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i'm in the matrix

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Can we musically collab by dumping hot sauce and ranch in each others eyes? Time to deliver a pizza ball

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DarleyArabian776 karma

don't take the red pill AND the blue pill you jackass!

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What is the temperature on your set? Every guest looks uncomfortably warm.

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very hot. we shoot in the valley with no AC on.

Rollsbayce3802 karma

Can I intern for your show? I'm a good fluffer.

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you're hired

DanceGriffinDance3342 karma

Hey, Eric

I've been using the line "I want you to fuck my wife" as my opener on tinder for a month now. I'm looking to change up my opening line, what should I start saying?

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"you seem chill AF. What's your credit card number?" works every time.

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how hard do you think it is to get mc ride from death grips to your show?

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so hard. i've tried literally every season since the show started. those dudes don't want to do television.

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Was Haley Joel Osment as freaked out as he looked?

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Yo Eric, I heard you went to Berklee to play the bass. Any advice for someone who is also pursuing a degree in music?

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or follow your dreams. don't listen to me. advice is bullshit. trust your gut. (that's advice too)

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Hey what was it like playing crabman in my name is earl?

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boisebabe2587 karma

How the fuck do you get people to come on your show?

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We have a few tricks that I can't reveal until the show comes to an end. then i'll tell all.

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Do you think you'll eventually run out of unexpecting guests?

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ThriceBannedAccount2527 karma

Most of the time I notice the guests are totally surprised, but do you ever have guests on who know what the show's about so they try to fuck with you?

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yes but then we go hard and i'll attempt to take a shit on the desk.

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What's the story behind the band? I've always wondered where you met them and what their initial reaction to the show was and if it took a while to find old people who are willing to let you beat them up for the sake of television

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we shoot a lot of their stuff independently so they don't know what's going on. we try to keep them completely in the dark.

MPJ122243 karma

Were there any guests on your show you expected would get up and leave due to your shenanigans, but ended up staying?

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a lot of them stay which is weird. why would you stay. it's a fucking nightmare in there

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First question: Howie Doin?

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I'm a big Howie Fandel.

UnholyZealot2025 karma

What was the best interview you think you have done?

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Alex Jones

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What was up with the Eric Andre Show theme on Atlanta last night? Any chance you're going to make a cameo on the show at some point?

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would love to.

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What will it take to legalize ranch?

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You've mentioned in previous interviews that you've had sex with two of the guests on your show. You said anything, so who were the two? Was Stacey Dash one of them?

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It was Hannibal and Russell Brand

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Will you send me some ranch in the mail?

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BluValkyrie001789 karma

Are you DTF with Hannibal Burress?

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he wishes

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Why has 311 not been on the program yet? Are you a 311 denier?

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wait for the final episode Friday

Not_So_Blup1424 karma

How many Hannibal 9000s do you currently have?

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Liramuza1394 karma

How did you and Hannibal get together? You two have great on screen chemistry. Love the show btw, thanks for all the work you do to put out great content.

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thank you so much. Hannibal and I started doing comedy around the same time in NYC.

Thestig21253 karma

What's the most "legal grey area" stunt that you've gotten away with?

Huge fan by the way, my friend has a radio show at our University (right next to Berklee!) called Mellow Mondays inspired by you! I'm trying to get him to open it by saying "Sup mello!"

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i've been legally advised not to say. buzz me

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Eric, my man, you're seriously the best! Simple question, if you had The Donald come onto your show, what would be your first surprise for him?

ericandreericandre5140 karma

i would grab him by the pussy

BirdUp-SnailDown1159 karma

1) Bird Up! 2) Thanks for favoriting my tweet the other day. 3) Will you ever release the full interviews of the guests on your show? Maybe as a special feature if you ever release your seasons on DVD? I'd love to see what happens between the edits. 4) I've got an idea for season 5 that involves a storefront in New York, frozen yogurt and butthole flesh-lights if you've got a minute to discuss. Thanks for doing this AMA, and thanks for creating the craziest and best show on television.

ericandreericandre1261 karma

i love you

johnnycashregister1061 karma

What is the process you and Hannibal use to come up with the jokes in the show?

Also, got any ranch? I'm out.

ericandreericandre4169 karma

Hannibal and I have very different approaches. I write stuff beforehand; he drifts in and out of consciousness.

white_water858 karma

Your show has had some references to Twin Peaks and Holy Mountain. Are you a fan of Lynch and Jodorowsky? Why aren't you in the next season of Twin Peaks?

ericandreericandre1826 karma

Good question!

Thrownaway2282760 karma

Have you ever considered having the miniatures of yourself and the guest run an entire episode?

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that would be ill

bumbaclot_bwoy750 karma

Has a guest ever surprised/disturbed you by what they said or did while on the show?

ericandreericandre2516 karma

Dennis Rodman said he kissed a dead chick.

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Any plans to record an album in the near future? If it's anything like your show I would buy ten copies minimum

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yup. i just made one. it fucking sucks

DarleyArabian656 karma

Hey Dre, huge fan. How did you come up with the idea of the Eric Andre Show? I know you mention Space Ghost Coast to Coast as a major influence, but what else influenced your show or your sense of humor?

ericandreericandre1674 karma

Wonder Showzen. Ren & Stimpy. Jackass. Chapelle Show. Tom Green.

Cheesebro69649 karma

Hey Eric, fellow mulatto here.

How do you not get in legal trouble for your man on the street sketches in New York? In one bit, when you're doing the 5 erics, you're blocking an intersection right in front of a cop car?

ericandreericandre1404 karma

i got in a lot of trouble for that bit. This is the last question! You killed it! Thanks REDDIT!!!! PIECE OOOT!

Tarmanydyn646 karma

Did you ever reapply for the job at Fruit Loops?

ericandreericandre1097 karma

why bother

JRZee45628 karma

Hi Eric, I love the show! You do a lot of crazy segments out in public. So: 1. What is the funniest/weirdest reaction you've gotten when you were out in public? 2. Have you ever done something so crazy, you couldn't air it? Thanks! LEGALIZE RANCH

ericandreericandre1657 karma

Another dude during the peeing meter maid bit started pissing on cars. yes we do a pro al qaeuda country song that they wouldn't let us air.

OJ027610 karma

Do you think we should be drone bombing Pakistan?

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cocopopocorn581 karma

Sup Mello? How was interviewing Denis Rodman? And what was he picking up off the ground in the middle of the interview?

ericandreericandre1275 karma

M&M's. he looked like ET.

Parker2419578 karma

Hey Brotendo! Thanks for doing this AMA.

When I first discovered your show, I assumed that your crazy personality was just a bit, but after seeing some of your interviews I realized that it's only an amplified version of how you always act. My question is, does entertaining others in such an absurd way all of the time get tiring, or have you just accepted your weirdness and embraced it?

I love season four so far! Keep up the great work.

ericandreericandre989 karma

I take a lot of naps

rookoka429 karma

Hey Eric I'm about to graduate this fall with a bullshit media production degree, can I be your next naked intern? And are the PAs we see on the show actual PAs or just extras?

ericandreericandre613 karma

niether. that's our writer's assistant Pat.

Fuffernuse123345 karma

What's up Eric! You are a legend! Who is your biggest comedic influence? Also, What's your favorite Ice Cream flavor? Thank ya and Love ya<3

ericandreericandre1060 karma

GG Allin. Ranch.

Parker2419311 karma

How long until you kill yourself on stage?

ericandreericandre797 karma

My 100th birthday

WaneLietoc311 karma

Hey Eric! Really excited to see you soon at the Shrine, its a dream come true. Anyways. I have a few questions that have bugged me for some time:

  1. Why was season 1 shot in 4:3, while other seasons have been shot in 16:9?

  2. When did you shoot the Tea Party rally sketch and how prepared did that make you feel before you went against Alex Jones, Breitbart, and people who don’t believe santa is black at the RNC?

  3. What is your favorite episode of SGC2C?

ericandreericandre605 karma

  1. the network thought most people didn't get it. it was kinda getting in the way.
  2. tea party is 2012. I kinda forgot i did that bit.
  3. Bjork / Thom York

bobbyflayfromthebay302 karma

What guests have you had sex with?

masonrb500437 karma

He briefly dated Amber Rose after her interview

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fagdrew4l266 karma

when will death grips be on the show?

ericandreericandre396 karma

Good question.

Mysuggah254 karma

Hey Eric dudemanbro. How existentially depressed are you right now?

ericandreericandre770 karma

i've never felt more alive

humortogo232 karma


First off, thank you for doing this AMA. I'm a big fan of your show, thank you for providing us with a kind comedy that's not easy to come across

My question is: Do you ever think about making a movie based on the show? If yes, what is it going to be like?

Also, what's your biggest fear?

ericandreericandre722 karma

it's gonna be like an official sequel to Life of Pi. shot on 8 mm.

NaughtyNick81217 karma

Hey Eric,

Which of your skits is your favorite? My favorites are a tie between the one where you go to the car dealer, and the one where you go to the jewelry store with the metal detector.

love your show dude

ericandreericandre468 karma

i love you! I like the octopus. and grocery goofs.

ImTheRoastBeast186 karma

How's your relationship with Marc Maron now?

ericandreericandre349 karma

much better


Yo Eric! Thank you for for all the comedy you do. You're truly one of the funniest comedians out there! My question for you is that how often do the police involve themselves whenever you break something in a skit or has performing a skit resulted you being in jail and for how long?

ericandreericandre559 karma

We got the cops called more this season then ever. Thank you for the kind words. I almost went to jail this year. I want to jail season 1.

jayhawkfilm158 karma

Eric, my dude, I love the show. Got two for you.

Firstly, how often do you injure yourself while you're filming for the show? When you're filming the destruction for the intro, or just out skitting in the streets, it seems like you'd get hurt pretty often.

Secondly, if you could interview absolutely anyone who's ever lived, who would you want on your show?

ericandreericandre638 karma

i used to hurt myself a lot more. i kinda figured out how to do stunts proper as the show went along. i want to interview Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. I also want Charlie Rose to interview Gucci Mane as I interview Charlie Rose.

marotte129 karma

How long do you think you can keep the show running for before every guest figures out the format and it loses its surprise/shock factor? Would you still consider making more episodes, even if the guests are in on it?

ericandreericandre286 karma

we could probably only do one more season.

Robss1775104 karma

how did you get so good at not caring about anything and just messing with people?

ericandreericandre256 karma

meditation and exercise

chompey_the_goat104 karma

Hey Eric. Love the show, I watch it every week. I know that you played upright at Berkley. Have you ever thought of playing again or incorporating your music into your comedy?

ericandreericandre236 karma

it's too mellow for my comedy. i tried and hated it instantly.

fuckape81 karma

Man, you fucking suck. Sprites not even that good. Anyway, is there a chance for season 5? P.S Can you please throw in a New Zealand show on your upcoming Australian tour??

ericandreericandre127 karma

i wanted to but it's hard to get out there. i'm gonna go soon though.

OJ02780 karma

What is up with you?

ericandreericandre179 karma

what is going on with you?

SaneDunk32 karma

Hi Eric! I love your humor. This season's been incredible.

Who was your favourite guest this season?

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twotimetony11 karma

Do you manscape?

ericandreericandre33 karma

i wax

zuesk1344 karma

would you do more episode of dont trust the b? that show deserved more!!!

ericandreericandre23 karma

it's dead man... dead

keepforgetpassword584 karma

if you could interview one presidential candidate on your show who would it be?

ericandreericandre19 karma

Paul Tsongas. (RIP)

encanturnia3 karma

Hello, Eric! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to us fans. I am an aspiring comedian. I've spent a lot of time observing your work in particular. You are a huge inspiration to me. I notice your bits tend to have 3 perspectives: that of yourself/your characters, the public, and of the audience. With the ability to edit in post as well as your talent you are able to weave a multilayered experience that is very unique and powerful. As well as fucking funny.

So my question is, how would you tailor your work if you were to remove the audience's perspective? That is, how do you see yourself expressing your unique brand of humor without the camera and editing process? I'm curious to what extent you've used pre-recorded elements (I even wondered if your "I am the octopus" bit was actually your normal voice in real time or a recording of your edited voice that was playing.)

ericandreericandre38 karma

come again?