This is our maiden voyage for Kings of Con at Comic-Con, hop on board.

This is part of a series of AMAs live at the San Diego Comic-Con


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SonicPineapple11 karma

Very important, very serious question here.

Did the monkey poop on Misha?

Kings_of_Con15 karma

Rich: Nope.

Rob: Unfortunately, no. We tried.

nefilimeva18 karma

Hi! Why are you so kind? how do you deal with anger?

Kings_of_Con15 karma

Rob: Well, jeez. We're not kind all the time. Occasionally our angry sides come out. For Rich it's usually before he's had his morning coffee.

Rich: For Rob it's when the sun is out.

idontlikemylastname8 karma

Hi guys! I was at NJCon last fall and Rob was an awesome host, even though we all missed Rich :) My question is, how much of the show is going to be based on real experiences you've had, and how much is entirely fictional? Thanks!

Kings_of_Con11 karma

Rich: There is a lot of fiction in the show but almost every episode has something bizarre that really happened to us. Either behind the scenes or on the floor.

We won't always say what event it happened at, that's the easter egg. Figuring out what event it happened at.

SonicPineapple7 karma

What were the biggest hurdles in getting this show made?

Kings_of_Con7 karma

Rich: Finding the producing partners that shared our vision and was willing to help us make the show we wanted to make and push it out to a larger audience than we could reach on our own.

homo_natural7 karma

When will the hate for Perth ever stop??? (also I love you both dearly and my GISHWHES team is actually called #RobHatesPerth so yep yep <3)

Kings_of_Con12 karma

Rob: It's hard to give a specific answer on that seeing as though the hate never really began. I will state again for the record that I love the city of Perth and I can't wait to visit it someday.

Rich: So is this an apology?

Rob: I'm not speaking to you for the rest of the day.

klamonic17 karma

Hey guys, if you could potray any character on Supernatural besides your character, who would you want to potray?

Kings_of_Con17 karma

Rich: The Darkness

Rob: The Trickster

kian13harkness7 karma

Ok so, for fan fiction purposes, what does Rob smell like??

Kings_of_Con23 karma

Rich: Fear and leather.

kian13harkness5 karma

Rob, any comment? P.S I stopped breathing for a whole 30 seconds after seeing this.

Kings_of_Con15 karma

Rob: first thought was, "he's spot on about the fear and pretty on the nose about the leather as well". I do like leather...I mean jackets. I'm afraid of pretty much everything.

shikarazali_5 karma

What is your favourite thing about travelling around the world? Anything in particular you love about Australia? :)

Kings_of_Con10 karma

Rich: I think Sydney Opera House is one of the prettiest buildings I've ever seen in my entire life.

Rob: Yeah we make it a thing every time we're in Sydney.

Rich: Mmmm...and the lights festival that's there it's ridiculous. What's it called?

Rob: Lights Festival

Rich: City of Lights. Lighthouse.

Rob: [sighs]

Rich: Light Your Fire.

Rob: We love traveling around the world. We travel well together as a group.

Rich: We're lucky we all genuinely get along. The trips are fun. Getting there is as much fun as being there.

svrcknrll5 karma

Hey guys! How do you usually cheer up on a bad day?? love you guys!

Kings_of_Con8 karma

Rich: If I'm really bummed out about something, I'll just go for run. Exercise helps me clear my head.

Rob: I'll just go to a movie.

Rich: About a man going on a run.

surfaceofthesea5 karma

Hey there! What was your most surprising experience during filming Kings of Con? Love you both!

Kings_of_Con7 karma

Rich: I would say how much fun the guest star have. We had so many great mega talent people come in to essentially do us a favor and they had a great time. Better than we ever thought.

rizzo875 karma

Hi, guys! :) Will any of yall's musical talent be featured on the show?

Kings_of_Con13 karma

From Both: Rob Benedict's band Louden Swain will be doing the theme song and one other song.

lifeisgood595 karma

Hi Kings! Who are a few of some of your more old school comedic influences?

Kings_of_Con7 karma

Rich: I'm a huge Steve Martin fan. Hands down, he was the biggest comedic influence. Steve Martin and early Letterman.

Rob: Same. Early Saturday Night Live for me. Early Chevy Chase and his movies.

Rich: Oh yeah Fletch. I was a Fletch addict as a child.

LadyKeldana5 karma

Hi guys! How many episodes did you film for the first season, and how long did it take you to film each episode? It seemed to go by very quickly on twitter!

Kings_of_Con13 karma

Rich: We shot 145 pages in 16 days. Culminates into 9 episodes of about 20 minutes each. And we block shot - so we shot in order of location and not episodes.

Rob: We already shot the pilot so when it's released there will be ten new episodes.

Lord_Gerbs5 karma

Having just become aware of and enamored with Louden Swain this year, I am so incredibly happy that you make music. Truly.

  1. What is your song-writing process like? Do you write as a band, mostly by yourself, or farm out all of the work to Jim Beaver?

  2. Do any of the SPN cast/crew listen to your albums? Follow up: If not, how did they get so broken?

I really enjoyed the music video that Richard directed too!

Kings_of_Con14 karma

Rob: So my songwriting process is, I usually write 80% of the songs on acoustic guitar and then bring it to the band and they fill it out and help orchestrate it. The rest of the time are songs that are just born out of jams and I add lyrics. It's an extremely cathartic process.

The Supernatural cast has been incredibly supportive of the band. Every time we play the Saturday Night Special, all of the actors sit back stage and watch if they're not on stage jamming with us. The whole experience with the cast has been really rewarding. I look forward to singing one of Jim Beaver's songs very soon.

Rich: God willing, with Jim Beaver.

sannelol5 karma

What is the funniest joke anyone has ever told you?

Kings_of_Con11 karma

Rich: Impossible to say.

Rob: Really?

Rich: Yes.

Rob: Come on.


Rob: I actually can't say it in this forum because it's not....PG.

Rich: Knock knock. Who's There? Shamp. Shamp-who?

theflangereturns5 karma

Hiya from the UK, what's your favourite tune to rock out to, both on stage and in the shower?

Kings_of_Con10 karma

Rich: On the drive to Kings of Con every day, I'm listening to "Dio" by Tenacious D

Rob: I like to rock out to "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers. iN the car, I like to get a little more moody. I'm rocking out to the new Radiohead. My car is literally like my chapel. It's like my safety boat.

cutierobandrich5 karma

How is your day going so far? :)

Kings_of_Con7 karma

Rich: Good thanks! Yours?

Rob: Great!

sssneakysnake4 karma

So I'm going to my first convention in October (in Atlanta!) and, since you guys are the KINGS of Con, do y'all have any advice for me to get the most out of my experience?

I can't wait to see you guys, by the way! :)

Kings_of_Con11 karma

Rich: Hydrate. Go to karaoke. And go to the Saturday Night Special.

cutierobandrich4 karma

Hope you guys have fun today! I wanted to say its my friend Lilly's birthday today and she adores Rob (sorry rich!) so please wish her a happy birthday? I would like to ask, will Rich ever get snapchat? Love you both so much :)

Kings_of_Con13 karma

Rob: Happy birthday Lilly from Rob...and not Rich.

Rich: Not true! Happy birthday from Rob....and company. Rob plus one.

Rob: And the rest a la Gilligan's Island.

Rob (again): Rich, the real elephant in the room is will you be getting SnapChat?

Rich: I don't know man...

Rob: He's says that and yet he's glued to his phone. You can't have lunch with guy without -

Rich: -This is Rob making stuff up.

NefSPN314 karma

Hey guys! Will there be any way besides the ComicCon app/website to see #KingsOfCon?

Kings_of_Con8 karma

Comic-Con HQ is also available through Amazon and Roku.

walkSMASHwalk4 karma

Hi Rob & Rich. What are your spirit animals? :)

Kings_of_Con15 karma

Rich: Otter

Rob: My spirit animal is the squirrel from Ice Age

sssneakysnake3 karma

What have you found is the hardest part of making a show on your own? Is it majorly taxing to your creative brains or do the ideas just flow?

Kings_of_Con10 karma

Rich: I think we found it creatively stimulating and fun the whole way through. It was a great opportunity. We were fighting tooth and nail to get our own show so when we got the opportunity we enjoyed it the whole way through.

Rob: It was creatively uplifting

blueeyesvintage3 karma

Hey there!! My friend Savannah adores you both, but Rich has her heart. Can you write a love poem to her? She'd freak. 😉

Kings_of_Con15 karma

Rob (to Rich): I'm going to say the first line and you're going to say the second.

Rob: My name is Rich and normally my heart is made of ice

Rich: Today I decided to be exceptionally nice to the young girl named Savannah who contacted me online.

Rob: I say to her, "normally I'm doing crappy, but today I'm just fine"

Rich: So thank you, Savannhh for your kind words. Love, a couple of Nice Guys.

DaRaabherself3 karma

Hi!! Im from sweden and Im a HUUGE fan!! I was wondering: Can you say something in Swedish or do you know any people from here and are you participating in Gishwhes? / E

Kings_of_Con14 karma

Rob: We ARE supporting Gishwhes but we are not on a team.

Rich: Nor can we pronounced Gishweishiss [sp].

Stacyjospn3 karma

Are there any actors you wanted & tried to get on the show but couldn't because of schedules & availability?

Kings_of_Con6 karma

Rich: Yeah, but we will leave those names unrevealed in case we get them in the future.

sannelol3 karma

What's your favorite tropical fruit? :)

Kings_of_Con9 karma

Rob: I like a good pineapple.

Rich: The kiwi.

haymmcgowan2 karma

How much real experience from cons did you use ?

Kings_of_Con5 karma

Rob: There's at least one experience per episode that is based on reality or inspired by. Some of the stories I think fans who have been following Rich and me will recognize because we've been telling them live.

Rich: All the stories in the show are drawn from being together at conventions.

Yanthoan2 karma

Is it going to be on tv or online?

Kings_of_Con7 karma


Rich: But if you watch it on your TV it will be on TV.

haymmcgowan2 karma

So what would it take to get Rob to wear #whitepants to SPNDALLAS?

Kings_of_Con12 karma

Rob: The thing about wearing white pants is you really gotta pick and choose. You CAN overwear white pants. I feel like I've got two spots a year to wear white pants.

Rich: And you've got after labor day and then every time you wash them...

Rob: The real question is when is Rich going to wear white pants?

Rich: Never.

Joz-Bowls2 karma

Where can I watch the show?

Kings_of_Con2 karma

Rich: Comic-Con HQ! The premium digital network at

Rob: And you will also be able to access it through Amazon and Roku

lizziespnfan12 karma

How did you guy come up with the name kings of con?

Kings_of_Con5 karma

Rich: That's interesting. We were just spitballing names and that one just stuck. The characters we are actually playing are not batting a thousand. We thought there was a certain irony to calling ourselves kings when the characters are floundering in that universe.

bigblackkittie1 karma

Hi guys! I know (and love) you both from Supernatural, but what exactly is Kings of Con?

Kings_of_Con10 karma

Rob: Kings of Con is a scripted show loosely based on our actual experiences behind the scenes at Supernatural fan conventions. Ultimately it's a show about Rich and my quirky friendship. We play heightened versions of ourselves.

Rich: In the vein of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Louis C. K.