The Bad Guy.


Watch me beat down Bisping at UR Fight on March 20th.

Thanks guys for joining guys. I'm out of there! Tune-In on Sunday, March 20th

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MoreStonedThanMost219 karma

Good afternoon Mr. Sonnen... What is your favorite steroid?

RealChaelSonnen557 karma

I wasn't picky.

apgujohn94 karma

Hey Chael, big fan here. One question: What was it like growing up on the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon?

RealChaelSonnen520 karma

disgusting. i can remember the time the air conditioner broke and we had to jump in the pool just to cool off.

jamesFree4581 karma

What would you suggest to a recent business grad looking to get a job with the UFC? I am trying to get a marketing internship at a ball sport for experience, but any other advice?

RealChaelSonnen219 karma

DM me. I'll give you the email of someone at the UFC who can help.

throwupKID54 karma

How could you possibly punch someone 300 times and not finish them let alone cause any visible damage? How does that work, are your fists truly filled with feathers and is that frustrating or discouraging in any way?

RealChaelSonnen205 karma

Man, I was trying.

PhillySportPhan53 karma

You going to Wrestlemania?

RealChaelSonnen89 karma


BaseballKnowItAll52 karma

Were you lying about Nogueira trying to feed a bus a carrot, and petting it thinking it was a horse?

RealChaelSonnen167 karma

that happened.

davesteffens46 karma

Do you really call people when they buy a certain amount of shirts?

RealChaelSonnen81 karma

every time.

BloodChamp45 karma

Do you think Khabib will become champ?

RealChaelSonnen87 karma


wildcrazyhungry43 karma

Hello Chael, thank you for this AMA.

  1. If Joe Rogan doesn't renew his contract with UFC who should take his spot?
  2. Better mind games, Jon Jones or Connor?

RealChaelSonnen97 karma

Joe's incredible. We gotta keep him around. Connor

Dr_Chausable42 karma

What made you decide to start fighting? What made you start?

RealChaelSonnen308 karma

Money laundering didn't work out.

FruitLoop42042 karma

Who do you want to headline UFC 200?

RealChaelSonnen159 karma

GSP vs. Robbie Lawler

Remmyking37 karma

Who do you beat quicker: Wanderlei, Franklin, Belfort, or Bigfoot?

RealChaelSonnen168 karma


Redditation8837 karma

If the UFC offered you 3 million to fight at UFC 200, would you do it?

RealChaelSonnen280 karma

why would I take a pay cut??

MoreStonedThanMost35 karma

Brock Lesnar Vs. The Diaz Brothers - who wins?

RealChaelSonnen124 karma


summer_of_rage35 karma

No hate, big supporter. You won't be voting this year. But I'll do it for you. Who and why?

RealChaelSonnen69 karma

Trump. And you're wrong. I will be voting twice.

bryansmall4130 karma

Who's the one fight you would want if you could come back today?

RealChaelSonnen64 karma

Rich Franklin


chael how is working for WSOF?

RealChaelSonnen59 karma

it's great. reminds me of UFC in the beginning.

Jfg4323 karma

You are the best talker period (fighting, tv, politics, etc). Your responses are quick and witty. I believe mastering the ability to communicate is important to succeed in a professional and social setting.

What do you attribute your great ability to express yourself verbally to? A book? Movie? School?

RealChaelSonnen60 karma

I learned to talk like the man on the 6 o'clock news.

I_Lase_You23 karma

Hi Chael! Here's a Welcome to Reddit lase for you! Link

Now for the question: On your podcast, GSP kept dancing around the question. So, do you think he'll come back?

RealChaelSonnen36 karma

If he doesn't come back at 200 then no

foamyguy22 karma

You predicted jones vs Johnson not happening last time. What fight that is currently scheduled will fall thru?

RealChaelSonnen160 karma

Is Jose Aldo booked?

SesersPalace22 karma

Hey, bad guy. I remember someone a while ago speculating you know your way around a fretboard after reading The Voice of Reason. If that's true, which are your preferred guitars to play?

RealChaelSonnen49 karma

It is true. Prince is very underrated. But I prefer a 6 string like George Straight.

SuPeRfLyKiD321 karma


Big wrestling fan here and I want to thank you for incorporating some great interviews with guys like Scott Hall into your podcast. Very entertaining and informative.

With that said, based on how charismatic you are do you ever see yourself getting involved with the WWE in the future?

RealChaelSonnen44 karma

YOU'RE WELCOME. I've had talks with them but for now I'm just a fan.

space_monkey1320 karma

Chael! Thanks for doing this AMA Bad Guy.

TRT...for a 36 year old single dad...good idea or great idea?


RealChaelSonnen53 karma

Great but talk to your doctor.

johnnyviolent18 karma

Chael! I'm really looking forward to seeing you leglock Bisping!

Do you have any plans for another restaurant? Did you enjoy running it when business was good?

RealChaelSonnen34 karma

The restaurant business was fun but you gotta be present and I wasn't in town.

MagnumPear16 karma

Do you see anyone in the UFC right now with the potential to become a star on the level of Ronda/Conor?

RealChaelSonnen44 karma



Will Joe Rogan ever be on your podcast? That would be an excellent show. Also, want to shoot some pool in Portland weekend after next?

RealChaelSonnen27 karma

Joe is always welcomed

ZacPack10 karma

Who's the better trash talker, You or Conor McGregor? Is trash talking serious or just a way to hype up a fight?

RealChaelSonnen70 karma

you can't be serious. if I didn't mean it I wouldn't say it.

SgtDowns10 karma

Chael, I am a huge fan of your trash talk and fight game.

2 questions:

1.) Any plans to ever compete again in MMA or will the TRT ban stop you from ever doing it again?

2.) Have you and Anderson had any friendly meetings since your last fight with him?

Thanks OG!

RealChaelSonnen33 karma

the man sure took a lot of the fun out of it.

perezoso2day10 karma

Hi Chael, how goes it?

I've been a fan of yours for quite awhile, and have always found you to be one the best trash talkers in the business. How did you get so good at it? You're lines are often very witty and quite funny.

Good luck against Bisping.

RealChaelSonnen45 karma

Hi Baby, what are you wearing?

robbie_fox9 karma

Who are your favorite pro wrestlers at the moment? Can we expect some wrestling commentating from you in the future?

RealChaelSonnen49 karma

Shane O Mac, duh

I_Burned_The_Lasagna9 karma

When can we expect Silva vs. Sonnen 3?

Also, you're a handsome man why haven't you changed your bad wikipedia photo yet?

RealChaelSonnen21 karma

In May.

Pr3Zd08 karma

Hey Chael, thanks for the AMA. If you could have any rematch from a loss in your career who would it be and why?

How do you see yourself beating Bisping over the weekend?

Also can you please slap Front Row Brian for everyone over at /r/mma?

RealChaelSonnen29 karma


SuPeRfLyKiD38 karma

With Wanderlei signing with Bellator, any chance we ever get that fight with you two?

RealChaelSonnen25 karma


SimonG1437 karma

Jones or Werdum?

RealChaelSonnen25 karma


IPlayGeetarSometimes6 karma

Do you feel that father hood has changed you or your view points? If so, how?

RealChaelSonnen28 karma

Yes, a lot more purpose.

CupNoodleSoup4 karma

Hi Chael

Do you like dragons?

RealChaelSonnen7 karma


Rampage19954 karma

Hi Chael, I have a few questions for you.

1.) Is JBJ the best fighter ever?

2.) What's the one fight you wish you would have gotten

3.) I know gangsters don't have regrets but if you could go back, what would you different as far as your fighting career is for.

4). I know this will be pretty general, but could you tell me a random story from your fighting career. I could be about something that happened early on, or something that happened to one of your teammates.

RealChaelSonnen3 karma

Jones is the best. And I'll answer the rest on my podcast.

StudBrackman4 karma

How come MMA media no sells Front Row Brian even when they take his scoops and take credit for it.

Are you proud of Brian for his big career moves?

RealChaelSonnen21 karma

yes, things have certainly worked out for FRB. I will be seeing him soon for Wrestlemania

nickfield19962 karma

What are you going to submit Bisping with? Guillotine?

RealChaelSonnen7 karma

leg lock

stirocboy2 karma

Chael you're the #1 P4P trashtalker of all time. Tell me you are coming back to the UFC?

RealChaelSonnen17 karma

You got half of that right.

coach_bombay892 karma

Why did you pretend that your twitter account wasn't actually yours before you fought Anderson the first time? Some 1 liner gold during that time period.

RealChaelSonnen17 karma

I had help with it in the beginning.

StudBrackman1 karma

How many weight divisions does Thero dominate?

RealChaelSonnen6 karma

so far undefeated and undisputed.