Hey this is Mikey and Henery from Violent Soho and we're psyched to be hanging out with you guys taking your questions!

We're a band of 4 mates from Mansfield in Australia and we've been recording and touring the world for 10 years. We just released our new album 'WACO' last Friday and we hope you're diggin it! Check out our website at www.violentsoho.com.

Here's proof that it's us: https://www.facebook.com/violentsoho/photos/a.251889103221.181485.251824518221/10154648694083222/?type=3&theater

And photographic over here: http://violentsohoband.imgur.com/all/

Ask us questions about the new record, our tour shenanigans.... whatever you dudes want!! Fire away!!

(UPDATE) Thanks so much for all your questions today guys… we have to run right now but it's been bloody nice as chatting to all you lot. So sorry we only got through a small number of the questions, but there's just so many of you fine folks. Hope to see you guys on the road soon and please come to a show in the future if you missed out this time…. fuck liquor laws and fuck scalpers. yay!!!!

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FrankstonGirls46 karma

Even though there's 4 of you and 3 of them... Could the dunies still rip more cones than you guys?

violentsohoband27 karma

Mikey - Impossible!

popsickletits19 karma

Do you reckon you'll ever do another "No Sleep 'Till Mansfield" type tour, at the smaller more intimate venues? Soon enough you'll have to be playing riverstage or something to cope with demand, but it'd be sick to get loose at the Cooly again!

violentsohoband13 karma

Mikey - That could most definitely be on the cards! We had a really ridiculously good time on the NSTM tour… some of my fav memories to date and CERES WERE AMAZING TOO!

fringefest17 karma

Hey guys!

So what is the sickest thing you've witnessed at a gig in your life thus far? Sick as in wicked and sick as in disgusting, best story that springs to mind.

Btw big fan, super keen for when you rock up in Adelaide, keen to better the mosh seen at Laneway!

violentsohoband26 karma

Mikey - Splendour in the Grass 2014 Gum Boot Bong… google it mate and cheers!

taylorxwilliams15 karma

very important totally relevant question: how do u feel about dogs ???

violentsohoband16 karma

Henery - love dogs, but buying pets from pet shops and breeding dogs is bad.

violentsohoband8 karma

Mikey - I Love Dogs

lach_h12 karma

Hey dudes!

I was lucky enough to be an extra on Saramona Said, it was super rad to meet you guys after, especially how down to earth you guys were.

As a band that's cracked the notoriously tricky Australian music scene, what advice would you give to up and coming bands- especially the Brisbane/Gold Coast scene which isn't as strong as say Melbourne or Sydney for example?

violentsohoband13 karma

mikey - keep your head down and appreciate every moment of it for what it is. The success in being in a band is just that… you play in a band! Enjoy that shit and trust me, VIC and NSW are nothing on QLD m8!

turkeysgogobble11 karma

Hey guys big fan, what would you say is the biggest difference between hungry ghost and WACO, what did you learn from past albums in making this one?

violentsohoband10 karma

Henery - Hungry Ghost was a different time I guess, we weren't sure if we would get to record another album so we just went for it thinking it might be the last.

This time around we had a bit more freedom so i think that comes across in the music.

I learnt the same thing I learn every time. I need to practise more.

violentsohoband7 karma

Mikey - will try to keep this brief, but the difference for me is organic. We aren't very self-conscious in the sense that we try for a different sound or make any effort to develop. That all happens as you age as a band and as musicians. For that reason it is possibly more mature, less naive… could go on but will leave it at that… cheers!

violentsohoband5 karma

Mikey - will try to keep this brief, but the difference for me is organic. We aren't very self-conscious in the sense that we try for a different sound or make any effort to develop. That all happens as you age as a band and as musicians. For that reason it is possibly more mature, less naive… could go on but will leave it at that… cheers!

FrankWoodly11 karma

Does the band use any recreational drugs when writing, if so what is the best thing that came of it?

violentsohoband19 karma

Mikey - I smoke weed everyday

violentsohoband19 karma

Henery - I also smoke weed everyday

Hughroberts4210 karma


violentsohoband32 karma

Luca Brasi, Smith Street band, High Tension, Black Deity, Dreamtime, DZ Deathrays, Bear Hug, White Walls, Fear Like Us, Outright HC, Heads Of Charm, The Grates, Straight Arrows, Palms, The Fevered, Witch Hats, Clever, Per purpose, Kitchens Floor, Hytest, Paper Arms, Hardaches, Break Even, Miles Away, Flour, Adilita.

So many great bands


violentsohoband8 karma

Mikey - Dude, there are so many!!! Sounds Like Sunset, The Electric Guitars, Hydromedusa, Clever, Ceres, Luca Brasi, White Walls…. start from there lol

hbombf10 karma

As a fucking huge fan of the band you guys have had a huge impact on me musically. What would be your best tips for someone trying to start a band and write some tunes?

violentsohoband6 karma

Mikey - Just keep practicing and working hard man… it's not easy, but god it's fun!

theyfoundit8 karma

Hey boys. Credit to you all for smashing it so hard over the last few years. I listened to a shitload of JJJ in the 90s when it was awash with indie/alt rock. There seems to be a serious resurgence of this kind of scene in Australian rock at the moment, and I'd put Violent Soho at the forefront of it, alongside the Smith St Band and Luca Brasi. Did you guys set out to capture some nostalgia, or do you just write and play what feels good?

Earlier today I was asked if Violent Soho was any good, and I said you were a must for fans of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and 90s Rock.

violentsohoband7 karma

Mikey - Thanks heaps man! We never aimed for a certain sound or anything like that… we just play what we feel makes sense for the 4 or us… We grew up listening to a lot of the same bands, and so I'm sure the shared love for bands like Nirvana, Blink 182 etc has had a huge influence on our collective sound for sure.

violentsohoband5 karma

Henery - Thanks! yeah we always just wrote what came naturally mainly because we aren't prolific musos.

Its so rad to see good Aussie guitar music getting some light on it again.

adventuresInVR7 karma

What do you guys think of the QLD lockout laws?

violentsohoband13 karma

Mikey - Fuck that!

cmbz6 karma

Hi guys! I was one of the many people that lined up at the signing at Red Eye Records (I asked you guys to sign my DZ Deathrays album). It was a real honour to meet you guys and I wanted to thank you guys for the great experience! That said, do you guys have any great touring stories to share?

violentsohoband11 karma

That rules! Thanks for coming down. Signing the DZ album was a real honour.

As for tour stories one time James smoked a cigarette with his butt. Was pretty gross but I laughed so much haha. (Henery)

violentsohoband9 karma

Mikey - Haha! there are loads of funny stories… best was when James smoked a ciggy out of his bum hole…. it was also the worst.

unescapables6 karma

What is Saramona Said about?

violentsohoband10 karma

Mikey - Why not admit that it's all fucked and just enjoy it while it lasts

Keelansanders6 karma

Hungry Ghost is my favourite Australian record of all time, and WACO is a perfect followup. How do you look after yourselves on tour? E.g. What do you eat, do you try and get a certain amount of sleep, or is it pretty much a 24/7 party?

violentsohoband4 karma

Henery - Stoked you like the records. Touring can be really hard with no sleep heaps of booze and playing shows. Before I was a Vegan I used to always get rare beef pho to give me a kick on tour, not sure what I'll do now.

Touring winter is the hardest

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - Oh man, I really do try at times the party take over though… I always try for a real big brekky so I don't need to worry later in the day in case I don't get time for lunch/dinner… vitamin c is a pro tip as well.

Myshakiness5 karma

Hey, who are your fave musicians of all time?

violentsohoband8 karma

He Myshakiness

I love the replacements, Jesus Lizard, Pavement, pixies, Nirvana, Luca Brasi. I could go on forever. (Henery)

violentsohoband7 karma

Mikey - Nirvana, Led Zep, Beatles, Neil Young, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, Black Flag…. it goes on for ever mate… haha!

i-wasnt-given-a-name5 karma

When are you touring with The Smith Street Band again?

violentsohoband7 karma

Mikey - We just did Laneway along with those dudes… was so great to be travelling around together again… so much love for Smith St! Hope it's soon for sure!

violentsohoband5 karma

Henery - not soon enough

Ellen_-_Degenerate4 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you miss 610?

violentsohoband3 karma

Hey Ellen

10 million 10s.

that place was the best ever!!

who did you see there?


violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - ummmmmmmmmmm maybe a 1? or no 10!!! I don't know… Toadracer were good.

Sir_Mav4 karma

What's with all the Apart From This merch appearances? We all know it's the year of the Worm now...?? Xoxo

violentsohoband5 karma

Mikey - We all have the old merch and love wearing it… I'm actually listening to Apart From This right now lol

jamesduggan964 karma

Hey dudes! WACO is sick. I'm super keen for the tour in May. Just wondering what new song each of you are most looking forward to playing live?

violentsohoband7 karma

Hey James I'm loving Blanket heaps! been playing it all morning. (Henery)

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - Yeah same… we haven't played it live yet and I'm keen as to throw it down… especially with my Bro Henery!

popsickletits4 karma

Hey fellas!

New album is so fucken sick.

If you could make the ultimate tour, with say 1 current band, 1 retired/past band & yourselves, who would you take and where would you go?

Can't wait for the Brissy show at the Tiv on Friday the 13th!

violentsohoband6 karma

He Popsickletits

Henery - The tour we are about to do with DZ DEATHRAYS and Dune Rats is pretty all time for us. I guess if we added Magic Dirt then it would be the best.

Just make the tour a endless world tour.

violentsohoband6 karma

Mikey - this is a sick question! So hard to decide!!!

I would love to do VS with Bronx and Refused… in Tokyo… Jesus that would rule!!!!!!

anchilidas4 karma

I'm friends with the boys from kaleidoscope and brett from the dune rats. Can you come party down wollongong way sometime during the tour?

Also whats your favourite song of yours from each release so far?

violentsohoband5 karma

Henery - that would be rad, love those boys and love woollongong. We Don't Belong Here - Scrap it Violent soho - Son of sam Tinder box Hungry Ghost - lowbrow Waco - Blanket

notjosh6664 karma

whats your reaction towards people saying evergreen sounds like everlong by the foo fighters?

violentsohoband7 karma

Mikey - I don't see that it sounds at all like it… there is a similar interval between the opening chords on both songs and I think they are in the same key possibly.. Everlong intro is acoustic and syncopated though.. Everlong is strait up wall of guitars so totally different. Think what you like though… it's no worries to us lol

HelplessHeathen4 karma

Hey guys! Loving the new tunes off waco, sounds like you've really solidified your sound on this album.

My question is whats the process like for your guys's songwriting, do you just jam stuff out or do a few bring bits and pieces to the table?

Keen to see you guys with DZ& DR in sydney! Stay sexy.

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - It's always different. Luke usually has a pretty solid concept for a song, but after bringing his ideas things can start running a pretty unpredictable course… I guess we just need to be open to whatever.

catsmeow4fun3 karma

Hey guys, massive fan from Perth and cannot wait to see you in May! So many questions to ask you guys but mostly, when the hell can we expect you guys to get in the like a version studio!?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - We have seriously no idea what we would do. Would be so much fun though if we ever get asked to do it… I'm not sure though.

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - We want to do one so maybe this year!

Cant wait for Perth I love that place.

FrankWoodly3 karma

Cant wait to see the show in Melbourne, missed out on the Saturday show when i went on at 9.10am to get tickets but snapped up them sundays like a fatkid at maccas.

My question is do you get tired of playing covered in chrome live? Or is it repetitive? Also honestly did you know (have an inkling) Saturday in melbourne would sell out as fast as it did?

violentsohoband3 karma

mikey - dude… so fast… I had no idea lol! I never get sick of that song. It's fucking rad!

violentsohoband3 karma

Henery - That rules you got tickets! I love playing Covered in Chrome every time!

We were stoked when the shows sold out as fast as they did. We knew it was an epic show with all the bands but holy shit they sold fast

tom_97123 karma

Hey boys. New album is mental! Just wondering when you'll be touring in Canberra again? Love to the hear the new album live :)

violentsohoband3 karma

Henery - That rules you dig it!!

We'll be down this year for sure

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - Thanks heaps dude! hopefully soon hey!

methan1503 karma

hey, how long did it take to record waco? its so fucking amazing so pumped to see you in Adelaide!

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - took about 5 months can't wait for Adelaide


How was hanging with FIDLAR during laneway? Those dudes seem so fuckin rad. Bring 'em out on tour with you guys and The Dunies and I swear to god I will follow the tour around the country rollin jay's and packing cones for you all.

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - fucken a!

deapeasea3 karma

Steve Renouf or Chris Johns?

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - trick question? Renouf bro!

ChewyJustice3 karma

Hey, you guys always look like you're having a ball on stage. Any favourite songs to play live?

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - I love Eightfold and Ok Cathedral… keen to find a new live fav on this upcoming tour tho… I'm just so pumped to be playing these new songs!

MaymayMaster4203 karma

Hey, really loving Waco, another ripper album. It's great seeing you guys fill bigger venues each time I see you guys. How did you guys first meet DZ and Dunies, any good stories? Can't wait to see the lot of you when you play in Melbourne. I still can't believe you guys managed to organize a tour together.

violentsohoband5 karma

Henery - We've know all those guys from around Brisbane for years! had so many big nights with them. Danny is crazy its always fun hanging with the dunies.

Danny gave me a boiling jug to drink on stage once. was pretty shit had to go to hospital hahaha

violentsohoband4 karma

Mikey - Thanks heaps man… we go way back with those guys actually.. this tour has been something we've discussed doing for years and although we have each played plenty of shows together, this is the first time it'll be all three of us hey… the dudes in both those bands are like my little brothers and such good mates… it's gone be some mad bro hangs on this tour that's for sure!

just_a_bobblehead3 karma

Fucking love you guys! Keen as to see you in May! My favourite song so far on the new album is Slow Wave.

Firstly, what does WACO mean? Does it actually mean anything, or is just a word that you thought would make a sick album name?

Secondly, what are your thoughts on Hoops winning the hottest 100?

Thirdly, who goes the harderst out of you guys, Dunies, and DZ Deathrays?

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - It's about a massacre that tool place in a town called WACO in TX USA… google it.. it was gnarly as fuck!

haha! I don't have thoughts on that lol

us mate~

freeebbo3 karma

Favourite tv shows?

violentsohoband5 karma

Mikey - The Wire is my favourite show of all time - fav comedy though is Curb Your Enthusiasm

DotDotDot163 karma

Thanks for putting me on to bens burgers in the valley, what do you fellas normally get?

violentsohoband4 karma

Mikey - my fav question so far… seriously tasty burger guys, get amongst it!!! I go the Special every time.

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - How Good is it! I love the Vegi Burger!

griffs13 karma

Stoked to see VS do an AMA! Saw you guys on your first tour with The Grates in like '06. Zoo All ages show. As soon as the chords of generation started to kick off your set I knew you were onto something hey. Was Thurston Moore a nice dude and did you enjoy your time working with Ecstatic Peace?

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - He's an absolute pleasure to chat with.. really just a lovely guy. I was so stoked at how friendly and helpful he was… just wants to be involved in music out of a very rare passion for unique and fun times. He hates rules, and I would say one of the most genuinely "punk" people that I have ever really interacted with inside of the music industry,

BetterGetALawyer3 karma

Hey Luke and Mikey! Big fans of yours for a few years being a bass player! http://imgur.com/ma8yhU0

My question: how do you approach a gig Luke? Also what is in your setup - amps, pedals, pre-amp: I love your tone!

And how would you boys recommend someone from Sydney starting a band? Do you know if there's a scene down here?

violentsohoband3 karma

Henery - Thanks Man thats so rad!

Yeah just like anchiladas said there is a scene everywhere and if theres not then you can make one.

My Setup is

Bass - Peavey T-20 Pedals - Diamond - bass compressor, Mxr - bass preamp, Earthquaker devices - Hoof, ProCo Juggernaut.

Amp - Fender Superbassman or Ampeg SVT - 4pro

ConnorFin223 karma

Were you guys fans of Silverchair?

violentsohoband8 karma

Mikey - I definitely was obsessed with them when I was about 16-17… they suck so bad now but Freakshow and Frogstomp still hold up as killer records. I have awesome memories of seeing thmplay at Big Day Out 2002 and hammering "Tomorrow" on a daily basis.

violentsohoband3 karma

Henery - yeah when frogstomp was out it was the best and when they played on recovery that ruled!


violentmads3 karma

waco is fucking sic, pumped for tour. Will we be able to meet you boys on this tour?

RichardMagpies3 karma

Generally they hang out the back of gigs afterwards and are very approachable and sick dudes, there's a good chance you'll get to meet them!

RathernRS3 karma

Yeah I've seen photos of people I know hanging out with them after gigs, can imagine they'd be mad guys to chat to

violentsohoband4 karma

Henery - Yep just like RichardMagpies said we normally just hang out at the shows watching the bands and hang out after. Totally happy to party!

RichardMagpies3 karma

Ay lads!

I live in Melbourne and I've been on you guys for a very long time, recently hit up the Corner Hotel 'Like Soda' tour and it was fucking off chops, super keen for the next shows too.

Was wondering, you've obviously added heaps of shows to your schedule to combat reselling of tickets which is absolutely outstanding from a band - Is there any ideas you guys have to go against the reselling of tickets rather than just 'announcing more shows'?

Again, cheers for Hungry Ghost specifically, that album alone got me into a brand new genre of music I never thought I'd be into.

violentsohoband10 karma

Mikey - It's hard for us to stop this from happening especially when they resell seems to be directly assisted by the initial seller… they seem to be in on this shit and that's pretty fucked! The way to stop them is for the punter to value themselves more… respect yourself… no rockshow is worth more than the asking price that the band have laid out themselves… it's a total disrespect to all involved to participate in this shit, if ur a buyer or a seller, you should just avoid it altogether.

violentsohoband7 karma

Henery - I think if Ticket masters resale site only made it possible to resell them at the original price then there would be no problems.

mstapor13 karma

Hey! When are you coming to the United States? I'll drive for hours. I hear you guys have played w/ some of my friends before... such as Mumblr from Philly? Come back

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - Yeah Philly was a rad time.

We are hoping to get back there this year

FrankstonGirls3 karma

What do you guys see as the future for Aussie Rock and how about some advice for a kid looking to follow in your footsteps?

Killer album btw... Love all your work

violentsohoband5 karma

Henery - I think that the future looks pretty awesome, there are so many good Aussie bands getting around now and radio seems to be supporting them which is great!

Just write good songs, play as many shows as you can and love every second.

classy-darcy3 karma

Hey guys, what's your favorite thing about touring and playing live shows?

violentsohoband9 karma

Hey Classy-Darcy

There is a lot to like about it, getting to see different places, meeting heaps of people. But really I just love the excuse to turn the amps up loud, as lame as that sounds its what I always wanted to do. Living in the suburbs I always had neighbours telling us to shut up. So to get on stage and be as loud as possible is the best. (Henery)

violentsohoband4 karma

Mikey - everything hey… playing live shows for us is living the dreams we all had when we were kids. It's just so fucking great to be doing what you love.

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - everything hey… playing live shows for us is living the dreams we all had when we were kids. It's just so fucking great to be doing what you love.

Myshakiness3 karma

What do you feel about people classifying your band as grunge?

violentsohoband8 karma

Depends if the Like Nickleback and consider Nickleback grunge. If they do like Nicklback then probably a bit disappointed (Henery)

violentsohoband8 karma

Mikey - I don't really see Grunge as a music genre… so yeah I don't have an opinion… it's a style really and a fashion term made popular by Marc Jacobs in the 90s… the rest is all just reappropriated language that gets thrown around in popular culture… call it what you want.

RathernRS3 karma

Hey guys I was wondering if you could drop a quick rant on what you guys where up to when you recorded Pigs & T.V, just any context/mindsets?

violentsohoband3 karma

mikey - I had just started dating Alicia (my wife of 7 1/2 years now) man, that was a long time ago haha!

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - We weren't long out of school had been playing a few shows and just wanted to get into the local scene. We wanted to play with bands like Eat Laser scumbag, Dollar bar. So James sold his car and we recorded pigs and tv

biro863 karma

While I can understand the frustration about scalpers (who are legit fucked?), do you feel you shoulder a portion of the blame by putting a lineup as big as this tours (With Dune Rats and DZ for those unaware) in rooms not big enough to house your audience? Do you wish that you had backed yourself further, and put the show at Riverstage, which you would have easily sold out (possibly 2 nights)?

violentsohoband9 karma

Henery - the choice to play these venues was not because of size it had to do with the vibe the venue has. These shows are going to epic at these venues. Big venues like riverstage are awesome but we wanted this to be a club tour. Like the shows all three bands have played for years.

I don't think we can be blamed in anyway for people trying to rip off music fans.

PestilentPige0n3 karma

Hey, was just wondering where the video for Neighbour Neighbour was filmed. Wasn't Burleigh was it? Also are you guys planning to do any more shows later this year in Brissie?

violentsohoband6 karma

Mikey - It was filmed at a house party in Zillmere… I don't think we even know the dudes… we sort of crashed it with a film crew lol… the dudes were legends though… I would be pretty confident in saying we will do more shows this year for sure!

Snatcoapps2 karma

When did you guys make your first ever song? and what was it?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - I think Luke B wrote "Revolutionary" when he was 14

MisterEggyEgg2 karma

Which one of your songs do you think represents/defines you as a band the most?

P.S. Waco is definitely one of my new favourite albums :) :) amazing stuff guys!

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - I guess Covered In Chrome does purely because it's by far the most popular song from our band. it's hard to escape it… I love it though. such a rad song!

oljim12 karma

Hello, tbh only know covered in chrome. Drake or Meek?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - I don't know Meek sorry… Drake then? ugh!

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - Drake

speakupimblind2 karma

Boys I just saw you for the first time at your Fremantle Laneway gig and your stage presence blew me away. It was my mate's first time at a festival, got his nose broken in your mosh and loved every second of it. Do either of you guys ever go undercover and get in the mosh of some of your favourite artists?

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - haha! I dress up like the Dune Rats and DZ!

Spazza1362 karma

Hey Guys! Glad to see you boys taking the time to talk to everyone.

Firstly I'd like to ask 'what song is your favourite to play live?'

Secondly, how did you guys feel during the process of making Waco? Was there any rough moments where you couldn't get songs right or did it all come out how you wanted it to?

Btw love your work, was an honour to meet you guys in Melbourne the other night. You both seemed super genuine and happy to be there, sadly didn't manage to snag a photo because it was getting late but what can you do. Can't wait to come see you for the first Melbourne show! Keep rocking.

(P.S. Please play Muscle Junkie and a mix of songs from HG)

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - thanks dude… there's so many questions on here so it's hard to answer all in such good detail… fav to play live is either Eightfold or Ok Cathedral for totally different reasons.

There were rough moments on every song to tell you the truth… totally worth it though cos the record turned out better than we could have hopped. Thanks for all the compliments too man… really appreciate anyone getting in to our music and thanks for coming to say g'day!

LegitKevinMirallas2 karma

Hey guys, What were the first album's you bought?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - Jebediah "Off Someday Shambols"

MajorScumbagg2 karma

Hey there lads. Don't know if you recall but I got James back in 2013 to get you guys to sign Tinderbox 7 inch for my mates birthday... Just thought I'd say thanks for that, looking forward to the brisbane show!

My question is, what new material can we expect to hear in the live sets and is it going to replace anything?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - no worries mate! I think the sets will just keep getting longer with each album because we really don't want to drop anything… will wait to surprise you though lol

Grantusmcgrant2 karma

Any plans of doing a show in Newcastle this year?

violentsohoband5 karma

Henery - yeah I reckon we will later in the year. James hates going there cos his backpack got stolen with all of his belongs. it was just after we got back from USA so it literally had all his stuff.

Jeeebs2 karma

Sick album, glad to see it everywhere, but... where can I get my hands on a physical copy of Tinderbox/Neighbour Neighbour? Ideally in Brisbane.

violentsohoband2 karma

Henery - can't help you there sorry Jeeebs, I have no idea.

BurtmacklandFBI2 karma

Hey fellas long time listener first time caller.

Just wondering since you've got this wicked lineup for the tour in may, if you could pick any 2 bands from all of history to share a stage with who would you choose?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - haha! Black Sabbath and ACDC… there ya go!

I_hvae_dyslexia2 karma

Hey Dudes! Loving Waco and super keen to see you in May. What's the best crowd you've ever played to? Do you find playing bigger venues awesome or do you prefer the more intimate gigs?

violentsohoband6 karma

Mikey - they both have there charms… we've done everything from 0 people to 30000 lol. Splendour In The Grass 2014 was a huge mind blowing experience for us… I think it would be hard to argue for just intimate shows after having done that one… any gig is rad for us though and to be completely honey our approach is no different… we just do our thing no matter if anyone is watching.

ilustpigs2 karma

Favourite bands of all time?

violentsohoband3 karma

Henery - I love the replacements, Jesus Lizard, Pavement, pixies, Nirvana, Luca Brasi

ziggybab32 karma

Hey guys, love your stuff. Do you guys have any major influences? People you look up to? Also have fun touring in May, can't wait to see it.

violentsohoband2 karma

Hey Ziggybab3

We have lots of influences like pixies, weezer, replacements, Magic Dirt, pavement, radiohead and a million more.

Magic Dirt have always been major influences on us as people and musicians.

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - The best influences for us would be some of the older bands we toured with in our younger days. We did massive tours with Built To Spill and The Bronx in the US a few years back and just experiencing how both those bands carry themselves as people as well as their work ethic, was a real eye opener to us… both bands are collective absolute legends as blokes and they also happen to be two of the greatest bands in the world in my oinion.

freeebbo2 karma

Where's your favourite place to play overseas?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a special place for us.

GenerationWasteland2 karma

What was it like hanging out with the guys from Fidlar?

violentsohoband2 karma

Mikey - They are total lovely men.. I have a bottle of tequila I scored from their rider at my place right now. should have a swig i reckon.

varialflop2 karma

What are your favorite songs to play? Also your new album fucking kicks ass! Keep it up boys

violentsohoband3 karma

Henery - Thanks!! I love playing Lowbrow, covered in chrome. Cant wait to play Blanket

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey- Thanks mate! I love playing Eightfold and Ok Cathedral from HG… I'm looking forward to smashing out Blanket though… that seems like it's gonna go off live… gotta start practicing lol

memelord6962 karma

hey dudes, waco is brilliant. you bros play bris a day before my 18th (rip to me), so I can't hear the new album live... HOWEVER!!! stock standard question, but oh so necessary... what's been the craziest tour experience?

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - James drank his own pee once for $55

violentsohoband3 karma

Mikey - skulled it!