My short bio: I had so much fun on my last AMA I am here again. I love interacting with my fans and answering your questions.

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MacNaNPacN421 karma

Hey there! Congrats on your success, question though are you ever salty that Kim K. Has one of the highest viewed videos on pornhub even though she is basically a star fish half the time?

misstorylane156 karma

I could care less.

General-Huxtable170 karma

I just finished having sex with my wife. Any encouraging words for a quick recovery?

misstorylane255 karma

Eat a sandwich and take a half hour nap

BlakBanana160 karma

How many sharpies can you fit in your ass? And would you be willing to show us?

misstorylane270 karma

No! I have to save something for my personal life!

Andrejcoco125 karma

Could you share some funny on set stories?

misstorylane351 karma

Cytheria was so fucked up once she shit all over the set and we had to cancel the entire shoot and the homeowners who rented out their place for a porn shoot were fucking pissed off. I was laughing my ass off but she cost me a day's wages. She got put on my "NO" list after that.

Space_Cadet_1983138 karma

I imagine someone with explosive diarrhea standing up and spinning in circles while it shoots everywhere. How accurate is this image?

misstorylane164 karma

Spot on!

7J7444 karma

How do they find people to rent out their houses for porn shoots?

misstorylane61 karma

Location websites

tzford39 karma

How large is your no list and is James Dean on it?

misstorylane93 karma

No, James Dean is not on my NO list. I like working with him. Cytheria and Angelina Valentine may be the only ones on my list.

7J74114 karma

Whats the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

misstorylane415 karma

An autistic fan wrote a letter confessing his undying love for me and inviting me to live with him and his mom. I kkep in contact with him through email. He's my penpal.

UncleShyfty79 karma

Gotta say, Love ya Tory. There's always been this great, dirty enthusiasm to your scenes that I've always enjoyed.

But my question is, some stars have started looking more at the directorial or even production side of the industry, so any thought of taking up another porn hat?

... and I may have just made a new niche market, hat porn.

misstorylane73 karma

I have already done both but I enjoy being in front of the camera more.

Meatball4me65 karma

I am curious. Do you really enjoy giving head? What's your favorite part about it?

misstorylane91 karma

I love giving head. I am a people pleaser.

Meatball4me31 karma

Do you have a favorite place to be kissed? Neck? Mouth?

misstorylane80 karma

I love making out like teenagers. Pretty much anywhere works for me.

indyjoeII16 karma

How about getting head, do you like it, I never see a lot of that it in your scenes?

misstorylane36 karma

I love getting it as much as I love giving it...

er27j17s60 karma

Hi Tory!! Just happy to talk to you. Has any fan come up to you and called you by your birth (real) name? And how do you feel about that?

misstorylane105 karma

It has happened and it doesn't bother me. My real name is Lisa.

RossCrotum52 karma

How much do you have sex when youre not working?

misstorylane125 karma

Right now I am single, so not a lot. Any volunteers? Currently accepting applications. :-)

PornographicMemory0192 karma

If you're ever up north, i'm pretty great, if you want a very memorable 90 seconds.

misstorylane185 karma

Sounds tempting. That leaves a lot of time for cuddling. :-)

RossCrotum20 karma

Hell yeah come to Seattle, I'll give ya throw!

misstorylane50 karma

I'll be in Seattle August 16, 17, and 18th for a club appearance. Check my twitter for the details.

drui4217 karma

If you need a french guy and you come to Montreal I volonteer as tribute.

misstorylane16 karma

will keep that in mind.... thanks

Mynock3312 karma

Dating outside of the industry must pose challenging at times?

misstorylane37 karma

it is hard for me to date...

MacNaNPacN50 karma

What's the most uncomfortable scene you've been in?

misstorylane59 karma


Meatball4me48 karma

What would the perfect date entail for you? Fancy dinner? Beer and wings? What floats your boat?

misstorylane92 karma

I am a jeans and t-shirt, beer and wings, kind of gal.

XRarehunterX13 karma

what is your beer of choice

misstorylane37 karma


SoberJoker992 karma

Are you averse to Pho by chance because a date with you over my favorite food would be the perfect date if that's how you want the application filled?

misstorylane18 karma

I never had Pho, unless it was that Asian dude I blew last week?

Bomky47 karma

Do you prefer to spit or swallow (or something else?) and why? Big fan!

misstorylane77 karma

I prefer to spit. Once it is out of your nuts, who cares?

Batmike47 karma

Have there been any scenes too extreme for you, or that you didn't feel comfortable doing? I love your work and I'm looking forward to what the future holds in store.

misstorylane52 karma

Thank you very much for the lovely compliment. I never do anything on film that I am not comfortable doing. I am an extremist. I am a gonzo girl so I like high energy sex both on camera and off camera.

strange_daddy40 karma

What's the best and worst part of your profession you encounter daily?

misstorylane83 karma

The best part is meeting new people. The worst part is meeting weird creepy people.

iWant_To_Play_A_Game132 karma

Dammit, we tried Reddit.

misstorylane78 karma

I haven't met anyone creepy through Reddit. I have actually met some people in real life through Reddit...

I may be the creepiest one on this AMA so far. :-)

PornographicMemory035 karma

Hello tory, thank you for taking the time to answer everyones questions.

•What is your favorite scene you've ever been in & Why? •Who is your favorite male & Female person to work with on set?

•How much of what you do on screen do you like to do at home?

•What is the weirdest / funniest fan interaction/experience you've had?

misstorylane75 karma

  • Favorite scene: Oil overload
  • Favorite male performer: Nick Manning because he is hilarious
  • Favorite female performer: Belladonna
  • How much: It all depends on who is at home with me
  • Weirdest interaction: I just met a cross-dressing Russian funeral home owner on my latest trip to NYC.

NeutralZoneBanter31 karma

At what point did taking dick for a living become a chore for you? And are you proud of your dick taking abilities?

misstorylane111 karma

Taking dick has never become a chore. It has always been a pleasure. I am absolutely 100% proud of my dick taking abilities. I even have awards to prove it. :-O

So_we_fo_o_fo25 karma


misstorylane45 karma

Definitely not no smoking, must be great genes. I do try take care of my self for the most part. I wonder if semen is a good moisturizer?

So_we_fo_o_fo11 karma

I haven't tried it

misstorylane153 karma

You must have soft hands ;-)

Rolandbones21 karma

Which do you prefer more and WHY? Circumcised or Uncircumcised men?

misstorylane54 karma

I prefer circumcised. I like the way the head feels.

tzford19 karma

What is your favorite foreign country to go visit?

misstorylane49 karma

So far, #1 has been Australia. I pick a new country to visit every year. This year is Brazil in September.

SoberJoker9913 karma

Did you go scuba diving at all while there and if so did you swim with sharks?

misstorylane24 karma

I went snorkeling but didn't see any sharks. I swam with some wild dolphins.

Phallicmallet17 karma

What is the most dangerous set you would shoot on?

misstorylane21 karma

A back alley for Jim Lane/ JM Productions.

jardley17 karma

Hi Tory, i have to say that Inlive watching your films. I'm still waiting to meet a girl that fucks with as much energy and enthusiasm as you. What do you think of guys that like to have you play with their ass?

misstorylane32 karma

I used to date a guy that always wanted me to peg him. I didn't mind. I am a people pleaser. Whatever float's your boat.

Joal050314 karma

Cannabis + sex = ...?

misstorylane33 karma

a good time

nomad8013 karma

Don't know you (don't mean any offense by that :) - what's your elevator speech for someone who has just met you for the first time?

misstorylane74 karma

please dont let google scare u

damiankw13 karma

How much cosmetic surgery have you had? Was it due to pressure to look a certain way, or you just thought you needed it?

misstorylane24 karma

I get Botox. I had my breasts done before I got into the business.

GingerChutney13 karma

How long do you intend to go? I can imagine that you will still be beautiful at 50 or that it's a bigger genre, would you work that long?

misstorylane33 karma

50 or 60 is a bit much but thoroughly enjoy what I do and as long as you guys will have me, I will be here.

Nelly011212 karma

Do you normally date guys in the industry? How long have you been single?

misstorylane28 karma

Back in the day I only dated guys in the industry but as I got older I realized to date out of the industry. I've been single now 3 months

kenaireb10 karma

What's your favorite beer?

misstorylane102 karma

free and cold

fubbleskag10 karma

Will you write my name on your body and post a photo?

misstorylane27 karma

contact me on twitter. I love doing things like that for my fans

JonnyGoodfellow9 karma

How did you get started in porn? Did you go and seek it out or were approached?

misstorylane18 karma

I got started in FL with my bff Harmony. We were scouted by Peter North while working at Cheetahs in Pompano

kenaireb11 karma

I miss Harmony.

misstorylane14 karma

I love harmony

7J748 karma

Hi Tory, Thanks for taking questions. From your experience what is the average budget on a porn shoot? I'm talking features.

misstorylane18 karma

Budget for a feature, anywhere from $15k to $30k.

lyonsden848 karma

If you were told you could only do one more scene who would you do it with?

misstorylane14 karma

harmony forsure

7J748 karma

Whats your favorite type of scene to direct? Have you ever had a guy not be able to perform? If so what do you do in that situation?

misstorylane14 karma

favorite scenes to direct are anal gang bangs. I do carry viagra in case a performer has wood problems

MurtazaB8 karma

Worst day on set?

misstorylane42 karma

When I was booked w/ my ex

tzford7 karma

Did you fill out a March Madness Bracket and when did you tear it up?

misstorylane18 karma

Nope and never but I did catch the Duke/Yale game.

sobachi7 karma

What do you like to do in your spare time? Does size matter?

misstorylane17 karma

I like to snowboard in the winter. I like normal size in my real life. Size doesn't matter in that way.

Mysaiah6 karma

What is your favorite pizza topping?

misstorylane18 karma

My favorite pizza is the Marghertia Pizza.

int3rl0per6 karma

Do pornstars do things besides AmA's any more?

misstorylane17 karma

I guess not

Meatball4me6 karma

What is your favorite position? Really?

misstorylane8 karma

I like them all. I don't know.

JohnnyBxxx6 karma

Will you ever come back down to FTL/Miami anytime soon?

misstorylane7 karma

Im in fla shooting mid april

adarkfable5 karma

What's the worst song you've heard in the last week or two?

misstorylane7 karma

I listen to Sirius so I don't have to listen to songs I don't has so many choices

HighOnGoofballs5 karma

How much can you make in a year?

misstorylane54 karma

What are you the IRS? I make 30-45k on the books! lol

eat_me_now4 karma

Do you like to watch your shoots when they are done and edited? What is your favorite scene you've shot?

misstorylane14 karma

If I know it was a really good scene then I'll watch it. Oil overload is my favorite

muttley724 karma

How are your New York Giants gonna do this year? Who is your favorite player?

misstorylane15 karma

My Giants are great every year lol.... Manning is the man

muttley723 karma

Will you ever get to do your own movie where it is all about you?

misstorylane6 karma

I hope so

tzford3 karma

How often are you offered scenes to do?

misstorylane7 karma

Im booked 1/2 of the month every month

Who-the-fuck-is-that3 karma

Why did these idiot mods delete your first post?

misstorylane5 karma

This is what they sent me: Hello misstorylane! I've removed your submission from IAmA because it's best to post your AMA when you are ready to start answering, otherwise it will lose visibility too quickly. Feel free to make a new post (don't forget proof) when you can join us for a couple of hours.

muttley723 karma

Thanks for doing this Reddit, you are a Legend. Will you be doing any FemDom scenes in future?

misstorylane7 karma

I'm sure I will! I'm mostly hired for that

tzford3 karma

Are you going to do another Gang Bang over 3 guys again or are you done with those?

misstorylane7 karma

I just did 3 guys for Brazzers. The more the merrier!

muttley723 karma


misstorylane8 karma

im to busy for a snapchat

muttley721 karma

Do you sell any DVDs, photos or memorabilia ? how do we buy if you do?

misstorylane1 karma

Contact me through twitter @misstorylane I have tons of merchandise.

tzford1 karma

Do men that you first go to bed with that know what you do try to over impress you or are you as aggressive in real life like on film?

misstorylane2 karma

In my personal life I prefer to be submissive and sometimes men try to impress me

muttley721 karma

Are you doing any more Femdom or TonightGirlfriend scenes soon?

misstorylane1 karma

i mostly do femdom

MacNaNPacN1 karma

Perfect penis size?

misstorylane6 karma

5 to 6 inches. I like normal size when I am not shooting.

7J741 karma

Can you name something (other then a dick) that you put in your mouth but don't swallow?

misstorylane9 karma

toothbrush lol

muttley721 karma

When is your sexy ass coming back to Dallas? How many pairs of Chucks do you own?

misstorylane2 karma

No current plans to return to Dallas right now but who knows. I have over 15 pairs of Chucks baby. If I am not wearing heels, it's Chucks.

SoberJoker991 karma

Once you're done with the AMA, what do you have planned for the rest of the evening?

misstorylane2 karma

shower and bed

[deleted]1 karma


misstorylane2 karma

That hasnt happened.... or they dont tell me...

tzford1 karma

Do you have an agent to get you work or do companies just contact you and you go from there?

misstorylane2 karma

I book my own work now....Im my own boss.

er27j17s1 karma

OK one last one from me. A lot of adult stars have a desire to do mainstream films. Do you share that desire or are you content where you're at?

misstorylane3 karma

I am content.