Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Liza Minnelli, Pokemon, for the record all shows, Mountain Dew, Coke, Pepto Bismol, Rent, Scorpions, Foreigner, Meatloaf, Magic Balloons, and more! I've done it all and now I'm having a second coming thanks to Pokemon GO. It's changed my life. So ask me anything! Let's have fun, I'll be here until at least 2PM PST / 5PM EST.


NEW VIDEO OF MANY POKE-STYLES OF ORIGINAL SONG Check it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z28n7ByFNXA

ORIGINAL POKEROCK SKETCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VaRZRUi78U

POKEROCK LYRIC VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-P_dUIEA5o

My Proof: http://tinyurl.com/jd38jrq

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br0000d300 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Ponyta sized Psyduck or 100 Psyduck sized Ponytas?

TheJasonPaige144 karma

Thats a super advanced question. lol. I need consultation for that.

BeanieMcChimp151 karma

I'm a grown damn man and I watched Pokemon in the 90's with my kids, and I have to say -- that song is my jam! It's freakishly catchy and even inspirational. It never surprised me that the show was so successful, because it's such a perfect kid-fantasy. And the song encapsulates it perfectly! My question: at the time was it just another singing gig for you, or did you actually like the show/song too?

TheJasonPaige156 karma

I liked the song at first but when we finally did the extended version i got to really rock out. when it gets to the solo "YEAH". The show was pretty unfamiliar to us as it was only in japan at the time

Sheeny4792144 karma

How wide is your vocal range? You really nail those high notes in the Pokemon Theme song

TheJasonPaige197 karma

4 octaves and i do some throat singing that uses overtones that go in to the whistle tone maria carey range

SnuzieQ114 karma

What is your favorite place on Earth, and why?

TheJasonPaige467 karma

The sacred female and all her locations. so you could say theres many favorite places i like to visit. But the inner world is most exciting to me.

TheLieLlama301 karma


illusive000392 karma

He enjoys sex with women

TheLieLlama129 karma

No shit. Still a weird answer, considering what the question was.

TheJasonPaige217 karma

its a place on earth still but to clarify its not where you are its who your with. lol

Misterderpderp72 karma

Whose heart was so true?

TheJasonPaige175 karma

each individuals heart is true. and he or she needs to constantly be aware of that personal truth unique to each one of us.

oscarveli68 karma

Who is your favorite Pokémon?

TheJasonPaige121 karma

Pikachu is the best, he's embedded in my brain, as I hope the theme song is embedded in yours!

oscarveli27 karma

Thanks for the reply! I think the theme song might me one of the one of the most memorable songs I know.

TheJasonPaige54 karma

everytime it plays its further cemented in our minds and it gets so much play its as if weve all been programmed and with good lyrics too. I feel that way about Dont Stop Believin. its comes on and i just get swept up.

Nerdysexy55 karma

How exactly has it changed your life? What's happening?

TheJasonPaige100 karma

The fan love is enormous. I was aware of the love out there but now its just flooding in. its the most robust fan group in the world. GLobal and intentional. there are people everywhere re-experiencing their childhoods and want to reach to me and put the face to the song thats been in their heads

TheJasonPaige80 karma

Hopefully ill be singing the song live at some of these pokemon events/crawls. Possibly at Musikfest in PA the 10th. Tell me where to go to be in the center of the Poke-storm. anywhere thousands are gathered to play id love to be the underscore to that!

douglemming50 karma

Have you ever considered doing covers of Pokemon songs you didn't sing, such as 2.B.A Master or Unbeatable?

TheJasonPaige75 karma

Not yet but i will now. Ive been doing a pokemon jams on my looper. Sometimes cycling into other pokemon songs.

sumakar47 karma

Have you heard translations of your song into other languages ?what do you feel about them?

TheJasonPaige118 karma

yes. they sound funny at first..I wish they would have asked me to sing them. I'd know 30plus languages by now.

Mayster10128 karma

You recently posted a studio version of the original theme on your YouTube, including the tv version and the full version. There's been some controversy that the full version video used the original audio and not the studio audio, while the tv show version clearly had the studio audio, is there an explanation that a lot of us missed? Thanks so much!

Tv theme: http://youtu.be/xx2cxo8WQoM Full theme: http://youtu.be/fCkeLBGSINs

TheJasonPaige36 karma

i rerecorded the whole song to make sure it didnt get flagged as some of my vids w Pokemon song on them were removed in the past.

Gardelius23 karma

Thoughts on Digimon?

TheJasonPaige38 karma

2nd best. I have friends that love it.

Captainium19 karma

Do you play the Pokémon games on the handheld? Are you going to get Pokémon Sun or Moon?

TheJasonPaige37 karma

I have a Go acct. Caught a Charmander in my living room Amazing!

RabbitWithADHD18 karma

Will you be doing more stuff with the Rock? PokeRock is the greatest and I think it'd just be awesome to see your work along with the Rock's again.

TheJasonPaige26 karma

Id love to. Hes an amzing performer. Have to do more pushups first though.

balrogath12 karma

Did you catch them all?

TheJasonPaige31 karma

trying to catch all the fans in my social web. and empower them with my artistic efforts to help them evolve to their next stage. Each fan is like a Pokemon in need of the right elements to expand.

balrogath12 karma

What level are you in in Pokemon go?

TheJasonPaige48 karma

1st level. Once i get a better phone im gonna be advancing steadilly

shahfaisalz12 karma

Whats ur fav pokemon game of all time?

TheJasonPaige14 karma

Go! The combination of technologies to make this thing the phenom it is really interests me. Using the camera gps and other elements to get people out there. VR AR cool stuff!

BasedLx9 karma

boobs or ass?

TheJasonPaige55 karma


Doobers9 karma

Do you plan on posting any more covers? The boulevard of broken dreams one in that tunnel was great.

TheJasonPaige12 karma

Oh yes ill be rollin through some on my yt channel on a regular basis.

Godzillarex778 karma

How did you get on Hellbenders? Also you are a great singer!

TheJasonPaige6 karma

they contacted me for their xmas episode. Fun stuff. More in the future i hope.

something868 karma

Which living singer(s) do you dream of having a duet with?

TheJasonPaige15 karma

Stevie Wonder. but Steven Tyler has been asked..

TheJasonPaige15 karma

ive actually beatboxed and sung w Steven already. Cool dude

MegaMasterX7 karma

What's one project/series/show you've always wanted to work on?

TheJasonPaige28 karma

Family Guy. I love the crazy characters musical numbers its right up my alley.

Coden_Ame7 karma

I read somewhere that you accepted a one time pay for the song instead of a royalty. Is this true and if so do you feel any regret? BTW I'm a huge fan of the song :)

TheJasonPaige2 karma

no regrets "all things are as theyre supposed to be". Its a lyric to song i wrote.

infamousnick077 karma

What are you working on with the rock?

TheJasonPaige17 karma

Poke -Rock parody song just dropped its really cool. Hes blowin it up! I sang it and am in the vid.

Tp951127 karma

Would you ever post the full version you sang without the original dubbed over?

TheJasonPaige11 karma

yes i will. It needs a better video ill be workin on. maybe using some fans in it.

mnsportsfan936 karma

Do you have any funny stories from the sets you have worked on?

TheJasonPaige13 karma

I do a show called For The Record. We do remixes of a particular director on stage. We were doing Scorsese and in the Gangs of NY part there was a fire lit glass of alcohol i delivered to a fellow actor that he was supposed to blow out after a speech. when he went to blow it out he blew too hard and the flaming liquid shot out of the glass onto the audience lit an audience member that we quickly put out it was crazy. no one was hurt. but the actor burned his facial hair. Live theater.

AustinTejas5 karma

I loved the songs you made for the 2012 election, is there any chance of more this year?

TheJasonPaige34 karma

Im staying away from the clown show and hope people wake up and play mor pokemon go than the circus of this election cycle. Designed to distract you

mariosmentor5 karma

You also sang the song Viridian City, right? What's your favorite line from that song?

TheJasonPaige8 karma

"meet my friends along the way" great track

TheJasonPaige7 karma

its like the theme another song about self empowerment and using your powers to expand yourself and others

cairnzy4 karma

Looking at the music scene over the past 15 years, there have been some really awesome vocalists in all genres, both as single artists and fronting a band. If you had to pick 5 of the best vocalists over that period, who'd be your choices?

TheJasonPaige7 karma

Ty Taylor, Von Smith, Shoshana Bean, Laura Dickinson, Steven Tyler,

TheJakeSperl4 karma

Have you watched Pokemon in their original Japanese dub?

TheJasonPaige11 karma

I have been to japan in 2000 and saw it there. along with the many pokemon stores.

pipi553 karma

What would be your dream project? If you could work with anyone on anything, what would that be?

TheJasonPaige15 karma

Superbowl Halftime show. Come on. You know you want it.

pipi554 karma

Haven't thought about it but you're totally right! Can somone here start a petition?

Thanks for the answer!

TheJasonPaige3 karma

do it!

zsawq13 karma

If you could change one thing about the pokemon theme song, what would it be?

TheJasonPaige13 karma

I'd make it longer add a proper bridge.

phunnie3 karma

Thanks for doing this! So awesome of you to spend time with us today!

Are you for or against evolving your Pikachu? And why?

TheJasonPaige15 karma

evolving is what we all must do even if it takes us on a different path away from familiar things. we have to support the best in each other. My friends are like pokemon in my life and i use my superpowers to help them evolve and meet the challenges in their lives.

ClawofBeta3 karma

What do you think about the XY remix of the song?

Or about the XYZ Japanese theme, sung by Ash's Japanese voice actor?

What Pokemon games have you played?

Thanks for hosting this AMA!

TheJasonPaige18 karma

pretty cool. A little dry. I liked metalicas cover that was cool

Marc15103 karma

How did you get to sing the Pokemon theme song? Did you have any input yourself?

TheJasonPaige6 karma

i sang a bunch of tag lines to eventually settled on the take we used. we discussed what the vocal should sound like. it was a good collaboration.

pingmulan823 karma

When will you do another performance from a tree? Because I think that was my favorite performance to date. :)

TheJasonPaige4 karma

Wow. Love singing in trees. that was a classic moment for my for the record family

nuclearpengu1nn3 karma

Misty or Serena?

TheJasonPaige13 karma

Misty or Serena Misty i like red heads

BattleFrankyXXXVIIII3 karma

What is your least favorite Pokemon?

TheJasonPaige8 karma

Theres too many to make that determination. But The Squirtle room greeter that sang the theme song tag use to bug the shit outta me. My grandparents had it in their house and itd go off every time id walk by.

Theonederice2 karma

I have heard The Rock is the nicest guy in the business? Can you confirm with an example?

TheJasonPaige10 karma

Oh yes has tweeted and included me and my efforts in 2 videos instagrammed about me. And his staff if great too.

MUville2 karma

Do you play pokemon go? If so, what team are you?

noob62211 karma

what team are you?

Answer this very, very carefully, Jason. It will determine the fate of this AMA and your career.

TheJasonPaige19 karma

Hoping to choose Valor once i get to level 5

RogerMooresEyebrows2 karma

What was it like working with Michael Jackson in 1991? (i mean 2001)

TheJasonPaige6 karma

dunno. I worked w him in 2001. It was monumental. hes in my dna.

TheJasonPaige7 karma

id heard him sooooo many times. when we were in a small rehearsal room hearing his voice in person it was a vibration that went straight to my heart and soul.

NotCoolNickname2 karma

What games are you usually playing ?

TheJasonPaige9 karma

I play an improv gam on my looper where i lay a beat down and people try to sing song over the beats. then i do bass and other things underneath to accompany them. i call it Loopeoke.

Nintenman012 karma

Have you played any of the recent pokemon games? Are you excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon?

TheJasonPaige5 karma

i excited to get GO on my new phone and catch up w it all. the game needs more power

Favre992 karma

What was your favorite project that you've worked on?

TheJasonPaige6 karma

my beatles gospel nativity concert yearly at OpenFist theater LA. the beatles songs tell the nativity story with a gospel choir of 45 i put together. it gets better every year.

DonKingsHair2 karma

Hey Jason- So if you could explain it to me, do you see royalties or residuals or anything like that when you recorded the song? Or is it a lump sum? I don't mean to pry, but I am genuinely interested in that side of the business.

TheJasonPaige5 karma

check the billboard.com article for deatils.

shahfaisalz2 karma

Are u up to date with the pokemon movies, games and the tv show?

TheJasonPaige11 karma

Who is ? theres so many. Ill have to spend the next year catchin up

SnuzieQ2 karma

How do you feel about Bitcoin?

TheJasonPaige4 karma

Gotta cash em all "Bitcoin" i have a bitcoin pokemon lyric im gonna sing soon. Its a really revolutionary technology that gonna invisibly change the way finance works globally.

cairnzy2 karma

A quick political question. I know you're more libertarian and hate the establishment parties who have done little for the common person in terms of socioeconomic progress. What do you say to people who are still voting for Clinton despite the clear evidence the primaries were rigged? And how do you think we get third choices to be more successful given the media struggles?

TheJasonPaige9 karma

Support 3rd parties if they appeal to you. But the best thing to do is to not give them your energy and attention. they all have corporate sponsors who are selling products at the end of the line. Polititians aren't really going to give you the things they promise anyway. They are beholden to $. just try to be self reliant and wherever you need a service from the govt try to get it elsewhere.

CardStealer2 karma

Not a question, but I would just like you to know that me and my brother have loved pokemon our entire lives, but my 14 year old sister hates pokemon yet won't stop singing that opening song. Driving my family to the brink of insanity.

Actually... I do have a question. How do I get my sister to SHUT UP?

TheJasonPaige6 karma

You dont. Lol. you sing with her start a band and write the next pokemon fan album to play at pokemon crawl events

Saixak2 karma

Have you made a lot of money with your legendary song? P.S. Thank you for doing one of the themes that best captures my childhood!

TheJasonPaige13 karma

It was a buy out. A lot for the time spent but not in relation to how much happiness its created.

Saixak6 karma

If it was in relation to how much happiness the song created, you would have more money than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined, enough to buy your own country and rule as Pokemon Master.

TheJasonPaige15 karma

In my dream world happiness i the currency i deal in.

mattgmann1 karma

If the Rock were a Pokemon, would you still think you'd be an interesting AMA?

TheJasonPaige3 karma

Of course. He just tweeted about this. Great guy.

Jamey41 karma

Random question for you; Have you done any work in Las Vegas before? If not, would you like to? :)

TheJasonPaige2 karma

Yes did the FOR THE RECORD Baz show at Mandalay bays Light last year. its at the Palazzo now and might be coming through with my own show in a couple weeks. Lots of friends there.

Frajer1 karma

Do you still want to be the very best?

TheJasonPaige5 karma

yes. its taking more and more energy to do

[deleted]1 karma


TheJasonPaige2 karma

lol. Perhaps. If I use singing to distract him.

cairnzy0 karma

It's my day off, so will be asking a fair few. Did you happen to do a cover of Canned Heat on YouTube?

TheJasonPaige6 karma

yup thats me. Love that song. They wanted a sound alike. so i did my best Jamiraqui.

TheJasonPaige1 karma

Also did Walkie talkie man too

cairnzy0 karma

Deciding question - What do you think of Paramore, and Hayley Williams in terms of music and what they've done so far?

TheJasonPaige2 karma

Paramore, and Hayley Williams Shes a pokemon charater come to life. pretty cool, id love to work with her.