Helllloooo! This is the official AMA for legendary UK entertainers THE CHUCKLE BROTHERS

From their TV show CHUCKLEVISION to their famous catchphrase "TO ME! TO YOU!", everyone in the UK knows and loves the Chuckle Brothers.


Both Barry & Paul are here to answer your questions.

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gostan524 karma

In Wombwell, Barnsley, there's a shop next to the roundabout that is colloquially referred to as the chuckle brothers shop because apparently one of you used to own it. Is this true? I've heard a few people who say it isn't true and it's just a rumour. I'm a firm believer that it's true though.

FASNASTIC671 karma

Barry: That is true, and I owned it about 15 years ago Paul: More than that! Barry: About 20 years ago, my wife used to run it while I was away working on shows Paul: And when we weren't working Barry would help out in the shop as well!

LoveRage463 karma

What's it like being global sex symbols?

FASNASTIC915 karma

Paul: What do you think Barry? Barry: Its rather flattering! Paul: Just goes to show you don't need those rippling muscles Barry: What like I do?

Heknarf450 karma

Hey Barry and Paul,

How much of a nightmare does moving house become when your removal men realise who you are?

FASNASTIC588 karma

Barry: It is actually quite flattering as they always recognise us right away, and as soon as they start they do their TO ME! TO YOU! business!

Paul: I had it once and they said they usually always do TO ME! TO YOU! but they daren't do it when I was around!

moviemana365 karma

You did a charity music video with Tinchy which came completely out of nowhere (and was awesome). How did it come about?

Also, is it possible for any two British people to move a bit of furniture without doing a "to me, to you" impression?

FASNASTIC394 karma

We did celebrity juice together, we were on the same gang, and I got on like wildfire with him and we had a laugh all day - so did Barry! Afterwards we exchannged phone numbers and I was tweeting selfies with tinchy and people were asking when the track was coming out! So I phoned tinchy and he said funnily enough i'm getting the same, So he said why don't we release a track togetehr? The idea was it would just be put out on instagram and twitter as a bit of fun, but it turned out really well so SBTV took it out for charity!

RupeyDoop274 karma

Do you want to come to my birthday party next Saturday?

FASNASTIC385 karma

Both: Yes.

pkd171235 karma

To me?

FASNASTIC382 karma

Barry: To You! Paul: And To You from Paul!

PopeGregoryIX220 karma

Do you chaps have any plans to enter Robot Wars?

FASNASTIC234 karma

Both: No.

TheRamadu192 karma

What was it like going around the UK touring your song at universities where many attendees had grown up watching Chucklevision?

FASNASTIC239 karma

Paul: We enjoy it! Its really really fabulous.... it makes you feel good they loved you growing up, and still do

kayozz190 karma

If you could elect someone as a third Chuckle brother, who would it be?

FASNASTIC650 karma

Barry: Billy Pearce another Yorkshire comedian Paul: Ed Milliband

PopeGregoryIX166 karma

How would you explain Chucklevision to someone outside the UK who has lived their life sadly deprived of it?

FASNASTIC471 karma

Paul: Two guys trying to do jobs as well as they can -- but doing it more like how a couple of seven year olds would do it

kayozz146 karma

How often does someone shout 'to you, to me' at you in the street?

FASNASTIC339 karma

Barry: Every single day. Without exception. Paul: Every abroad on holiday.

DirtyEnglander145 karma

Any plans on bringing out a feature-length film in the near future?

FASNASTIC267 karma

Paul: We wish! If anyone there has money... we'll do it Barry: People keep asking us all the time, we'd love to

Jaysunderland138 karma

You played a real life version of Hitman, what was that like?

FASNASTIC202 karma

Paul: Absolutely loved it! Something very different Barry: We went down there and it was like virtual reality, it was really good! We thought it would be like a cartoon version but it was real actors so very life like Paul: And they weren't with us, the actors were down on the south cost somewhere and we were in London

mitch1983120 karma

Will you come up to Scotland to do the Edinburgh Fringe one day?

FASNASTIC424 karma

Paul: I think we wouldn't mind doing it! We might next year! Barry: Well you're the only one with a fringe Paul: A Fringe? Barry: Yes a fringe Paul: No THE fringe in Scotland Barry: yes we might do it!

sideb60112 karma

Wasn't there a rumour that Barry died a while ago? Did you ever see the internet rumours?

FASNASTIC299 karma

Barry: Yes its happened a couple of times. I had to do a television interview to set it right. But it upsets a lot of people when they do that. Paul: Its upsetting for us and our families when they do that

pkd17196 karma

What will you do when Rotherham United finally make it into the Premier League?

FASNASTIC267 karma

Barry: Will probably have a heart attack Paul: I don't think we will live into the 2050's

shaved_banana89 karma

I've seen a bunch of people take pictures with you and share it on social media, but what is the funniest or most unexpected time someone recognised you in your day to day life?

FASNASTIC366 karma

Paul: Gents toilets. Standing next to me, someone turns and says "oh your the Chuckle Brother" - wet leg

Jaysunderland87 karma

Who is funnier, Paul or Barry?

FASNASTIC199 karma

Paul: Barry was always the comedian in the act up until Chucklevision and it was only then I started Barry: Yes in pantomime and things I usually get the laughs Paul: I am whats known as the "feed"

HideTheGarlic60 karma

Were the rumours of a 3D film in production true?

FASNASTIC113 karma

Paul: Yes! It was all setup to do, then crash hit, as the government threw away all the money they had to give to make movies

Monop454 karma

Do you still tour round during freshers week? And if so will you come up to any of the Scottish Unis?!

Either way, I loved chucklevision when I used to watch it on Cbbc!


Paul: Yes, ask your universities to book us. We go all around the country. Barry: Yes

kjdemaria2353 karma

Aside from your own, do you have a particular favourite show that was on CBBC when ChuckleVision was on?

FASNASTIC123 karma

Barry: I used to like the Saturday morning shows, like Going Live and Kicking

aleximprov53 karma

Hi guys,

Is there any truth to the popular urban legend that you two are actually Father and Son (Barry is the Dad one)?


FASNASTIC124 karma

Barry: How many times have we been asked that question! Paul: No, we are brothers... Barry is the older brother

AllTheThingsSheSays53 karma

Where did the idea for "to me, to you" come from?

FASNASTIC146 karma

Paul: It was something we always did when we moved into a flat when we did a summer show or pantomime, and we just did it, not to be funny it was just to help carry Barry: No just did it Paul: And the first series of chuckle vision we had to carry some furniture into a flat so we just did it Barry: We didnt expect it to be a catchphrase

Jestabobo50 karma

Are you both doing panto again this year? Saw you do sleeping beauty in Hull a couple of years ago and it was ace!


Paul: Yes! We are in Nottingham Barry: In Jack and the Bean Stalk

RetepNamenots50 karma

On a scale of 1–10, how would you rate Rotherham's cultural scene?

FASNASTIC105 karma

Paul: Errr are we doing points as well? Decimals? Barry: Up to us! Paul: Well if New York Stadium is counted, thats a 10 out of 10 for that, fabulous stadium Paul: So.... 5? What do you say Barry: Yes a 5! Paul: But 10 out of 10 for Rotherham United

rrralphjones48 karma

Paul, Barry, if you were stranded on a desert island and one of you had to eat the other to survive, which one would start chomping first?

FASNASTIC189 karma

Paul: I am not a selfish person, if I were to eat Barry it would only last for a couple of hours... if Barry eat me, it would last a couple of months Barry: It would probably last me a year! Paul: Well in that case I change my mind....

JohnDoubleDay46 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA! I've always wondered a couple of things.

  1. Who have been your biggest inspirations for your work?
  2. Are there any television shows, sitcoms or comedians in recent years that you've taken a liking to?

I've always been a huge fan - your comedy is spontaneous, fun and pure silliness. Loved the recent Hitman video you did. Thanks!


Paul: Laurel and Hardy always my biggest inspiration Barry: Abbot and Costello were mine Paul: I like all David Walliams sketch shows Barry: I like Mrs Browns Boys

hoffi_coffi42 karma

Hello! Big fan. For how long have both of you had moustaches?

FASNASTIC112 karma

Paul:I grew mine when I was 23 Barry: HAHAHAHA

HideTheGarlic42 karma

You guys ever thought about writing an autobiography?

MrCodeSmith41 karma

I'll do it then.

Would you rather fight 20 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?


Barry: neither. But the horse sized duck I think. Paul: yes, I think the horse sized duck in a peking sauce would be very very nice!

jimbobhas41 karma

Hello. Big fans.

Are you aware of edits people have done of classic episodes?

This one is a favourite within me and my group of friends


'I've won the jumping jackpot' is a quote we use a lot


Paul: Yes, we have seen several of them! Barry: Yes, there are some good ones.... and there are some.... weird ones!

mosw38 karma

What is your favourite episode of Chucklevision you did?

FASNASTIC110 karma

Paul: Probably the one where we play for Rotherham United

syrtus38 karma

What are your thoughts on celery as a snack?

FASNASTIC141 karma

Barry: I don't need to lose any calories

RupeyDoop36 karma

If you could do a show with any other comedy duo, who would it be?


Paul: Now or then? Probably Ant and Dec now. Going back in time, would have loved to have worked with Laurel and Hardy.

Jaysunderland36 karma

You've launched an app - with a supper addictive game - what's your highest score on it? (mine's 129)


Barry: Very good! Paul: No need to be arrogant. My best score is 80.

s0muel36 karma

What happen to the chucklemobile?


Paul: It's still in my garage! For sale to anyone who can come up with the cash! Barry: Its still there as he hasn't had me to peddle it

Jaysunderland34 karma

Where and when was your first ever performance as the chuckle brothers?


Paul: It was at the Edinburgh Palladium with Dorothy Squires Barry: In 1963

StereotypicalAussie33 karma

What cameo appearances have you most enjoyed being in? I'm assuming you've done quite a few!

FASNASTIC142 karma

Paul: My favourite one was with David Walliams on Red Nose Day, very funny, where he'd got an STD and had to go around to everyone he'd known last two years, knocked on our door and we went Both: Helllllloooooooo

VigglePiggleton30 karma

What is your opinion on pugs?

FASNASTIC112 karma

Barry: Their lovely dogs aren't they! Lovely little faces Paul: Barry would like them as he looks like one really

rrralphjones28 karma

Do you think either of you could fit an entire lemon in your mouth?


Paul: Theres times i'd like to stuff one in barrys mouth, but I don't think so Barry: No chance! Paul: He doesn't like lemons

Jaysunderland26 karma

What is your favourite catchphrase?

FASNASTIC161 karma

Paul: Oh dear, oh dear... what a silly question.

IntriguedToast20 karma

Hi Barry and Paul, Will you be collaborating with any other contemporary music artists in the future?


Paul: Yes. Watch this space.

lemonandhoney19 karma

Who is more DENCH, Paul or Barry?


Barry: Paul thinks he is! Paul: But I go out eating and drinking a lot... and boogying

Zmanofgod18 karma

What are your favourite books?


Barry: My favourite books - when I get a chance to read one -are Andy McNab books Paul: Stephen King

Thatdaftbastard15 karma

I wad always amazed by the humour and simplicity of your episodes scripts so What are your basic rules of comedy and scriptwriting?


Paul: Try to be as natural and normal as possible Barry: So it doesn't look as if you are acting, its every day life Paul: so its a natural thing to do or say

thrillmore13 karma

When and why did you grow those incredible moustaches?


Barry: We just wanted to make it a little bit different to the ordinary, as at the time, not many people had moustaches Paul: It made you look a bit more macho back in the 1960's!

Ribbonz312 karma

Hey fellas! What's the best and worst thing about working with your brother?


Paul: You can have arguments! but its lost within minutes as you are family

verstecken11 karma

To me? or to you?


Barry: This is to me Paul: To you too....?

AllTheUnknown11 karma

Could you post your earliest picture together? ... Preferably along side a recent one, and one at the peak of your show!


Paul: I will try on twitter in the next hour!

sparkyhughes8911 karma

After many happy years sharing the small screen together, I would like to know - what is the most intimate thing you have shared?


Paul: I was best man at Barrys wedding

teachanywhere10 karma

What are you two up to nowadays?


Paul: We have a new app out, which is CHUCKLE WORLD, download in the app store! We also next week start touring park resorts and holiday camps Barry: We are busier now than we have ever been Paul: Camp Bestival on the 30th of July, and Bestival Isle of Wright 10th September

stumac858 karma

What do you think of Rotherham United's chances this year?


Paul: Our chairman has put everything behind them so I think we will do well again, certainly stay in our division

Jaysunderland6 karma

what was the Bestival like?


Paul: One of the best experiences we have had Barry: There was 13,000 packed into the big top!

Heknarf6 karma

Hey Chuckle Brothers. Big fan, and used to watch your show all the time as a kid.

How did you guys and Tinchy Stryder get together to make this song? Who initiated it?


We did celebrity juice together, we were on the same gang, and I got on like wildfire with him and we had a laugh all day - so did Barry! Afterwards we exchannged phone numbers and I was tweeting selfies with tinchy and people were asking when the track was coming out! So I phoned tinchy and he said funnily enough i'm getting the same, So he said why don't we release a track together? The idea was it would just be put out on instagram and twitter as a bit of fun, but it turned out really well so SBTV took it out for charity!

HideTheGarlic3 karma

What do you guys like to watch on the box?


Paul: Coronation Street and Eastenders Barry: Would I lie to you..... Emmerdale and Coronation Street.