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Thank you to everyone for all of your questions. Thank you for taking the time to show me love. New books on the way, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all my updates.

If you or anyone you know needs help, call me at 610-635-9092.

See you all soon.

hellzunicorn691184 karma

I've lost my wife and son to drinking. I really don't have the funds for rehab.. How can I get help?

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What you can do is call me. 610-635-9092. We can talk off here on options on if and how I can help you.

D1g1talis887 karma

Hey Novak.

Did Dunn's death have any major Impact on you drug and alcohol wise as it did on Bam, and if so.. what did you do to get to where you are now?

Cheers dude!

NudieNovak_691538 karma

With Dunn, I was in prison when it happened, and I didn't know how to cope. I was literally in a bubble, I wasn't in reality so I didn't know what was in reality. So instead of addressing the elephant in the room at my release, my first stop was to the liquor store and bought three of the biggest bottles of Yellow Tail wine I could find and I picked up where I left off.

Robbyfantasia590 karma

Hey Novak . Are you still good friends with bam?

NudieNovak_691836 karma

Yeah, he's still my best friend in the world. I'll never be able to repay him for what he did for me in the past. Unfortunately, his demons seem to have the best of him at this moment, so God willing if and whenever he's ready, I will do whatever it takes to get him sober.

13thNemesis475 karma

Do you still skate?.. Any plans on maybe becoming pro again?

NudieNovak_69902 karma

I definitely still skate. I do it for the soul, but not a paycheck. Definitely no plans on becoming pro again.

Diatzen414 karma

Hey Novak. * What was it like living with Bam during the Viva La Bam days? * Do you think the show caused more issues with drugs or did it help at all? * What was your reaction when you heard about the death of Don Vito?

Also good job on getting clean, we are all proud of you. Keep up the good work man.

NudieNovak_69937 karma

  • Living with Bam during those days was like the golden ticket to Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You have to keep into account I was homeless four months prior shooting heroin selling my body for $40 on street corners. Bam extends the offer to put me on a TV show and overnight I'm like a celebrity. I'm not shooting up but I'm drinking and snorting coke. Not only am I accepted but I'm in demand and I get paid for it.

  • In a weird way it helped with my drug problem. Although I was still submerged in alcohol and cocaine, I wasn't in Baltimore committing life threatening acts in order to score. In a sense, it really kept me out of harm's way. I was still living dangerously, but not as kids would say today, "extreme" or extremely dangerous.

  • I was sad, man. I saw a good man taken from the Earth before his time but because of his celebrity status, he drank and drugged so much that his body just shut down. Kind of like the double edged sword of being a celebrity got the best of him.

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words.

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Thanks for doing this AMA, Novak. Do you miss WildBoyz with Steve and Chris?

NudieNovak_69481 karma

Yeah, actually. I do.

Cthemacdaddy347 karma

Hey Novak, Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA today!

How would you describe your experience on Radio Bam?

Did you guys plan ahead on what you all would talk about that day? Or was everything improvised?

Congrats on sobriety brother! Stay Strong

NudieNovak_69432 karma

We would come up with several key points we wanted to hit. So if it was an hour show, we would work around 4-5 songs and come up with a game plan for each show. It was a phenomenal experience. Who else can say that they (meaning me) was the first person to be censored on a medium that is known for being uncensored?

MannequinFlyswatter327 karma

Down wit OPP?

NudieNovak_69679 karma

Yeah, you know me.

coys21285 karma

As someone who grew up a couple blocks from you in Parkville, do you still keep in touch with anyone in that neighborhood? Pearce, Parr, Trey?

NudieNovak_69370 karma

Richie Parr contacts me occasionally, I don't speak to him, I'm not there. Dan Lochte, I spoke to him recently. Debbie Curran, I saw her recently.

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what is the reason that finally allowed you to get sober? was it you? family? tired of the ringer? mainly just want insight as to what finally flipped the switch for you. you are a good dude and everyone is pulling for you

NudieNovak_69635 karma

It was all of the above, man. I was introduced to my first treatment center at 17. 13 centers and 20 years of active addiction later, I had come to the realization that a better way was possible. But the situations that I found myself in time after time were fully self induced. Finally I realized I had to be fully accountable for my actions, take responsibility for what I caused and created, and also I was horrible at suicide. I had attempted it several times but I woke up every time. At the end of my run, I had no other option except to fully submerge myself into recovery. When I did that, oddly enough, it became better than I ever thought possible

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Hey, do you have a girlfriend actually?

NudieNovak_69417 karma

No, I actually do not. I'm single looking to mingle.

JeremyStair193 karma

Hey Novak glad to see you're killing the sobriety life. I met you in Reading, PA for a FFU show and you seemed as out there as can be so I'm happy to see you above water. Question: after Bam had gotten sober, what led to him using again? Seems like he can't control himself.

NudieNovak_69451 karma

I remember that Reading show, and this is why: I scored two bundles of heroin right across the street on the corner. And it was good. Sadly, that's how I remember shows at the end, whether I was able to score or not. Thank God it's not like that anymore.

Bam's sobriety is non existent at this point, sadly to say. He's my best friend in the world, but he's his own worst enemy. That "Family Therapy" show he did was phenomenal for him. Unfortunately it only lasted 2-3 weeks but most importantly the seed was planted that: a) he is an alcoholic and he can't control his drinking, and b) that a better way of life is possible. His process is his process and when he's ready for help, I will be here to do anything and everything I can to help him.

zlitter144 karma

when is the new bam margera movie realeasing?

NudieNovak_69330 karma

No one knows that answer, including Bam.

Utp13136 karma

Do you listen to punk at all? Favorite punk bands?

NudieNovak_69334 karma

Absolutely, I'm actually just saw the Descendants, Dag Nasty, H2O, and Subhaman in Philly on Saturday (my days are fucked, you'll have to check for me) and I'm going to see Pennywise this Saturday night. I fucking love Subhuman.

jmm9236126 karma

Will you be coming back to Ohio anytime soon ? Pleasure meeting you at the Agora in June for the random hero festival .

NudieNovak_69232 karma

No plans as of yet, but anything's possible. I got a call from a fella in Ohio and I'm working on getting him into a treatment program as we speak.

Kias23126 karma

What about your friendship to Frantz?

NudieNovak_69480 karma

It's funny, man, when I was in rehab this time, in my mind, any relationship I had with anybody played out as a sick twisted game of chess that only was real in my mind. So Frantz being one of the main ones I was always playing that game with, I always thought he was ripping me off, slander me in press, etc. while I was in rehab, I went to my counselor and asked "how do I address this issue with my business partner?" She had Frantz come up for a visit and facilitated a meeting between us, and I put all my cards out on the table. Looking back I was initially breaking that wall down and destroying that game of chess that I had in my mind. I told him what I thought he was doing. I said what I needed to say, she facilitated, and he was shocked and had no idea that I felt this way. He put his cards on the table and told me how he felt and what he thought I was doing. Essentially it opened up the lines of communication and now he is one of my closest friends and my number one supporter in myself and my sobriety.

Mikey463121 karma

Any tips for getting sober?

NudieNovak_69348 karma

If you're struggling, I suggest what worked for me. Going to treatment. If you need help in that matter, feel free to contact me at 610-635-9092.

Feulia116 karma

What happened with Fuckface Unstoppable? Are we likely to be seeing your naked butt on stage in the UK again any time soon?

NudieNovak_69259 karma

Bam has a way of starting new projects in the blink of an eye. Ultimately those tours did more harm than good for the band members. Some of the best times in my life but the deadliest of times. If they were to do another one, I would 100% come back to London and do it again, minus the drugs and alcohol. London's my favorite city in the world.

HyperNutZ108 karma

do you play and blizzard video games trying to figure out if thats you on my friends list ?

NudieNovak_69258 karma

I've never been a gamer in my life. I used to play Mortal Kombat when I first started smoking weed. I'd smoke, but a foot long meatball sub from Subway, and play for like twenty minutes. I never had the attention span for it. I think I tried getting into it, but it just wasn't my niche.

nenjoi91 karma

What was the feeling like after being a year sober?

NudieNovak_69269 karma

Very freeing to say the least. It allowed me to get out of my own way for once. I'd known I was an alcoholic and addict for years but the terms in my contract changed when I accepted it. I became teachable. The best decision I've ever made in my life, hands down.

Daltonkb84 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Can you talk about how working with Banyan Treatment Center has helped you with your own sobriety? Has it helped you in your journey and would you encourage other addicts to take this approach with their own struggles with addiction?

NudieNovak_69371 karma

Working with Banyan has become a very pivotal point in my sobriety. They told me early in "stand for something or fall for anything". People had told me for years that helping other addicts would be my calling. I never saw that. I knew that my book helped people, my testimonial helped people, but I never saw the results. Finally after being clean for a year, and they approached me and saw what I didn't see in my lead. They saw the power my message held. So what I do now is I travel the nation speaking to high schools, colleges, and rallies and share my story. When I'm done I get multiple phone calls from people and hear "Novak, if you can get clean, I can, too. Can you help me?" I finally believe what people told me for years, that this is my calling. I am at the most peace when I can, God willing, help the person that is deemed unfixable, as I was for 24 years. At the end of the day, what I try to do is prevent one more mother going to one more of their kids' funeral.

cfallon179 karma

favorite fast food?

NudieNovak_69341 karma

None. They're all hell. But I did have a Frosty from Wendy's during Hurricane Matthew in Delray Beach, Florida. The only thing open was Wendy's. But if I had to do it, it'd be Chick-fil-A.

bulkdwarf56 karma

How's the new books coming along? Do you know when they will be released?

NudieNovak_69110 karma

The new books are coming along great. The revision of the first Dreamseller, which is a new new cover, two bonus chapters and a new ending, will be released on 3/27/2017. You can preorder on Amazon, still the same title.

I have two books to follow, I can't say the titles because they haven't been announced yet. Both of them are over 80% finished and will be released a year apart.

NickCook77744 karma

Hey Novak did you ever find out about Toby from rehab?

NudieNovak_6966 karma

No, never heard from him again.

theoosinator42 karma

when people on on acid they some times say they see a webbing on space time, this matches the dark matter concept in cosmology did you ever see or experience any universal truths while on drugs?

NudieNovak_69110 karma

I had an outer body experience when I shot up with ketamine, so I believe it happens.

huge_ox23 karma

Who wins in a fight...chuck norris' beard v Hugh jackmans beard?

NudieNovak_6997 karma

Chuck Norris can do no wrong. Beard or no beard, he wins. I want him on my team any day.