I have studied politics my entire lifetime and believe that now is the greatest window of opportunity for a third party candidate to win a presidential election in recent history. Neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party demonstrates any genuine interest in fiscal responsibility. Leadership in both the Republican and the Democratic parties caters to the extreme factions within their respective organizations. Neither party offers specific detailed solutions to most of our nations serious problems. Many citizens believe, as I do, that the best interest of the United States of America is served by taking measures to strengthen the middle class. The best way to do that would be to elect a president who is of the middle class. We should not be surprised that Presidential candidates who are millionaires support tax cuts that primarily benefit millionaires.

Respect for Congress and the Administration is at or near all time lows. This is largely because we essentially have a kick-back political process between politicians and lobbyists. The time has come to restore honor and integrity to national politics. We need campaign finance reform, term limits in congress, and fair and simple tax policy that would reduce the influence of lobbyists. I have developed a graduated flat tax approach to personal income tax that would result in eliminating the need to file a federal income tax form for most citizens.

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