EDIT: Thanks for your questions! Make sure to tune in tonight at 9/8c on Discovery!

I like to consider myself the top gold-getter in Nome, Alaska. You've probably seen me digging for gold on the Christine Rose, which I co-own with my dad Steve. Last summer, I helped haul in one thousand ounces of pay dirt. I'm hoping for a similar, or even better, pay day this year.

Be sure to watch Bering Sea Gold tonight at 9/8c on the Discovery Channel. Catch up on the best moments from this season here: http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/bering-sea-gold/videos/best-moments-of-summer-2015/.

Ask me anything about gold, Alaska, dredging, diving and all else in between!

Proof: https://twitter.com/BeringSeaGold/status/727891414051389441

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Enkil995 karma

We see your son on the show but I don't recall ever seeing your wife. Are you still together? And did the pressures of gold getting cause a problem in your relationship?

shawn_pomrenkeBSG3 karma

Nope, no wife.

Doc-Manhattan4 karma

Hi Shawn! How did you get started in gold getting?

shawn_pomrenkeBSG3 karma

First I started mining with my dad at the age of 14. My dad started gold mining and I followed him into it. We moved to Nome, Alaska when I was 13 years old from Minnesota.

thelashvegas3 karma

What's your take on Vernon's dredge device? :)

shawn_pomrenkeBSG5 karma

It's basically a toy, not a gold mining apparatus. I don't think much of it.

thelashvegas3 karma

Seeing as its controlled by a playstation stick, I guess you are on point :P

shawn_pomrenkeBSG2 karma


Fallenwillow3 karma

The long hours you put in and it's so worth the the gold in the end. Your so driven. How much of a toll does it take on you mentally and physically?

shawn_pomrenkeBSG4 karma

I love gold mining, so I don't really see it as a burden. I love doing what I do. I enjoy it. It does take a toll on my body by the end of the season, though.

Laptop_Dancer1 karma

I really enjoy the show and am excited for the final one tonight. Are there other people in Nome who pull as much gold as you that aren't on camera?

shawn_pomrenkeBSG4 karma

There are more episodes to watch, don't worry! The finale is for a few more weeks.

TakeawayIsNiceM80 karma

Do you like pancakes?

shawn_pomrenkeBSG1 karma

Yes, I like pancakes. I usually put gold in a pan and eat it for breakfast, though.

TakeawayIsNiceM81 karma

On topic question now how is it being at sea for most of your day?

shawn_pomrenkeBSG2 karma

I love being at sea! I love the ocean, I've spent 10 years of my life on the Bering Sea, so it's great.