Grab my latest masterpiece "Daniel Son;Necklace Don". Got my bros Drake & YFN Lucci on der!! TRU

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poopsnakes4673 karma

Hey 2chainz. Big fan. What do you think of this painting I got made after listening to BOATS?

ask2chainz4330 karma

i for sure was not expecting that!! haaaaaa its amazing i almost want one myself

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phillybob2321893 karma

Elegantly shot down

ask2chainz3810 karma

nah that shyt dope!

tyrondeharlem3126 karma

Why didn't your verse make the cut alongside Wayne & Gucci on "Steady Mobbin'"?

ask2chainz4169 karma

wow how did you know about that? i cant answer that i just know it didnt make it

chiefarab2928 karma

If you could fuck one pornstar who would it be?

pseudocultist5347 karma

"If you could" lmao

ask2chainz6193 karma

my thoughts exactly

amedema2685 karma

How did you keep your cool when Nancy Grace was interviewing you? What was that experience like? Is she as awful off the camera as she is on it?

ask2chainz4065 karma

thats hands down my most memorable interview but she was very friendly off camera got to talk a lil bit and learn more about her as a person

villerdiller2118 karma

How was it working with Chance? Problem is an amazing song!

ask2chainz3414 karma

Chance is the new wave im glad he reached out to me for that joint

adamp422080 karma

What was your favourite episode of Most Expensivest Shit to work on?

ask2chainz3252 karma

good question... def the weed ones

hugesmurfboner1713 karma

What's the best food to get after the strip club?

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The_King_Titus1410 karma

2Chainz, big fan, first off gotta say DS;ND is lit, but I gotta ask how did you discover the flute could bang so hard?

ask2chainz2494 karma

the flute is a vibe...thats what its all about good vibes

peanutbutter12361341 karma

How does one put the real in gorilla?

ask2chainz3247 karma

either you can or you cant

Mbozes_Taint1119 karma

When is Cruel Winter coming out?

ask2chainz1977 karma

ask yeezy

reaper_vp986 karma

Whatup! Out of all the artists you've worked with who's your favorite?

Got any crazy stories from working with Kanye?

ask2chainz2432 karma

tough question! its really hard to pick just one but remember what happens with Ye stays with Ye

Raptors_remember912 karma

If you could work with any artist that has passed away, who would it be?

ask2chainz2205 karma

thats easy... 2 pac

Shannonro872 karma

Thoughts on Kodak Black?

ask2chainz1778 karma

he hard!! i fuk with his music.. free the boy

CRebman13861 karma

If you could make a Collegrove style album with any artist other than Wayne, who would it be?

ask2chainz1917 karma

wayne was my pick so that answers that

warmbutteredbagel744 karma

Which of your guest verses do you think is the greatest/most iconic?

ask2chainz1937 karma

from fans reaction id have to go with mercy or champions

Shannonro692 karma

2 Chainz! Here is a sloppy painting of you! What upcoming projects do we have to look forward to?

ask2chainz897 karma

2 words .. smoke break

DoobieDubes661 karma

Why only 2 chainz?

ask2chainz2286 karma

2 chainz has multiple meanings, not only doi clearly love jewelry but its stands for my second chance

SergioBousweats592 karma

Hey 2Chainz, really enjoyed your web show, The Most Expensivist Sh*t, and noticed that you had a lot of the shoes featured in the one on sneakers. What's your go-to pair of shoes?

ask2chainz952 karma

right now im wearing a pair of the ewings dream teams

WordsAreSomething522 karma

Are they any artists that you like that would surprise people?

ask2chainz747 karma

i love rnb!

buhhboyy464 karma

What is the meaning behind the name of your latest mixtape?

ask2chainz859 karma

its my new AKA

Dontbejaded413 karma

Why don't you go back to titty boy do you think it would be harder to market yourself? When did you come to realize it was time to change your name into something else?

Thanks huge fan here still love and bump true religion. "Extra garlic butter"!

ask2chainz1898 karma

i am still tity boi aint nun changed

Hoopsta6400 karma

Have you ever thought about opening a food joint in Atlanta?

ask2chainz1263 karma

opening up a spot called Escobar on Peter Street

ask2chainz706 karma

opening up a spot called Escobar on Peter Street

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ask2chainz1116 karma

id love to speak at harvard!!

codemanhaggard344 karma

What were you're greatest influences in life at the start of your music career? Anything from people, your area, to your hobbies at the time?

ask2chainz653 karma

my influence is life lessons... reality rap

danielgetin320 karma

my dude! who would you cast in a new karate kid movie?

ask2chainz993 karma

first kid to pop in my mind is the kid from Beasts of no nation

SpankyJackson306 karma

What's your favorite food?

ask2chainz862 karma

if u listen to my raps im sure u can pick that out

WorkIsForReddit296 karma

All jokes aside, when are you coming back to the Bay Area?

ask2chainz546 karma

september 4th

rbraunz193 karma

Have you put any thought into making any more music with Mannie Fresh?

Gotta lotta and Used 2 are both bangers and seriously bring back that 2000 era cash money flow.

ask2chainz277 karma

always working with Mannie ..he did Gotta lotta on Collegrove

tjakositz184 karma

Most Expensivest Shit is of my favorite series ever. What expensive shit was straight up ridiculous in your opinion?

ask2chainz377 karma

alot of that shit is ridiculous period ... watch the episodes i give my honest opinion at the end

nived503180 karma

Who's an upcoming artist you'd love to get in the studio with? Oh, and can you please hint at your next project, cause you steady doing work. Thanks'

ask2chainz371 karma

smoke break is my next project ..short Ep will surprise ppl

TesticleMeElmo174 karma

Tity Boi! What are your thoughts on Nardwuar after being interviewed by him? It seemed during the interview you weren't really in the best mood or weren't feeling his schtick, but he definitely did some crazy research

ask2chainz311 karma

i dont quite recall that interview

LmedinaOFWG130 karma

Understatement off the tru realigion mixtape is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Do listen to any of your older records? And how excited are you to put out a more personal record later this year?

ask2chainz223 karma

i revisit and listen every once in a while but im more into creating new music... im excited about my next LP its therapeutic working on it


Hey 2Chainz, big fan of your music and also Most Expensivist Shit. I was wondering if you actually own any of the stuff that you saw while filming besides?

ask2chainz285 karma

yes i do, Trappy is from the show, have a piece of furniture and lots of weed

kibakanyi51 karma

What is your favorite thing you got to try out on Most Expensivest Shit!? And did you ever buy any of the things you checked out?

ask2chainz157 karma

my dog Trappy came from the show

mikeycamikey1048 karma

Mr. Chainz,

I really appreciate that you were able to go on Nancy Grace and eloquently put her in her place. She is an evil, fear mongering person who does not deserve to be heard at all. I also love your music and got down to you at Coachella 2013 at 4:20 on 4/20 it was perfect. My question is if you could do that interview over again, what would you say differently?

ask2chainz117 karma

nothing i think i handled it pretty well no regrets

BlakeTattoos25 karma

2 Chainz! Huge fan, and was really looking forward to seeing you in Little Rock a few nights ago, before people had to ruin it. Was wondering if you're going to reschedule for a show here? Also, I wanted to know who is your idol in music in general, or biggest influence?

ask2chainz47 karma

i would like to reschedule but that is all up to the promoter

CaptainLandon6 karma

Hey bro. Cant wait to watch you this september in Atlanta at Midtown. How'd you get that "Most Expensivist Shit" gig?

ask2chainz11 karma

looking forward to that show too! music midtown!!

magicmagininja3 karma

thanks for all your music mr. chainz. what restaurants sell diet codeine and salads with codeine dressing? asking for a friend.

ask2chainz25 karma

you friend dont need that

jumpmann233 karma

Has working with Kanye/GOOD Music changed the way you approach your music? Are there any ways that you guys have influenced each other that fans may not notice?

ask2chainz5 karma

yes we def influence each other in many different ways that fans wont know and thats what keeps it exciting

swagggy_p3 karma

Tity Boi

What was your favorite part of doing the Most Expensivist Shit shows?

ask2chainz7 karma

trying all that outrageous shit