Thank you all so much for your questions and support. It means a lot to me. You, my fans, have given me a second chance. Without you I wouldn't be here. When we were at our lowest low, when I was about to quit, your support got me through. I can't thank you enough. X JAPAN is back, Vampire is back - watch out, we will rock you. Hope to see you on the road, at our shows and in theaters nationwide for WE ARE X. Love, Yoshiki


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sueellen93317 karma

Hello Yoshiki. First, I want to say that I got tickets for both nights at the Carnegie Hall, I'm going to New York all the way from South America (Colombia) just to see you! :))

Ok, now the question:

  1. When is We Are X being released on DVD? I really want to see it.

  2. Is the Violet UK album ever coming out or is that a done deal?

  3. Why don't you play older songs, like Alive , anymore? Or even things like Longing (not acoustic). I'm sure a lot of fans would be glad if you did.

P.S: You helped me get over some rough patches I had this year. Thank you for all the inspiration!

YoshikiOfficial369 karma

  1. We don't have a date yet, but why don't you check it out in theaters first and see it twice?
  2. Believe it or not it's almost done. I'm still working on it. I will release it after X Japan's album is done. Unbelievable.
  3. If you keep requesting, I will play. No songs are dead.

Aoi_Chocolate91 karma


CrowsInBlack52 karma

sooo never?

YoshikiOfficial208 karma

believe it or not, it will happen.

varkaness154 karma

Hi Yoshiki,

Will there be an extensive US tour in support of the new album once it is released?

Thank you!

YoshikiOfficial227 karma

I've been talking to our agent. There's a big possibility.

redditboxpot132 karma

Are you really a vampire?

YoshikiOfficial417 karma

Of course. Don't you already know, do you need more proof? Do you have nice blood?

Sachikoto122 karma

Hi yoshiki would you ever come back to canada to play concerts again?

YoshikiOfficial387 karma

I would love to come back. You have great maple syrup and poutine.

YoshikiOfficial834 karma

PS I used to date Miss Canada

JEANPIBN110 karma

Hi there Yoshiki! Straight to it haha. Do you have any regrets in life? Things that you didn't do and you should have done, and things that you shouldn't have done but you did them anyway?

YoshikiOfficial503 karma

Regrets... why couldn't I be there right before HIDE passed away? Why couldn't I be there right before my father took his own life? Why couldn't I be there when TAIJI took his own life? Why couldn't I be there when TOSHI got swept into the brainwashing?

MadnessInteractive97 karma

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

YoshikiOfficial376 karma


xtinemaria79 karma

Hi Yoshiki! Thanks for doing this! What kinds of songs are you going to play at Carnegie Hall??

YoshikiOfficial174 karma

Several songs from X Japan the classical orchestra versions. And the song I composed for the Emperor of Japan. Hmmm maybe a classical tune like Beethoven, Chopin and Tchaikovsky. Most likely a new song from X Japan's album.

Yukko102179 karma

Hello Yoshiki!! Where is the most favorite place in NewYork??

YoshikiOfficial150 karma

Used to be Madison Square Garden, now it's Carnegie Hall. And the hotel I'm staying in. The Alamo Drafthouse in BK is amazing, we are going tonight. Hope to see you there.

Aoi_Chocolate68 karma

Is there a chance we will hear your singing....someday...plz?

YoshikiOfficial242 karma

A swan sings only once before it dies. WE ARE X

Hmath1060 karma

As an American I've never heard of you until now. Does it excite you to have those from foreign countries listening to your music? Do you target a certain group of listeners?

YoshikiOfficial174 karma

I always thought music is a universal language, there are no boundaries. I'm really glad you guys are now interested in our music. I'm really glad we didn't give up trying to reach you. Thank you.

Katz90pl40 karma

He Yoshiki when you and band come to Poland? Poland want be X'ed!!

YoshikiOfficial77 karma

Hopefully soon. I want to eat Polish food.

YoshikiOfficial65 karma

Do zobaczenia!

EllaMolochkovetskaya35 karma

When do you plan to release the new album?

YoshikiOfficial79 karma

Aiming for March 3rd. Day before our Wembley Arena show.

jacobzinn27 karma

Hello Yoshiki! Happy to say I saw X Japan in Vancouver in 2010, and I saw We Are X last month at the VIFF. Excellent film.

My question: Now that X Japan has sold out Madison Square Garden, what's the next goal on the band's bucket list?

YoshikiOfficial47 karma

As for bucket list, X JAPAN has Wembley Arena coming up on March 4th. We are planning on another world tour. As of now, WE ARE X is playing across the country. It's been an emotional journey seeing our lives played out on the big screen, but my sincere thanks to people like you who are listening to our story.

JuneLeppard26 karma

Hi yoshiki, the most beautiful memories in France ? I hope to see you soon We are X

YoshikiOfficial50 karma

Memories with my fans of course. When I performed Le Zenith it was an amazing show. Also I always enjoy going for the Japan Expo. And all the wine.

AnnaMaria77725 karma

Hello! Yoshiki. What blood group is the most delicious for you?(╹◡╹)

YoshikiOfficial115 karma

Blood type X. If you're a fan you have a good chance of being bitten by me. Watch out.

AkumaD1922 karma

We Are X is a great film! Such a passion project! How does it feel to know everyone in the world is watching your personal story? (Thank you! #WeAreX Forever!)

YoshikiOfficial68 karma

It was painful to talk about, but I hope the story is going to help people.

Hydecx20 karma

Hi Yoshiki! Hope you're doing well! Just wanted to ask, what's a day in life of Yoshiki like (if you don't mind sharing)? And/Or what's your music creating process like? Thank you! Love from Los Angeles! :)

YoshikiOfficial66 karma

A week of my life... 3 days I'm on the plane, then another 3 days working straight through... recording, performing or doing interviews. One day of straight drinking (or sleeping).

xvanessax19 karma

Hi Yoshiki さん, What is your favourite ice cream flavour? What is your shoe size? What will you play in Hong Kong for Yoshiki Classical? I will be there on 29th December!

YoshikiOfficial40 karma

Chocolate, by far. Why do you want to know? I'm going to Hong Kong in a few days, so I'll think about it when I get there. See you in the audience!

MendiKrim13 karma

Are you ever coming to South America again? I'll love to see you perform live!

YoshikiOfficial32 karma

I hope so. I may go to Brazil next April for some kind of performance. I was asked by Japan's...