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We are HackerOne and we’ve rewarded hackers over $9,000,000 for hacking our customers, including the Pentagon. We run the world’s most popular bug bounty platform. Companies, open source projects, even the Department of Defense use our platform to invite hackers to hack their products/services/projects. To say thank you, these companies reward hackers with a bounty. Top hackers on HackerOne are earning six figures with bug bounty programs.

Together we make the internet more secure. Ask as ANYTHING today. We stand for transparency and collaboration.

Here with us:

  • martenmickos - Mårten Mickos (CEO)
  • jobertabma - Jobert Abma (Co-Founder)
  • zamboya - Michiel Prins (Co-Founder)
  • allrice - Alex Rice (CTO, Co-Founder)
  • tedkramer1 - Ted Kramer (Chief Of Staff)
  • sushi_ninja - Adam Bacchus
  • lkozz - Lauren Koszarek
  • magoo_ - Ryan McGeehan (founding advisor)
  • wanderlustmyx - Mary Xu
  • reedloden
  • jonobacon - Jono Bacon

Feel free to ask us about anything you like, not just about HackerOne, but hacking in general, security, Mr. Robot, how we protect ourselves online, Dutch wooden shoes or windmills, or anything else you like.

Our Proof: https://hackerone.com/blog/ama

Thanks everyone, for the awesome questions. We are calling it a wrap, but will be checking in throughout the day to answer everything we can. You all rock, and we hope to see you hacking on HackerOne. Let us know if you need anything!

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entertainmeimbored34 karma

Who is 4chan?

sushi_ninja31 karma

I am 4chan.

sushi_ninja24 karma

Wait, that's not right...

jonobacon17 karma

The human embodiment of 4chat. Less pepe though.

yaworsk4 karma

Why does Reed have so few Twitter followers?

jonobacon5 karma

Reed is more than Twitter. Here is more than the earth. He is everything.

Jhsto4 karma

Which goes on top, ham or cheese?

tedkramer13 karma

Always cheese. Always.

jonobacon3 karma


jobertabma3 karma

Says the guy who's last name is Bacon... Good story bro! ;)

jonobacon3 karma

Fair. This also means I am an authority on sandwiches, which is backed up by my Fitbit stats. ;-)

jonobacon3 karma

Sriracha. Always Sriracha.

sportsDude3 karma

If I am interested in getting started in doing bug bounties, how would you recommend getting started? (Both in techniques and getting started in doing an actual bounty)

zamboya13 karma

Michiel here. For me personally it has been really helpful to know how to build software first. I learned quickly how easily humans make mistakes or underestimate things when building software. These mistakes have a high likelihood of becoming a vulnerability. Knowing how to write software combined with the curiosity that comes natural to most hackers, you will quickly start finding these mistakes and finding ways to turn these mistakes into an advantage.

To kickstart your bug bounty career, here are a few great resources to get started:

jonobacon4 karma

Shameless self promotion is worthwhile when it is a great book. :-)

mewho13373 karma

/u/jonobacon , how does it feel to have such an awesome name?

jonobacon3 karma

I rather like it. Mind you, it kinda sucked when I was at primary school - everyone thought my last name was stupid. Then, the Internet adopted bacon as a mascot and victory has been mine ever since. :-)

[deleted]3 karma


sushi_ninja5 karma

dog goes woof

wanderlustmyx5 karma

Cat goes meow

tedkramer13 karma

bird goes tweet

allrice3 karma

mouse goes squeek

jonobacon3 karma

Cow goes moo

yaworsk3 karma

As co-founder of H1, does michiel (or has he ever) require new employees to call him the "modern Sherlock Holmes"?