We are a band from Chico, CA. We are signed to Equal Vision Records and currently have 4 albums out, the latest being Culture Scars.


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Nevixd13 karma

Hey! You guys are one of my favorite bands out there.

My question is...

Would you ever consider touring, playing 'Wake' in its entirety? It is one of the most intricate albums I've ever had the pleasure of hearing!

My first time seeing you guys was when you opened up for I The Mighty at Webster Hall. I saw you twice on warped tour this year as well, and then just last month with Dance Gavin Dance! Thank you guys for all the incredible songs and performances! Can't wait for whatever you guys have in store next!

donovan_hts1 karma

Thank you for your continued support! Not sure if we wil ever tour Wake in it's entirety in near future, but hope to see you at as many shows as possible! And we will always play some Wake songs!

equalvision9 karma

Hey, just wondering in your opinion who the best record label in the world is? Asking for a friend...

donovan_hts10 karma

hahah <3 I think you already know the answer to that question #donovanmelerorecords #loveyou

AmosThatBook7 karma

As a pretty progressive post-hardcore band, are there any prog bands/musicians you cite as having influenced you musically? Love your music btw! You guys killed it at Warped Tour in New Orleans this year!

donovan_hts6 karma

Thank you! Yes I am a huge #12 looks like you fan!

Anivia_on_Fire5 karma

Hi guys! I'm the one of the kids you had dinner with in Phoenix while on the Mothership tour. Again, thank you guys so much, it was such an honor. I remembered some questions I had though! Some songs off of Wake have never made sense to me, like Hanging Revelation and Cosmic Narcissism. Could you explain those? Aric, Shane, and John, will we ever see any tab books released? And do you three ever see yourselves starting another super-group on Blue Swan or any related label? And finally, my friend wanted to know why car crashes are mentioned so often in your lyrics, Donovan. Is it just a coincidence or is it a reoccurring reference? Thanks guys!

donovan_hts9 karma

Hello! Thank you again for the support!

Hanging revelation is about Fear Tactics and how masses of people let it brainwash them, justifying horrible crimes. It uses the Salem Witch Trials as a metaphor for this. You can also use the current state of affairs, with Americans being afraid of Immigrants, or Islamophobia. It's all history repeating itself, and people not speaking up to help their fellow, innocent, comrades.

Cosmic Narcissism is about how small we truly are in this vast universe.

I have had a fear of car crashes, especially with how much I travel.

Thank you again!

michael-rex4 karma

what do the letters "CM" mean to you?

donovan_hts3 karma

Camera man

HailGavinHail3 karma

How was Warped Tour? Do you hang out with the other bands? In my head I imagine you and all the other bands interacting with each other like its some kind of cross over episode, is it anything like that?

donovan_hts4 karma

Warped Tour was so much fun, but so much work too! Which is not a band thing. We hung out with a ton of bands. It is like PE class, and you have your friends, and you kinda do everything with your crew. We hope we can do it again soon!

carl_barker223 karma

What was it like touring with the contortionist? When I saw yall live in Houston they just brought a different (still good) vibe to the show. Also, do yall do any pranks on tour ?

donovan_hts4 karma

They are great guys and awesome musicians! We are always joking on tour!

XxShadowmirexX3 karma

Hey don! Just wanted to know as someone who also drums and can sing, what do you preffer? Front man or drum/front man at shows? Also. How the hell do you sing and beat to two very different rythems? You are an absolut mad man!

donovan_hts6 karma

thank you! I really like being in the front, but I do also love to drum. Not sure I could ever pick one over the other. I like the way its set up now!

XxShadowmirexX1 karma

I agree with that. I love watching both aspects of the show.

donovan_hts2 karma


thronethumper13 karma

Hey! Big fan of you guys! I don't know if this counts but I had a dream that involved a HTS show the other night haha. I met Donovan back behind the venue and asked you to sign an acoustic guitar I had with me for some reason. You drew a gigantic smiley face on the front and signed the back. I guess my question is could you do that in real life for me?

donovan_hts4 karma

sure! See you at a show! Thank you!

HippieSoulPunx3 karma

Hey guys, love the new album. And all the albums actually. How did you come up with the artwork for Culture Scars? As in, how does it represent the music?

Do you guys have any plans to come to the UK? Huge fan here desperately waiting to see you guys play live!

HailGavinHail2 karma

I just want to second that, please come to the UK, Wales in particular. Plenty will come see you, Dance Gavin Dance are playing Cardiff and Bristol and both gigs are close to sold out I think.

donovan_hts5 karma

We would love to come there asap!

WarpedBro3 karma

Did your parents enjoy the song 'Words Of Gratitude (Parents)'?

donovan_hts6 karma

Yes they really did! :')

HailGavinHail3 karma

Who's that brunette chick? Did you fuck anyway?

donovan_hts4 karma

hahah Funny, the things 19 year old me wrote....

HailGavinHail2 karma

Based off personal experience?? Or did you just want it to sound like you got laid? I'm not trying to sound rude, I've been trying to write songs and I never get any :-p

donovan_hts6 karma

I plead the 5th... :)

sbcederlund2473 karma

Hey guys. You have quickly become one of my all time favorite bands. All around amazing work.

What are some of your guys' favorite songs that don't get played live often, and that you wish you played more? Songs like Hanging Revelation and Dead Messages are ones I'd love to see.

donovan_hts4 karma

I wish we could play them all! Would love to play disappearing syndrome more. And Ministry of Truth.

We have played Hanging Revelation and Dead Messages live before, the latter of the two more.

AZK1LLA3 karma

Hey, it's me the Donny dog photoshop poster guy! So awesome to see you guys doing an ama. Will you guys ever release your older albums on vinyl? Can't wait to see you guys next time you come to Arizona.

donovan_hts3 karma

Hey! Yes we will at some point! dude, I would LOVE a copy of that poster! How can I get one??

jnetelle2 karma

Hi. What's been your best show that you've ever played together? The most memorable for the band?

donovan_hts13 karma

Great question! There are so many! For me, Santa Ana's Chain Fest was one of the most memorable. And this last Houston show we played at Scout Bar.

hailtheshane5 karma

I can tell you one of the most memorable for the band was the night we played a bar in Burbank, CA to literally no one but the other band (Airborne Age, who we were on tour with) and the bartender. We weren't even old enough to drink there

donovan_hts2 karma

ahhh loved that ! It was Glendale I think. LaBrie's?

Zliechti162 karma

Seen you guys in michigan for the first time and you guys are amazing. After the show i purchased both albums and your ep. There hasn't been a day since that i haven't listened to you. So my question is, is wake getting a vinyl pressing?

donovan_hts6 karma

We plan on doing that very soon! Thank you for the support!

HippieSoulPunx2 karma

Also two more questions if I can.

Favourite song from Culture Scars?

What artists are you currently loving at the moment?

donovan_hts6 karma

My favorite is Burn Nice and Slow. And Im loving GROVES right now

andybarrios002 karma

Do you guys plan on releasing your cover art from "wake" and "cultural scars" as posters?

donovan_hts2 karma

Definitely! We have had Wake up before, but posters for culture scars coming next!

Kayleeraine2 karma

Hi there, I just want to say you guys are a super talented group of musicians. I can't wait for more music. You don't see very many artists with the drum/vox combo, and Donovan kills it. My question today actually is actually for Donovan about Sianvar... Do you know when you guys plan to tour next? Also, where was your favorite show you have ever played?

donovan_hts3 karma

Hey! Thank you! You will see some Sianvar activity here very shortly! My favorite show with Sianvar was in Anaheim at Chain Reaction this last September.

eliandari4eva2 karma

Hey guys, many of your songs seem to come from a place of personal experience. I was wondering if its right to assume this, and which one speaks the most to each of you?

Btw, saw you at Webster with Dancr Gavin Dance, which I usually do when you guys come to NY, and absolute fire. Donovan, always love how you give all of yourself in performing and all of you really. You da best! Lol.

donovan_hts3 karma

Thank you! Yes definitely from personal experience, your are right to assume so. The one that speaks the most to me is Words of Gratitude.

SorcyBernitz2 karma

Hey Donnie! I really love your singing work! What tips would you give to a beginner singer and guitarist?

donovan_hts2 karma

Thank you so much! Practice and do warmups! Try to sing songs that you like and songs you don't, just challenge yourself. Always warm up first though. ;)

vivalasoulpunx2 karma

Hi guys! Huge fan from Orlando. :)

I've been dying to know, whats the meaning behind Disappearing Syndrome?

Everytime I hear it, it makes me think of that eerie story about this girl that was last seen in this incredibly weird and creepy elevator surveillance footage, disappeared and was found in a water tower and hotel staff were getting complaints of "the water tasting funny." cringe Probably irrelevant but thought I'd share anyway, haha.

HippieSoulPunx1 karma

That's it dude! It's about Elisa Lam.

donovan_hts2 karma

What they said ^

donovan_hts2 karma

PS love Orlando!

vb12512 karma

hey guys!!! what did you guys grow up listening to? favorite band?? artist?? love you guys btw I'm excited to see y'all in Los Angeles :-)

donovan_hts1 karma

all below! :) Thank you!!

HailTheBan2 karma

Guess how I got my username?! I was banned from /r/posthardcore by /u/manwithoutmodem. I remember donovan called me when wake didn't ship on time. Keep up the great work! Your in my top 20 on last fm, you should be higher because i can't scrobble my cd player. You were also great in Stay lost Donovan

donovan_hts3 karma

thanks for the love!

Samkohl_Sings2 karma

Hey you guys. Just wanted to stop by and show my love. <3 This post requires me to write a question to post, though, so: What's the most critical thing you can do to broaden the release of a new album? New Sea In The Sky stuff is coming early 2017 and we're trying to do it right.

donovan_hts2 karma

yo Sam! Thank you again for the love and that At The Drive In hookup!!!! Hmmm, make sure that you have marketting $ in order to buy ads on FB, and boost posts. And have shows lined up so you can sell on the road, report to sounscan with AtVenu, and get some good first week numbers!

xoxodangerous__1 karma

Hey guys would you ever come back to do a show in Arizona ? I saw you live on the mothership tour you were all amazing !

P.s. will be driving down to Cali to see your show on dec 11th just saying

donovan_hts1 karma

Of course!! We have played AZ about 20 times now, and I'm sure we will play many more times! See you on the 11th!

xMOONxKiTTYx1 karma

Is there anyway to get a physical copy of POW! Right In the Kisser other than at The Roxy? Y'all are my favorite band and I need all physical copies of your stuff. :(

donovan_hts1 karma

Share that status for a chance to win!

Slothlemur1 karma

When are you guys coming back to NYC ?

You're awesome live, thanks.

donovan_hts2 karma

February or March I believe! Thank you!

Megaweaponmusic1 karma

what tips would you give to someone who wants to play drums and sing at the same time?

donovan_hts1 karma

Practice practice practice

hailthesunny1 karma

Will Never kill a mouse; Let it kill it self be played in the future? :)

donovan_hts3 karma

Fuck yes!

andybarrios001 karma

Do you guys plan on releasing a anniversary version of "wake" like you did with your old album "pow right in the kisser" with the signed poster and cd?

donovan_hts2 karma

Maybe in a few years!

aaalexbudnick1 karma

Hey! Though I'd chime in here, I hope all is well! As you guys have said I know you booked your own tours for a very long time, what recommendations do you have for going the DIY route at first? Its never easy to get a hold of venues, as well as make enough money to travel in places you've never played before. Thank you guys for everything hope to see you again soon!

donovan_hts3 karma

Hey dude! Your first DIY tours you will lose money. It's just how it goes. It's what we were used to. But it is about the investment. No venue will pay large, or even decent, sums of money for 1 of a million bands from out of state to come play to no one. Make friends with locals. Prove that you can do it again, and again, and then you can start covering costs.

XxShadowmirexX1 karma

Saw this in a long winded comment and also would lime to know. Why so many car accident references? I have a theory but its pretty deep.

HippieSoulPunx3 karma

I remember when Culture Scars was released on YouTube, a site did a track by track thing and Donovan said he's afraid of cars or car crashes.

donovan_hts4 karma

that is correct!

ProfCereal1 karma

Love you guys and have seen you at almost every opportunity I have had around the Nor Cal area. My question is what is the best experience you have all had in Chico? Also when will we get another hometown show?

donovan_hts2 karma

Ahhh Chico! I always get a warm feeling when I think about it. Best experience were feelings the seasons, especially Winter. Man it gets cold there, but the whole community is into the Christmas vibe!

I hope to play a show there again next year!

FlyingFlygon1 karma

who decides when it's our turn to go?

also Donny I love you.

donovan_hts2 karma

;) <3!

curleyfrei1 karma

How come you guys are just so goddamn sexy?

jstirrat683 karma

eating a healthy quantity of fruits and veggies daily helps us maintain the sex appeal

donovan_hts2 karma

John is the most out of all of us!

BakedLlama1 karma

Hey Don, I haven't heard of you guys until I saw you in montreal with DGD and you were amazing. I'm a fan now! What made you want to have the other guy fill in for you during your set?

donovan_hts2 karma

Hey! We like to switch it up and we think it adds variety to the live sets!

HippieSoulPunx1 karma

If you weren't making music and touring, what would be your ideal/dream job?

donovan_hts2 karma

Police man or politician

mrretrocharger1 karma

Yoo! I saw you guys in Eagle Aerie Hall in Henderson LV NV and awhile ago with DGD at the Vinyl and I just want to say I love you guys! Wake is one of my top favorite albums. And you guys hold the spot for one of my top favorite bands.

I would like to ask, what would be your guys advice for singing, guitar playing and getting people together and getting serious in a band? And if you have any plans to eventually tour with some bigger bands like Pierce The Veil or At The Drive In?

donovan_hts3 karma

Thank you! you just have to find the right people I suppose! We would LOVE to tour with At the Drive In one day!

Tdelgado021 karma

I saw that someone had lunch with you in Mesa! How'd that happen? I'd love to have lunch with you guys. 💔

donovan_hts1 karma

Contest winner for Culture Scars!

YoungXStan1 karma

Are you guys ever gonna release physical copies of Pow Right In The Kisser? I would love to own the CD of it! Also you guys need to play Rail Master in Seattle next time please 😆

donovan_hts1 karma

Dec 11 at the roxy we are selling 50 copies! hope you can make it down! Other than that, nope! Exclusive!

SorcyBernitz1 karma

Hey! You guys are one of the most amazing post hardcore bands I've ever heard I'm not sure if someone has asked something similar but... If you could be any other member of any other band, who would it be?

donovan_hts8 karma

thank you! I would like to be the singer of Sianvar. But I hear he has some issues

wahwahwildcat1 karma

Hey Donnie.

What was your favorite music video to shoot, and why?

Go-to karaoke song?

Who is the best cuddler?

donovan_hts3 karma

  • Entertainment lies because it had a story along with it.

-The Widow by The Mars Volta


Xjuturnaxstarx1 karma

Who are your favorite band to tour with? Is it possible that you guys will be playing warped tour next year?

donovan_hts5 karma

They are all my favorite! We always bro down with Stolas when we are on the road with them. Carlo is seriously a character, the extent of which I have never met!

HailGavinHail1 karma

Do you listen to any of your own songs? If so which ones???

donovan_hts3 karma

I only listen to Hail the Sun. My ipod has one artist. Us.

jk, but yea I do sometimes

RandyJangs1 karma

Who is your favorite Chico Local band? Does it have anything to do with Clouds and/or Strings?

donovan_hts1 karma

hahah! Yes!!

Khudobin1 karma

What's good, fellas? Big fan, Pow! and Wake were my AOTY. I know it's probably too soon to think about, but how do you see the band's sound progressing from here? I'm sufficiently lit so I hope that makes sense.

k, love you, bye

donovan_hts1 karma

Hey! Thank you so much! I see it just going wherever its naturally supposed to go next!

Yeahbuddayyeah1 karma

Love culture scars! Any plans for an Australian tour?

donovan_hts2 karma

I hope soon!

trialsofdeeznuts1 karma

Hai guys. :') May I ask for proof by asking for a band mannequin challenge? If that's too difficult, a revealing picture of Shane seducing his guitar will suffice just fine!

As for my questionnnnn, what is your favorite band? All of you! It's great to hear the music you guys make, rad as fuck, but I'm curious to know what you all listen to. c:

donovan_hts3 karma

My favorite band is Glassjaw!