Hi! This is Jared & Matt from the band Cage The Elephant. We released our 4th album Tell Me I’m Pretty back in December.

Right now, we are on tour with Silversun Pickups, Foals & Bear Hands. In April/May, we will be on tour with Portugal. The Man, Twin Peaks & BRONCHO: http://cagetheelephant.com/tour/

Tomorrow, we are releasing a music video for “Cry Baby.”

Ask us anything!!!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/CageTheElephant/status/711629648703000576

UPDATE: Thank you, Reddit!!! We have to go soundcheck now. Make sure to check out our new video for CRY BABY tomorrow. Here's another sneak peak https://www.instagram.com/p/BDMA_8Vv3n8/

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viper12551565 karma

How much of an impact do you think that Borderlands had on your career? I hadn't heard of you guys until I played the game, but I bought one of your albums shortly after, and have been a fan ever since.

CageTheElephant_1595 karma

initially, a huge impact cos the game makers didn't expect it to have as much success as has had. and now it's pretty much a cult classic

ap2200732 karma

How has becoming famous changed the way you live and how you look at the world around you?

CageTheElephant_1586 karma

are we famous???

CageTheElephant_1820 karma


brcostello553 karma

What's the one thing/question you are tired of or don't like being asked during an interview?

CageTheElephant_1179 karma

where did your band name come from

....sorry /u/frajer

Doubles_N_Fun457 karma

What was the craziest show you've done?

CageTheElephant_999 karma

we just played a house party in austin. it was very very crazy

gabgabgabb338 karma

A question for Matt, have you ever thought about selling your own artwork?

CageTheElephant_655 karma

How much you got?

Hanzoa245 karma

Hey guys, I saw your band live 2 years in a row at Firefly, easily one of the best shows I've ever seen! My question is what does it feel like to play in front of a crowd of thousands of people who all love your music?

CageTheElephant_263 karma

it feels amazing. festivals are some of the funnest shows

Targantoo_avenue236 karma

Hey guys! Since there seems to have been a rather mixed reaction to Tell Me I'm Pretty, how satisfied would you say you are personally with the way your sound has evolved since the first album?

CageTheElephant_433 karma

personally, we are satisfied with it because it's the natural progression of the maturity of our music & the maturity of our relationship as a band

owenmpowell231 karma

Matt, what's your lyric-writing process like?

CageTheElephant_444 karma

there are several different approaches, honestly.

usually it starts with a random stream of consciousness. and once i figure out what i'm trying to say, i then try to narrow it down to a specific item/sentiment.

papalotis220 karma

how cold (cold cold) is it where you are?

CageTheElephant_586 karma

it's pretty cold and rainy in johnson city - jchamp

how cold is it? ice cold! - andre3000

bookworm2000210 karma

What is the inspiration for your music?

CageTheElephant_565 karma


dular27199 karma

Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. I've been a big fan of yours ever since Thank You Happy Birthday, and I've only continued to be impressed by your work since then. What's the funniest story you have from this tour so far?

CageTheElephant_449 karma

the other night we all had fish at catering.

and we almost all shat ourselves on stage.

CageTheElephant_405 karma

and to clarify, no one did.

CageTheElephant_635 karma

well, maybe brad did a little

goth_star189 karma

Is it a bad idea to pursue a career in music in this day and age?

CageTheElephant_314 karma

enter at your own risk - jchamp

only you have the power to decide - matt

DatGuy45150 karma

Cake or pie?

CageTheElephant_255 karma


SinewaveZB122 karma

Would you rather make music with people expecting its arrival, like you are today? Or was it more fulfilling not having an audience to create for?

CageTheElephant_132 karma

It's two different processes & we like doing both of them. When you play for people live, you see the immediate reaction. When you record for them, you can only anticipate what their reaction might be.

willpay4dankmemes115 karma

Drink of choice?

CageTheElephant_198 karma

water - jchamp

la croix - matt

Ltarget112 karma

Does she Mess Around?

CageTheElephant_250 karma

Ray Charles says she does but we say she don't

Rhinosaucerous109 karma

I've never listened to your music. Which albums would you recommend me picking up to get started?(please don't say all of them)

CageTheElephant_186 karma

all of them except ....

A_better_reddit_name101 karma

Heading to my first cte show in June, any advice on how to best enjoy (and remember) the experience?

Question 2: What makes a show memorable for you guys?

CageTheElephant_218 karma

bring your ears.

the fans make a show memorable.

Quakerzzz88 karma

Hey Matt, Where do you buy your clothes?

CageTheElephant_213 karma


catparsons82 karma

Your concerts are always the best. So I was wondering what is your favorite band to see live? You guys are pretty hard to beat.

CageTheElephant_233 karma

queens of the stone age are up there the strokes the rolling stones

brcostello73 karma

If you could trade places with any musician for a day and gain all their skills, who would you pick and why?

CageTheElephant_146 karma

JCHAMP - jimi hendrix so i can be a badass at guitar

Nara_Mark72 karma

What do you think about Radiohead? Do you like Radiohead? But really what do you think about Radiohead?

CageTheElephant_199 karma

That's one of our favorite songs by the Talking Heads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scdyR1L9uwM

RedditIs4Shitheads61 karma

What is the song you are most proud of?

CageTheElephant_73 karma

on which record?

Merissanicholle56 karma

Hi I'm guys I love y'all so much and y'alls band is so amazing!! But anyways I was wondering if y'all are ever going to book a performance maybe in San Antonio, Texas? It would be so awesome to see y'all perform again and meet y'all!! Oh and btw what is the back story on sweetie little Jean? love the song so much!

CageTheElephant_201 karma

When Brad & myself were children, a neighborhood friend was kidnapped and murdered. It was a horribly traumatic experience which kind of put an end to the age of our innoncence. On Tell Me I'm Pretty, I really wanted to go back & face some of things that I haven't thought about in a very very long time.

Morgan was a beautiful little girl who deserved much more out of life. Rest in peace.

diggydog6755 karma

You guys ever going to release on cassettes?

CageTheElephant_97 karma

great idea, it's in the works!

Christinatomas449 karma

Mayhem in bowling green,Ky wha do y'all think about playing there? You should do it.

CageTheElephant_65 karma

check tidballs frequently

thespaniard7742 karma

Hey Matt and Jared, I'm a huge Cage fan, and I'm going to your show in NYC in May! I was curious about where you got the inspiration for your album art on TMIP. Also why didn't you guys schedule any Philly dates for either tour? :(

CageTheElephant_74 karma

Because we don't like Nick.

Just kidding.

Keep checking back for tour dates! Especially tomorrow.

black_flag_4ever36 karma

Favorite death metal album?

CageTheElephant_157 karma

the eagles....of death metal

sweet_as_cunt29 karma

Love the new record. What artists have you guys been listening to lately?

CageTheElephant_96 karma

run the jewels - jchamp

devandra banheart / malla rodrigo amarante
kurt vile - matt

goo_lagoon28 karma

I have really been enjoying your music lately. What are your thoughts about online music services for musicians like you?

CageTheElephant_56 karma

like streaming services? it's a weird time for the music industry right now - jchamp

i actually think streaming services are going to prove to be incredible. if though don't turn musicians into indentured servants. it's like word of mouth x10 - matt

ChrispyFlips24 karma

Invisibility or the ability to read minds?

Huge fan!

CageTheElephant_48 karma

read minds for sure - MATT

CageTheElephant_43 karma

JCHAMP - invisibility

Strongbad2321 karma

Did you guys ever think you'd get as big as you did? What were your aspirations before the band?

CageTheElephant_62 karma

are we big???

CageTheElephant_78 karma


thefakemattk17 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan and huge festival enthusiast. What has been your favorite festival to play? Do you guys have big plans on hitting more festivals next year?

CageTheElephant_59 karma

i don't know if there is a favorite festival ever. ones that stick out are Lolla Chicago, Lolla Brazil, pretty much all the Lollapoaloozas....Firefly, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Bottlerock.

We are pumped for Reading & Leads this year!!

catparsons14 karma

What is your favorite song to play when you're on tour? And where's your favorite city/state to play in?

CageTheElephant_28 karma

Recently, my favorite songs to play are Punchin' Bag & Cold Cold Cold.

Stryk-Man14 karma

You guys are doing a small arena tour with Silversun Pickups, Foals and Bear Hands followed by a tour with Portugal. The Man at primarily outdoor venues. Considering the venues as well as the bands you'll be sharing the ticket with, will you approach each leg of the tour differently? Can fans expect different set lists?

PS - You guys kickass! Seeing you in Providence and again in Columbia, MD.

CageTheElephant_20 karma

We will switch up the setlist on the next tour. Keep it spontaneous!!

neurorhythmic13 karma

Hey guys,

What was it like when you first heard a crowd of people singing your lyrics?

CageTheElephant_15 karma


ooeewatupwitdat6 karma

Why aren't you guys playing Forecastle this year? :(

CageTheElephant_7 karma

we played it last year & hope to play again in the near future

szabes2 karma

Saw you guys in Berlin as well as Starland in Jersey, loved both shows! So what tv shows are you guys into the most?

CageTheElephant_6 karma

new vinyl show is pretty good - jchamp

i love the show the knick - matt

Uda_Pruda2 karma

When did you first start working with Pooneh? I love her work so knowing she directed Cry Baby is so exciting! Are there any plans to release something like a photo diary, similar to what Pooneh did with Foals in 2014?

CageTheElephant_6 karma

there is something in the works....but tomorrow we are releasing the CRY BABY video so check it out!!!

Acidbrah2 karma

How did the band get together? Also, how do you write songs?

CageTheElephant_8 karma

we got together in high school.

each song is written a bit differently

saarsc2 karma

You think you guys will always stay with rock styles? or open up like jazz blues etc? will you ever get to pop(please dont)?

CageTheElephant_6 karma

we don't go into making records thinking about the genre or specific sounds.

but with each song we basically just cater to what is best for the song

thebeststateever1 karma

Hi guys! What advice would you give to any new bands?

CageTheElephant_7 karma

Practice constantly - JCHAMP

And play as many shows as possibly you can. If it's meant to happen, it will happen. But basically it's last man standing - Matt

sweettooth6061 karma

Here in Johnson City waiting for you guys! Jchamp... chill after?

CageTheElephant_3 karma

maybe. i'm feeling a little rough, incase you didn't notice from the photo

Ftrescott-2 karma

When are you guys dropping your Vans collection? & what does it all include?

P.s. Look for the girl in a retro rainbow triangle tshirt in front row tonight at your show fellas \m/

CageTheElephant_17 karma

No solid dates as of right now. But we are looking to release sometime in the late summer