Hi Reddit users. I'm Eric Stonestreet, I voice Duke in The Secret Life Of Pets which is in UK cinemas June 24th. You may also know me as Cam in Modern Family. Ask me anything!


Hi guys, that's all I've got time for. Thanks for spending the morning with me in London! Be sure to go and check out The Secret Life of Pets which is in UK cinemas on 24th June. You're gona love it. Eric

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Pirate_Redbeard26 karma

You my friend,are the best gay character I've ever seen on tv. How do you do it?

Eric_Stonestreet101 karma

By not necessarily playing Cam as a gay man. I am playing him as a passionate enthusiastic man, who stops and smells the roses. I am also using my mom and her personality as a guide post.

ikarlcpfc23 karma

Hi Eric,

Massive fan of Modern Family.

What is your favourite Cam moment?

Eric_Stonestreet76 karma

Hi ikarlcpfc, It would be Cam dressed as Fizbo in season 1 at the gas station as it captures a lot of Cams personality - Clown, Defender of his love and prompt

Hieu60418 karma

Hi Eric do people mistaken you to be gay in real life?

Eric_Stonestreet88 karma

The answer is yes and I don't care

Fadiekay17 karma

Hi Eric, big fan. This seems like a really weird time to have an AMA are you IN England?

Eric_Stonestreet56 karma

You're really weird.

Fadiekay8 karma

I'm on US Pacific time so the time in LA when this started was 3:30 AM here. I'm a live in caregiver for a hospice patient so I just happened to be up because she is. Most people in the US are either asleep or, if they are on the east coast, just getting up to go to work. So just wondering if he was in England where the time would make a little more sense.

Eric_Stonestreet20 karma

I was just giving you trouble :-)

SachinBahal2815 karma

What has been your favourite part of playing Cam on Modern Family? And what would you be doing if you weren't on Modern Family?

Eric_Stonestreet36 karma

Number one - Employment! and helping to bring a character to life form the ground up. I would probably be doing the same thing I was doing for the twelve years before Modern Family, looking for work and hoping somebody would find me talented

allansc14 karma

Who is the funniest person off camera in Modern Family?

Eric_Stonestreet39 karma

I would say Sofia, she is so gosh darn funny!

Abatha19999 karma

Hi Eric

I absolutely love the first episode of Modern Family, it is without a doubt one of the best episodes of TV comedy ever written and performed.

What were your first thoughts when you read that script?

Eric_Stonestreet17 karma

When I read it I wanted to be a part of it and I was really excited when I was asked to audition for the show

HappyCreeper69 karma

Hey Eric!

Have you ever gotten any flack for being a straight man playing a gay character? (I for one assumed you were gay in real life until I started following you on social media).

Eric_Stonestreet12 karma


_tdagarim9 karma

Hey, Eric! Modern Family is my favorite comedy on TV and Cam always has me dying :) have you always been a funny guy?

Eric_Stonestreet12 karma

My parents say yes!

berkeguzelaydin9 karma

Hi Eric. What do you think about the future of your young cast members? (Modern Family)

Eric_Stonestreet26 karma

They are all very talented, young, good kids and I'm sure they will all have very bright futures.

Laura_jcrossman7 karma

Hi Eric I'm a big fan! If we were to watch the secret life of Eric Stonestreet what's the most unusual thing we'd see? x

Eric_Stonestreet19 karma

Cooking, lounging, sports and Bachelorette watching. Oh and lots of nudity

riekebob7 karma

Hi Eric, I'm the most obsessive Modern Family fan in Germany. Thank you for your work as Cam. How does it feel to be supported by millions of viewers?

Eric_Stonestreet13 karma

It feel really nice to know the show and my character touches so many people. My dream was always to make people laugh. I wana visit Germany one day!

FlamingPancakes3 karma

Hey Eric,

Who has been your favorite actor or actress to work with on Modern Family?

Eric_Stonestreet9 karma

Oliver Platt and Nathan Lane

minichippers3 karma

Hi Eric, when did you realise that Modern family was a big deal? I am coming to LA in March for first time and we hope to get a family selfie outside the Mitch & Cam house!

Eric_Stonestreet13 karma

After they showed the full pilot at the television upfronts and it got great reviews. Mitch and Cam's house is very close to Twentieth Century Fox, right off Pico Boulevard - see you there!

madamemarta3 karma

Hi Eric! Really looking forward to watching The Secret Life of Pets. How did you prepare for this role as the voice of a dog?

Eric_Stonestreet8 karma

It start with a picture of what Duke looks like and his physicality and then his point of view. I think you're really going to enjoy the movie!

SorryNoIdea2 karma

Hi Eric! I'm such a huge fan of your work on Modern Family. Cam truly is my favorite character! I figure a lot of people might ask about your personal and work life. As to me, i just want to ask you : what's your go-to joke?

Much love from Belgium!

Eric_Stonestreet15 karma

Do you know how Harry Potter gets down a hill? He jogs.

J K Rowling.


Hello Eric,

Who's your favourite character in Secret Life Of Pets?

Eric_Stonestreet5 karma

I really liked the tattooed pig!

JDP_112 karma

If you could be any TV show/movie, past present or future, which would it be?

Eric_Stonestreet9 karma

I would have liked to have been a bad guy on Magnum PI

RoosterSamurai2 karma

What is your favorite band?

Eric_Stonestreet17 karma

Hi RoosterSamurai - Van Halen, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Kings of Leon, The Kooks

JDP_112 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Eric_Stonestreet10 karma

100 duck-sized horses

bahnzaijr2 karma

Hey Eric, first off thank you for taking time to do this. I am a big fan and enjoy following you on Instagram and other social media. My first question is who is your most memorable person to scare at a baseball game, and my second is who is your inspiration regarding acting and comedy?

Eric_Stonestreet8 karma

Bryan Cranston was the most memorable person to scare. Secondly my inspirations are John Candy, John Goodman and Harvey Korman, Carole Burnett, Tim Conway and Benny Hill

outrageousbog-4 karma

Hey Eric, Love your work as Cam. I read, that Jesse Tyler has described you as 'gay-for-pay', how has it been to act as the female part, admit it - even the mothers believed you were the mother, in a homosexual relationship, even though you are straight in real life?

Eric_Stonestreet7 karma

Well you know there is history that Cam briefly dated Pepper after the passing of Pricess Di, we were both ships lost at sea in a moment of grief. But yes I do think Pepper would get back together with Cam, for a brief fling.