The Rock Against the TPP tour is a nationwide series of concerts, protests, and teach-ins featuring high profile performers and speakers working to educate the public about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and bolster the growing movement to stop it. All the events are free.

See the full list and lineup here: Rock Against the TPP

The TPP is a massive global deal between 12 countries, which was negotiated for years in complete secrecy, with hundreds of corporate advisors helping draft the text while journalists and the public were locked out. The text has been finalized, but it can’t become law unless it’s approved by U.S. Congress, where it faces an uphill battle due to swelling opposition from across the political spectrum. The TPP is branded as a “trade” deal, but its more than 6,000 pages contain a wide range of policies that have nothing to do with trade, but pose a serious threat to good jobs and working conditions, Internet freedom and innovation, environmental standards, access to medicine, food safety, national sovereignty, and freedom of expression.

You can read more about the dangers of the TPP here. You can read, and annotate, the actual text of the TPP here. Learn more about the Rock Against the TPP tour here.

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This AMA features all of the organizers and artists behind Rock Against the TPP, plus policy experts on TPP.