Hey Everybody,

We just released the first two episodes of Darkest Night on iTunes. It is a binaurally recorded horror audio drama podcast. Each chapter delves into the last memories of the recently deceased, slowly revealing a horrifying master plan.

The podcast features acting performances from Denis O'Hare (American Horror Story), Missi Pyle (The Artist and Dodgeball), RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ricky Dillon, KC Wayland (We're Alive), Johnny Ferro, Callie Schuttera, Miguel Lopez, and more. Darkest Night was written by Christopher Bloodworth (u/BLOODWORTHooc) and Jimmy Juliano. They are very prominent on r/nosleep. Darkest Night is also produced by The Paragon Collective and The NoSleep Podcast (/u/MikeRowPhone).

Darkest Night is available for free on iTunes, Soundcloud, and wherever podcasts are found. The first two episodes will be released on Halloween and subsequent episodes will be released on Mondays following that.

The episodes will also be released a week early on AMC's Shudder app ad free and with lossless sound quality. Listeners can actually use the offer code "DarkestNight" for a month of Shudder for free.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/darkest-night/id1163871694?mt=2 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/darkestnightpod Website: www.darkestnightpod.com Twitter: @darkestnightpod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkestnightpod Shudder: http://www.shudder.com

I'd also love to talk about Halt & Catch Fire as well as Consveration.org.

I am joined by some members of the Darkest Night team including Alex Aldea from The Paragon Collective (u/paragonpod), Johnny Ferro ( /u/johnnyferro) from Amazon's Hand of God, and Miguel Lopez (/u/miguelhere).

Proof for Lee: https://twitter.com/leepace/status/792797573711101953 Proof for Johnny: https://twitter.com/johnnyferro/status/792864027479199744 Proof for Miguel: https://twitter.com/magicmiguelxxl/status/792862008999710720 Proof for Alex Aldea: https://twitter.com/Paragonpodcast/status/792867618625458176

Ask Me Anything!

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sterbles83 karma

Hi Lee!

I just wanna say I’m a huge fan and love all of your stuff, but I gotta say my favorite is The Fall. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, it’s just so beautiful visually and in its storytelling.

What was your favorite part about working on a film like that? What was the most challenging?

the_real_lee_pace64 karma

That was an incredible experience. The whole thing. We traveled to awesome places. Camped in mountains.... just incredible

lgprca20 karma

You haven’t been on stage for far too long, are we going to see you do theater any time soon? (Please say yes!)

the_real_lee_pace16 karma

I agree! I'm dying to do a play!

the_real_lee_pace17 karma

Hey guys! signing off! thanks for everything. thank you for watching H&CF. and Pushing Daisies and the Fall. Thanks for the well wishes on the marathon(i'll need it). Check out Conservation International, they do incredible work. Check out THE DARKEST NIGHT, Im really proud to be apart of it. Gonna work on getting myself a good Motto. X

nutellatime12 karma

Why do you always look so confused in your selfies?

the_real_lee_pace70 karma

Im generally confused.

alsowillgraham11 karma

Hi, my name is Monica (@alsowillgraham on twitter). Do you think Cameron is going to leave Tom for Joe or is she going to stay with Tom??? Big fan of your work!!!

PS My birthday is tomorrow. What kind of cake should I get?

the_real_lee_pace16 karma

hi monica. i follow you on twitter. i like when you dress like Cameron. XXXO

zev42310 karma

How closely have you been following the Dakota Pipeline story? I know you work a lot with conservation.org, so I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject. (P.S Good Luck on the Kenya run!)

the_real_lee_pace39 karma

The protest at the Dakota Pipeline is a big deal. I support the Native People in our country. We will never be able to repay the debt we owe them.

IrishTempesteri9 karma

What are your thoughts on a manned mission to Mars and it's possible colonization? And, would you ever consider playing an astronaut in a movie?

the_real_lee_pace22 karma

I wanna go to mars. Seriously. If i could get a spot on that ship, I'm gone.

knights-of-quidonia7 karma

Hi Lee! Since you're working on a podcast now, what podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

the_real_lee_pace7 karma


the_real_lee_pace24 karma

Ru Paul Whats the tee.

PN4919916 karma

Lee, do you have a motto that you live by? If you do, what is it?

JohnnyFerro6 karma

Mine is "Live by Lee's motto."

the_real_lee_pace10 karma

man... no i gotta find a motto. suggestions?

zev42321 karma

I just work here, man.

the_real_lee_pace24 karma

theres a winner

nandabb86 karma

What's your favourite holiday and time of year?

the_real_lee_pace10 karma

I like the summer. Fave holiday. April Fools

KEIIZZ5 karma

i'm a fan from Bangkok, Thailand.

about Darkest Night, Is it your first narrative work? and how was it?

the_real_lee_pace15 karma

We recorded it on a Neumann Ku-100. It's a microphone shaped like a skull, like an mannequin head... to replicate the resonance in our own head. The inner ear experience

Sayka_805 karma

Hello Lee, how old is Carl?

the_real_lee_pace31 karma


friendsfoundmyoldone4 karma

Any chance you'll be working with Bryan Fuller again in the near-ish future? I remember hearing rumors that you were in the running for a role on Hannibal, but seeing as it was unceremoniously cut short, I was wondering if you'd be involved in any of his other future endeavors (American Gods...?).

the_real_lee_pace10 karma

i hope so

megaharsh4 karma

What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn? Do you ever force costumes on your dogs?

the_real_lee_pace21 karma

My mom made my costumes for me as a kid.... and i was constantly changing them as she sewed. One year i was a red devil rat.

SmartiePance4 karma

What does your middle name mean?

the_real_lee_pace8 karma

its a family name.

nandabb83 karma

Do you have any special care with your voice, especially in winter, to avoid hoarseness etc ...?

the_real_lee_pace15 karma


nandabb83 karma

Do you like horror movies?

the_real_lee_pace9 karma

i saw a couple this weekend that i liked The Green Room. It follows.

inquire-within3 karma

Do you see yourself as a politician one day?

the_real_lee_pace19 karma

NO. Never. No thank you

joshinken3 karma

Hi Lee! In the last HACF episode where Joe says “I’m in love with her,” while he was obviously referring to Cameron, was this also referring to his love for the future? (He was staring at the computer screen as if entranced)

the_real_lee_pace18 karma

Its about cameron. and its a hard thing to say... but at this point, Joe is all in.

ryflinsch2 karma

Hi Lee! Being the avid environmentalist that I am, my first question is who or what inspired you to become involved with conservation/CI?

the_real_lee_pace8 karma

There are a core of Scientists at the center of CI whose work i really respect

SmartiePance2 karma

how old is Pete and what kind of dog is he? did you rescue him?

the_real_lee_pace2 karma

i think he's about 2. he's a mutt... but i think he's got lab in him...i did rescue him.

princessoferebor19921 karma

Hi Lee! My question is, would you ever consider doing one of these audio dramas again?

the_real_lee_pace3 karma


Marion761 karma

Hey Lee ! Can you tell us more about the good cause you are running the marathon for on Sunday ?

the_real_lee_pace8 karma

Happy Halloween! Im running with some friends from Conservation International and Maasai Wilderness Trust.

GrisuBerlin1 karma

Hi Lee,

To many ppl you became the new Voice of God, after Alan Rickman sadly left the building - Who is YOUR favourite voice and why?

the_real_lee_pace2 karma


therealbyronicwoman1 karma

whatcha readin'?

the_real_lee_pace6 karma


AryaStark201 karma

Hi Lee. Happy Halloween to you!

I just want to say I loved you in Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. Your accent was so spot on. I also loved pushing daisies. You're fantastic in everything you do.

What's your favourite Stephen King book? Also a friend of mine, who's a massive fan of yours, would like to know what kind of music do you like?

the_real_lee_pace8 karma