I play billionaire art collector Arthur Davenport in “The Art of More.” New episodes are streaming free on Crackle now. Watch here: http://www.crackle.com/the-art-of-more-season-2.
Go ahead, ask me anything.

The second season of “The Art of More” is a high-stakes journey of greed and desperation through the New York auction scene where it’s not just the art and memorabilia that comes at a high price. It also stars Dennis Quaid, Kate Bosworth, Christian Cooke, Sandrine Holt, and Merritt Patterson.

Proof: https://twitter.com/TheArtofMore/status/798919022783795201

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rogerrabbitrocks311 karma

Change the title, everyone already knows you are the Dread Pirate Wesley!!..

Any chance of the Princess Bride part 2?

Cary_Elwes235 karma

No, but there will be a musical coming to Broadway soon.

MattBaster166 karma

Favorite off-screen memory with Andre The Giant?

Cary_Elwes429 karma

On the first day of shooting he let out a fart that could be heard in Beijing.

signsofbeing142 karma

Why didnt Despereaux get his own spin off show after Psych ended?

Cary_Elwes160 karma

Good question! I get asked that all the time, I'm hoping that I get to work with the team behind that show again as I loved working on it.

Basscyst127 karma

I consider The Princess Bride to be one the most quotable movies of all time. Do you have a favorite quote? Not necessarily from the movie.

Cary_Elwes279 karma

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries." from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

JustWatchItBurnnn96 karma

Does anyone ever still come up to you and try to give you "the claw" from Liar Liar? You're a wonderful actor and thanks for all the quality entertainment over the years.

Cary_Elwes95 karma

All the time.

jesuschristsuperfly92 karma

What about the R.O.U.S.'s?

Cary_Elwes221 karma

The R.O.U.S.'s were played by little people in rat suits who had to be sewn into their costumes and they were absolute troopers.

man_mayo87 karma

Have you kept any of the props or other items from any of your projects? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Cary_Elwes222 karma

I have the sword from The Princess Bride which is something very special to me for obvious reasons.

Chtorrr85 karma

What is the best cheese?

Cary_Elwes245 karma

The one Andre cut.

sackaroni72 karma

Great interview today on Bennington. What Princess Bride line gets shouted at you on the street the most?

Cary_Elwes151 karma

As you can imagine, "As you wish."

Idleworker66 karma

Who would win in a fight: Dread Pirate Wesley or Robin Hood?

Cary_Elwes137 karma

Probably Wesley as Robin Hood's sword was so darned heavy.

charlesp2261 karma

What was a harder role for you to get in the mindset of the character? Saw or Princess Bride?

Cary_Elwes111 karma

I think PB only because I had so much training and research to do before starting the movie.

rogerrabbitrocks61 karma

Do you ever go on reddit when not doing ama's?

Cary_Elwes221 karma

Nothing against Reddit, but I try to spend as much time off the computer as I can as I have a 9-year-old and I prefer to spend quality time with her.

ShadyCrow54 karma

Hello! I wish I could convey with words what an impact The Princess Bride has had on my and my family -- it's associated with so many good memories that I almost can't watch it by myself anymore because I'll be just overcome with emotion.

I've heard a few times that as a teenager you drove Roger Moore to the set of a Bond film -- is this true? What did he smell like?

Cary_Elwes72 karma

Read my memoir As You Wish, it's all in there.

suaveitguy52 karma

What dooms child actors?

Cary_Elwes133 karma

Parents who force their kids to act.

suaveitguy44 karma

You have always peppered your career with small/guest roles. What is it about these smaller roles that appeal to you?

Cary_Elwes99 karma

If the character speaks to me it doesn't matter what size the role is.

suaveitguy38 karma

What is the best and worst parts of the changes brought about by the internet for an actor?

Cary_Elwes80 karma

The internet is a great tool for research for any filmmaker but one has to be careful for as much information that there is online there is just as much misinformation as well

suaveitguy38 karma

Can acting be taught, or just coached?

Cary_Elwes56 karma

I believe depending on the talent of the actor or director either one can work

Rap_Cat34 karma

Hey Cary, How does it feel to be a living icon in a lot of minds? Is it humbling? Does it feed into your ego a bit? Always wondered because you seem genuinely pleasant in person.

Cary_Elwes58 karma

Always humbling. I am truly grateful for all of the blessings I have had in my career.

mlavan34 karma

What was working with Mel Brooks like?

Cary_Elwes79 karma

Mel is not only one of the great comedic directors of all time he is a wonderful human being and obviously hilariously funny.

suaveitguy33 karma

When you are pitched a script, what's the first thing you factor in to your decision?

Cary_Elwes93 karma

Would it be a show that I would want to watch even if I weren't in it?

Darkchyylde33 karma

What was your favourite part of making The Princess Bride? And same question about Robin Hood: Men In Tights? (Sorry I'm sure you get asked this a lot but they're such awesome movies)

Cary_Elwes47 karma

My favorite part was getting the opportunity to be in both of those films as they are some of my most treasured memories.

vrichix32 karma

Hello Mr. Elwes, first of all, clichés out of the way - big fan, too flustered to ask you anything serious so... Thank God curiosity helps...

What is your favorite movie in all the world?

Cary_Elwes68 karma

Apocalypse Now.

strdcr27 karma

What are your feelings towards "sillier" movies like Ella Enchanted? Was working with Anne Hathaway a draw, or did you film the movie more for the kids?

Cary_Elwes36 karma


ritschi26 karma

I love your book and listening to you read it. But I forgot, How do you pronounce your last name? And is it of Welsh origin?

Cary_Elwes81 karma

It's pronounced "Elwis" and the family is originally from Lincolnshire.

suaveitguy25 karma

Any traits you or anyone in your family seem to share with the eccentric John Elwes?

(Dickens' model for Scrooge.)

Cary_Elwes60 karma

Occasionally I find myself questioning the outrageous prices that some hotels charge for room service. So I guess you could say there's a little bit of Scrooge in me.

ghalt7724 karma

Are there any movies that you've starred in that are lesser-known but that you feel deserve more attention?

Cary_Elwes47 karma

I am particularly fond of "Shadow of the Vampire" and "The Cat's Meow."

HighOnGoofballs22 karma

Has Desperaux reunited with Shawn and Gus since the finale?

Cary_Elwes25 karma


Colieoh21 karma

Do you like wearing tights?

What is your best childhood memory?

Cary_Elwes53 karma

After wearing tights I have a new appreciation for women who wear them. They are not that comfortable. My favorite childhood memory was spending time in Spain with my father.

PizzaBuds20 karma

Any funny stories off-set with Dave Chappelle? Also, did you watch SNL this weekend?

Cary_Elwes40 karma

Love Dave and thought he was brilliant on SNL.

suaveitguy20 karma

Have you spent a lot of time in your life/career with the billionaire class? What's the hardest thing to get used to about that lifestyle, when you do visit it?

Cary_Elwes37 karma

I don't know any billionaires, but if I had a choice I would love to meet Warren Buffett and pick his brain.

LouisvilleMedia20 karma

Who is your favorite artist?

Cary_Elwes40 karma

My father.

almosthere032716 karma

Ok, I haven't watched any of season 1 yet. Without giving too many spoilers:
1. what is your favorite aspect of this character?
2. how much influence do you have over the role?
3. is any of the show based on true events?

Cary_Elwes22 karma

  1. How complex he is.
  2. It's a wonderful collaborative effort.
  3. Yes, we draw from the headlines all the time.

RizzMustbolt16 karma

You've played an incredibly diverse amount of characters during your career, but is there any role that you haven't played that you really want to?

Cary_Elwes35 karma

I'd love to do a western one day.

The_Iceman228814 karma

What's your favourite memory of Robin Hood: Men in Tights?

Cary_Elwes24 karma

I can't pinpoint one scene or day, but working with Mel is a memory I shall always treasure.

HighOnGoofballs14 karma

When is Days of Thunder 2 finally getting made?

Cary_Elwes20 karma

That would be up to Mr. Cruise.

mattreyu12 karma

If you had to be stuck in one of your roles, which would you pick?

Cary_Elwes44 karma

I don't want to be stuck in any roles, or any elevators.

jamesscho11 karma

Are you related to a Tom Elwes from Highgate, London?

Cary_Elwes27 karma


annablles10 karma

Hi Cary!! I'm a new fan and I was wondering if you like doing roles with a different accent or do you prefer doing roles with your natural accent?

Cary_Elwes14 karma

Accents are not as important to me as the character. But they are fun to do!

The_Jizzbot10 karma


Cary_Elwes28 karma

Like a field of lilies in Spring.

ItIsWhatItls10 karma

I just wanted to say how much I absolutely adore you. What's your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

Cary_Elwes17 karma

Egg white omelet.

uberfella9 karma

Would you consider a guest role on House of Cards?

Cary_Elwes26 karma

Absolutely! I love that show!

suaveitguy8 karma

Your family are some pretty accomplished people, seems like almost across the board. Did their shadows influence you or others in the family? Was there a bit of pressure to be something exceptional?

Cary_Elwes16 karma

The only pressure I felt was the pressure I put on myself to accomplish my goals.

LikeMarionettes6 karma

Are there any particular details about a character or script that could turn you off from taking a role?

Cary_Elwes14 karma

Bad writing.

Chtorrr4 karma

What is the funniest thing you have seen happen on set?

Cary_Elwes7 karma

See above.

Colieoh3 karma

Who's your role model and why?

Cary_Elwes17 karma

Gandhi who said "be the change you wish to see in the world."

rogerrabbitrocks2 karma

What is a day in the life of Cary Elwes like?

Cary_Elwes7 karma

Depends on whether I'm shooting or with my family.

SugeRay-11 karma

How come you haven't made a good movie since Robin Hood?

Cary_Elwes13 karma

I think I have but I appreciate the sentiment.