Krizz Kaliko, national recording artist signed to indie hip hop label, Strange Music and over 10+ years of touring alongside Tech N9ne.

Here to kick it with fans and answer questions about my brand new album 'GO' - available 4.8.2016!

**Pre order it on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/go/id1087982907?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

My Proof: https://twitter.com/KrizzKaliko/status/714507412091199489

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krizzkaliko_sm97 karma

Who's ready?

Paytonvry33 karma

How do you rap like that? I mean how do you work words like that? Do you have advice for a fan and music writer? How do you link your words to make rhymes like that? And do you know about Blu Boi Music and the rapper TKO?

krizzkaliko_sm50 karma

I don't know. I'm a lil crazy and people who are creative are a lil crazy. my advice is, make sure what you write is competitive. you are competing with millions of people for a spot.

Kendra_tapaha25 karma

How's your day going? Lol

krizzkaliko_sm33 karma

great, im here

ThePRIMEMaster65 karma

How did it feel when you found out Eminem had agreed to be on Speedom with you and Tech?

krizzkaliko_sm140 karma

i was like that's cool. then i was like WTF IT'S EM

PepeWithRice59 karma

Who is your favorite artist signed to strange at the moment?

krizzkaliko_sm304 karma

Krizz Kaliko. I hear he's pretty good

toeofcamell57 karma

I cant remember the combination to my bike lock. how the fuck do you remember all the lyrics to all your songs when you perform live?

krizzkaliko_sm297 karma

I just focus on the combination to my bike lock, and the words come right out.

mask56755 karma

How did you and tech meet?

krizzkaliko_sm69 karma

through a mutual Dj friend. Icy Roc

Jugganuts48 karma

What is your relationship with Kutt now that he left the label? Would you ever hop on a track with him if he asked you to? Also how do you feel about the whole Hopsin funk volume stuff that has been going on? Also last random question have you been playing any video games lately? Also pass along to the merch people that we need a strange music wallet. Thanks for taking time to answer my questions see you in SLC next month!

krizzkaliko_sm61 karma

me and Kutt are cool. funk volume, thats their family business. i dont get involved. And yes me and my son play Madden every chance we get. He beats me. he's 9.

thelastoneusaw37 karma


Who came up with the idea for Seven Words? That song makes me giggle like a little kid every time I listen to it.

Also, I can't thank you enough for all the songs that helped me get through. Created a Monster got me to tear up the first couple times I heard it, and Stop the World really speaks to me.

krizzkaliko_sm50 karma

Tech. Thanks. Glad you get me.

RMillayD1234 karma

What do you feel are some of the negatives of fame that a lot of celebrities try and hide from the public?

krizzkaliko_sm65 karma

Touring constantly, getting taken away from your children (if you have any) and you beat your body up.

Technician_SM32 karma

If you could sign anybody in the game right now who would it be?

krizzkaliko_sm100 karma

Kendrick, He's a beast.

fruitbowl730 karma

Hey Krizz, huge fan here

Me and a few friends were wondering a few things:

Do you have a certain routine you go through before writing your music?

And what would you say is the biggest problem that you’ve come across in music and have managed to get through?

Thanks so much for doing the AMA, can’t wait for your new album! Keep doing what you're doing man! :D

krizzkaliko_sm41 karma

No i just "Go". I dont warm up or do anything special. It's kinda gotta be God given. We were all blessed with somn. find yours

_bananabarbara29 karma

I've met you at least 4 times and have never been so humbled by a hip-hop artists presence. I'm currently in Romania studying abroad and I am SO sad I cannot make it to the 2nd independent powerhouse tour(I was there for the first one, it was dope!) I am clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I feel your emotions in your music. How do you cope with anxiety? What kinds of symptoms do you have? Also I am curious on how you feel about your vitiligo? I find you to be an absolutely beautiful human being, and it seems that through the years your confidence has gotten better. I'm no expert, just what I see as a devoted fan. If you answer any of these questions, thank you so much in advance!

krizzkaliko_sm41 karma

I meditate, work out, and keep a clean diet. That's how I cope.

poopypoop696926 karma

You're trapped in your room for an entire day, and you have 5 albums to listen to and 3 meals to eat. What albums and meals would you choose?

krizzkaliko_sm84 karma

I give u 2 and 2. 1.Ready to die, Notorius BIG. 2.Purple Rain, Prince. Meal 1. fried bologna sandwich and Super Golden Crisp cereal. 2. Minsky's Prime Cut Pizza in KC. and wash it down with KCTea.

SummonerShiva20 karma

What is the most contradicting thing about yourself?

krizzkaliko_sm77 karma

I'm a godly dude that sometimes does ungodly things.

FedorLastEmperor20 karma

what is your wildest tour moment?

krizzkaliko_sm143 karma

Well it was a dark and stormy night. Bill Cosby and I were hangin out with this chick....... Just kidding. Sorry, but if I tell you i'd have to kill you.

Cramey9818 karma

What affect did vitiligo have on your social life during high school or just in general?

krizzkaliko_sm35 karma

It made me more popular than everybody else, because nobody else looked like me. I also did not have sex until I was nineteen because I thought girls wouldn't like me because of my face.

KAP2271418 karma

Hey Krizz,

I think you're one of the most underrated artists in the game.

My younger brother suffers from Type 2 bipolar disorder, and he's using rap as a medium to spread mental health awareness--he really looks up to you as an artist.

Could you speak on how bipolar disorder has affected making music and touring for you?

krizzkaliko_sm28 karma

It's somn I've had to deal with most of my life. It's tough. tell him keep his head up. Keep goin. Music is the best therapy.

CSMRaptor18 karma

Do you prefer collabs or working solo?

krizzkaliko_sm44 karma

I like both. With collabs, I get to add my flavor to someone else's project. Solo, I get total creative autonomy.

TECHN9NNA17 karma

Why do you and Tech always perform in Sioux Falls every year? (I live here and LOVE attending your concerts, but I'm just curious!)

krizzkaliko_sm48 karma

The girls man. Everybody knows yall goth the girls there

Crash-BangedTheCooch19 karma

Not to steal the light but usually what happens is artists say they're going on tour and have certain dates available, at that point it's up to the promoters to book the artists

krizzkaliko_sm25 karma

right.. Most people don't know that tho.

2RINITY17 karma

What was it like working with Snow the Product?

krizzkaliko_sm41 karma

That's my little sister.

MyNamesCatchy16 karma

Yo Krizz. Love the music, and been supporting you for so long. What's your most memorable moment on tour? And how do you feel about touring Canada?

krizzkaliko_sm30 karma

I love Canada and I want to move there.

Technician_SM15 karma

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

krizzkaliko_sm92 karma

X-Ray vision. Traditional, but would save girls from having to pull their shirts off to show their areolas.

MatthewDecker13 karma

How do you deal with krazy fans that are borderline stalkers?

krizzkaliko_sm63 karma

I invite them over for dinner. Only one of us leaves...


Im meeting you in May, what are the best questions to ask you?

krizzkaliko_sm44 karma

cheese or no cheese?

LordTimbob13 karma


What's your favorite band/artist outside of rap? Any metal bands you enjoy listening to?

Big fan, went VIP a few times in Calgary, always a blast man! Keep it up!

krizzkaliko_sm44 karma

I love System of a Down, Metallica, and Avenge Sevenfold. I'm also a huge Eagles fan, too.

StrangeTechnician78512 karma

Do you consider touring stressful? Can't wait to see in VA on the 13 of April.

krizzkaliko_sm21 karma

Yes, it's very stressful. But I love it. When I'm on tour, I'm in my element. There's no place I'd rather be at that moment.

meddiocre11 karma

Are you ever coming back to Europe? Barcelona/Spain specifically? We have lots of love for you guys and we'd really enjoy a show!

I can't afford to buy Strange Merch because shipping taxes cost over 50$ per hoodie, but if you came here and toured I swear I'd get like 5 hoodies!

krizzkaliko_sm25 karma

I would love to. I stopped a purse snatcher my last time in Spain.

jessegiuls2210 karma

Have you ever thought of doing a metal album? The way you deliver on Roadkill and Spaz gives a great metal vibe.

krizzkaliko_sm11 karma

Oh yeah, I would love to.

Tresickle10 karma

Kali baby!

I also have white eyelashes and I forget I have them until people ask about them. How many times, ballpark, would you say people have asked about yours?

Huge fan here, and I'd love for you and Rittz to get on more stuff together! Keep up the good work man!

krizzkaliko_sm19 karma

1,378,286.3 times. Ballpark figure.

krizzkaliko_sm5 karma

1,378,286.3 times. Ballpark figure.

krizzkaliko_sm4 karma

1,378,286.3 times. Ballpark figure.

Mechman0079 karma

Hey Krizz, where do you think your faith as a Christian is at right now? :) I ask this with love :)

krizzkaliko_sm42 karma

I'm struggling. I've been praying about that recently. I don't know if what we've been taught is the absolute and complete truth about religion. That goes for all of them. I'm a very spiritual and godly person, but just searching right now.

SummonerShiva9 karma

Were you hesitant to sign with strange music? Your music is far different from anything else i have heard were you afraid strange music fans wouldnt accept you?

krizzkaliko_sm18 karma

Not at all. I knew Strange fans would love me because I write my life, and they love that real shit.... I mean stuff.

InFamus_Melinko8 karma

Kali baby man how the hell do you touch people on such a personal level without knowing any one of us? I mean i know its all about what you go through and WE connect with YOU but sometimes i feel like you are speaking with me on a personal level.

krizzkaliko_sm19 karma

Because we all go through the same shit.

Maciek3008 karma

What are your hobbies or is there something that you are really interested it such as science or playing sports? EDIT: are

krizzkaliko_sm19 karma

My hobby is music. It was my hobby and it turned into my job.

MySackDescends7 karma

Where does your signature AH-HA come from? Something you've always done?

krizzkaliko_sm5 karma

Something I've always done in conversation. Like "AH-HA", I get what you're saying.

SpicyAreola7 karma

Any more tracks coming off of GO before the album drops?

krizzkaliko_sm10 karma

All of em, if it happens to leak.

jackofspadesman187 karma

What's your favorite deli meat and why? Try to be convincing if you answer anything except Pastrami.

krizzkaliko_sm8 karma

Pastrami is my favorite deli meat. One of my favorite places is San Bernadino, called The Hat. It specializes in Pastrami everything.

LA25A7 karma

Who are your close friends at Strange Music? Is Ces Cru dropping anything this year? Why doesn't Strange Music come to San Antonio TX?

krizzkaliko_sm13 karma

All of these dudes are my little homies, but everyone knows Tech is my brother. Though, I'm friends with everybody, Stevie Stone is like my little brother. I constantly roast him.

nickp2476 karma

Kali baby!! I love the music you make man. I love all of Strange but i think your music and your words are what i can relate to the most. Thanks for doing what you do.

Now onto the important question...If you had to pick only one...what kind of Jelly would you put on your peanut butter and jelly? Grape or Strawberry? (big question, i know. i ask all the important shit) Side note: Ubi AND ¡Mayday! answered this one too a while back...

krizzkaliko_sm6 karma

There's actually one called "Mixed Fruit" that is my favorite.

ipounditproperly6 karma

Got out of the penitentiary in 2010 after 12 years of BET and radio. Growing up listening to "horror core" like 3 6 and Bone I was destined to hear S. You are great and paired correctly with Tech in the game. Thanks for the AMA. How do you deal with the questions about your pigmentation and are you embarrassed about it?

krizzkaliko_sm9 karma

Absolutely not. It is a mark of distinction.

FoxdieIsTheName6 karma

What got you into the hip hop scene? What made you decide to pursue a career in music?

krizzkaliko_sm11 karma

I got bored. JK. This is what I was supposed to do. This is God's Order. That's what "GO" stands for.

meddiocre5 karma

Do you rap so fast because of poon-lickin' too? Haha greetings from Spain!

krizzkaliko_sm6 karma

Of course.

strutzey5 karma

Will your song "Talk Up On It" be released before "GO" releases or are you allowed to say? Thanks :)

krizzkaliko_sm5 karma

Yes. Both the song and video will be out soon!

BitterOnTheVerb5 karma

If you could be a superhero, what would be your super power(s) and would you rather be a Marvel character (Avengers) or DC character (Batman, Superman) ?

krizzkaliko_sm9 karma

My super power is that I can kill any super hero that I wanted to. My power is to make them powerless against me. And... I have to have Rittz's hair to do it.

Gotuhm5 karma

Would you ever make a song with taylor swift?

krizzkaliko_sm8 karma

Absolutely. How old is she now, btw?

iwahfc5 karma

If you were tasked with making the world's most disgusting burrito and every possible ingredient was at your disposal, how would you make the burrito?

krizzkaliko_sm10 karma

I'd start with mucus from a recently flu-stricken goat, mixed with a g-string from a dead prostitute. Cheese, of course. You can't make a burrito without salsa. With an eyeball on top. And jalapeno peppers.

Oblake1995 karma

How did it feel when Eminem called your verse on Speedom dope? Obviously he's right, curious as how that feels to have one of the greatest ever praise your work

krizzkaliko_sm6 karma

I was like, "holy shit, this dude is quoting my verse right now". Even though, I already knew it was awesome, it still was cool for one of the greatest emcees in the game to quote my lyrics.

Huskerfan2125 karma

Im meetin you on tour, would it be weird if I(male) were to hug you during the M&G? You've played a huge role in getting through life's obstacles and I just want you to know that.

krizzkaliko_sm8 karma

Loves better than hate any day, brother.

rayar3635 karma

Caribou Lou or KC Tea?

krizzkaliko_sm7 karma

Both. As a matter of fact, just mix em together. JK.

Maciek3005 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

krizzkaliko_sm7 karma

Easy. 100 duck-sized horses. I can kick at least 10 at once.

Holmesqueen5 karma

You put a lot of ur self in ur music like stop the world ,bipolar etc. How does it make u feel that a lot of ur fans go through the same and that ur music touches them everyday? Because ur music has personal stopped me from ending it all .

krizzkaliko_sm7 karma

It's made me feel responsible for people. I'm so happy that I can help them with my music, because it helps me.

I_Like_Raviolis5 karma

Do you collect anything? And.... Muscle cars or modern cars?

krizzkaliko_sm10 karma

Human heads in a duffle bag. JK. I collect weight if I don't eat right and work out.

geppy744 karma

Hey Krizz, I saw you and tech play at Rock on The Range this past year. What was it like performing rap at a rock festival?

krizzkaliko_sm7 karma

It was a great big F U to people who thought we didn't deserve to be there. It was amazing to win all of those new fans, as well.

LordKronoz704 karma

Can you perform Beautiful You Are, at your Cleveland show next month?

krizzkaliko_sm5 karma

I wish.

Alltor3 karma

Are you doing any of your songs off "GO" on the independent powerhouse tour? Can't wait to see you guys on the 15th

krizzkaliko_sm5 karma

Yes I am. Come see me!