EDIT: Hey everyone, thank you so much for joining us on today's AMA! It was an absoulte blast and we really enjoyed answering all of your questions (I tried to get to all of them but time is up sadly). So we will see you guys later and thank you so much again for watching and enjoying our content! -Jordan and The Creatures Crew

We are a YouTube group (Here be our channel http://youtube.com/thecreaturehub) that operates out of the awesome state of Colorado! To answer what I am assuming is everyone's first questions since we live in CO, Yes, we are always high....it's 5280 ft. elevation here. We create content around all sorts of things, including but not limited to Gaming, playing with toys, throwing stuff at each other, brewing mead, inflating wubbles, eating food, and killing wasps of course. We have been around for many years and have had many people come and go, but have always loved hanging out and having fun together through all of our changes. We are super excited to do this AMA and chat with all of you and answer as many questions as we can, so fire away!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/IWNlx

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Tom_is115 karma

Do you guys still talk to James and the rest of the old group?

KootraBrown121 karma

A few of us see each other here and there, but thats about it

Leonideas64 karma

I have been watching since the first creature house and it has been a lovely experience. However, I have stopped since Cow Chop was created and I'm obviously not the only one, as the views have been very low for a channel that used to be so big. Do you guys think you "went wrong" somewhere, are you happy with the direction the channel is now taking, and do you think you can "turn it around"?

I do not mean to come off as offensive, and I really do hope you guys are/will be at a state that all of you are happy. Thanks for the AMA!

KootraBrown125 karma

No offense taken, its a great question.

Things change, we were aware the view dip was going to happen for something that drastic. But we have never felt like anything went wrong, it was just the side effect of such a massive change/transition. Right now, we are focusing on creating stuff that is fun and makes us happy. It will take some time before everyone realizes that its not the same as it once was, but we have all been extremely pleased with the content we are creating, because we have a blast doing it. All we can drive for is setting up for our current content standard and if people enjoy watching it, then our fan base will begin to regrow with new people that enjoy the new content. Not saying its as easy as that, because it will be a great mountain to climb, but as long as we are having fun we are game.

Thanks again for the swinging by, hopefully that answered your question!

dellcomputers1248 karma

May still be a sore subject as it happened recently, but do you guys plan on adding/inviting more YouTube 'famous' creatures now that CowChop have moved on from the company?

KootraBrown101 karma

Integrating someone bigger is really tough, but never out of the question. I think for now we have a lot of rebuilding to do before we can do something like that. We really have to establish with the current fan base that what we are doing right now may be different from what was in the past, but its fun for us and is what makes us happy, and thats what we find important right now. So we shall see!

TechHeadPT37 karma

Hey Jordan, Ed here :)

Any idea to eventually migrate to the RT website completely? with the "first" video releases and exclusives ?

Also is 2017 the year where we'll see more collabs with the LP family?

KootraBrown34 karma

Right now the move is hindering some stuff like the RT site setup, before all the packing and prepping began, we were trying to get our archive up there, and then work on the early/first backlog. So hopefully we can get settled into that and more LP collabs for early 2017!

zestypinata35 karma

What is your favorite game to all play together, if you do?

Also, Kootra, have you had to deal with anymore swat attempts since that fateful day? :)

KootraBrown63 karma

Everyone in the office is currently in love with Overwatch. Playing, Recording, yelling at it, just about everything.

And no, so far no more Swattings haha

MsSmithypie29 karma

Spencer, how do you feel about the comment on the last booze video that said you'd be a "pretty ladyboy"?

KootraBrown54 karma

Spencer says that he has been told this same things many times by his own girlfriend

Arc4Lyf23 karma

First of all I'd like to say it's been a fun and wild ride watching you all for so long now, since the days of the original Tree house.

Now for my question! I've watched the group in the early days go from just some guys playing together in Skype calls to now The Creatures having an office and becoming apart of the RT network with Let's Play. Where do you see The Creatures in 6-8 years?

KootraBrown20 karma

First of all, thanks for watching and sticking around, we really do appreciate it :)

As far as goals, we are still in such a transition period that we really don't know what that far of future holds at this point. So much is changing and fluctuating that we are still finding our footing before we can drive forward and form our goals

pyrrhicplays22 karma

Who all of the Creatures are answering questions?
For each: what's your favorite Let's Play you've ever done?

KootraBrown40 karma

Right now, its just me (Jordan). Waiting for more people to arrive

But I would have to say that my Witcher 3 Let Play was the best, I just love the game so much and could easily play it forever.

pyrrhicplays10 karma

Good choice. Any plans to come to SWC/HRX next month?
Gotta get myself an updated photo.

KootraBrown10 karma

Me at least, maybe more!

MisterDemiGod22 karma

Do you guys have any future plans for how your group is going to shape out?

Is it still going to follow the old secret santa stuff or are you looking at a complete revamp?

KootraBrown35 karma

We are still figuring things out and developing. Finding our new footing and doing what we enjoy is our current goal. As far as things we have done in the past, some we will still do, some we will faze out, and some things we will step up and put our own twist on it.

NightSwipe21 karma

Hi Creatures! Longtime fan, been here since 2012. Loved every second! What have been your favorite games that you haven't played in a while? I loved watching Left 4 Dead 2 with all of you during Creature streams back in the day.

Hope you're all doing well. Loving the content! Ignore the haters, they all just want attention. Keep up the great work and good luck in the move!

KootraBrown20 karma

Awesome, thanks for being such a longtime fan!

And for games: Dan: Binding of Isaac Spencer: Skyrim Jordan: The Witcher - Its been like 6 months :( Stefani: Mario Party 2 Joe: Crash Team Racing

MarcGoesHard17 karma

Do you think you guys will ever do an in-depth tutorial on beer brewing or mead making?

KootraBrown34 karma

Maybe at some point. We really don't do too well with Beer though, so I would definitely recommend other internet sources to brew. Mead is super simple and you can follow exactly what we do in the videos, just clean everything!

pyrrhicplays16 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

KootraBrown29 karma


LikeARoss070816 karma

Two questions: 1. If you could work alongside any youtuber who would it be? 2. How often are you guys high at work and have you ever been high in any videos?


KootraBrown28 karma

Jeff Bridges....and Yes

RunnyMantella16 karma

Are you guys close as friends outside of work? It seems weird hearing stories of living together and going out together, but when people left (Sly, Seamus, James, ect.) no one ever keeps in contact at all apparently.

KootraBrown47 karma

It depends, some of us hang out with each other more than others, but we do have bigger gatherings from time to time that are a blast. Work is technically our majority hang out time AND WE GO HOME TO GET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER haha

Brassow16 karma

Do you guys intend to do some collab stuff with Cow Chop?

KootraBrown50 karma

Although many people wish this, I highly doubt it would ever happen. But who knows, we have been on stage for LpL together so I guess that technically counts

Is_that_the_real_one15 karma

Hey Creatures! I have a really important question, Can we expect to see any more Wubble related content in the future?

KootraBrown23 karma

Oh, you can ALWAYS count on that

Calico-J14 karma

What happened to Joe of Painting? I was really enjoying that series

KootraBrown21 karma

We are taking some time off of it for now, apologies :(

rayluaza13 karma

What's your favourite series on TheCreatureHub channel?

The correct answer is Road Trip to E3 2014, by the way.

KootraBrown20 karma

I really enjoyed that trip, it was a ton of fun. I would say it is definitely up there

x_Eunoia_x12 karma

Hey JorDaddy I've been watching for about 3 years now and I have to ask, had you always planned on making the changes you did when the Cow chop team left?
I will admit I unsubbed when they left, and subbed to cow chop, for a while. I thought about checking to see how the creatures were handling the devastating blow but...you guys completely changed paths.
You were almost strictly family friendly before and you made a great change to "adult" things up. Shortly after unsubbing, I subbed to you guys again and I love the difference between you cow chop.
So yea, was the big change planned or forced when cow chop left?

KootraBrown26 karma

When the split happened we have had a few things in mind. Making sure we were making the content we enjoyed, and trying out new things we never got around to. We are not entirely sure where the whole "Family Friendly" thing came from, but have never really had that mindset. Sure, I play with toys for a series, but other than that there has always been plenty of cursing, drinking, and adultish things on the channel. Either way, if the change seemed to be there, it was never planned but happened because we just stuck to making the types of content that made us happy. Really glad that the content has shifted to a new place that has drawn you back though :)

TerrifiedDenis12 karma

Hey Jordan. It is no secret that the community has been split and shattered, and a "reconstruction" of said community is needed. Do you think something like more cooperation with The Creature Discord could be arranged?

For example, Discord being built for gamers we could arrange some fun fan-games. Discord can be integrated with Twitch so your Subscribers get benefits (possibly sub-games w/ The Creatures) and so on. We already cooperate with Joe for his TTL project as well as the Let's Play Community Overwatch League. Applying for Discord partner to make The Creature Discord more official could be a big step for us etc.

A little much rambling, but you get the idea haha. Much love!

KootraBrown10 karma

We would love to :) I think the start of it is with Joe and TTL but we can work on extending it to play dates and stuff!

ShamMcWeezy11 karma

Hey! I've been watching for not that long (I started watching around right before Aleks became a creature) I've stuck around and really enjoy all the content!

Here's my question, more to spencer. I'm looking for better amps and pedals for my setup, what are your good quality brand picks? I play mainly bass

KootraBrown13 karma

Spencer says he doesn't use any pedals. He has a Kustom bass head with a Fender Rumble 500 cab. Every now and then he uses a volume boost pedal but that's it.

pilotjustin11 karma

Hey Koots! Longtime fan and lover of everything y'all do. When can we expect to get a good look at the new office? Love you guys. Keep up the good work!

KootraBrown34 karma

We will let you guys know when we find the right one. We are definitely cutting it close here haha, but we will shoot for something new and unique. And hopefully a place where we can herd cats

AskMeAboutMy_Comics11 karma

Do you (or anyone else for that matter) play golf? I remember you had your clubs in the office before the bullpen. But the part two of that is, if you're ever in Southern Ontario I'd love to have the Creatures to my family's golf club for a round.

KootraBrown12 karma

Me and Dan have played golf in the past, not too much if at all anymore. Dan also says that he is from Niagara Falls and says hey

babsboobs11 karma

Hey guys! Recently new fan here! I was just wondering if any of you had an awesome recipe for some spiked Christmas eggnog?

KootraBrown10 karma

We just tried some for a new LunchBox that will go up soon :)

Speedy266210 karma


I met Spencer and Dan at i58 after the pub quiz, was good talking to you guys.

My question is what are your camera / mic set-ups for filming around the office? Your audio quality is always great but I don't see any lepel / lavalier mics. I'm guessing some sort of integrated mic into the camera, if so, what is it? :)

KootraBrown10 karma

We have Sony handy cams that have some fantastic shotgun mics on top of them. Shotgun mics are definitely the second best solution to lavs, since good lavs are very expensive

Meerkatvision10 karma

Is there anything that you guys have wanted to create or do but couldn't for whatever reason?

KootraBrown66 karma


Sadly, this was our Borderlands Machinima series that couldnt continue because of never really finding a middle ground with Gearbox. It was turning out sooo awesome too. I animated like 5 of the 6 episodes

ComeOnTARS9 karma

Long time fan back before the OG Creature House. Which employee have you enjoyed watching grow and evolve content/personality wise within The Creatures?

KootraBrown30 karma

Spencer has come quite a long way, and it was funny how quiet he was when he started. NOW HES LOUD

nicknacknp9 karma

Once you guys get moved into a new office, is there any chance there will be a new and improved Telepresence course for people to race on?

KootraBrown9 karma

If we have the room we will! I'm not sure we'll have an entire lobby dedicated to the Telepresence this time around haha

GreymonRanger9 karma

Hi guys been watching since 2009/10 everyone helped me get me through my mom passing away in 2015 thank you again. Tryin to up my own channel do guys have any advice?

KootraBrown10 karma

Thanks so much for watching and glad we could help you through such a hard time. As for channel advice, just stick with it and have fun with what you are doing. All you can do in this day and age is stand out and do what you love doing!

acedmb9 karma

Have you ever regretted doing the Q&A's at panels? Also favorite food to whomever answers this? Random questions but thats all I could come up with.

KootraBrown13 karma

QandAs are always a blast! Sometime there are weird questions, but its best to just have fun with it and then you will never regret it :)

Jordan - Pho Dan - Pizza Spencer - Chicken Nuggets Joe - Pizza Stef - Salmon Mel - Raclette

ziggirawk9 karma

This is on the nose, but better for us to ask it than keep dodging around the subject. Do you wish you had done things differently in the last couple years, or are you happy with the direction everyone is going and tryst that things will work out for the best?

KootraBrown23 karma

Of course, there have been a million things we have learned since we started everything up in 2011, but of course, hindsight is 20/20. All we can do now is roll with the situation we have set ourselves in and learn from our mistakes and experiences.

CrazyBombs7778 karma

What's everyone's weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse?

KootraBrown16 karma

I would use some sort of sword Stef says she would use lucille or a katana Joe says he would use a shotgun spear (and guns)

xwalzy8 karma

Are you guys doing a Christmas charity livestream? Been a huge fan for years!

KootraBrown24 karma

That was the plan, but sadly the office move out lands right next to when we were going to have it which screws us over. Packing and sorting through everything has put a big wrench in a lot of the fun stuff we had planned for the month

0shadowstories8 karma

In the new office, once things are set up, do you guys still want to try and have guests on Hub Cast?

KootraBrown20 karma

Yes, that is the plan. We really do want to open up our content to guests from everywhere, especially for the Hub Cast

Gr33nPixelz8 karma

Hi guys! First off, I'd like to say that I love absolutely everything that you do, have been a fan almost since the beginning of it and although times have been a bit tough for you guys recently, you still have loyal fans that love your content. Best of luck in the future!

And Jordan, I know that you don't have so much free time, but do you plan on playing CS:GO again?

KootraBrown8 karma

Once I get more glorious gloves I will!

taylamaree8 karma

Hey guys, long time fan, started watching you guys all the way back in 2011 when I was a baby 12 year old girl. I stopped watching frequently in 2014 but still like to check up on you guys from time to time as you're the group that introduced me to the world of YouTube and will always have a place in my heart. What would you say are the major changes that have occurred in the way you want to manage The Creatures and the content you make for the creatures since 2011? :)

KootraBrown8 karma

It always seems to fluctuate, but has fundamentally stayed the same. Think up ideas, record, edit, and post. It just all comes down to schedules, other random occurrences, and trends. I always wished that we had the schedule and drive we have now back when we first started the house, because that would have been awesome

Whoopsiegoldburg8 karma

Love your guys outside adventures! Any more of those coming up? Been a fan for what feels like forever, but really like a year or two lol thanks for making me laugh :)

KootraBrown7 karma

Thanks for watching :) And of course, screwing around outside is one of our favorite past times!

HighPlainDrifter7 karma

Hey Jordan, Been a fan since 2011, thanks for helping me procrastinate since high school.

Is there something the Creatures have been wanting to do for a while, but can't due to time/budget constraints?

Good luck with the daily dozen, and say hi to Artist Joe for me

KootraBrown6 karma

An animated Machinima series or full on Live Action series! Both are extremely time consuming and expensive, but would be an awesome stretch of our creative muscles. Not to mention it would be a blast to be able to do either

Weezelone6 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Been a fan since the very first 24 hour livestream and have been loving some of the content that has been put up as of late.

It seems that throughout this rebuilding process you guys have experimented with a plethora of content ranging from reviews, to tabletop games, to mead making.

Is this wide range of different content a result of trying to find a new ground to cement your channel as? Or perhaps a one stop shop for all types of content? Or is it a matter of producing whatever content you guys feel to be the most fun?

KootraBrown8 karma

At first it was a bit of a combo, doing things we have fun with while testing the waters with some new types of content. Now we are totally doing things that we enjoy so it is a fun time for everyone here.

dozeerr6 karma

Hey Jordan hope your having a good morning, I was wondering what are your thoughts on the new mass effect ?

KootraBrown9 karma

I honestly havent seen much of it yet, but from what ive seen, it looks pretty awesome. We shall see how it turns out. I am good as long as krogans are still there

HungoverUnicorn6 karma

Hey there, long time fan. What are some of your favourite personal channel video's you guys have made? I love the old CoD zombies as well as your old machinima's Koots coughReprisalcough

KootraBrown6 karma

Jordan - This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O4RmyzbHQA Dan- Meet the Avatar Videos and Bat Danz cant wait for TDKR Spencer - First spongebob playthrough and the 3ds capture card video

TheDennisFant6 karma

What is your hiring process like and what do y'all look for in new potential employees?

Thanks for the great content y'all!

KootraBrown12 karma

When it comes time to hire, the process varies depending on the position we are trying to fill. From interviews to hangouts and other stuff, we try and see if the potential employee meshes well with everyone. Because that is the most important aspect

skoog166 karma

Hey Jordan, do you think that the new office will help freshen up future content?

KootraBrown19 karma

I am excited, because it will definitely take it away from the nostalgic, classic feel of the old office. 3 years in the same place with so many changes is quite the mold to break through, should be fun!


So just a question that might have been asked before but will you guys ever do meet up here in colorado?

KootraBrown10 karma

We have been looking into the possibility of doing a summer bbq type thing, but summer ended quickly, so next year!

Letho_Tro6 karma

Greetings from Norway:) What's everyone's most anticipated game for 2017?

KootraBrown12 karma

Jordan- Mount and Blade Bannerlord Spencer- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Dan- Read Dead 2 Mel- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sam- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Joe- Life

zongon6 karma

Will all of you be at PAX East 2017? It was just 3 of you last year, it's not the same if you're not all together.

KootraBrown13 karma

Not sure, yet. We will announce who is going when we figure it out. Hopefully in the next month or so

colemacgrath6 karma

What is everyone's favorite sports?

KootraBrown18 karma

Jordan: Drones Dan: Watching Hockey and playing Golf Mel: Soccer Stef: Hockey Spencer: Basketball Joe: Wolrd Peace

AgeOfTheGeek926 karma

As a content creator (both individually and as the group) what are your ambitions? Is there anything you feel you need to achieve before you stop?

KootraBrown14 karma

Dan - I want to eventually move to making more serious short films which would hopefully be a stepping stone into making movies Jordan - I want to be a cat rancher Spencer - I'd love to expand my career into higher end video editing and production management. Joe - To entertain but also make you think and question. I like my work to have meaning Mel- To inspire to be more adventurous with their lives

BigbyDirewolf6 karma

Would you rather shit out a baseball or pissed out a marble?

KootraBrown26 karma

Poop a bowling ball

Calico-J5 karma

Which lets play family people would each of you want to have on the hubcasf the most?

KootraBrown14 karma

Jordan- Kovic Dan- Kovic Stefani- Kovic

I think we would all just like to yell at Kovic

hien2005 karma

How often are group meetings held? And on average how long do they last?

  • Long time fan Thanks

KootraBrown7 karma

Usually once or twice a week and they last about an hour or two

crittercats5 karma

Did the idea of moving out of CO ever come into mind when the lease on the current office ran out? Also any plans on doing more RT collaborations in 2017?

KootraBrown14 karma

It has been a fleeting thought, but not really. We all love it here in CO so much and havent had an extremely good reason to move out of here

dontcrashdontcrash5 karma

How has the come and go of different members affected the way you work as a team? Also, if you could collaborate with one person, celebrity or fellow youtuber who would it be?

KootraBrown9 karma

Working with so many different people has definitely posed it's issues but it has never been something we haven't been willing to work with. When everyone is working in the same mind set the overall product is fantastic! Dan - Sharlto Copley Jordan - Jeff Bridges Spencer - Koji Kondo, ScreenJunkies, JacksFilms, GameGrumps Mel - Lonely Island Joe - Damon Albarn, Claudio Sanchez, Gerard Way, so many more. I love crossing visual art and music/sound. I feel some epic VR experiences on the horizon.

SnoopingTurtle5 karma

What are all of your favorite games of the year? I am assuming that there will be a lot of Overwatches, but was there anything that you really loved aside from it? Keep up the good work all! :)

KootraBrown6 karma

Joe - Overwatch Mel - Overwatch Spencer - Overwatch Jordan - Battlefield 1 Dan - Telltale Batman Stefani - Games

hfeuger5 karma

Hey guys, big fan watched since 2011 and still do. Will you guys ever do another big minecraft series again?

KootraBrown11 karma

Maybe some day, we are trying to do our next longplay/building series on my custom ark map, that I have been too busy to finish

Calico-J5 karma

Is there any plans to start uploading to the Lets Play channel? I know that's what was intended when Geoff started the Lets Play family deal but it doesn't look like any groups are uploading much

KootraBrown9 karma

We have done a few small collabs that have gone up on there, but im not entirely sure what future plans for posting on there are

Corbin8885 karma

Hello! Big fan for a long time, I wanted to know if there was a moment in particular that made you realize The Creatures were going to become pretty big? Thanks for all the videos and all that is to come!

KootraBrown10 karma

When we had that first ever livestream to announce it, we knew it was going to be a wild ride! Then when we moved into the first house it definitely added to that feeling. And thanks so much for watching all these years

Mightymaas5 karma

Do you have any plans to play or collaborate with Seamus in the future?

KootraBrown24 karma

If Seamus would ever want to, then sure! But hes doing his own thing now and we want to let him do so

BlackRockTesla4 karma

Hey guys! Been a fan of yours since 2010 but sadly still haven't had the opportunity to meet any of you.

Have any plans to come to Australia been in talks? I know RTXAus is coming up early next year which is a good possibility.

Or do you have plans to go overseas anywhere else in 2017?

KootraBrown9 karma

No plans to visit Australia yet, but would love to go at some point. We will announce if we ever go for sure!

carrotnose214 karma

Hello, this may be more of a Dan question but its open to anyone.

What cameras have you all used throughout the history of the creatures? Have they typically been DSLRs or mainly camcorders. If you could go back would you have told yourself not to buy any of these cameras?

Im mainly asking because im sure you all didnt start with a billion dollar camera and trillion dollar mic on it.

KootraBrown5 karma

We have bounced around but have mainly used sony handycams. The DSLR (5Ds and T3is) were great for shorts, but lacked for vlogs. We also have a black magic cinema camera for shorts that are pretty awesome. For anyone doing nothing more than vlogs, a handycam with a shotgun mic is perfect!

ThisCouldGetWeird4 karma

Hey kootra, your content really is great, random at times, but really great. I love your weird little projects like the water rocket launcher and the homemade Lucille, can we expect to see more things like that in the future? If so, what exactly do you have in mind?

Keep up the great stuff you're all doing, and to Dan, I am batman.

KootraBrown7 karma

Jordan - We have many projects in mind for future creative builds.

Dan - How can you be Batman if I'M Batman?!

PassengerWave4 karma

If you were stranded on a desert island and could take one thing what would it be?

KootraBrown12 karma

I would bring a cat to be my friend

Spencer would bring a french bulldog Stefani would bring Danny Devito Dan would bring a copy of the dark knight case (no DVD) Joe would bring a backpack with unlimited fresh water Mel would bring an axe'

As you can see, we would all die besides joe

Drakon454644 karma

Did you have any mead brews that were not recorded or scrapped ideas that didn't go well?

KootraBrown5 karma

So far no, everything we have made we have recorded or documented.

sociologize4 karma

Hi guys!

Forgive me if this is an obvious answer, but - I love watching your mead videos, have you posted the recipe/steps anywhere or plan to?

KootraBrown7 karma

Everything is pretty straight forward in the mead videos, I dont think we cut out anything specific, but we may plan to do so in the future

eestelle4 karma

Long time fan of a few years! So happy to see how you guys developed and grew over time. Thanks so much for all you guys have done and still do!!

Question for everyone! What's your favorite animal? (Besides cats, Jordan...) Also, favorite band/singer?

KootraBrown5 karma

Stefani- Dolphin or Wolf and Sam Smith Mel- Elephant and Angels and Airwaves Sam- Cats and Greenday and Fidlar Joe- Puppies and Coheed/Red Hot Chili Peppers Spencer- Screech Owl and Queens of the Stone Age Dan- Birds and Coheed and Cambria Jordan- Lemurs and Pendulum

ShadoHazard4 karma

You're stranded on a lone island. You have two things with you. But after they're used they break. What do you have?

KootraBrown6 karma

Pride and self confidence, and a glass bottle

-cheech-3 karma

did you guys always want to do stuff with filmography/ be content creators? Dans input would be greatly appreciated as well. love you guys, keep doing what youre doing🎅

KootraBrown7 karma

A passion for filmmaking is what got me in this industry through a weird series of circumstances. I've always loved movies and they've inspired me up to this point in regards to content creation, so it's blended well into doing what we do. -Dan

pilotjustin3 karma

Are any of y'all going to be at the RTX Ticket Kickoff event in January?

KootraBrown6 karma

I dont believe so, honsetly have never heard of it. Is it in TX?

WTRFOfficial3 karma

Have you guys ever thought about doing the Pottermore tests (Hogwarts house test, patronus test, and the American magic school house test) as a group, if you haven't already done them? I just thought it would be cool, especially since Fantastic Beasts was released recently (I still haven't seen it, ha ha).

I hope to see you guys in person some day!

KootraBrown12 karma

We have all done the tests, but all I am going to tell you is that I am a hufflepuff

Calico-J3 karma

Have you guys enjoyed being apart of Rooster Teeth and which of the Lets Play groups do you most enjoy working with?

KootraBrown10 karma

Yup! It has been a blast. Big collabs like lets play live have been amazing and we cant wait for more. Funhaus will always be the best because of how long we have known those weirdos

Squorlple3 karma

What does the new office/base of operations look like? Will we have to wait for all of the recording set-ups to be in place before we get new videos there? Also, was Spencer really showing off his junk in two of your recent videos?

KootraBrown9 karma

We will show everything off to everyone when we are ready :) And yes....yes he was

Calico-J3 karma

Is the Ark series still happening?

KootraBrown9 karma

Still in the plans. I just need another solid week to work on the map and get everything ironed out so we can begin. Only thing is, I need that solid week and everything has been hectic recently haha

JPGKid3 karma

Hi Jordan,Will Creature Talks be available to Download in some time?

KootraBrown7 karma

I believe that a fan has posted their entire collection on our reddit, that would be the fastest way to acquire until I get a chance to set it all up

TheOriginalMyth3 karma

Hey Jordan, been a fan of you guys since Seamus introduced me to the creatures via the treehouse series and have been watching religiously ever since. It's been apparent from the comments and the amount of dislikes (thankfully slowly dwindling) on videos that there is a subset of the creature/cowchop audience that is very vindictive after the split. Do you think there was a better way (on both sides) that the split could have happened to mitigate some of these reactions?

Either way I hope you guys focus on the people that still love you and your content. I want to see you guys accomplish your dreams and can't wait to see what the Creatures are up to in 2017

KootraBrown11 karma

Honestly it probably wouldn't have mattered. No matter what, with that big of a change, soooo many people were bound to not like it. Maybe some would have been less abrasive, but it is really hard to judge. But it happened and our main goal is to just move on and make the content we love. Thanks for watching!

Craigory953 karma

Hey Jordan, What are your thoughts on Mass effect andromeda?

KootraBrown7 karma

Excited, but havent seen too much on it yet. Kind of want to keep it that way until it launches

ShadowMadness2 karma

Any update for when the Ark series will begin? I don't believe you've given an update on it in quite some time and I just wanted to know its status.

KootraBrown4 karma

Still working on the map, sadly time has restrained me from finishing it off, but I plan to get it finished up and started as soon as possible!

KappinSpaulding2 karma

I brew beer but am looking into taking a crack at mead. Do you have any tips on brewing mead?

KootraBrown6 karma

Its super easy if you have brewed beer, so jump right in, try mixing cool ingredients in and see what you get! Try small batches first until you get one you love then go bigger

imasterdragon2 karma

what happened to moving in October?

KootraBrown3 karma

We tried to move out early but it never went through in time

TheBigTink2 karma

Any chance you guys will bring back the 24 hour halloween livescream next year? or at least another 24 hour stream?

KootraBrown6 karma

In the spirit of crafting new experiences/evolving old ones, we will figure out something to bring back the long grand streams

Estonia20122 karma

Since you guys love Overwatch. When can we expect The Creatures v Funhaus? And will you be doing vids with other Let's Play groups like Kinda Funny or Game Attack?

KootraBrown2 karma

We actually just streamed some Creatures v Funhaus in Overwatch, needless to say we got thrashed. We'd love to collaborate with all of the Lets Play channels! Schedules have proved to be very tough, but we'll hopefully get around to more collaborations.

TheNu932 karma

Long time fan here, what was everybody's favourite video or series to make/create?

KootraBrown6 karma

Dan- Movie Nights Stef- Movie Nights Jordan- Mead Spencer- Movie Nights (Because of free chicken tenders) Mel- VR Wednesdays Sam- Joe of Painting Joe- Mead

brbgottagethelp2 karma


KootraBrown8 karma

Thanks for the kind words!

We are gonna keep on meowing on

Gadgets2222 karma

Hey Koots, what's the best scotch you've ever had?

KootraBrown5 karma

A glass of Highland Park Freya, it was incredible

IWantThisForever2 karma

Any chance you guys are gonna be at PAX East 2017?

KootraBrown4 karma

Not sure, yet, but we will keep everyone updated

ScruffTheMaster2 karma

what games are you looking forward to for next year?

KootraBrown3 karma

Jordan- Mount and Blade Bannerlord Spencer- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Dan- Read Dead 2 Mel- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sam- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Joe- Life

tkish101 karma

What has been your favorite part about joining the let's play family?

KootraBrown4 karma

Lets Play Live has been the coolest thing. Just a great experience all around