My short bio: I am the founder of PEEQUALITY- a device that allows women to stand up when they pee.

I've been up all night processing orders so that on Christmas morning, hundreds of women everywhere will finally receive the life changing gift they deserve.

I run the entire PEEQUALITY business out of my kitchen and I've been creating E-Commerce websites, mobile apps and games for 5 years. AMA

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Kandorr35 karma

Have you considered a loopy "crazy straw" version?

peequality61 karma

This is brilliant. Jony Ive voice "This new design has been ergonomically twisted for full urine capacity and velocity. It's a complete re-design of Peequality 1. And we even removed the headphone jack. Why? Courage."

GibbonBlack31 karma

Do you know of the SheWee? Which is the same as your product?

peequality71 karma

I'm familiar with the brand. It's a dog eat dog world in the world of women urine devices

cflo7330 karma

So, is there an Amazon link? What is the easiest way to buy this product? Is there a discount if I order 2?

repostjoe16 karma


peequality5 karma


SkyAce200424 karma

Where are women supposed to keep this in between uses? In their purse/bags? I can't imagine it would be worth the hassle of having to clean it after each use.

And what about ensuring each device has a proper fit to avoid leaking and getting on clothing?

peequality31 karma

Surprisingly not that difficult or a hassle to clean. Just wash it with soap and warm water. The silicon dries super fast and it's good to go for around 2. I don't recommend using it for taking a dump though

Zan_H21 karma

What are your thoughts on oatmeal cookies?

peequality28 karma

Personally, I'm not a fan

avogando8 karma

What if they have raisins?

peequality25 karma

That's even worse.

tonyescobarsanchez17 karma

why the hell is equality your pitch?

peequality45 karma

Because we need to stand up for it!

bboromatt14 karma

Are you ready to get yelled at by other people if you pee on the seat?

peequality29 karma

We take full responsibility for anyone who leaves a pissy toilet seat for others.

witchofrosehall13 karma

What inspired you to create PEEQUALITY?

peequality35 karma

I wanted to create a satire / gag gift product that represented the SJW world of the PC culture we live in by making an outrageous product and demanding equality to the extreme extent of allowing women the same privilege as men: the ability to pee standing up.

sat-mar-1213 karma

How does peeing while standing improve the "quality" of a woman's life?

peequality1 karma does it not? This is about equality. And we need to stand up for it

HumanInHope12 karma

I was just about to buy it for my gf as a Christmas gag gift! Would you recommend it? And do you have any holiday offers going on?

peequality15 karma

Highly recommended! It's strange, funny and actually surprisingly useful. It's the gift that keeps on giving

1337bbqsauce9 karma

Will you take it to Shark Tank?

peequality28 karma

I would probably get eaten alive in the tank with this business. But who knows? Maybe Lori Greiner could demo it for the group, piss on the studio set floor, make a deal with me and then sell PEQUALITY like hot cakes on QVC

1337bbqsauce7 karma

Just out of curiosity are you a man or woman that started this company?

peequality13 karma

I'm a dude

Kandorr7 karma

I'm curious about novelty and designer tips that could be added. Faux Penis, Trump Face, etc. Also, Bobble Head versions. A water balloon spigot might be a nice option as well.

Any chance for these down the line?

peequality20 karma

You should come work for have upper management written all over. You're going to go far, kid.

PM_me_ur_drty_pantys2 karma

Do you think someone from /r/peegonewild could use this on me?

peequality15 karma

I'm going to leave that link Blue...but if you want to support equality by allowing a woman to piss all over you using our silicon funnel, who am I to deny your dreams? We support you!

brodymitchell1 karma

How do you go about having an idea like this and turning it into a viable business? Do you have previous experience?

peequality3 karma

I have a background in creating websites, apps and games. I don't know if ours is a viable business or just a fad, but we've been selling a lot and we're going to keep standing for peequality


How many urine/pee/piss puns are uttered around your office on a daily basis?

peequality3 karma

Way too many

matman880 karma

What are your thoughts on gender specific bathrooms? Should women be allowed to use these in whatever bathroom they please? Also, does the woman need to pull her pants bellow her bottom to use this device? What I'm really asking is this: am I going to start seeing a lot more asses while I'm in line for the urinal?

peequality4 karma

Let's keep this about Rampart.