enjoying cheap airfare way before Flystein.

Our Proof:

UPDATE: Due to popular demand we will continue beyond 4-hour mark for another hour or two! ;) Thanks again to all you redditors! We have collected some of the best USA domestic tricks here, and we will use all your questions for our upcoming international tricks blog post, please subscribe to stay tuned!

UPDATE2: It was fun, thanks again to all you redditors, we will rename all our "travel hackers" to "airfare optimization engineers" :)

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