One of the top gamers on YouTube, Evan Fong, aka VanossGaming, joins fellow YouTube sensation Scott Robison, aka MrSark, to chat about their new animated series for YouTube Red.


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noxheartsx41 karma

Would you rather have unlimited bacon and no video games or unlimited video games and no video games?

Love ya both, keep it up.

Paranormal_AMA31 karma

Sark: My thoughts on this haven't changed over the years. Give me the bacon.

CmanXP26 karma

Hey Sark, Long time fan here. Do you find that, with all of your current endeavors nowadays (PAS, raising Atlas and Aroura, YouTube, etc.), you don't have as much time to attend conventions like PAX or SXSW? It would be awesome to see you at one of those in the future if you're able!

Paranormal_AMA45 karma

Sark: Definitely. Conventions have become a rarity. I barely have time to play games beyond sad, teary eyed CSGO deathmatch at 4:30a. Someday, after I've killed my babies, I will get back to PAX!

LuntiX16 karma


Mind telling me about Quảng Trị, 1967?

Paranormal_AMA38 karma

Sark: goddammit goddammit so many friends face down in the mud goddammit

NickAmato15 karma

Where's Nanners and what did you guys do to him?!

Paranormal_AMA31 karma

Sark: He's probably at a vineyard sniffing grapes and talking about good years and shit.

lolkevinvanossfan15 karma

vanoss what are you going to do when you make it to 20mil?

Paranormal_AMA61 karma

Vanoss: upload another video

Paranormal_AMA12 karma

Sark: We're signing off for now but this was fun. In the same way that losing a high-level game of Tetris is fun. So many bricks, such bad reaction time. Sorry to everyone we missed. Hit me up on Twitter if you've still got burning questions. salute

krobb129012 karma

Sark, when can we expect D&D content on your channel?

Paranormal_AMA17 karma

Sark: It's something I've wanted ever since stepping out of Nerd Poker. No concrete plans but it's on the whiteboard in my brain.

iflanzy12 karma

To Sark,

What meds do you use to suppress your Vietnam flashback? Asking for a friend.

Also, when are you getting those mod shirts you promised a year ago? MrFrost wanted to know ;)

Bonus pic of us

Paranormal_AMA14 karma

Sark: Hi flanzy. Nothing suppresses the nightmares. And I'm still knitting your shirts.

Dumoney11 karma

@Vanoss, are you ever going to do something on camera? I'd like to get to know the guy behind the awesome videos Ive watched all these years

Paranormal_AMA43 karma

Sark: Evan's face was horribly disfigured in a tragic vending machine explosion. The EMT's had to do a face-transplant on site and the only thing available was a nearby owl. Fact.

StripedObservance10 karma

Sark, how do you balance being a father with being a youtuber and now voice actor?

Paranormal_AMA18 karma

Sark: Sacrifice sleep. The hardest challenge by far has been creating boundaries for myself because I work at home. Atlas & Aurora are diabolical distractions. Luckily Mrs Sark is Mother of the Decade.

foreignerinsuomi9 karma

Do you use GoAnimate for your series?

Paranormal_AMA21 karma

Sark: I have no idea what GoAnimate is, but it sounds like something I should learn. All I used on this series was a microphone and caffeine.

Ewanbb9 karma

What was the best memory you two have working on the PAS project?

Paranormal_AMA32 karma

Vanoss: sark sex noises recording sessions

BurghSide7 karma

Hey Vanoss, do you ever want to make volgs or just do gaming videos?

Paranormal_AMA18 karma

id be a terrible vlogger

Aabank7 karma

How are you today?

Paranormal_AMA11 karma

Sark: I just woke up. I don't know where I am.

General_Froggy5 karma

Hey Sark, did you get your goddamned, fuckin' candy corn yet?

Also, will we ever see you return as a DM to any D&D game after Nerdpoker? I would love....or maybe hate to see Adam And Vanoss trying toplay with your DM meddling.

Paranormal_AMA9 karma

Sark: Negative. Hopefully. I miss D&D. D&D with Nanners sounds like the 9th ring of hell.

spiderkennedy5 karma

Where do you hope to see yourself in the near future (with YouTube or just life in general)? Love the content you bring and can't wait to see what comes next!

Paranormal_AMA9 karma

Vanoss: thanks for the support :) i hope to one day be the first owl president

NerfterrorbladeB4Ti75 karma

How long does it take for MrSark to edit videos?

Paranormal_AMA7 karma

Sark: haha judging by the Vault footage I have you'd think it takes 3 years. A vid these days takes 2 or 3 days to edit. When I sit down to edit though I look at all the footage I have and cut whatever sounds fun right at that moment.

RazaReact5 karma

Sark, any good memories of gay chicken?

Paranormal_AMA18 karma

Sark: APL's velvet lips. Also he closed his eyes. Not sure what that means but it heightened the experience for both of us.

BedfastDuck5 karma

Sark have you ever had the urge to make an Inbox style of show?

Vanoss: How has your journey on youtube affected you personally? Did anybody ask you for money after they found out you were YouTube famous? If not can I be the first one?

In regards to the series, what was your favourite moment of recording Paranormal Action Squad?

Paranormal_AMA3 karma

Sark: Not recently. Feel like I did that already and dipping back into it would cheapen it a bit. I never say never though.

GamingThingss5 karma

Why did you guys want to make a YouTube red series? PS I love you guys 😋

Paranormal_AMA5 karma

Sark: I've been interested in doing VO for animations for a while and this was my first opportunity to give it a whirl.

dabazinga4 karma

Whats a normal day for you?

Paranormal_AMA18 karma

Vanoss: wake up. poop.

b8_comment_dont_h84 karma

What happened with Gassymexican guys? When you did hide and seek videos together it was funny af

Paranormal_AMA7 karma

Sark: Max is awesome. We're still in touch but our recording sessions just haven't overlapped, mainly since I don't record that often.

Feinsanity4 karma

What do you guys do when not making videos?

Paranormal_AMA11 karma

Sark: I chase my 2 year old son around the house pretending my hand is a face hugger.

MindFreak0074 karma

hey vanoss, do you live in a tree house?

Paranormal_AMA10 karma

Vanoss: yes

Paranormal_AMA10 karma

Sark: Yes, he does.

InkaM3 karma

Hi Evan! I love your videos. Thank you for making me laugh and smile when I'd almost forgotten how to. Keep up the good work. What are some things that make you really happy?

Paranormal_AMA4 karma

Vanoss: thanks! means a lot to me that those silly videos make you smile :) some things that make me happy: pasta and clear sunny days :)

MouseClicker30003 karma

Vanoss, do you ever consider on doing different things other than gaming videos and voice acting for a YouTube Red series?

Paranormal_AMA17 karma

Vanoss: possibly thinking of opening up a store that sells high end premium toilet paper rollers in Dubai

Evronproductions3 karma

Dear YouTube Sensation Mr. Scott "Sark" Robison,

Have you considered doing more work with hosting events and such? You did really well at the Gear of War 4 launch event, and you have plenty of experience being in front of a camera from your work on Respawn/Casting Couch.

Vanoss, same question, but I just really wanted to address Sark as "YouTube Sensation". Considering you magnitude of your following, I'm sure companies would like to have your presence at an event of theirs

Paranormal_AMA3 karma

Sark: I stopped hosting for a while because I'm a control freak, but I had so many friends working on that Gears show I couldn't say no. Depending on the gig I wouldn't rule out more events.

Dankrude3 karma

To both, will you consider coming back to Britain for gaming events? I got to meet Evan last time but I'd love to meet you as well Sark <3

Me and Dad (Evan):

Paranormal_AMA3 karma

Sark: I would love to come to Britain. Always wanted to. Your question just reminds me that I can't right now and now I'm sad.

theohgod3 karma

Sark, Could you possibly give a brief (or in depth) synopsis of how the lovely folks from Nerd Poker derailed your campaign/shit they missed? As a followup could you draw us a quick map of anything at all?

Paranormal_AMA8 karma

Sark: This would take forever. Those nerds missed a lot. Here's a map though. 8==D~~

Spaciestmilk3 karma

Ahhh Mr Sark I love you! Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but how did yalls characters' design come to be? Sark, the giant, as a short mustachioed man, Vanos being literally Vanos, Nanners as a giant bearded blond. How much did you have a hand in making them?

On an unrelated note, what kind of Magic deck do you run, Sark? Fav card?

Paranormal_AMA6 karma

Sark: Not sure how the character designs originated but the first thing I thought when they cast me as Eddie was that making me the short guy was pretty funny. Eddie makes up for his height challenge with junk length though. Especially in ep6... Haven't played Magic in a while but I like strange decks rather than winning decks. Proliferate, Unrelenting Rats, Runeflare Trap were some of my favs when I was playing regularly.

Jimmy_Savvile3 karma

Mr Sark & Vanoss, What are both of your favourite ever games? And did you bring any aspects of them into PAS?

Paranormal_AMA6 karma

Vanoss: Freddi the Fish and Pajama Sam

Paranormal_AMA5 karma

Sark: Not sure it's my current all-time favorite but I have a ton of fond Halo:CE memories. No idea whether Halo will work it's way in to PAS. I guess Orb is sort of like Cortana though.

Urbanzeus1232 karma

Hey Evan! What would you of named your channel if you didn't pick "vanossgaming"?

Paranormal_AMA23 karma

Vanoss: h2odeliriousvlogs

pimpdaddyjacob2 karma

Sark will you ever react to some old rspawn videos? Maybe just react to a best of respawn video? I would watch the shit outta that.

Paranormal_AMA8 karma

Sark: I never say never but I feel like the reaction market is pretty saturated. Might be fun to do a bunch of 'em on a live stream though. I watched Ster do one looking back at his vids with Jerma and it was great.

supercarbs2 karma

question for Sark. heard you have a friend named isky.... is it true that you have never met anyone nearly as sexy as him?

Paranormal_AMA5 karma

Sark: Isky is a genius composer who is wasting his talents taking pictures of his dog.

*Now that I type this I realize this sounds like a Trump diss-tweet.

Le-Ktur2 karma

To Vanoss, Not a question, but I've been following you for more than 3 years and your content has always been awesome and obviously really funny! Also, do you plan on making epic pranks going wrong?(GONE SEXUAL)

Paranormal_AMA2 karma

Vanoss: thanks for the support :)

NickAmato2 karma

Are you ever looking for another person to play games with? I may just know a guy who has a capture card and a dream...

Paranormal_AMA8 karma

Vanoss: tell him to send in his resume to the nearest walmart, larry from the produce section will be in touch

reciepoo2 karma

Vanoss and Sark, how did you guys meet? i know that vanoss has met delirious and nanners and wildcat through youtube, is that the same situation with you guys?(hoping for an awesome story)...

Paranormal_AMA7 karma

Sark: I think we met at a PAX, told each other we loved each other's vids, went in the bathroom over behind the Twitch booth, did a quick dual-heej, and have been mates ever since.

Urbanzeus1232 karma

This one is for Evan. Would you rather fart glitter or every time you hiccup confetti comes out your mouth?

Paranormal_AMA2 karma

Vanoss: yes

OxideCyanide2 karma

Vanoss, you are reaching 20 million subscribers and we've heard nothing from you about taking over the world. When is it time to gather the armies and rule over this planet?

Paranormal_AMA9 karma

Vanoss: as soon as i move out of my moms basement >:)

andmind1232 karma

Hey Vanoss and Sark! What kind of music do you guys listen to?

Paranormal_AMA2 karma

Sark: I like a little bit of everything. Lately I've been listening to ASY*S, Miles Davis, and the Jungle Lite playlist on Google Music.

IshaboiBlue2 karma

How long did it take to make the show? How long was it in development before it released or y'all announced it?

Paranormal_AMA3 karma

Sark: Not sure how long the whole process took, but I recorded my first lines a year and a half ago. Then I didn't hear anything for a year when production ramped back up and I recorded my lines during August, September & October.

emijcx1 karma

@Vanoss Hi, Vanoss! Just wanted to say a big congratulations on YT Rewind. Do you have a plan for where you want to go with your channel or are you happy where it is (cos we sure are)? Any specific games you'd love to play but never had the chance. Thank you for the always hilarious content! Xo

Paranormal_AMA6 karma

Vanoss: thank you! i'd love to continue making gaming videos and hopefully be apart of developing a game with all of our characters in it. would be fun to dive into each of our back stories >:)

Karoichu1 karma

Pancakes or ice cream?

Paranormal_AMA7 karma

Vanoss: both?

MasterofBrownies1 karma

MrSark! Long time fan here, I just created an account here now to be a part of this! You're such an amazing video editor, how/when did you get your start in editing?

Paranormal_AMA2 karma

Sark: Noice! I started editing back when I was shooting music videos for my friends. I've always enjoyed it.

ausodevon1 karma

vanoss if you could marry any of your friends who would it be and why?

Paranormal_AMA6 karma

Vanoss: my favorite color is 27

Deathkillerdead1 karma

Hi Sark. Is it True that you got your start playing games with some guy named Tory and you starred in the action thriller Gay Werewolf?

Paranormal_AMA1 karma

Sark: No, Tory, I was playing games before Tory was born. Yes, I starred in Gay Werewolf, Tory. If you want proof ask some of the train full of Universal Studios tourists that got pictures of me getting humped by the bounty hunter on the Jurassic Park III set.

RejayIsYoDaddy1 karma

Yo Mr. Sark, can we expect more respawn reunions in the future? I loved the CSGO videos of everyone (You, Hutch, Nanners and APL) playing together.

Paranormal_AMA3 karma

Sark: Yeah we'll do some more CS:GO competitive so I can get my Aluminum rank finally.

Buzirk1 karma

hey vanoss what kind of computer do you use? i heard you have an asus laptop...

Paranormal_AMA2 karma

quad core processor pentium 2

Soukyye1 karma

Hey Sark, what do you think about Lui and Nogla?

Paranormal_AMA3 karma

Sark: Charmers. For reals, both are super nice dudes. Been a fan of both since the Machinima Respawn days.

Buzirk1 karma

Hey vanoss + sark. what would you say to those that are feeling depressed or suicidal?? im not making a joke out of this. ive been feeling down and i just want you guys to reply... thanks


Paranormal_AMA7 karma

Sark: When I start scraping rock-bottom I try to dramatically change-up my routine so hopefully I interrupt a possible downward spiral. Friends can help a bunch too.

Dogt4nk1 karma

To Sark If you had to pick one of Chilled, Adam or Hutch to be with on a deserted island who would it be and why?

Thanks! :D

Paranormal_AMA5 karma

Sark: I would choose Chilled. He has the most meat on his bones, would be the easiest to catch, and wouldn't talk about politics while I tried to make a shelter.

RazaReact1 karma

Sark, I remember you saying in a respawn video a loooong time ago that your New Year's resolution was to be able to bench your body weight. Did you ever get there?

Paranormal_AMA2 karma

Sark: Sadly no. My body keeps getting heavier so I'm having a hard time chasing it own.

NB321 karma

Where in Canada where you Born?

Paranormal_AMA11 karma

Vanoss: in the snowy part

Jobbe031 karma

Sark, whatever happened to Hollywood? dude went AWOL and deleted a bunch of the Behind The Scenes stuff. I miss that big ol black man

Paranormal_AMA4 karma

Sark: Been forever. No idea. I can guarantee you a couple things though: he's still editing, he's giant, and his laugh is still hilarious.

ClinicalGenetics1 karma

What is your response to those who say your career isn't real because it involves video games? Do those people drive you or have you learned to ignore them?

Paranormal_AMA8 karma

Vanoss: i tell them that im a superhero by night which is also not a real career. then i go home and play video games

Paranormal_AMA8 karma

Sark: I just step aside and reveal that I drive a 2006 Scion XB and they shut right the fuck up.