Hey Reddit, Evan Peters here.

Psychotic teenager in American Horror Story, White House Aide in Elvis and Nixon and Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and soon X-Men Apocalypse. AMA. Let’s do this!

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noicknoick1106 karma

First of all, I just wanted to say that you were my favourite part of Days Of Futures past. Anyway:

What are your thoughts on the Marvel Movie's depiction of Quicksilver?

EDIT: This is my first comment to reach 1000 points. I am now slightly confused.

RealEvanPeters1437 karma

Thanks, man. I really liked it. I was bummed that they killed him.

Corabal936 karma

Hey from the UK Evan, can you help me with my BT Broadband speed?

RealEvanPeters1304 karma


ThatsMyHoverboard907 karma

I've loved you in every season of AHS, but the first, Murder House, has always been the best in my opinion and will have a special place in my heart. Do you have any cool stories from behind the scenes and the filming of the first season, specifically any on your dynamic with Violet?

Also, my friend Caitlin is absolutely in love with Tate. You mind dropping a message for her?

RealEvanPeters1250 karma

Caitlin, you're the woman of Tate's dreams. There was a moment when I see myself covered in blood behind Dylan McDermott - Ryan Murphy just thought that up on the spot and said, 'Hey, let's just cover Evan in blood and put him behind Dylan.' And then they did. And it was awesome.

Juicedid831 karma

Hey, love you on AHS! What was the toughest character to get into while filming all the different series of AHS? Thanks man.

RealEvanPeters1617 karma

Tate was the hardest. Cuz he's a dark psycho.

FilmsAreQuiteAwesome659 karma

How was working on 'The Office'?!

EDIT: Also my friend Frankie is a big fan. He says hi.

RealEvanPeters1923 karma

Tell Frankie I say hi. And The Office was awesome because Steve Carell spanked me. Hard.

ThatBrownDude551 karma

Hey Evan, what's your favourite song from Guardians of the Galaxy? Mine is "Come and Get Your Love".

RealEvanPeters728 karma

Me too, bro.

barney_rumble475 karma

What's it like going from guest starring on shows like One Tree Hill to working with people like Michael Fassbender on the X-Men movies? Also, what's your ideal breakfast?

RealEvanPeters828 karma

Dream come true. Scrambled eggs and bacon.

shippinglaw452 karma

If you could have any super power in real life, what would it be? If you could have any sandwich in real life, what would it be? What's your favourite (non X-Men) superhero movie?

RealEvanPeters1083 karma

1) The ability to have my teeth brushed at any time - without having to actually brush my teeth. 2) Turkey and cheese with mustard. 3) Iron Man.

Inbooker01422 karma

what is the most craziest thing you want to do with your powers?

RealEvanPeters1729 karma

Run around the White House and poop in all the bathrooms.

kristianbr369 karma

How was working with Jennifer Lawrence? Is she cheeky?

RealEvanPeters710 karma

She's hilarious and super nice and down to earth.

twistedcdnjester330 karma

Hey! Love watching AHS. Are you looking forward to the new season? Can you share anything?

RealEvanPeters580 karma

Definitely looking forward to the new season. But can't share anything. Sorry.

hofford44241 karma

How did Fox get around the Magneto is your father legal issue with Marvel?

RealEvanPeters486 karma

Dunno, man. You tell me.

SeanMurphyTV225 karma

Was it hard to imagine how they would produce the running effects for Days of future past? And did they upgrade them for Apocalypse?

RealEvanPeters516 karma

Yes. You look at it and you don't know how they're going to get it done. But the technology is so advanced and the special effects team, Rising Sun, who did the kitchen sequence in the first one, is so awesome. They are back doing the new one. And it's bigger and even more ambitious.

pineappleemoji188 karma

What's the best gift you've ever recieved from a fan?

RealEvanPeters575 karma


Maxvel33187 karma

Would you be down to see the X-Men and Avengers together on the big screen?

RealEvanPeters261 karma

For sure.

tororo-kim170 karma

hi evan! I'm your big fan :) You seem to like listening music as much as quicksilver. Do you think you have the same taste of music as him? 😘🎶

RealEvanPeters402 karma

Yeah. I was rocking out to some serious 80's and some serious Rush.

Jellyguy154 karma

How was working with X-Men franchise? Enjoyable or just meh?

RealEvanPeters385 karma

I am going to go with extremely enjoyable.

itsmekata144 karma

What's your favorite thing about playing Quicksilver?

RealEvanPeters282 karma

Working with the special effects team.

LadyAdalante134 karma

Hi, Evan! Big fan of your work, you're a very talented actor. How do you feel about playing Quicksilver, do you think your personalities are familiar? And who is your favorite female superhero?

RealEvanPeters307 karma

I love playing Quicksilver because he's such a fun character. And we are similar because we both like video games and to run listening to music. My favorite female superhero is Storm.

rasmusxp120 karma

Which of the characters you've played you relate most to in real life?

RealEvanPeters164 karma

Jay Bahadur in 'Where the White Man Runs Away.'

whathedilly117 karma

Hola Evan!

What's your favourite X-Men movie? :)

And your opinion on Eggplant?!



RealEvanPeters441 karma

Favorite X-Men movie was the first X-Men. Eggplant is not chicken parmesan.

nintendoboy23116 karma

Are you going to beat up your dad in this movie?

RealEvanPeters170 karma


eserei27108 karma

Can you tell us anything about how Quicksilver's relationship with Magneto will be explored in Apocalypse?

RealEvanPeters224 karma

Well, I can't. But I can say Peter is on a mission to help and reconnect with Erik.