Hello Reddit, we're Internetainers Rhett & Link of GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING, IFC's COMMERCIAL KINGS, EAR BISCUITS and so very many weird music videos and sketches on YouTube. Our new comedy series BUDDY SYSTEM just released its season finale today on YouTube Red. It's been a few years since we've done our last AMA and we're excited to hear from you guys so Ask Us Anything!!


Check Out Buddy System on YouTube Red: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ49NV73ttruI9rFSL0xrqHzZjJmdH219

UPDATE: Thanks everybody for your questions! We're signing off. As of today, all Buddy System episodes are out, so go and binge watch.

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kabdelgaber1844 karma

How much longer do you plan on continuing Good Mythical Morning?

realrhettandlink2709 karma

until it has run its course. - Rhett

bruinsboy7241773 karma

I've noticed that you guys are slipping in more adult content is this on purpose?

realrhettandlink2567 karma

I think there's always been innuendo on GMM, and that's mostly a function of the unscripted nature of the show. We think our content remains appropriate for most everyone, including our own children. - Rhett

Kranion1303 karma

Do you guys plan on bringing back ear biscuits soon? Really loved that podcast.

realrhettandlink1373 karma

I wouldn't say sooooooon, per se. But we love the podcast format and hope we can find a way to work it in to our schedule in the future. - Rhett

Johnnys_Here971 karma

When will Rhett's dad come on?

realrhettandlink1699 karma

Looking to have him on the next time he's in town. Fair warning: He's not nearly as tan as Link's dad! - Rhett

DanyshaHarriott969 karma

How did you guys react to watching Shepard say that he wanted a newborn baby's heart in the Jack in the box? Lol.

realrhettandlink1362 karma

I laughed a lot, and swelled with pride as a father. - Rhett

maddermonk921 karma

People change over time. Why do you think you guys have been able to be friends for so long?

realrhettandlink2016 karma

We okay it with each other before we change.

hmm. I think it'd take a whole book to answer that question. _Link

badnanas865 karma

Have you ever punched each other in the face?

realrhettandlink1577 karma

Punched, no. Slapped, yes. - Rhett

patelinator847 karma

Since you guys do a lot of game show style shows on GMM, I'm wondering what would be your dream game show to compete on?

realrhettandlink1925 karma

We're still waiting for our call from Wheel of Fortune to appear on their "best friends" episode. ABC holler at us! - Rhett & Link

ShermanIsland834 karma

RHETT AND LINK!! Seriously would not be able to get through my day without GMM+GMMore. I watch them every night when I get home from work and I'm constantly watching reruns.

My question is: You both used to have successful careers in the engineering field (I believe Link, at least, used to work for IBM?) and now you have successful careers in the entertainment field. How and why did you make that transition? Did you feel you were taking a huge risk making such a big transition? Lets talk about that...

realrhettandlink969 karma

We never felt engineering was the right fit, and we were pretty much looking for ways to work together in entertainment from the beginning. YouTube provided a way to reach a large audience without having to travel or move (initially). Once we realized we could get paid to make videos (through ads or integrations), we figured we could make a go of it. - Rhett

CoyCroissant724 karma

Have you ever had an interaction with a viewer that's made either yourselves or your families uncomfortable? You don't have to describe what happened I'm just curious :) Thanks!

realrhettandlink1037 karma

yes. -Link

amanduhpanduh720 karma

I've always wondered, do both of your families spend holidays together? Such as thanksgiving and Christmas?

realrhettandlink1802 karma

Since moving to CA, we've done Thanksgiving together each year (along with other LA based friends). But, even though we both go home to NC for Christmas each year, we almost never see each other there. That's pretty much all the family time we have with folks back home, so we try to give them all our time. If we happen to see each other, we pass by one another without speaking. - Rhett

MadSpacePig705 karma

What's YOUR daily routine?

realrhettandlink2890 karma

6:30AM - alarm goes off, hit snooze. 6:39AM - alarm goes off, hit snooze. 6:48AM - alarm goes off, hit snooze. 6:57AM - alarm goes off, hit snooze. 7:05AM - get up JUST BEFORE alarm goes off again. 7:06AM - scratch itchy parts. 7:07AM - brush teeth 7:08AM - scratch itchy parts. 7:09AM - decide it's not worth it. 7:10AM - return to bed. 12:05PM - get up again on my own accord, not when some frickin' alarm tells me to. I am my own man! 12:08PM - watch both Hobbits and all three LOTR's. - Rhett

Hawthorne0410663 karma

What was the worst "will it" episode to date?

realrhettandlink1284 karma

Hard to pick one specific moment, they all have their low points. Throwing something up into a custom barf bucket is a pretty consistent experience. - Rhett

ichdru21661 karma

Do your spouses mind when you kiss them after eating something gross, spicy, etc?

realrhettandlink2057 karma

I love to play a game with my wife. It's called, "Kiss me and tell me what animal body part I ate today!" She hates it. - Rhett

The_Hanging_Tree652 karma

Why did you and your families decide to homeschool your kids? Love the show, guys!

realrhettandlink2268 karma

We wanted to keep them sheltered from the real world and fully control their thoughts and actions.

Actually, we did it because we liked the flexibility it offered due to our unpredictable schedules, and our wives wanted to be more directly involved in our kids education. - Rhett

CockMcClain570 karma

Were there any videos that you were particularly nervous to put up due to controversy or bad feedback?

realrhettandlink1205 karma

GMM is not as controversial as some of our older videos, especially our local commercials which touched on resolving racial tension through furniture sales, or promoting a car selling gynecologist Cuban refugee. But, we've never been too nervous about creating controversy because that's not what our work is really about. - Rhett

v_e_ron_ique534 karma

Hi !! I have a stupid question for you guys. Have you ever had to film a Good Mythical Morning episode twice because you didn't like the first version? If not, have you ever published an episode you didn't quite like but posted it anyway since it was already done? For the record, i love every single one of them. And congratulations on Buddy System!

realrhettandlink959 karma

There have been a handful of eps that we've shot again because we didn't like something, but that usually involves us stopping in the middle and saying, "Let's start over." Out of 1000 eps, I'd say that's happened a dozen times. Also, there have been a couple of episodes where there was a technical problem (corrupt file, etc.) that we've had to shoot again. But, the vast majority of eps are exactly what happened the first time. - Rhett

CaliGirl16454 karma

Hey guys! Greetings from about 45 minutes north of Burbank! (Aka Lancaster) I have made you part of my daily routine for about 3 years now and it feels weird when I miss a day! My question for you guys is:

The two of you have been friends for a really long time. Do you have a favorite memory together? Rhett, what is one memory about Link that makes you laugh every time? Link, what is a memory about Rhett that makes you cringe every time?

Love you guys!

realrhettandlink1118 karma

I think the blood oath we took in the cow pasture behind Keith Hills golf course is a favorite. We swore to "create something together" one day. (Not like a baby...like a movie.) But we seriously did take a blood oath around middle school age, not knowing specifically what we wanted to do. - Link

___OP____452 karma

I've noticed how you two are literally the best friends in the world. Has there ever been an argument or fight that caused a falling out between you two? If so, what was it about?

realrhettandlink301 karma

answered below.... - Rhett

J_Valente386 karma

Your show is very family-friendly and enjoyable for viewers of all ages, what in your personal life wouldn't be considered "all-ages?" For example, enjoying a specific alcoholic beverage, violent movies/tv/video games, if you're nonchalant about cursing, any particular hobbies, etc.

Also, what was your favorite episode to film of GMM?

realrhettandlink1062 karma

We drink wine, beer, or whiskey on occasion, watch R rated movies, and curse when it's called for. - Rhett

lightningpatrol749 karma

You mean you're real people???

realrhettandlink2105 karma

I wouldn't go that far. -Link

Zarnzy385 karma

Do y'all wish y'all were in Barcelona now?

realrhettandlink666 karma

Yes. to walk with you (to walk with you) along the avenue (along the avenue) - Rhett

whal3n16371 karma

Hey! huge fan! My co-worker and I watch your shows (anything you guys make) every day. I wanted to ask how it feels to have come so far looking back at where it all started? I get a certain amount of excitement and dare I say pride following what you guys are up to and how successful you have become. And to do it all as life long best friends just makes it that much more special. Keep up the great work! :)

realrhettandlink610 karma

The first cassette tape I ever owned was Weird Al's Even Worse. I learned all those songs by heart and thought it was hilarious. But I never actively thought "I could do that!" at the time. We're truly humbled that we make stuff that shapes the next wave of weirdos out there.

Now get back to work! -Link

mythical_Beth344 karma

What did your family think of you having no beard Rhett ? Xx

realrhettandlink1131 karma

I sent my mom a picture after I shaved, and she replied with "Poor baby. I still love you." - Rhett

alinaxm295 karma

On average, how much work goes into making an episode of good mythical morning? xx

realrhettandlink704 karma

We shoot each episode pretty much live/all in one go as much as possible. If there's some set change that needs to happen, we may stop rolling for adjustments like that, but most of the time we keep it going. (That's why you'll see us jumble words and mess up...occasionally :)

As far as prep for each episode, there's days of work that goes in to each episode...even for a simpler episode (a list, a game), a writer/producer is assigned to gather info and outline the flow under Stevie's supervision with our input at strategic points along the way. For more production-heavy episodes, you get an idea of the amount of work from watching a GMC episode, but there's still a ton you don't see. And none of this accounts for post.

All that to say, we're very grateful to our Mythical Crew for all the work they do! -Link

OystersClamssCockles263 karma

Hello Rhett & Link! First off thank you so much for the countless hours of entertainment, education and emotional support you've given us.

Congratulations on Buddy System, I really felt it was a project that came from your hearts and I enjoyed it very much!

I'd like to ask, realistically how much would it affect your synergy as a duo if you guys swapped seats in GMM?

Have a mythical day!

realrhettandlink472 karma

You're welcome :) It is always so cool to hear that GMM gives people an emotional boost. If we swapped seats...i think it would really mess with our mojo...but we should try it! what would be a good occasion for that?hmmm --Link

QueenMadge196 karma

Is Buddy System going to be multi seasonal or a one off?

realrhettandlink339 karma

We have no official announcement to make at this point...but even this morning, we were tossing around ideas for a possible Season 2. Any ideas? -LInk

Nalacion187 karma

Hey, Rhett and Link, nice to see you here on reddit! On Good Mythical Morning, you’ve talked about growing up in Buies Creek. My mom’s side of my family lives up in Fuquay and Coats, and it’s nice to hear some love about where you grew up. What’s the biggest thing you miss about the area?

realrhettandlink345 karma

Shout out to Coats, NC! The soil there. Wow. There used to be a Skats Drive Thru beside the IGA. It was like a half-baked Hardees. Remember that? I'm not sayin I miss it; but I do miss Cook Out, of course Bojangles, and also my extended family. -Link

Wantazmo186 karma

Link, will your mythical beard ever make a comeback?

realrhettandlink368 karma

My face has recently been asking me the same thing. If it were to happen, it'd be over the holiday break...but that beard-in-process might mess up all my family photos :/ -Link

_hypebeast177 karma

Hey guys, love the show. My question is; how long does it take to shoot an episode of GMM - on average?

realrhettandlink289 karma

Shooting an episode is usually just about as long as the final product, unless it's a more involved episode with multiple setups. But the prep takes much longer than that (see Link's longer answer). - Rhett

joeybomboey168 karma

Hey guys. Big fan so thankyou to you and all the crew! Has there ever been a "Will it?..." episode that you have refused to do?

realrhettandlink332 karma

Nope. Think about the things we've eaten!! - Rhett

a_fine_romance138 karma

Hi guys! What is the worst injury you've suffered during the making of GMM? Also, will Rhett's massage song ever be released as a single?

realrhettandlink250 karma

Link gave me a bloody nose. Not on GMM, but during Epic Gun Battle. We've stunned each other with a stun cane a few times. But no serious injuries, thankfully.

As for the massage song, you're going to have to enjoy it in it's native GMM form for now. - Rhett

diz12136 karma

Hi R+L- love you guys!! What was the biggest cultural shock moving from the south to the west cost. And what happened to your southern accents?

realrhettandlink352 karma

This whole people thinking that BBQ means a grill has been difficult to deal with.

I think it's safe to say our southern accents haven't been lost...they just go into hiding and we let them out from time to time, especially when things get especially loopy. - Rhett

Rhinkhearted134 karma

I was wondering how you two feel about being shipped together, I see a lot of being saying that you ship-bait and other things like that.

do you wish people wouldn't ship you?

realrhettandlink302 karma

we don't care. we just think it's funny to create awkwardness. it just seems to often be misinterpretted as something else... - Link

icemountainisnextome126 karma

Hey guys!!! Huge fan thanks for the ama. you are my go to for eating breakfast before work every morning. Thanks for all the laughs.

You two have been best friends since you were kids and have wonderful chemistry, but there has to be something where you guys had a big disagreement or argument about something where you were legitimately pissed at each other, what was it?

PS. Please bring more Randy Dandy Mandy brothers content.

PSS. Sink Mirror almost made me pee myself.

EDIT: for those wondering, the Hilarious Randy Dandy - I got a freaking koala bear! Arent those things going extinct? I dont care! ONE LESS KOALA BEAR!!

realrhettandlink342 karma

we get legitimately pissed at each other all the time. I think that's part of a friendship and working relationship like ours. Our creative process often involves fighting with each other about ideas and landing on something in the end. We've never assaulted each other, though, unless you count the one time we got into a slap fight on GMM. - Rhett

bubbletrollbutt114 karma

Are you really Rhett and Link and not your clones?

realrhettandlink377 karma

We are the clones but all answers are approved by the real R&L. - clones

alsohotdogs110 karma

Why didn't the zoo press charges?

And are you guys doing the AMA tucked or untucked?

realrhettandlink213 karma

Because we were only 16 at the time.

We're both currently untucked but that can change!

samson1228104 karma

Crazy song idea that got scrapped for being too crazy?

realrhettandlink277 karma

Many years ago we started writing a song called Barbed Wire Tattoo. Never finished it. I guess we got distracted with it's followup "Fartin' Girl." - Link

djklup103 karma

Any advice for fellow engineers that want to switch up their lifestyle like you did?

realrhettandlink689 karma

If you like it, don't quit. The world needs engineers more than guys who eat pig anus for a living. - Rhett

whilhelmina_prince93 karma

How has your friendship evolved since you started working together full time? Similarly, how has making Buddy System changed your friendship and your working relationship?

realrhettandlink291 karma

I guess we have the opposite situation to most adult best friends. Most people work separately and then get together as friends. We see each other all day every day almost the entire year. We actually have to stop and think to do normal friends stuff, like go see a movie together. But working together on everything, and having shared goals where we depend on each other, has been a key to our sustained friendship. - Rhett

Charlotte02108488 karma

What's your favorite brand of hot dog? Bright Leaf hotdogs right?!

Sending you Love from Raleigh!

realrhettandlink141 karma

I'm more of a Jesse Jones guy. Not a big fan of the red dye on Bright Leaf. - Link

Mythicallyash82 karma

What is your dream entertainment project now that you've done a scripted musical comedy?

realrhettandlink169 karma

We don't have ONE specific thing we want to eventually make. I'd love to make a movie exclusively using Merle Haggard songs as the soundtrack. We're aiming to continue to innovate when it comes to GMM and also have at least one other major project each year for you to enjoy. We're just beginning to scratch our long-form scripted itch. - LInk

BeardedBatsard75 karma

Hi guys! Out of all the outrageous claims made in Epic Rap battle of Manliness, which one would you most want to actually perform? (I'm partial to modifying my garden hose to dispense nacho cheese)

realrhettandlink151 karma

well, we actually did that one, and it was glorious. - Rhett

1fuzzybird68 karma

Hi guys! What is your most favorite song you've ever done?

realrhettandlink208 karma

I'll always love "The Buffet Song" from 2008 because of how it was made. We just asked people dining in a Vegas buffet to walk us through the fundamentals of a buffet. Then we sang what they said verbatim. "I've had prime rib up the kazoo."
We made "The Harry Potter Song" in a similar way. - Link

Kurevin67 karma

In your opinion, what is your funniest moment on; Buddy System? GMM?

realrhettandlink156 karma

I'm particularly fond of Odell Nobell's backstory, complete with flute solo. - Rhett Slow dancing with a strange man as Peder in episode 8. - Link

LonkandRhert40 karma

First of all I just want to thank you both for making such good content for us to enjoy along with you and I hope you guys know how important and uplifting Buddy System has been for a lot of people. In a world that can be really heavy, it’s nice to know there are people like you, and the entire production behind RLBS, who can bring such happiness and love into our lives.

I have questions I’d love to hear your answers to:

What skills did you learn/develop whilst making Buddy System that you feel has benefit you the most?

Was the juggle between acting and managing things behind the camera much different on this larger scale than in other content like your sketches?

Rhett are your eyes green, grey or blue man? Nobody agrees with me when I say they’re green.

Much love to you both. Your creativity and friendship is always inspiring to me.

realrhettandlink73 karma

  • writing something of that length, then seeing it come together, taught us a lot.
  • thankfully we had a lot of qualified people helping with many points in the process. It was less stressful than we anticipated. Crazy, but not debilitating.
  • I don't know. Depends on what I'm wearing. I say green most of the time.
  • Rhett

deliverusfromevie35 karma

Any word on Season 2 of Buddy System? (Huge Mythical Beast btw, freakin' love you guys!)

realrhettandlink85 karma

We'd love to do a second season and are currently conceptualizing what that would look like, but as of right now there's been no official confirmation. - Link

xxdofxx28 karma

Thanks for your time, you guys are so awesome. Started watching GMM over two years ago, and have since gone back and watched (most) episodes. Just got the episode 1000 medallion, and your bobble’s go great with my marvel shelf of figures…


  1. Every friendship is tested at certain points; do you guys have a period or disagreement where your relationship was tested? How did you work through it? (or do you secretly hate each other?)
  2. As you know, the internet is a fickle place. With that in mind, where do you find the confidence to keep building your company and crew size? Do you ever have concerns about waking up one day and YouTube suddenly becoming Myspace? If that day ever comes any idea what you guys would go into?
  3. I think GMM strikes the perfect balance of scripted content and unique genuine moments. Where did you find this balance and how often do you revisit this formula?
  4. GMM is done is such a way that you can watch any episode in any order. Apart from a few jokes (Tokyo, Nartu Fody, etc.) most of the jokes you guys do are totally self-contained to that day’s episode. Is it a challenge to stay unique every day? Have you considered doing extended bits that would span multiple episodes in a row?

realrhettandlink78 karma

  1. I think Rhett answered this somewhere around here. 2a. It's not so much confidence that keeps us going, I think that's secondary to having new ideas that we want to execute. So we try to keep innovating in order to stay engaged personally. When we get excited about something; that's when we do it. Sometimes that's accompanied by confidence, but there's always some trepidation in the mix.
    2b. We try to focus on what's within our control. Even within the YouTube ecosystem, things change all the time that impact GMM's performance. But keeping our content consistent (in terms of quality and release schedule) is the part we hone to weather any adverse product changes.
  2. We revisit our formula every single week; we analyze every episode and chase that perfect combination.
  3. After breaking 1000 episodes, I no longer worry about our ability to come up with stuff for episodes. If we can stay engaged personally, the rest takes care of itself. (When you add in our qualified Mythical team, of course.)
    4b. We've conceptualized a (non-holiday) themed week for early next year
  4. Link