My short bio: Hi Reddit! I play Princess Leia in the upcoming porn parody of ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ I’m porn star Allie Haze. Ask me anything!

A bit about me: I was born in a town called Redlands in Southern California and have been in the adult industry since 2009. I’ve been blessed with a lot of success in the porn industry, including awards like XRCO’s 2011 Best New Starlet and 2012 Performer of the Year from and, plus I am a Penthouse Pet. Among my many roles, playing Princess Leia in Axel Braun’s “Star Wars XXX” was a definite favorite, and I’m very excited to reprise my role in the sequel, “The Empire Strikes Back XXX."

You can follow me on Twitter at, or you can help support the crowdfunding campaign for “The Empire Strikes Back XXX” at I’ll be answering questions from 4 pm to 5 pm PST on Tuesday, April 5, so ask away!

My Proof:

***Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to ask questions or just read the Q&A. My hour is up, but you can always tweet me at @AllieHaze, and help support the crowdfunding campaign for ESBXXX at

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dennisb4071057 karma

Allie, remember bout 4yrs ago I had you, Devon Lee, Marcus London, and Tommy Gunn in the car and we got lost in downtown Tampa? #NightmovesWeekend haha

AllieHaze824 karma

adventures lol..... good times

Mr_Potamus546 karma

What's the best way to handle a lightsaber?

AllieHaze1158 karma

Keep a firm yet gentle grip but always let it know who the force really lies within ... :)

joey90234367 karma

What's something you've wanted to do for a long time, but never got to?

AllieHaze559 karma

hmmmm sexual a DP..... in life skydive

Beedazzle293 karma

Hey Allie! Huge fan! Who is your favorite character from the Star Wars movies? If you could play any character other the Leia, who would you want to play? And why?

AllieHaze350 karma

I would wanna be a cuddle Ewok or chewbacca's better half lol

Akgswe268 karma

What do you like to do on your free time?

AllieHaze430 karma

Spend time with my family and my dogs. I love the outdoors but at the same time i love to watch my favorite tv shows. As a side hobby i love to cook.

imtavhomer258 karma

Any funny incidents like when someone saw you a coffee shop or some such place, had a faint recollection, looked closer and had his jaw drop when he finally recognized you?

AllieHaze401 karma

Yes this has happened once or twice. I love these crazy life moments and i always tell everyone to please say HI and ask for a picture :)

KungFuViking7249 karma

What is your favorite movie? and why?

AllieHaze437 karma

hmmmm of all time its either Fox and the hound or All dogs go to heaven

KungFuViking785 karma

and maybe... Do you enjoy nature?

AllieHaze109 karma

love nature!!!

Esmond97173 karma

What were you like in highschool? Would people at your reunion be surprised at your chosen career path or figured it was only a matter of time?

AllieHaze222 karma

I just went to my 10 year reunion and it was a blast. I have always been goofy, outgoing and outspoken so i dont think anyone was surprised.

J_aces156 karma

Allie, big fan here! What's your favorite episode of Star Wars?

AllieHaze253 karma

Episode VI .... I love Ewoks

Chuggo126 karma

What does your ideal day away from work look like?

AllieHaze181 karma

lots of food, tv, a run and some snuggling.

Jkkm4n95 karma

How's your relationship with your parents?

AllieHaze261 karma

Its great. We are very close. Talking about work is always interesting but what I do doesn't make me who I am. My family is full of love.... :)

BelieveInRollins41 karma

do you have any favorites in the industry that you haven't worked with that you'd like to?

AllieHaze93 karma

I would like to get some one on one time with Annika Albrite or maybe Adria Fox

LowMeHigh33 karma

What has been your favorite girl/girl scene that you have done so far? Is there anyone in particular that you want to work with, but just haven't gotten the chance to?

AllieHaze65 karma

Hmmmm i have a couple favorites but first to come to mind is me and riley reid for RK or me, remy and maddy for Remy 2

NojHysduel16 karma

Hi, Allie! I love you and I think you're one of the most beautiful and wonderful actresses in porn. Thank you for making me a happier man. :)

The question that I want to ask is probably weird, but it's the only one that came to mind, I'm sorry if it's stupid: Do you like cum or is it just something you have to put up with when doing scenes?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

AllieHaze39 karma

I LOVE it!!!!

Morrisquire11 karma

Hello Allie!! HUGE fan!!

How much work goes in to playing such a big and respected role within the industry? Did you re watch the entire Star Wars series in preparation for the role? I could be your Han Solo, if you know what I mean..

Thanks and can't wait to see the movie.

AllieHaze17 karma

Well productions like is take up alot of time from start to finish, thats why they are so much fun! The first Star Wars took about 14 days to film compared to the average 1-3 days. Yes, I do lots of research on any character i get to play but i am a huge Star Wars fan so the research was just pure fun.

playdoepete9 karma

Do you still have a 70's bush?

AllieHaze22 karma

Yes i do!!! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN lol

triggc5 karma

Whats your favourite flavour soup?

AllieHaze9 karma

Potato cheese

tundacat5 karma

Which wrestlers do you follow on twitter? Who is your all time favorite wrestler.?

AllieHaze10 karma

Dolph Ziggler

Jake_The_Muss_Heke5 karma

Hi Allie, thanks for doing this AMA.

How much of your time is spent each week devoted to working in this industry? Between the actual shooting itself (which I assume consumes no more than half or a full day) do you spend a lot of your time doing promotional stuff, meetings, and other business stuff? Do you actually get much time to be yourself, and not Allie Haze?

Secondly, have you made any plans to 'get out' of the industry at a certain point? And if so, what do you plan on doing once you are finished?

AllieHaze8 karma

Well i would like to own my own restaurant one day or at least travel in a food truck. Travel and feed people lol

I shoot anywhere between 5-10 days a month and i try to dance at least two weekends a month if i can. Its all because of my amazing fans that i get to do this so i try to get out to events like Exxxotica etc. as much as possible to show my love and thanks

JoAnnibal3 karma

Hey Allie ! The movie will need another crowd funding ? Or is there enough fund to start without our help ? Btw; me and my gf love you

AllieHaze4 karma

Fingers crossed for the crowd funding and MUAH to you and your lady

[deleted]2 karma


AllieHaze4 karma

I say a little prayer every morning :) I really hope it does, we need everyone's help. 100,000 people to give 5$ lets make it happen

CaptainPI22 karma

Hi Allie, love your work. Was wondering if there have been any developments with your first ever DP scene? Are you still considering doing one? If so, has it been planned yet? Is there a date in mind for when it will be filmed or released? Thank you and take care!

AllieHaze4 karma

No plans yet but I would love to!!!! let your favorite companies know.

terattt1 karma

Would you ever consider making a cameo post over at my subreddit r/StarWarsJokes? We'd forcin' love it!

AllieHaze4 karma

lol sounds like fun.... not out of the question. "A post you may see"

Diabetesh1 karma

How many jokes does everyone make on set about the movie zack and miri make a porno?

AllieHaze2 karma

lol - There were a few... makes for good times

Jand0903-1 karma

What's the best tequila to puke out the window of a limo?

AllieHaze1 karma

lol i dont know about puking but i still love good old Patron

ken27238-1 karma

Hi! And weird/funny bts stories you want to share?

AllieHaze1 karma

shared a couple earlier but I LOVE CHEESE lol