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Will you please eat paul blart mall cop?

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Hey Shoenice. Me, my fiance and my friends actually watched a bunch of your videos last night. They had us cracking up!

I know you're on the road to sobriety and one of your latest videoes you say that a lot of people were unsubbing because of the lack of alcohol slamming. I for one just want to say that I've watched your videos for a long time and I'd rather you be sober and healthy than hurting yourself.

My question is: Where do you want to be in 5 years? As in: on youtube and life.

Love ya, man. Hope you stay healthy and well!

shoeniceYOUTUBE153 karma

alive, lol

TheBeastKnownAsKoala119 karma

Do you regularly consult your doctor about your activities?

shoeniceYOUTUBE285 karma

helll no

noicknoick101 karma

Wait, didn't you already do an AMA?

Also, have you seen H3H3 productions? They called you the moral center of youtube

shoeniceYOUTUBE147 karma

yeah, they love shoenice, i want to collab with them. and other AMA didnt have enough proof from video i made, this one will work !

Nixus88 karma

Is there anything that CAN'T physically harm you, that you refuse to eat? Or eat a second time?

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Shoenice, do you have nice shoes?

shoeniceYOUTUBE158 karma

no, black target cheapies

flameeffex81 karma

If you could suck the dick of any person in history, who would it be?

shoeniceYOUTUBE383 karma

my own

blade712262 karma

What was your favorite thing you had to eat/drink? Also, favorite video game?

shoeniceYOUTUBE88 karma

liquor, GTA

Teh_Knife_Guy58 karma

Have you ever had to get your stomach pumped?

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the tuna smell of your mom's crack

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Where is the proof you're not a CGI government experiment?

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Hercherd41 karma

What branch were you in and what rank are you? I'm im ROTC now and I'm joining the Air Force in about a few years after school is done.

shoeniceYOUTUBE46 karma

e-3 army when i was discharged. lol. i know a family who has a kid going to air force, he is in college rotc

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yes, liver is good

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shoeniceYOUTUBE327 karma

never was. lied on youtube to get on tosh.o . they needed a homeless youtuber

isaybruh37 karma

Why 2 ama's within 24 hours?

shoeniceYOUTUBE151 karma

fell asleep and didnt provide enough proof

raidwarden31 karma

Do you and Kevin (LA Beast) actually hate each other or was that all a joke?

shoeniceYOUTUBE74 karma

i dont hate anyone

alt9983830 karma

Do you ever want to get re married?

If you could drive any car what would it be?

What's your favorite "nice meal" to sit down and really enjoy?

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no, mercedez chicken parm

ConnorIsK1NG25 karma

How did the name shoenice originate?

shoeniceYOUTUBE60 karma

called shoe all my life. my last name is schewe

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chicken parm. trump. no where . billygoat

TronCarter8423 karma

Hey shoe, love your channel and how you interact with fans. Who's your favorite youtuber?

shoeniceYOUTUBE63 karma

shoenice. seriously, i dont enjoy any other youtubers vids, lol

octilleria19 karma

what music do you listen to?

shoeniceYOUTUBE77 karma

taylor swift - slayer , everything

shouldastayedinbed18 karma

Thanks for the great videos. What's going to be your next big challenge? How dry was your mouth after eating deodorant?

shoeniceYOUTUBE20 karma

i dont know what my big challenge will be next

spinalremains15 karma

Hey Shoe! Big fan here. I hope you're doing well with your sobriety. I still look forward to watching your new videos. Stay strong! That said, what's the most regrettable thing you've done after one of your liquor slam challenges?

shoeniceYOUTUBE46 karma

went into public and got arrested

ticktockalock15 karma

If you could go to any time in history, where would you go and what would you do?

shoeniceYOUTUBE87 karma

Roman empire, have an all women orgy

AnonA74515 karma

What is it like to be the moral center of YouTube?

shoeniceYOUTUBE28 karma

Pretty awesome

Brentlee201614 karma

What is your favorite Strand so far? Are you big into oil? I just picked up some Blue Jesus from Dan dudes, taste like the blue pick sticks. Shout out from Spokane WA

shoeniceYOUTUBE40 karma

sour diesel

LemonDrank13 karma

Which type of liquor was the hardest to slam, the everclear?

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somewhat_social12 karma

Are you afraid one day drinking like you do is going to kill you? Do you think that it's sometimes a "bad idea"?

shoeniceYOUTUBE52 karma

I quit, been sober 32 days, done with that

Itzhak_hl11 karma

What goes through your head while chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels?

shoeniceYOUTUBE67 karma

Let me live through one more

octilleria10 karma

why do you hate ted barrus so much?

shoeniceYOUTUBE20 karma

we are friends

khanabyss10 karma

Shoenice AMA in a nutshell:

Redditor: Your favorite thing in life ?

Shoenice: Your deceased mom's pussy.

Redditor: You da man!

When you've said you have the most loyal fans it was really true ! They all came from youtube to reddit!

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BayAreaKid6509 karma

How do you prepare yourself before chugging/eating all those things in your youtube vids??

shoeniceYOUTUBE47 karma

get high and drunk

elmajico1018 karma

Hi shoenice. What would be the top regret you would say you've experienced in your life? Either from young age that still affected you today or from older age.

shoeniceYOUTUBE26 karma

no regrets

lukejh_7 karma

One of the things you're famous for saying is, 'Fack yaww!' But what happened to the forgotten, 'Nyack Naww!'?

shoeniceYOUTUBE17 karma

looooool, oh yeah

kwebber3217 karma

How did you feel after eating the meat with super glue? That's actually my favorite video from you.

shoeniceYOUTUBE12 karma

I felt fine

acdcfanboy7 karma

Shoenice, do you still drink cranberry juice after your stunts?

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burntwool7 karma

Do you see yourself getting over your "addiction" anytime soon? I'm sure your intestine it's fucked

shoeniceYOUTUBE42 karma

Been sober 32 days

platan0s6 karma

How do you like your steak cooked?

shoeniceYOUTUBE11 karma

Medium well

QuasarsRcool6 karma

Do you eat ass?

shoeniceYOUTUBE35 karma

A clean hot womans? All day long

speeduponthedamnramp6 karma

Serious question: I know you've joked about it before, but why don't you blink? I've been trying to get a straight answer for years...

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Thesilenceofanother5 karma

What was the worst thing you ever ate?

shoeniceYOUTUBE26 karma

liquid ass

GRIZx5 karma

Is there any chance that we are going to see you eat a turd? Just to see how it compares to the taste of liquid ass.

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YoungNeil695 karma

How do you feel about Filthy Frank?

shoeniceYOUTUBE31 karma


Con_Yoshi5 karma

Hey Shoenice, out of all the stuff you've drank/ eaten, what were the most difficult to keep down?

Also, do you plan to do anything with H3H3?

Papa bless

shoeniceYOUTUBE22 karma

Bad banana

ValdymTheBastard5 karma

Do you get any hate messages?

shoeniceYOUTUBE31 karma

Lmaooo. Haters will hate. They are my pencil dick puppets

Widowmaker694 karma

I see you on 16th St from time to time wanna grab some lunch?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

Sure email me [email protected]

doome4 karma

Will you ever participate in a food eating spectacle, like Nathan's hot dog eating contest? Also keep up the Lord's work

shoeniceYOUTUBE19 karma

Do nathans when they dont allow water

ElCapitan094 karma

Hey man have you given thought to eating that Totinos pizza roll smoothie or McDonalds #2 and Coke smoothie?

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pyth11004 karma

What ever happened to the video where you did a chubby bunny challenge of lit candles over your laptop and got wax on it? I have the audio saved because it cracked me up, but the video is nowhere to be found.

shoeniceYOUTUBE11 karma

i have no idea

Hercherd4 karma

Hey Mr. Shoenice I have another question. What is your favorite Tv show/shows?

shoeniceYOUTUBE15 karma

ax men

stephen_seagu114 karma

You have 540,000 subscribers, but you only get 7,000 views....Do you have the worst ratings on youtube, and, why is your channel failing so badly?

shoeniceYOUTUBE8 karma

hi pencil dick puppet #2 ! srry i left last night, i have....what is it called again??? oh yeah, a life.

KingdomHearts33 karma

Why were you such an asshole during the King Of The Web competition?

shoeniceYOUTUBE8 karma

Wasnt me. People started it, i finished, now fak off

bobafetticune3 karma

Hey, Shoenice! What's your motto for life?

shoeniceYOUTUBE17 karma

Pot and pussy , all a man needs

drm6113 karma

Do you remember when you chained yourself to the fountain at UAlbany in protest of the cancellation of fountain day? I have a picture with you and my old roommates somewhere. I'll post when I can find it. Everyone also loved seeing you randomly around Albany yelling shit out of your car at people...good times

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Nappiest3 karma

Is there anything you've eaten in a video that you still snack on from time to time?

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acdcfanboy3 karma

Shoenice, what is the best thing you ever ate/drank in a video?

shoeniceYOUTUBE14 karma

Chocolate cream pie

JewBBQ1939_19453 karma

Would you have a JewBBQ with me?

shoeniceYOUTUBE9 karma


RawrYoFace2 karma

Hey Shoenice, could I have a response from you that is longer than 4 sentences? Thanks!

shoeniceYOUTUBE9 karma


CJones3602 karma

When you started you said you were going to end world hunger by using your influence to blackmail companies into helping the cause.

But years later you really haven't done anything. Why?

shoeniceYOUTUBE3 karma

it is coming ! just laugh for now

lukejh_2 karma

Public trolling are your best type of videos. Anyway, how many people do you think you've got with the volume trick? Nyack naww, thank yaww, P&P, smoke bowls, and save souls

shoeniceYOUTUBE5 karma

I got 1000s with that trick

SimonThSorcerer2 karma

How does it feel to know that your own son (whom youare not allowed to visit) sees only videos of you drunk, drinking, high or smoking weed?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma

could visit him anytime. i just hate them fuckers *my old family. i got a nice new one ! lil jr on the way !

fratstache2 karma

Hey shoe, dont take this the wrong way but do you have a character for your challenge videos? I've seen other videos where you arent doing challenges and you seem to speak totally differently.

shoeniceYOUTUBE13 karma

Yes, its called acting

Sirlolipop1012 karma

I find it fascinating how you can drink so much. Personally I can only drink like 6 beers or 5 shoots. Have you eaten durian before? If so, how was it? If not, would you try it? Thanks!

shoeniceYOUTUBE7 karma

I need to do a durian fruit

Brettish2 karma

I heard you did a video with Crutch_420, but Joe Kidd lost the footage. Would you be willing to do another video with him?

shoeniceYOUTUBE5 karma

how do u lose footage? lol, i am good. got my own weed channel to work on.

brendrey1 karma

Hey Shoe why dont you should do 1g dab challenge take the big sleeebss? thankyawwww

shoeniceYOUTUBE3 karma


noone111 karma

Do you love me?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

Of course

ConwayYest1 karma

Ever considered filming a documentary? Call it "walking on thin nice" lol

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

Epic title

[deleted]1 karma


shoeniceYOUTUBE24 karma

where is that? would love to send it to liveleak, never ate my own shit, but i tasted the corn out your grandmas ass

RudeDudeInTheMood1 karma

What do you say before someone says "you're welcome"?

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma


I_WIPE1 karma

Favorite challenge you've completed? Least favorite? Anything you really want to try, or hope that someone doesn't ask you to try?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

Chocolate cream pie. Cactus

TheFaustin1 karma

Shoenice! I tweeted you while I was in Denver and invited you down to a billiards hall for a free drink back in late august, would you have come down if you read the tweet earlier than you did? Also, is there anything you refuse to eat no matter what?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma


stephen_seagu111 karma

Why are only 1.5% of your subscribers watching your videos? Is it because your videos are garbage, and people only wanted to watch you drink yourself to death?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

Its all about shoenice420! , a new start with google adsnse! Fuck my main channel

SimonThSorcerer1 karma

How much of your Youtube income is spent on alcohol?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

i dont drink. 32 days sober. you will have to come up with a new question douche lips ! keep the questions coming !

ustase1 karma

Shoenice, I'm your biggest fan. Congratulations on staying sober!

Please, could you give me a signed photo on Snapchat? That would totally make my day. :D

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

yes, in a bit, snap me for it

gizmo101 karma

Where did that video go when you smoked bong few months ago? lol.

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma

Go to shoenice420

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma

Or go to my 12yr scotch alam

LemonHazeKush1 karma

When are you going to do strain reviews? You should stop slamming bottles of liquor and start smoking ounces on your vids instead :)

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma

Ummmm, go to shoenice420 on youtube

stephen_seagu111 karma

What are some youtube channels that have worse ratings than yours?

shoeniceYOUTUBE0 karma

Joe askme's grandmas account

SimonThSorcerer0 karma

Do you know that most people use adblock and your meager YT income will be even less?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma

$3500 plus a lifelong annuity payment for an injury is plenty for this non-drinking pothead ! and keep watching my vids for your share of my $$ for weed ! it isnt cheap here

RyanSorsby0 karma

What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

shoeniceYOUTUBE10 karma

i dont drink

damageinc550 karma

Congrats on sobriety! What made you decide to finally get sober? The fish sauce stunt seemed really dangerous. Can you tell us more about that?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

the time had come. and i almost died from dehydration

siips-1 karma

What is your least favourite food?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

green vegetables

glas101-1 karma

Did you used to live in New England?

shoeniceYOUTUBE3 karma

lynn lynn city of sin

zebedir-1 karma

Hey Shoe, have you done really spicy kinda challenges on the channel? Like a naga or something?

shoeniceYOUTUBE2 karma

ghost, habanero, trinidad

Robo-Cat2000-1 karma

From your 10 television appearances, which one did you have the best time on? Have you considered doing a collaboration with fellow YouTuber Shoe0nHead?

shoeniceYOUTUBE1 karma

probably tosh.o , but most were video spots bro

whatislife_idk-1 karma

Would you rather eat a lawnmower or an entire wrestling ring? Thank yaw

shoeniceYOUTUBE4 karma