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Hello, reddit!

I’m Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky (/u/erOhead), here with the crew behind Pebble wearables on Kickstarter (/u/TeamPebble, /u/solomonomolos, /u/pebble-andrew, /u/_cathaines, /u/katieberry, /u/pebble-rahul, /u/sarfata).

We launched the fitness-focused, infinitely hackable Pebble core ultra-wearable and two new smartwatches (Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2) on Kickstarter today, and can't wait to do an IAmA discussing the news!

We’ll be answering as many questions as we can at 4:00 PM ET and continue occasionally after we wrap up around 5:30 PM ET.

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HanFl46 karma

Any plans for a Pebble Time Round 2?

erOhead19 karma

Not at this time.

C4D3060429 karma

damn, shot to the heart.

HanFl23 karma

Will it be possible to utilise the GPS in Pebble core, to track runs etc., without using a sim card?

TeamPebble25 karma

This is the case, yes!

Eisnaugleyuu18 karma

What was the design decision that put wireless charging in Pebble Core, and not the watches? Will there be special engravings for previous Kickstarter backers, like you did with Time? for backers who have OG and Time? Made a comment on the Kickstarter, but will ask here also: Are there any plans to make a watch that supports 2 devices, like a Personal phone and Work phone, that receives notifications from both? maybe one is a Master that also tracks Health, etc. and the other is a Slave that just shows notifications (emails, calls, texts, calendar events)?

TeamPebble11 karma

What was the design decision that put wireless charging in Pebble Core, and not the watches?
Core's plastic body and physical design, made it a good fit for wireless charging. P2 and T2 use the same charging as the Time-Series to keep that experience consistent (don't need a new cable). For watches with steel bodies, wireless charging is even tougher/less practical.

Will there be special engravings for previous Kickstarter backers, like you did with Time?
We will have something in store to distinguish KS Rewards from those bought afterwards.

For backers who have OG and Time?
The pricing of KS rewards will apply to everyone equally (lower than retail and getting them before).

Are there any plans to make a watch that supports 2 devices, like a Personal phone and Work phone, that receives notifications from both?
Things will be the same on this front as our other smartwatches.

jpelgrom17 karma

Will the new Timeline version (4.x?) be made available for any existing Pebbles, and if so, how fast? Once the Pebble 2 releases, or later?

TeamPebble15 karma

Originally: From /u/TrekkieGod:

Your last kickstarter for the Pebble Time 2 promised:
(Later in 2015) Bluetooth Low Energy API. Use Pebble to control BLE-enabled objects

This API isn't yet available at the moment, and you guys haven't given developers any updates about it. It's disappointing to see a push for new hardware before the promises of the current hardware have been fulfilled. Do you still plan to make this feature available? If not, then how do we know the features promised for the Pebble 2 and Pebble Core will ever be delivered?

TeamPebble11 karma

From: /u/erOhead At times (though increasingly rarely) we have to make a tough decision to eliminate or delay a software feature on our roadmap. This is unfortunately one of those features. With our 2016 watches, we're switching to a new BLE-only chipset design and decided to ask our Bluetooth engineers to focus on this. With this new chipset, we reduced the power consumption of the entire Bluetooth system (previously watches maintained both a BT Classic and BLE connection). We thought this was a worthwhile tradeoff, but it doesn't count out the possibility of us rolling out this capability later.

kprograms12 karma

Can NFC be a stretch goal? If so, then I might upgrade from my original pebble to the shiny new one. Also, I really want to make a pebble app, but I am not interested in learning C or JS. Are there any plans to release a version of the SDK for Python, Java, or any other languages?

TeamPebble9 karma

Adding NFC would change the hardware design drastically enough to severely add to the project's development and delivery timeframe. Everything that's been designed into the lineup is packed in pretty snug :)

longerears11 karma

Is the new Pebble Core waterproof?

TeamPebble10 karma

The Pebble Core is not waterproof, but its rain/splash proof.

ton201011 karma

Sweat-proof too I hope! I'm salty.

TeamPebble10 karma

As a fitness-focused ultra-wearable, Core can hang with you.

pressionnn9 karma

Is is possible to have a picture of a Time/Time Steel next to a Time 2 with something else than a black watchface to see the real screen difference?

I bought a Time 2 and I'd like to be able to see the difference before november.

Thanks for the great products guys. I've been really satisfied with my OG, OG Steel and my Time!

Kmac099 karma

What options will the bands have?

Can you give us some idea how large the new ones will be compared to the old ones?

What has you most excited on the new models?

Will this work with smartbands from the previous Times?

TeamPebble14 karma

Time 2 and Pebble 2 both come with 22mm silicone bands, same strap size as the original Pebble and Time Steel. Both watches will fit any standard 22mm watch band.

Time 2 is the same size and material as Time Steel with the addition of an optical heart rate sensor on the back. Pebble 2 is about 20% smaller that the Original Pebble in overall volume.

We’ve pushed both the design and functionality of these two watches. More screen real estate and an HR monitor have been key features requested by users, we’re excited to bring them to market.

Smartstraps from Pebble Time will work with Time 2 (as long as the design does not interfere with the HR monitor). Pebble 2 does not support smartstraps.

EDIT: Pebble 2 will have partial smartstrap support—the watch won't supply power.

InternetUser0077 karma

Any chance we'll ever see an OG Steel replacement? I would have paid a ton of cash for one that looks like the OG Steel but with the microphone+HRM+new OS.

TeamPebble10 karma

Not in 2016, as Core, P2, and T2 are the stars of the show for KS and the lineup for the year. Pebble Time 2 is the 2016 Pebble that's the closest spiritual successor to the Classic Steel.

bleem3136 karma

Will the Core support Verzion? Verzion is one of the largest networks in the US, but it's 3G network doesn't use Sim cards because it runs on a different technology. If the court in the kickstarter doesn't support Verizon, Will a future core come out that will?

TeamPebble6 karma

We do not have plans to support CDMA networks. So Verizon and Sprint network support will not be coming to the Core

rusgrafx6 karma

There's no mention of the case materials used in PT2 - is it metal or plastic? If metal, why is it not called PTS2?

TeamPebble10 karma

T2 has marine-grade stainless steel chassis. Time 2 is now aligned as our premium, color model and P2 is the sporty model that delivers the essential Pebble experience.

Ego1_4 karma

Hey big fan and owner from mexico! Just wanted to ask how is iOS implementation looking like for the future. Do you guys have any more “work-arounds” features like sending messages through carriers or is iOS pretty much closed to the point there's not much to do?

Thank you again and keep the good work!

TeamPebble6 karma

We are working on supporting a few more features for iOS users. You will hear from us about those in the upcoming software releases

NyteFury3 karma

Will the Time 2 have similar wifi/Bluetooth functionality as some Android Wear watches? ie, if I've left my phone in the bedroom, and I'm in the kitchen with Time 2 (out of Bluetooth connection range) will the Time 2 still be able to stay connected via wifi and show notifications? Does it change if I also have a Core connected?

TeamPebble3 karma

The Time 2 does not support WiFi. So you would not be able to get notifications when outside of bluetooth range.

truzen13 karma

Is it possible to control most of the functionality of the Pebble Core without a Pebble Watch when running?

TeamPebble2 karma

The 2 functionality associated with the two buttons on the Core can be controlled without a Pebble watch.

footyd2 karma

Will the Pebble Core work with original the first Pebble Steel? Would it work with Android Wear devices?

TeamPebble2 karma

Pebble Core will not work with the First Pebble Steel. And it will not work with Android Wear devices.

cominopeco1 karma

Hi, going for a Time 2 because i love my Time Steel right now, i can't see any information on size, will it be the exact same dimensions ? "Just" a screen change ?

TeamPebble3 karma

Except for 0.3mm difference in thickness, its just a screen change

longerears1 karma

Will my workouts with the Core also include Heart Rate data from the Pebble 2/Pebble Time 2?

TeamPebble2 karma

Yes, the workouts will have the Heart Rate data from the Pebble 2/Time 2

Longshoez1 karma

What's the price for the T2 in the gold version?

TeamPebble1 karma

All colors of the Time 2 are the same price