Hey Reddit- Aaron, Vinny, and Cooper here from FND. Two years ago we raised $78,000 to crowd fund a film and made it look like we blew the money on vacations and partying. It was all an elaborate stunt for our movie It’s All Good, about three broke filmmakers who crowd fund a project, blow the money, and deal with the consequences. This article in Esquire helps explain the stunt in greater detail.

It’s All Good site

It’s All Good Official Trailer

Proof: https://twitter.com/FNDfilms/status/792041746561630209

Edit: We’ll get started in 15 minutes, go ahead and ask away!

Edit 2: Taking a quick break! Will be back soon.

Edit 3: Okay everyone, we gotta sign off! This has been a ton of fun. Thank you for the questions and support, it means a lot to us!

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Euphonius644 karma

What was the angriest/most violent response you received before revealing the big ruse?

fndfilms1117 karma

Had an email that said "MURDER" over 100 times. That was...unsettling.

dtnoire370 karma

Been watching you guys and rubydog for like 7 years, you guys are the shit. My question is what were your initial reactions to the response you guys got when you realised the video saying your new film wouldn't be made? I believe people were posting your contact information and stuff...

fndfilms557 karma

Our biggest fear was that people wouldn't give a shit about us not making the movie. So when the backlash came in we were very happy, we knew it was working.

benberst252 karma

Did you guys actually have any fans/viewers cross you in person during the stint, if so what did you tell them about the film?

fndfilms261 karma

Nothing in person, but we were definitely looking over our shoulders while out in public haha.

DickSadler195 karma

Who was the most difficult roommate to live with in the shagpad?

P.S. Hold my baby, man.

fndfilms190 karma


fndfilms133 karma

Kidding. No one was difficult to live with- we all got along really well.

Delta_Moose167 karma

Did you ever find out whether or not pigeons have feelings?

fndfilms157 karma

The verdict is still out.

Biscuit_Breaker110 karma

Where's my Pikachu? You stacking energy cards?

fndfilms103 karma

Come on, I got kids to feed!

JAShock103 karma

How many takes did it take y'all to film "Celery" without laughing?

fndfilms118 karma

We got the giggles out after the first take, but I think it took 6 or 7 more to get a take we were happy with.

SlitThroats76 karma

By God, I've been subscribed to you guys since 2008, you literally helped me not to commit suicide one night after my divorce, I say up drunk watching your videos with my gun laying on my bed, wound up passing out after laughing my ass off all night, woke up all like "well that would have been a stupid thing to do" and went on about my day. So thank you. I always dreamed about looking you guys up on my next trip to Chicago and showing up with a case of beer as thanks. (I won't, don't worry, that would be creepy). On to my question, is life around your office really as goofy as it seems in your Dailies? How do you get any work done? On that note..what exactly do you people do?

fndfilms63 karma

Wow, glad that we could help you laugh when you needed it man. Hope you're doing well now. We definitely ham it up for the dailies, we're not goofing off 24/7. But I'd be lying if I said we don't have fun. There is a careful balance of getting shit done, and goofing around to get the creative juices flowing. Our day to day depends on what projects we're working on. It could be writing / editing / shooting a freelance project or a sketch.

tbobsleding57 karma

How does coop feel about his lack of stake in the name FND given his current staple status in all the videos and productions?

Also what's it like for the three of you to be so consistently and effortlessly funny? (No other comedy group or show or channel or anything makes me laugh so consistently, Yall are mad underrated)

fndfilms58 karma

I think Cooper has staked his claim on the 'N' in FND. And thank you! We make stuff that makes us laugh, and that's usually our gauge as far as being funny is concerned. We're just glad that others are laughing with us!

captaingoldenbeard50 karma

Hey guys! I've been a huge fan for almost a decade now! My friends and I watch the dailies religiously and will definitely buy the movie. Is there any chance the dailies will come back frequently?

fndfilms75 karma

Yeah, now that the movie is done we can end our radio silence!

jcoles346 karma

Excellent job on the movie guys. I really enjoyed it. From the Dailies y'all post it looks like you've shuffled locations and people recently. So who all works for FND Films at this point? Also, what are your long term plans/goals?

fndfilms32 karma

Thank you! We're renting a room from another production company and can use their common area. It's still just myself Vin and Coop, but we'll be in a space with a bunch of other awesome people! Long term we'd like to make more movies! Perhaps another feature!?

pawow45 karma

Will you guys be posting some BTS footage of the movie soon? Hopong to see some more dailies soon! You guys are my comedic heroes!

fndfilms57 karma

Yes! We'll be releasing outtakes, deleted scenes, and commentary in the near future. Thanks!

kyun120 karma

Did you ever meet those chicks, third floor?

fndfilms37 karma

Nah man...BUT HOLY SHIT were they up there!!!!!!!

lluxury19 karma

Were any of the angry videos, posted by people used in the movie credits, from during the announcement of cancellation of production to the release of the trailer?

fndfilms72 karma

All the angry videos in the end credits were made by fans AFTER the release of the trailer. We reached out to them to fulfill the 'be in the movie' perk.

FatDarkKnight18 karma

Can you share the story of the drama behind the Grillz music video? S/o T Burg S/o Casey Kirtley

fndfilms54 karma

Back in high school Vinny and I were in charge of taking the VHS tape down to a room and playing the morning announcements. One day we decided to play a tape of our music video for Grillz after the announcements. Our teacher was locked out of the room and unable to stop it, so the whole video played. We got suspended for 3 days, and the local news ran a story on it.

elendil2117 karma

Twinsburgian here. Thank you guys for making the Grillz video. What is your favorite short you have ever made?

fndfilms23 karma

Dirty Burg represent. We're all proud of Grundy the Meat Man, and Novocaine.

hugh_jaynus1017 karma

Whats up dudes, you guys have been my favorite people on youtube for as long as I can remember. Me and my friends still quote your dailies regularly and I cant wait for the movie

  1. What is your favorite FND film you've ever made?
  2. How did you pull off the backflips and shit in magic mentos?

fndfilms31 karma

Thanks! We're proud of Grundy the Meat Man. The backflip in Mentos was all thanks to Ian! The boy can jump and flip and tumble like nobody's business.

StubbyChubby14 karma

Please, I've been trying on and off for almost six years to find the song at the end of The Put Downers somewhere online. How can I find it?

fndfilms32 karma

Email me and I'll send you the file, I don't know if it's online. [email protected]

in1cky14 karma

Do you guys still have the Magstrike? with 10 round clip and easy reload system?

fndfilms15 karma


SkinnyKid114 karma

How bad was the fallout from your marketing stunt? You posted on Facebook that your personal information was being distributed online. Did anyone weirdoes show up at your place of work or home? Did Grundy the Meat Man try to turn you into delicious slabs of raw meat?

fndfilms29 karma

The fallout was bad, but not long lasting. At first we got a ton of fury, and people unsubscribed and swore us off. But after we released the trailer, people were forgiving and happy it was a stunt. No visits from Grundy, but I'd sure love a scoop right now.

Crimz60913 karma

Fronk n Dego!?!

I've been a fan of the comedy since your early YouTube days. I just stopped by to say it's cool to see you 10 years later still doing the damn thing.

fndfilms8 karma


seafood1012 karma

So if you weren't doing this what do you guys think you would be doing to be a productive or somewhat helpful member of society?

fndfilms29 karma

Cooper would be a chef, Vinny would be a teacher, and Aaron would an Uber driver.

Surgenwar10 karma

What ever happened to Ian? I went to grade school with him.

fndfilms28 karma

Ian is doing great, he visited for the premiere! He's living in LA doing videos for an E-sports company.

baconator90009 karma

Hey FND! So, obviously Vinny and Aaron have been great actors for a while now, but I was wondering about how Cooper grew into his role as one. You're fantastic in every role (Rick and Cheryl, Grundy, Birds and Bees, and Tapout come to mind.) Was the brilliance there all along? Did you train/take classes? Did you know you wanted to be one all through college? Because you're easily the best overall actor I've seen on YouTube.

On a side not, your dailies are like crack. I'll watch one a spiral into watching them for 2 hours

fndfilms8 karma

Coop was born a performer. If anybody wants to check out Off Broadway, Coop's dad is the lead singer and they made some great music (some that we've used in sketches). He didn't take classes, he just acted in everything he'd be asked to do. Unfortunately he just left cause he's flying to Colorado tonight, or I'd have him tell you his whole story.

trahieu9 karma

What are you guys dressing up as this halloween? Also, Any chance we get a FND daily for that?

Huge fan from Vietnam way back in '09. Still is today! Followed you guys even before Cooper was on board, although I can't imagine FND without you, Coop! Wish you guys all the best :)

fndfilms15 karma

I think we're gonna scare the kiddos at Vin's place this year. We're fogging up the entrance of his apartment and will try to make them crap themselves.

scheitster8 karma

In your minds, is Butt School an institution of higher education? Or is it an alternative form of traditional schooling?

fndfilms19 karma

Tough to say. Either way it's a shit education! HA!

middlefingerboss7 karma

When did you guys realize that dropping out of college was the right choice to make? It's clearly a super risky thing to do, but you guys seem really happy and are doing some pretty great work. Was it scary at all going through that?

Also thanks for being a huge part of my youth and also helping inspire the love of comedy and film making in myself and others!

fndfilms12 karma

It was pretty soon after dropping out that we knew it was a good idea. We started getting freelance work through FND that helped us pay the bills. But yeah, it was scary because there was no backup plan.

Delta_Moose7 karma

What do you think about the way Youtube has evolved since you were active? Drama channels, reaction channels, memesters - all kinds of crazy shit has exploded in the last few years.

fndfilms21 karma

I think we feel out of touch with the new trends on Youtube. I don't understand all the 'drama'. Feels like the platform has shifted from original content to reality show / pop culture videos.

Kezgold6 karma

Do you enjoy making dailies and haven't made any in while because you've been too busy, or did you stop because they weren't fun?

P.S It's All Good is awesome, but you might want to know that I got it on Amazon in the UK for £0.99, when on US Amazon and everywhere else you're selling it for $9.99, which is £12. Don't know if somebody's fucked up there or you just love us Brits and gave a huge discount.

fndfilms12 karma

We like doing dailies, but they're difficult to do everyday, especially when factoring in sketches / outside work. We went radio silent last year as part of the stunt for It's All Good- hence no dailies and no sketches.

AgenT7256 karma

Will we see another installment of the Aaron and Vinny Vinny and Aaron show?

fndfilms8 karma

No plans to right now. Actually we recently learned that YouTube disabled those videos for some reason- so we need to go on and fix that.

Cubonerific6 karma

Do you guys think Hello Games is also conducting a similar social experiment?

fndfilms12 karma

Nah they shit the bed.

Delta_Moose5 karma

Was this ebay listing for your Red Scarlet X camera gear for real, or just a sneaky stunt like deleting the "vacation" photos?

fndfilms12 karma

We were planning to sell the camera for a while, and it happened to time up perfectly with the stunt. So when I listed it on eBay, I sent the link to some people to 'plant' it on our social media.

SleepingInsomniac1125 karma

Coming from a huge fan, and another filmmaker, what do you guys plan on doing after the feature film? because I know Youtube isn't paying content creators by view any longer, and now paying by watch time.

fndfilms5 karma

We want to make more sketches and dailies, while writing our next bigger project.

kyun15 karma

How difficult was it to keep the production of It's All Good under wraps? Did ye always intend to pretend as if ye couldn't make the film or did this idea come later?

fndfilms8 karma

We always knew the stunt would be a part of the film. And it was very hard keeping it secret. We constantly worried that we'd blow it. A couple times we almost released dailies with evidence of the film in the background- so we'd scrap them altogether.

jfowoot5 karma

I've been following you guys for years. I remember the exact moment someone showed me your YouTube channel when I was in middle school. It really fueled my want to be a comedic video creator. Fastforward to today, I'm working in reality TV as an editor. Bit I really want to go back to those days of making comedic YouTube videos. I guess my question is, how can I do what you guys do?

fndfilms6 karma

Make movies, learn from your mistakes, have fun, repeat.

HellomynameisRandall5 karma

I don't know what your plans are for future videos, but have you guys ever thought about making some "how-to" videos for filmmaking? Even some of your earliest stuff was very well coordinated in terms of camera work and scenery.

fndfilms7 karma

We've talked about it, but there are tons of tutorials out nowadays and I'm not sure how we could offer something new that hasn't been covered.

andafez5 karma

What's a better investment Butt School or Columbia College?

fndfilms7 karma

Depends how much Butt School costs...

whatsah0ya5 karma

What's your favorite pizza in Chicago? And did your families/wider friend groups (outside of those involved in the movie directly) know about the stunt before the reveal? Or were they kept in the dark?

fndfilms8 karma

Lou Malnati's! And most of our family and close friends knew about the stunt. Many of our friends were kept in the dark though and sent us messages saying they were sorry to hear the news after the update video.

Estythebesty4 karma

I've been a fan for a very long time and I've always wondered how the hell you made that kick to the face in Magic Mentos look so realistic? https://youtu.be/3D9jDzfyBj4?t=1m8s

fndfilms4 karma

Camera / body placement...and probably 15 takes before we got it right.

nolaza4 karma

Please describe in great detail all the practice kissing that went into the celery video? Thanks <3

fndfilms7 karma

The first take was the 'practice' take, and it went pretty good- but we all burst out laughing afterward. I think that was necessary for us to crack up and get it out of our system so we could get it done.

Pseudogenesis4 karma

Just wanted to say that you guys are one of my favorite youtube channels of all time, all my friends and I have watched the "classics" dozens of times and quote them regularly. So thanks for the laughs!

Questions: What are each of your favorite videos that you've made? And do the three of you have favorite books?

fndfilms4 karma

Thanks for watching! Sketches- Cooper: Grundy / Vinny: Novocaine / Aaron: Cheer Uppers. Books- Cooper: Holes / Vinny: Stranger in a Strange Land / Aaron: The Name of the Wind

UncleTrapspringer4 karma

How did you guys do the stunts in the original magic mentos?

fndfilms8 karma

Our friend Ian was a diver in school, and very athletic. That flip was alllll him.

SkinnyCommando4 karma

Hey guys, long time fan here (going back to Gay Zombie). What is the overall plan/goal for you guys going forward? Thanks and keep up the awesome content!

fndfilms6 karma

To keep making movies!

Cryptonix3 karma

What's the story behind your guys' old Annoying Roommate video? Was that real?

fndfilms6 karma

Vinny asked me if I'd shoot a little sketch with him where he annoys me while we're sleeping. The whole thing probably took 3 hours.

Delta_Moose3 karma

What's your favorite prop from any of your videos?

fndfilms5 karma

The gold jacket is really beautiful.

BriantologistBaxter3 karma

Your dedication to film, comedy, and the arts is so inspiring! Thanks for keeping the torch, through out everything that happens in life! Also when can we expect the next daily? (Feel free to plead the fifth)

fndfilms5 karma

Haha thank you! Vin was editing a daily today, maybe tomorrow? Definitely more coming next week.

YourEnviousEnemy3 karma

I saw your trailer I thought it was awesome. Did you guys get funding from anywhere else? I know it's very difficult in this day and age to film a movie on a $78k budget.

fndfilms6 karma

Nope, we made the movie on the $78k we raised- no outside funding.


Thoughts on Seth Rogen stealing your Corndog video idea and making it into Sausage Party on the big screens?

_lemme_holla_9 karma

I doubt he stole their idea directly...this is kind of a loaded question.

fndfilms23 karma

We don't think anything was stolen. If it was used as inspiration for their movie then all the better!

Slaytounge3 karma

I'm curious about the history of you guys. You were the first channel I subscribed to on YouTube like almost 10 years ago and I don't even know how you two met. Did you guys know Cooper the whole time? What happened to that other guy with darker hair who was in the Mentos and dramatic normal day video?

fndfilms4 karma

Vinny and I grew up together in Ohio, along with Ian (who was in Mentos). All three of us moved to Chicago to study at Columbia, and we met and roomed with Cooper. After school Ian moved to LA, and thats that!

antiworkproductions3 karma

Long time fan, first time caller. :P

I've been following you guys for as long as I can remember, you were among some of my original inspirations to try and do comedy on the internet and create a production company.

My big question for you guys is, are you able to be 'fim-makers' full time? Do you do freelance work or have a marketing firm advertise your abilities or is it word of mouth? And if you don't do commercial work like that are the profits from your youtube views / merch enough to keep you afloat?

Keep doing what you do best, and one day I hope to be able to collab with you guys!

fndfilms7 karma

We're able to pay the bills by doing freelance work in the city for ad agencies. We get brought on to do different things- it varies project to project. Sometimes we'll write, direct, or act. So in a way FND is our full time job, but it's not how most people think where we sit around the office all day playing video games.

Voir-Lappel-Du-Vide3 karma

As someone whose followed you from your early youtube day to Punching to now. What is the biggest thing you can take from your journey. Is there anything you learned/experienced that totally changed the way you did things? Maybe someone/something that helped you get from just three dudes on YouTube to have a feature length film. Cause it's not just ANYONE who can do that. It's amazing and I love everything you guys have done to this point and super excited to see more.

fndfilms2 karma

We have had tremendous support from friends, family, and fans for YEARS and that is not lost on us. We're grateful for the people who donate money or their time to help these projects come to life. Thanks for watching!

kyun13 karma

Did ye expect your Dailies to be so adored by fans? I remember ye mentioning that some fans were unaware ye made sketches, films, etc. Is that why the videos were then uploaded on your main channel rather than second channel?

fndfilms3 karma

Yeah it was strange. For a while our fan base seemed split in half depending which channel they watched. Half of them only saw sketches and no updates on our day to day, the other half only saw dailies. So we wanted to merge the two so people could find all our videos in one place easily.

JunkratBBQ3 karma

I completely forgot about you guys! Me and my friends used to love your videos, I still quote NrG Phuk and The Apartment. Will this movie be like those sketches? the humor I mean obviously not the material. Wish you guys all the best!

fndfilms6 karma

We've heard from many people that the movie feels like a sketch. Whether that's a good thing or not is up for debate, but yeah I think we stay true to our style in the movie.

Lowery912 karma

I donated to your Kickstarter awhile ago for your movie Punching. I was promised a movie poster, but it was never sent to me. How will you mend my broken heart?

fndfilms2 karma

Email me your info

bbigbuttbiggerheartt2 karma

Where is Dillon?

P.S. Still waiting on that silly face DM from Vin.

fndfilms4 karma

That sweet boy Dylan is traveling the world right now! He might return next year- we miss him.

rebelsmiley112 karma

Is NrG Phuk really from mother earth?

And where can I order 352 cases from?

fndfilms0 karma

It's illegal but I heard you can get it from Argentina. Also yes...100% natural...all natural.

Pseudogenesis2 karma

So how was work today, Rick?

fndfilms7 karma


fndfilms9 karma

i want a divorce

Jbmahowald122 karma

Say I've got one sketch to show someone your style and talent---which sketch do you think represents yourselves best? It's hard to choose when they're all so great!

fndfilms3 karma

That's a tough one...maybe The Tapout Crew?

meatboitantan2 karma

Fuuuuck I love you guys. I still sit and watch the dailies and your old vids for hours. I found your "gay zombie" vid for the first time and from there I loved you. I'm buying the movie tonight to watch, gone so far!

I got two questions for you guys: one, what is the context of this fucking "what is your problem" vid? It's so funny, I just gotta know.

My other question, what does Coop smell like on an average day?

fndfilms1 karma

Buffalo chicken egg rolls.

McManny162 karma

Hey guys! Like everyone else I've watched your stuff religiously since 2007 and love everything from the dailies to the sketches. The Merchandise and Mystery Prize Inside are two of my old favorites.

Where did you guys learn to shoot and edit video/sound and how did you first start writing sketches?

fndfilms3 karma

We've been making movies for years- so it's mostly trial and error, with the occasional online tutorial thrown in. At the end of high school we started writing our sketches after realizing our ideas were becoming too complex to just wing it.

GreyxNinja2 karma

Back when the Old Bros video was released, my circle of friends and I named our facebook group we post in "Sigma Nu" and for some reason it stuck and we still refer to our group as this fake fraternity to this day (just dont tell the real fraternity, I dont want legal trouble for making people eat dog shit). Just curious, how did you guys find those actors, they were great. Also what are some of yalls favorite movies or film inspirations?

fndfilms5 karma

When we first started we found a lot of great actors on Craigslist, including the guys from Old Bros. So many movies!!! Eternal Sunshine, Redline, Waiting for Guffman, Fight Club, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Spirited Away, Matrix, City of God, Galaxy Quest, and so many more!

swain_ryan2 karma

Would you say that 'Megasex' is on a Permanent Hiatus?

fndfilms6 karma

Deuce is still doing solo gigs under the banner 'Deuce Does Drums', waiting on the others to hash out their differences. Anything can happen!

Dukestorm2 karma

Looks great! Did you run into people, real donors, on the street while trolling? If so, what reactions did they generally express?

fndfilms5 karma

No thankfully. But we were worried it would happen.

pahdumpadump2 karma

Just wanted to let you guys know I missed your work. A lot. Are you going to continue making movies or YouTube videos?

fndfilms4 karma

Yeah we plan to shoot new sketches and dailies now that the movie is released.

zgoldinger2 karma

Would you guys ever want to come back to good ol portage county ohio to film? Some of us with film degrees would love to help you out.....

fndfilms2 karma

If there is a project that allows it, we'd be open to shooting there!

teetopp2 karma

How much of the budget did you blow in order to shoot the part of the film where you blow the entire budget?

fndfilms2 karma

Most of it we were able to fake and shoot for very cheap. The bounce house ended up being like $300 though...

HeyzeusGodofThunder2 karma

Hey guys, just wanted to say I love your stuff, been watching forever, always have called you guys the last bastion of old school youtube. My question would be how did you guys organize that collab with smosh all those years ago, did you reach out to them or vice versa?

fndfilms2 karma

We had wanted to collaborate but it was difficult since they were in California and we were in Chicago. So them doing VO for Protectors of Tomorrow was a fun easy way to work together.

jp35531 karma

When will we see Drop, Gless, and Skeez again in a Daily?

Also, are your 3 favorite directors still Darren Aronofsky, Darannon Schnnoffski, and Dofsky?

fndfilms1 karma

no fuckin doubt its dofsky. those 3 might show up again one day...

GoodBitFilms1 karma

What camera do you guys use?

fndfilms1 karma

Punching and It's All Good were shot on the Red Scarlet X.

Tyrone_Asaurus1 karma

Hey guys, long time subscriber here from back when Annoying was making the rounds on youtube.

Did you guys consider submitting to any festivals at all? What's behind the decision to release on your own rather than through a potential distributer?

fndfilms1 karma

We decided on self distribution instead of festivals to try and capitalize on the marketing push we made for the film. If wanted it to be available for people to see right after the stunt. With most festivals, the movie wouldn't screen until 2017 and we knew we couldn't wait that long.

valkz0r1 karma

How did you guys like Columbia? My girlfriend is thinking of applying there for the MFA in fine art photo program. If we move there, where would you suggest living around the school in Chicago?

fndfilms3 karma

Columbia had pros and cons. It was a great way to network with people in the city, and we all had great professors. But it's very expensive. Some neighborhoods to look at- South Loop, Lakeview, North Center, Wicker Park, Buck Town, Logan Square.

Mr_Skittles1 karma

Hey! Will we be seeing anymore of Ian in your dailies? He's hillarious, please tell him I said hi :D

fndfilms1 karma

He's in LA, so not likely :( We'll tell him!

kpprobst1 karma

Do you guys still keep in touch with Jake from Rubydog? Any plans to collaborate on films/sketches with him in the future?

fndfilms1 karma

Yeah, absolutely. Rubydog is in LA right now so it's hard to collaborate but we'd like to again soon. Love those guys.

JATMorgan1 karma

Hey guys, big fan. What is the plan now that the movie is out? Try and get funding for another one? Are you going to bring the dailies (not uploaded everyday) back or will you do them every few months as an update type thing?

Either way, congrats on the movie! I really liked it. Worth the near heart attack of thinking you'd screwed everyone. Expertly done.

fndfilms3 karma

We're trying our best to promote the film so people can see it. We'll take some time to write our next project, and by that point we're hoping to get more funding. And yes, the dailies are coming back! Glad you liked the movie, thanks for watching.

itsPuz1 karma

New Apartment is one of my favorite sketches even to this day. We're there any jokes, scenes or ideas for that sketch that didn't make the cut? Alternate endings?

fndfilms2 karma

Thanks! I think that was the ending we had scripted. But the place we filmed in was really creepy, and we filmed all through the night till 4am.

meemdloy1 karma

Will we ever see a return of Megasex the band? Genuinely think you could make a great short film about them!

fndfilms0 karma

Would love to revisit Megasex. We've joked about it- that would be awesome.

0TheTexasRanger01 karma

I would like to say you all have the BIGGEST DICKS IN THE WORLD for pulling off this stunt for It's All Good. I just want to know how this idea came about and how did you guys finally decide it would happen?

fndfilms2 karma

I had the idea randomly one day, and I almost didn't tell the guys because I thought they'd think it was dumb. But they loved it and we spent a couple months fleshing out the general idea and talking about how the stunt would work. We told our friends and listened to their feedback, some of which was "You guys are going to ruin your whole reputation". We knew it was risky but we also knew it was original, and that was the driving force behind us making it.

Ku_The_Abducted1 karma

How well do you guys develop your ideas before starting production? Is there alot of improv to your humor, or is it mostly scripted?

fndfilms1 karma

Scripted, but we leave room to have fun and improvise. Sometimes when we ditch the script we get the best takes.

Cptnwalrus1 karma

Did any of you go to school for film?

fndfilms1 karma

We all went to Columbia in Chicago, but none of us finished. In fact Cooper is only 3 credit hours short of completing.

kyun11 karma

Did ye ever get a response from your high school teacher who ye sent your photo shoot headshots to? He wanted to see pictures of "students who moved on to bigger and better things". Ye are really showing him now!


fndfilms1 karma

We keep in touch with him, he's a good guy and helped us a lot early in our careers.

TooManyJohnLees1 karma

Just watched the movie last night. It was classic FND and I laughed my ass off when Vinny was trying to kick the dog into the closet.

My only critique of the movie is that it seemed to go off track towards the end. Things spiraled out of control and didn't seem to stick to the main storyline.

So that leads me to my question. If you guys had all of the resources in the world including time, to fix up this movie, what would you fix?

fndfilms1 karma

Thank you for the feedback! Next project we'd like more time scripting, fine tuning, and pre production. I think we still have a lot to learn when developing characters and story archs.

BriantologistBaxter1 karma

I noticed you didn't list Vinny's Ass's Make Up Artist in the credits. Was there some sort of falling out here, or just an oversite?

fndfilms1 karma

What you witnessed was the beauty of a bare, untouched baby ass. No makeup.

iGiveWomenOrgasms_jk1 karma

Hey guys, I still have my Action World DVD. Does that qualify me for a free It's All Good? 😉

Who came up with the marketing idea of pretending you didn't finish the film?

Did the secret ever come close to getting out during production?

And finally, did I ask too many questions?

fndfilms1 karma

Haha, thanks for the support. No freebies right now, but we might have promos in the near future. I came up with the initial idea (Aaron) and then together me and the guys fleshed out the entire script and stunt. And no!

TrannyTruckstop1 karma

First off I just want to say thanks for laughs through the years. My friend showed me the Annoying video from 2007 and we would watch your videos religiously until he passed in 2010. Everytime I watch your videos now, I'm reminded of him and all the laughs we shared through your goofy videos. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart and never stop doing what you do.

Anyway, how did the idea of Celery become about?

fndfilms2 karma

Thanks for sharing that, and very sorry for your loss. We thought of Celery while getting wings one night after someone ordered celery for a side. We just launched into this dumb improv about it, and Coop or Vin mentioned the makeout bit- we were dying. We knew we had to shoot it asap.

Frytang1 karma

HUGE fan! I've been watching for a long time! How did you guys feel having Celery featured on Tosh.0?

fndfilms2 karma

It was very cool, we gathered all our friends in our living room to watch it.

MeatManFunMan1 karma

Me and my best friend have been fans of you guys since we were in middle school, you've inspired us to make movies and funny skits, but I wanted to ask, what inspired you guys to just start filming?

fndfilms1 karma

Everything! All movies! Seriously the biggest inspiration was getting lost in these worlds that we'd see in theaters and at home and realize we could make our own!