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Loadboy13 karma

Do you still harbor any resentment towards the Japanese?

rbbidart22 karma

None whatsoever. The man shooting towards you was doing the same thing you were doing. You can't blame the people, the government is the problem.

He mentioned the case in WWI where the troops for either sides got together on christmas day for a party. You're fighting people for no reason.

He said he probably would be angry had he been a POW.

TomHicks10 karma

You look remarkably young for 102 years old. What are your secrets?

rbbidart14 karma

He says everyone asks him this. Nobody know.

His best guess is hard work. He worked from when he was 16 to 99.

Putridgrim8 karma

Where did he go in WW2?

rbbidart5 karma

Initially he arrived in Scotland, and was taken to barracks in England

He worked was in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

RitaCM4 karma

I know this gets asked a lot but I like to hear different points of view. What would you say is mankinds greatest invention? The one that contributes the most to improve our quality of life.

rbbidart4 karma

He said you may as well get your pajamas because this will take too long to try and answer this.


bad00wolf3 karma

Hi. Did you serve with Canada?

Edit: If so, what division and unit did you deploy with?

rbbidart6 karma

4th Canadian Armoured division

He said he was the last division going overseas.

spicypepperoni3 karma

What's the silliest thing you did in WW2?

rbbidart9 karma

Joined up.

He had wanted to join the air force but was not allowed because he was colour blind. Because he had high marks in training, he was allowed to go into officer training for infantry. He didn't want to be in the infantry, so he ended up working near Quebec city for a year waterproofing trucks. After this he was sent overseas.

Addybng3 karma

How have the times changed since you served in WWII? I'm always curious what veterans think of the world we live in right now.

rbbidart2 karma

Life's changed quite a bit, but not for me.

In his life he went from the horse and wagon to the cars and planes we have today. When he was young, the first trucks were chain drive with solid rubber tires. By WWII they had decent vehicles, but nothing like today.

He worked with a plumber when he was about 12 who he jokingly said wore the same coveralls for 30 years. After this he added a hot water heater to his home, because most homes did not have this at the time.

darkboyutz3 karma

How was the food 80 years ago compared to nowadays? Any difference in taste?

Also my grandfather is 70 years old and looks older than you but then again he smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.

rbbidart6 karma

It was better. He was thinking of this today as he was making food.

The food quality was very high, food was fresh, and his mother was a good cook. Seemed like there was a decent variety as well, they had bananas, and other imported fruit.

Also, lobster was really cheap. 6 Lobster was about 50 cents.

Sghinescu3 karma

How does it feel at 102 ? What are some life lessons you would like to share with the younger ones?

rbbidart3 karma

He doesn't really want to answer this but mentioned being determined.

Even though he wasn't allowed to fly in the army, he ended up taking up lessons and flying one at home.

MicDeDuiwel2 karma

Did you meet any soldiers from other countries in the commonwealth? What were your impressions of these soldiers and their home countries?

rbbidart2 karma

He met soldiers from England, Scotland, Wales, as well as Belgium. He mentioned how much more technologically advanced they were in Europe than in Nova Scotia

Ri_der1 karma

When did you come closest to death?

rbbidart2 karma

He nearly drowned twice.

Once from driving a small 12 foot boat through a flooded river, and the engine stalled. The river took the boat, and smashed it into a fallen tree, flipping it over. A rope got caught on him and was pinning him against the tree, but his friend managed to cut him free. They even ended up finding the boat and getting the motor working again.

diegojones41 karma

You have had a very varied career. What was your favorite thing to work on?

rbbidart2 karma

He built a small pedal go cart style thing with wooden wheels when he was a kid that he really liked.

He also found working on an electric car interesting.

10gauge1 karma

What an amazing life. Thank you for being here. What did you eat for breakfast today?

rbbidart2 karma

The same thing since I was 3 years old. Oatmeal, cream and sugar.