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Proof its meeeee

My name is Troye Sivan and I got my start in music by making videos on YouTube (10 years ago now!!). I released my first ever album, Blue Neighbourhood in 2015 without ever having played show in my life and have since spent the past year touring the world in some of the craziest places and in front of the most insane crowds. In a few days I’m about to go back out on the road for my biggest North American tour yet, the Suburbia Tour, which kicks off in San Francisco!

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a while so here we go, my first ever AMA! πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’¬πŸ’™

Thanks for reading n asking, guys!! That was super fun. Hope to see you all at a show on the tour! <3

EDIT: AY IM BACK FOR A BIT!!! Gonna answer as many more as I can!! πŸ’₯

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justanothergnome635 karma

How do you deal with criticism that you've 'forgotten your roots' purely because you haven't had time to upload a video in a while?

troye_sivan910 karma

Cuts deep!! I get where the criticism comes from. In saying that, for me, truth and content are key - I can and will only ever make stuff that feels completely genuine to me at the time. I'd feel disingenuous making the same YouTube videos i made in 2014. I will forever treat my audience with respect, and love to think that you guys will follow along and like what i make for a really long time. If not - at least I can say i made stuff i believed in.

vernonikuh551 karma

Troye, I just want to thank you for bringing the best person out in my best friend, Alex. Growing up in the Midwest, and having to go through high school alone in the closet he was very depressed and couldn't be the person he was born to be. After graduating, he moved to the city and we became the best of friends. He is the happiest I've ever seen him after coming out after finding your music. So thank you for helping him show the rest of the world who he truly is; and becoming the best person I know. He's actually going to see you the 29th this month! Can you write back hi Alex?! He'd die!!!

troye_sivan606 karma

Hiiiiiiii Alex!! You absolute legend. Congrats on moving and coming out and I can't wait to see you at the show!

ReadingLobster248 karma

If you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell him?

troye_sivan669 karma

Dude. Chill oooooout. Everything's gonna be okay. You're gay, and it's amazing! One time, you'll sing on the same stage as Celine Dion (I know you like her). Family is #1. Also, like pretty much all of everything that you've ever wanted is going to happen very soon. Keep going!!

Imnotkelsey158 karma

Will you be playing any new stuff on this tour??

troye_sivan299 karma

I will.....be playing songs i've never played live before. That's all ill say!

micilini134 karma

Do you plan to come back to youtube on a regular basis? Would be great if you reported in from suburbia tour. Can't wait to see you in NYC!! byee ;)

troye_sivan242 karma

I'm not too sure about a regular upload schedule or anything, but to me YouTube is such a place of creative freedom, i don't think i'll ever give it up entirely. I've been on there for just over 10 years now and my channel has seen me through singing cover songs when i was like 12, to skits when i was 17, to more music centric content since i got signed. So though i might not ever upload a vlog every weekend again, i'm sure i'll keep putting SOMETHING up there forever.

really_thirsty_lemon130 karma

What does your comfort food consist of? :)

troye_sivan251 karma

Mac n cheese, always. Or a burger from room service at a hotel.

Tiriara103 karma

Hey Troye! Big fan–I'm seeing you on Sunday in San Francisco and I hope you're as excited as I am. Also, you should come visit us over at r/popheads, you've a ton of fans there. Anyway, I had a couple of questions for you I hoped you might answer.

First, what has been the strangest or most unsettling fan encounter you've experienced?

Second, in the same vein, are you planning on tightening security measures for the Suburbia tour? Metal detectors, pat-downs, etc. (Will bags be allowed in the venue?)

And finally... Why was the Ease remix (Vallis Alps) pushed back so far?

Feel free to answer any or none of my questions. Again, I'm a huge fan of your music and I have high hopes for the show on Sunday. See you then!

troye_sivan175 karma

Hey!! Thanks for the question and i'll definitely check it out.

To answer your first question - a story that comes to mind was in Denver -- My drummer Adam had brought a mate down to hang after the show and we were all having a great time just chatting after the show. Adam's friend was super nice and all was really lovely. I was peckish and walked across the room to dip some baby carrots in hummus at the little food table we had set up, and Adam had the same idea. It was only once he told me through gritted teeth that my friend was really nice and asked how i knew him that i realized something was awry. An awkward interaction ensued, and turns out the dude was just a really, really big fan who had somehow charmed his way backstage (and then into all of our hearts tbh), before being kindly asked to leave like a minute later.

Second - Security has been upped, yes. Providing a safe and fun and warm and inclusive environment at my shows is always top top top priority of course. Specifics sorta depends on each venue.

As for the Ease remix, i literally have no idea why it took so long. I had to ask a bunch of people permission to upload it and no one was getting back to me so i ended up just throwing it up. Easier to say sorry than ask for permission, sometimes, i guess!

I_made_this_just_now73 karma

Heyyy, In this interview you said that

Fun is kissing boys and kissing girls sometimes.

Would you care to elaborate on that? (Seeing as I'm pretty sure you're gay)


troye_sivan245 karma

Hey! Thanks for the question. I'm totally gay - it took me a long while to figure that out, but i think I can say that confidently now. In saying that, i cant even tell you how thankful i am to have had my boundaries pushed in the process of figuring that out - challenging myself and my sexuality has lead to me being so open to all experiences. Some of those have included getting a little (perhaps too) inebriated at clubs n things, and, whatever happens with the closest person to me (regardless of gender), happens. Again though - i think me being on the 'LGBTQ spectrum' at all opened me up to those experiences, and i honestly wish that openness upon everyone. Allow yourself to mess around and figure stuff out. Life's fun!

seattlesivan69 karma

are you working on new music?

troye_sivan181 karma

Not juuuuuust yet. I'm bout to go on tour, then i'm gonna take a few months to just chill n think n live and eat breakfasts a little before starting to write really seriously. In the same breath, i'm sure i'll get super antsy and wanna hop to it sooner. I have a lot of ideas though and am so inspired at the moment. I really can't wait.

Happtlittlepill65 karma

(1) How are you?

(2)How good is Stranger Things? Have you watched it yet?

(3) What's your favorite city to perform in?

troye_sivan129 karma

1) I am so good thank you!! Feeling very happy and fulfilled, and a little jet lagged. 2) Far out. So fuckin good. 3) Stockholm's gotta take the cake.

Anastasia200262 karma

Why Do you count to 15 in your song Heaven? Is it because you were 15 when you came out or..?

troye_sivan175 karma

Hey! Thanks for the question! Two reasons, really - Heaven is about my coming out experience. I used to count a lot when i was younger to relax me whenever i was anxious, and so i did a lot of that when i was coming out, both to myself and to everyone else. It's also a little nod to me being 15 when i came out.

Trxye12342 karma

Do you think you will ever write a book?

troye_sivan115 karma

I would love to! Children's books are a dream of mine.

ShannonLavado39 karma

Troye first of all..Can you visit the Bahamas?😭 Secondly woth you ever collab with ARIANA GRANDE cause i love both yall😍

troye_sivan64 karma

omg please and yes please

krykin35 karma

What brand/scent of candles do you light when you're in hotel rooms? :)

troye_sivan94 karma

Bout to sound real bougie but i pretty much always have a Diptyque candle on hand. Favourite scents are Feu De Bois and Patchouli!

pettysivan26 karma

hey troye!! i saw you in nashville 5 months ago and i'm still missing you!! my question is will there be new music on the Suburbia Tour? πŸ’™ love u lots u talented angel!! god bless u!!

troye_sivan38 karma

yes we completely re worked the setlist and there are a LOT of new surprises but i don't wanna give too much away!!

sonargasm24 karma

When you started your YouTube channel was it always your goal to become a musician, or was it a happy accident, or something in between?

troye_sivan46 karma

music was always my first passion

frametroye19 karma

hey troye how are you feeling atm? on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you for the suburbia tour?

troye_sivan44 karma

so so far beyond a 10. i wish we could start tomorrow

armanitroye18 karma

hey Troye!! can you give us some clues about what makes the Suburbia Tour special?!

troye_sivan32 karma

We wanted to keep certain elements of the Blue Neighbourhood tour but sort of elevate it into a bigger and more connective experience for everyone. i think the Suburbia Tour is what i had always envisioned in my head from the beginning

TexMcRae15 karma

Favourite type of cheese?

troye_sivan39 karma


Lostpessimist4 karma

Are you excited for the tour?

troye_sivan19 karma

so so giddy and can't wait for everyone to see what we've put together this time around πŸ‘€

idehughes2 karma

Will you ever ever ever come back to Europe/Ireland? Seeing you was the best day of my life and I want to experience that again xxx

troye_sivan18 karma

yes one hundred percent - wanna write some new music first!