For the next 40 minutes I'm yours. Ask Me Anything. #PassengersMovie is out December 21.

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Thanks for the questions, hope you have a great holiday break spending time with friends and family eating and drinking your face off. I know that's my plan.

If you get a chance, go check out Passengers Dec 21:

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xoph3r24217 karma

Hi Chris. Would you be willing to play my wife in a biopic I'm shooting for myself? You would have to wear a wig and have sex with me.

ChrisPrattOfficial26778 karma


TheMightosaurus17622 karma

Was it difficult to control the raptors on the set of JURASSIC WORLD? Did you have any prior training in order to not get hurt by them? It must have been pretty scary. Was it scary? I bet it was.

ChrisPrattOfficial20752 karma

haha! Yes. It's amazing i made it out alive. The sequel shoots in a fewmonths. I already have nervous diahrea, diarreah, diarreeah, how the fuck do you spell that? anyways. Yeah. I"m probably gonna die on the sequel.

iLife8714575 karma

I'm going to make a petition to make you fat again. Will you sign it?

ChrisPrattOfficial18650 karma

my wife would! haha!

hurdur110731 karma

Will you and your wife ever do a movie together where you're both leading? I think you're both talented and would make an exceptional screen-team!

ChrisPrattOfficial13541 karma

yes we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RetroDinosaur8365 karma

Could Johnny Karate beat Starlord in a fight?

ChrisPrattOfficial16427 karma

Not alone. But with his band of child ninjas, it would be close.

facelessblood7988 karma

Does your son still think you're a firefighter?

ChrisPrattOfficial15462 karma

no he knows i'm an actor. But he thinks it's kind of stupid. haha! I suppose he's right!!!

bill__the__butcher7592 karma

~15 years ago you were living in your van on a beach in Hawaii, jobless, listening to Dre's 2001 everyday.

Do you ever miss anything about those days? Simpler times, being able to go anywhere you want without fear of paparazzi, etc.

ChrisPrattOfficial11617 karma

That was such an amazing time in my life. There are elements I miss. Perhaps most of all, uncertainty.

cam_mciver6326 karma

Since you and Jennifer Lawrence have a pretty similar sense of humour, there must've been some pretty hilarious moments on set of Passengers. What is one of the funniest (or embarrassing) moments when filming the movie?

ChrisPrattOfficial24368 karma

We were sitting in our chairs waiting for the next shot and a big set light bulb exploded nearby and she screamed. high pitched. very feminine.

then she immediately looked over at me and said, "Jesus Chris! You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris?"

and for the rest of the shoot i couldn't convince anyone it wasn't me. I just had to own it.

: )

hurdur16174 karma

How has your past as an overweight, comedic character played influenced your growth as an actor, especially now that you're considered one of the sexiest Hollywood stars?

ChrisPrattOfficial17353 karma

no vanity in comedy understanding the element of my job in where I am a prop

i was confident and in good shape when i first came to LA but nobody would cast me in any well written roles. People assumed based on my looks i was an asshole and a one trick pony. I only auditioned to play the douchebag characters. my audition material would be like "Bradley, 24, you hate him immediately"

int. locker room. Bradley looks to our hero, squints his eyes, runs his hands through his thick gelled and frosted tipped hair and says, "Fuck you pussy."

that would be my audition. "Fuck you pussy." welcome to the OC bitch.

They never let me improv or do comedy. It wasn't until I built a shlubby exterior, which stood in stark contrast to my inner confidence that people gave me room to play. ,

IslandsOnTheCoast5601 karma

What is your favorite song to absolutely rock-out too? Favorite song to cry to?

ChrisPrattOfficial19994 karma

To rock out to.... Pantera Vulger Display of Power To cry to... Pantera Vulger Display of Power

nonjon_5581 karma

You're awesome man.

Got any guilt or just general thoughts for taking this sweet lead role in Passengers considering Keanu Reeves had been trying to get the script made for like 6-7 years?

ChrisPrattOfficial8824 karma

Keanu Reeves is awesome. John Wick is the shit. He's been killing it for so long. And hes a great humanitarian.

CharlieHume5468 karma

Hey Chris,

Who is your favorite actor?

ChrisPrattOfficial17032 karma

anna faris

J1bbly5295 karma

To what extent would you consider Andy Dwyer to be based off yourself?

ChrisPrattOfficial12643 karma

Andy Dwyer is the personification of my comedic schtick. I have been making people laugh with that clown for years and years. Way before I ever did Parks and Rec. He not all of me. But I AM all of him, if that makes any sense.

claire05032 karma

Hey Chris, you seem very down to earth. How has Hollywood not ruined you yet?

ChrisPrattOfficial11658 karma

never forget where you came from.

rhodetolove4919 karma

What can we expect in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

ChrisPrattOfficial9389 karma

bigger and better in every way

ramblingredglasses4659 karma

Anna Faris from Scary Movie(s) or Anna Faris from The House Bunny?

ChrisPrattOfficial9862 karma

Wow. that's a good question. like a kiss marry kill thing?

trick question. I'd marry and kiss them all. And I did!!!

FedoraFederation4341 karma

Are there any roles you regret taking/ not taking?

ChrisPrattOfficial9489 karma

No regrets. Ever. They all led me to here.

AdamClay2000lbs4292 karma

It can be difficult to maintain relationships with people from a previous workplace. I'd imagine even more so for those in your industry. What previous collaborator, if any, have you spent the most time with after wrapping?

ChrisPrattOfficial4668 karma

james gunn

-InsuranceFreud-3817 karma

Would you and Eminem ever do a song together?

ChrisPrattOfficial8693 karma

He's been after me for years to do a song. wait, no? he doesn't know I exist? Oh. well.... probably not. simply because he wouldn't do it. haha! But I'd buy his cologne if he had one.

midoree3788 karma

What is the most useless skill you have?

ChrisPrattOfficial6882 karma

rubiks cube

although it's not useless because i use it to help me run lines

Cyrith3422 karma

Loved parks and rec, actually know Aubrey Plaza from summer camp(she was good friends with one of my sister's) Do you have a favorite moment of working with Aubrey?

ChrisPrattOfficial6346 karma

I had the best time working with Aubrey. My favorite moments with her were when she would let her guard down, (it didn't happen that often) and I got to see what a sweet and caring person she is. It's not dissimilar to the April character.

emphasis_EMPHASIS2986 karma

Hey Chris, you've inspired me to lose weight because funny guys can be sexy shirtless too.

So my question is: how has getting into shape changed your life? Also is having maintain your physique harder than losing the weight?

ChrisPrattOfficial7586 karma

Funny guys can be sexy shirtless. But realness is more important. Exercising for health, overall physical and spiritual well being I highly recommend. Doing it to look good naked is cool, but hardly worth the sacrifice. Work on being funny before sexy. lots of women think funny is sexy anyway.

dori_lukey2753 karma

What would you be probably doing had you not become an actor?

ChrisPrattOfficial5347 karma

If I hadn't become an actor in the way I did. (being discovered by a director, plucked from obscurity, etc) I would have continued to pursue stand up comedy. probably would have tried to become an actor that way.

shinjanator2501 karma

Hey Chris, big fan here! What do you miss most about working on Parks and Rec? What was the hardest part about working on Passengers?

ChrisPrattOfficial5122 karma

I miss the cast and crew. I miss my friends. I miss the commute. I miss the fact it was a steady gig, all comedy, and took me 7 minutes to get to work.

The hardest part of working on Passengers would be the schedule. There were only two of us primarily through the whole shoot and we worked incredibly long hours. I was homesick a lot of the time. It was a grind.

everestsam981899 karma

If you could have played any character from a film ever, who would you pick?

ChrisPrattOfficial5895 karma

Jim Preston Passengers Opens December 21st!!

Thanks guys thats my time.

bellgiant111810 karma

Im a huge PJ fan and loved that andy was also, was that your idea or the writers idea? are you a big fan?

ChrisPrattOfficial2796 karma

love Pearl Jam! Growing up in Washington i have a very real connection to that music. I was at an impressionable time when it hit. So it will always have a place in my heart.

levindin1722 karma

Hey Chris! I've been a big fan of yours since Parks and Rec! Just a quick question, who did you have more fun acting as: Andy Dwyer or Peter Quill? Thanks for taking the time out to do this!

ChrisPrattOfficial3553 karma

More fun? Andy Dwyer. We got to do whole scenes, over and over. It was more stage play. Lots of improv. Guardians of the Galaxy is so fun to watch, don't get me wrong, but making it can be excruciatingly slow and painstaking. When you have so many elements working at once, you might spend all day shooting a piece of the movie that will last 10 seconds.

Imakeshittyusernames1525 karma

What Marvel superhero would Jennifer Lawrence absolutely destroy in?

ChrisPrattOfficial2445 karma


spetzio1429 karma

Good morning from another PNW native (Tigard, OR)!

What was the most challenging aspect of working on Passengers?

Also, what's your favorite thing about the PNW?

Have a good one! -Alyssa

ChrisPrattOfficial3053 karma


Favorite thing about the PNW is the hard earned summers. Going to the river and floating down with some beers. I love when Mt. Rainier is out. I love the way everything and everyone slows down to feel the sun on their face when it first breaks in summer. Usually you've been through 100 days or more in a row of rain and mistiness.

ChrisPrattOfficial1933 karma

haha! That was during Everwood which we shot in Utah. I don't remember that shirt. I'm not BYU Alumni. I think that picture was taken at a fan signing event or something. That shirt must have been a gift or something. I honestly don't remember.

QuickQuest3121027 karma

How is Jennifer Lawrence?

What's your best memory of working with your mates in your movies and tv shows?

Top 5 movies and shows?

You're a very lovable actor and you've lost alot of weight! I'm trying to shave weight off too because of your change in GotG! Thank you!

ChrisPrattOfficial1753 karma

Jen is awesome. She's funny and cool. She's refreshingly tough. She's an amazing actor. It feels good to be around her.

Best memory? So hard to say. I've been at this for 17 years. It's a dream job. No question. There have been so many unforgettable moments. I love what I do for a living.

top 5? Also very difficult. Friday NIght lights Breaking Bad The Wire Game of Thrones Dual Survival

M3rc_Nate423 karma

Who is your favorite Seahawk besides Russell Wilson?

Oh and if you want to be more beloved by your home state, join Russ in supporting the return of the SuperSonics to Seattle. ;) (just a tip).

ChrisPrattOfficial615 karma

Blitz the mascot!!!!

Just kidding. I like them all. Jimmy Graham is an awesome dude. I've gotten to know Jermain Kearse a little bit. Richard Sherman. Kam Chancellor. I've met a lot of the guys. it's hard to pick. they are an extraordinary group of gentlemen. And I suppose I am biased, being from the PNW. But that group of guys are all class. And it starts from the top down. So a lot of credit goes to Pete and Russell.

Mikey1221170 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

ChrisPrattOfficial564 karma

what weapons we talking? If i have a gun I'd fight the big duck. But if i didn't get weapons, and had to use my bare hands i would fight 100 horses and set myself up in a situation where i have the upper hand based on my terrain like the movie 300.

whoa! movie 300 with duck sized horses! fuck yeah.

a_guile117 karma

Hey Chris!

Have you ever considered doing any old school slapstick?

It would be fun to see you do a prat fall.

ChrisPrattOfficial218 karma

I think Andy Dwyer had a lot of that.