My short bio: I am a comedic actress, singer and impressionist from Coral Springs, FL. I recently starred in the MTV docu-series, Todrick, alongside YouTube star Todrick Hall. I worked as Todrick's assistant for 3 years before landing MADtv. I also appeared on USA's First Impressions with Dana Carvey. I currently live in Los Angeles and am in the midst of production for the new MADtv.

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Will you guys revive "Lowered Expectations"?

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Are there any super hot black guy writers on the show?

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Hi Carl

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Thank you guys so much! I had a blast answering y'all's questions. Definitely make sure to tune into the show, these next couple episodes are killer and you will see some familiar faces :)

The all-new MADtv airs every Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW! Or you can watch full episodes and clips here:

To follow my journey here are my socials! insta/twitter @carliecraig snapchat @carliecraigtho

all the love homies! thanks again for the good times xo

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I was a big fan of the old show and preferred it over SNL (the only one outta my friends) What was the audition like for MADtv?

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I went in to audition for producers at the end of April. I had to bring in three original characters and whatever impressions I had. I didn't have any original characters so I made those up the night before but brought in five of my impressions: Ariana Grande, Kristin Chenoweth, Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears. After that initial session, casting brought us all in in groups to basically chemistry test and see how we worked together. I think I went in about four times before the actual network test for the CW. I found out I booked the gig two days after the test. The whole process took about a month and a half.

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Was "Princess Polly" one of the original characters you made up?

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Yes! Princess Polly is an original character I brought into the audition. She started as "The Party Princess Who Takes Her Job Too Seriously" and is based on girls I have worked alongside as a party princess. I have done probably 75-100 birthday parties on the side since I've lived in LA... I have worked many random gigs to survive in this city!

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Congrats on the mad tv gig! Is there a lot of pressure to be like the original mad tv or is the new version of the show going to be totally different?

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The pressure is lifted because we have such incredible support from the original cast members of MADtv. They come back each week to guest star on episodes and they have all been nothing but delightful and welcoming. So far we've had Ike Barinholtz, Bobby Lee, Will Sasso, Nicole Sullvan, among others that I cannot reveal quite yet! The new version of this show is a nice blend of old and new.

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What's that dog's name?

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Does he do any tricks?

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not yet but I'm hoping he gets his shit together so I can get him into doggy show business and make millions

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Why aren't you Artie Lange?

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I ask myself this question in the mirror every morning.

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Will we see Ariana Grande or Iggy Azalea on MADtv soon?

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you can look forward to Ariana for sure:

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I went to school with Taylor, cool to see you here. What was your "oh shit I've made it" moment?

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My first live taping with MADtv was a very surreal experience... I guess I could relate it to how people describe their wedding day. It came and went very quickly.

It has always been my dream to work as an actor on a sketch show, so to be transformed into four or five different characters over the course of just a few hours and perform them in front of an audience was a whirlwind. It was all the hard work coming to a head in one night. I definitely felt very special and like I "made it" that night. I pinch myself everyday... this is my job!

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when did madtv come back?

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The show premiered last Tuesday on July 26 and episode two aired last night!

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Have you ever done shots of wine?

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guilty as charged

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How were you approached for the job? Do you write and pitch your own sketches for the show or how does that process work at Madtv

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There is an open door policy with the writers on the show, so we can approach the show runner or writers at any time with ideas and concepts for sketches.

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How does one deal with narcissistic dickheads in show business?

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Luckily, I haven't encountered too many, but it's definitely important to have a strong sense of self and stand by your beliefs in this business. As an actor, I have definitely faced people who want to "change" me to fit their mold. I have heard things like "you're not quirky enough", etc. Very important to stay grounded in who you are and what you believe is great.

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Will classic characters (i.e. Ms Swan) be appearing?

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We have filmed a couple of classic character sketches with original cast members, but I can't say! Ah!

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Can you tell us about any other cast members?

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Our cast is stacked with talent, they are great company to be in. All extraordinary in their own way. Here is a brief overview:

Chelsea Davison is a ginger angel on earth with all the writing skills and a killer Lena Dunham impression.

Lyric Lewis is currently in the Main Company at The Groundlings theatre in LA, incredible improvisor who truly holds her own next to the original cast members.

Michelle Ortiz is a latina firecracker who trained as an opera singer, homegirl's got vocal skills and is HILARIOUS.

Adam Ray is big bro. He's an incredibly successful stand-up comic around town and recently voiced Slimer in the new Ghostbusters.

Amir K is also a successful comic and can rock a man bun like nobody's business. His physicality when he performs cracks me up on the daily.

Piotr Michael is an impressionist and I'm convinced he is from another planet. He can impersonate nearly everyone, he's done loads of voices for The Howard Stern show for a few years now. Donald Trump, particularly.

Jeremy D. Howard is outrageous in the best way. He says whatever comes to his mind and is a truly fearless performer.

Again, honored to be working with these folks.

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What's one of your favorite MADtv sketches?

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I really loved the music video parodies, particularly Trapped in the Cupboard. I would watch them over and over in high school until I had them memorized.

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What was your first acting job, and how did you get into the business?

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My first acting job out of college where I was actually paid to act was a guest spot on TLC's "OMG... We Should Have Eloped". I broke into the business by working behind-the-scenes first. I started as a post-production PA at a reality TV company called Renegade83 (Naked and Afraid, Capture, First Impressions). After working there for 5 months or so, I met Todrick Hall and quit my job to assist him full-time.

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Would you shave your head for a heated pool to be built at your home?

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Depends on how big the pool would be

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How much competition is there between writers to get sketches in the show? In what ways is that beneficial or potentially damaging?

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I am not a writer so I can't speak for them, but what I have gathered is that the environment is truly collaborative. Everyone works together to develop strong sketches.

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I got into improv when I was in grad school.

Did you do improv ever? Have any good stories? Of any social group I've ever been a part of, improv has far and away the best people.

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I am part of a Musical Improv team here in town called Musical! The Musical! We do fully improvised musicals based on an audience suggestion. It's a great group of talented pals. We have so much fun.

If you love improv, I definitely recommend checking out the new movie "Don't Think Twice". It's a really neat take on being part of an improv team and where your different paths can lead you.


After reading a few articles the ratings didn't seem in the show, or networks, favor. Are you guys doing more to promote the series? Are you skeptical at all how long it will last or confident it will pick up?

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I am confident as the episodes air, people are going to slowly but surely fall in love with the new version of the show. Now that we have been bonding as a cast, the material is getting stronger and our chemistry is getting better. We were all essentially strangers before we began production so it's taking us time to find our groove. Also, the original cast members give us that extra boost of familiarity that I think will work in the shows favor as it continues to air.

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Are there any plans for cameos of old cast members bringing back any of their characters? Ms. Swan, Coach Hines, etc.?

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some have already been filmed! I am stoked for more episodes to air

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Cup size?

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I liked the original MAD TV and felt it had a good run. Do you feel any added pressure because this show once existed already?

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I think what the new MADtv brings is super fresh. We all love the classics, but there is so much room to play now that social media is around and lots of change is happening with gender and race equality. It's a completely different era now and a lot has changed in the seven years that the show has been off the air.

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Hey is the show going to be different now? I remember this show as a kid being a cast of minorities making fun of minorities. We would watch it before going out clubbing and we would laugh not at the jokes but at how heavy handed the skits were on race. It's like watching George Lopez do stand up but with actors as his back up mimes. I'm actually surprised it's back!

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The cast is pretty diverse which is nice! There is a lot of room to mix and match and play. As we're getting more comfortable with one another as a cast, our material is getting edgier and more playful.

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Are you a brother of Daniel Craig?

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caught me

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do you know chris bruce? he wishes you the best

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doesn't ring a bell

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jk hello wonderful Chris

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I was in the studio audience for the first taping of the original MADtv. Will you say hey to everyone for me?

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I will send my love! xo

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Is there a huge amount of pressure to live up to the old MADtv standards?

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We all want to do the show proud, so of course there is a little pressure. But again, the original cast has been nothing but welcoming and warm to us newbies. We are having fun.

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Doritios cool ranch or nacho cheese flavored?

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Cooler Ranch

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Is your favorite color potato?

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probably gold

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CARLIEEEE! I love your characters! How do you come up with such strong funny points of view for them?

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Hi sweetheart. Thank you so much. I base my characters off of different voices I have done to make my friends laugh. A lot of the comedy comes from just rambling in a voice until I develop some sort of POV for them. i.e. The tone of Princess Polly's voice led to her point of view that the world is perfect and all rainbows and butterflies.

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If I come to LA, can I crash at your place?

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I am homeless at the moment