Hello! I am YouTuber GradeAUnderA.

Feel free to ask me whatever you want and I'll try to answer as much as I can.

I'll most likely carry this on tomorrow for a while too, just to give everyone a chance to ask stuff, so don't feel as though you've missed out (assuming this can be considered something to miss out on)

This AMA may well be filled with a lot of me trying to be funny and failing, so for that, I apologise in advance.

My Proof: http://imgur.com/ErunAQB (I now realise that you can't even see the air-bubble at the top-right of my phone. My bad) https://twitter.com/GradeAUnderA/status/705144023288250370

Going to sleep now, but I'll pick up tomorrow and answer some more for a little bit if I can. Thanks to everyone for asking questions and sorry if I wasn't able to answer your question. Much love to you all.

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OfficialMSPainter3500 karma

Hey Grade, I made some fanart of you. Do you like it mate?

GradeAUnderA2735 karma

:O DAYUM! That's impressive. Did you work at Pixar too?

Dankitkat2425 karma

Will you ever do a face reveal or is your plan to stay anonymous forever?

GradeAUnderA4709 karma

Fame isn't something I want man. I like making videos and it's cool-af that so many people enjoy em, but I do NOT want any level of fame man.

I like the luxury of being able to walk down the street, not having shaved for a month, looking like a complete tramp and not having to worry about someone capturing my homeless-chic look forever in the form of an Instagram selfie with me.

Wookie_Monster0908982241 karma

Alright mate?

GradeAUnderA2450 karma

Not too bad mate, what about yourself?

Marlonito2089 karma

What colour is your toothbrush?

EDIT: Why does this have so many points it's just a question... WTF

GradeAUnderA2992 karma

18 points in 47 minutes for this? Lol I'm guessing this is a meme/reference to something, but it used to be white, but the handle's turned kinda brown now. And it's one of those vibrating ones too..

mremosquirrel1691 karma

Did you seen that vegan gains finally made a response to your video? It's got quite the death threat.

GradeAUnderA3329 karma

Weak as fuck.

My take on him is he thinks he's untouchable, from a debating standpoint, because he has the moral high ground as a vegan. He always says things like "you didn't mention anything about the environment, the impact on animals" etc. Yeah, because I agree. I have no issue with veganism, I think it's awesome, the only thing I've ever had an issue with is the things he says about people in an attempt to spread that message, i.e. the death threats and other stuff.

Veganism is a really good cause, it's a fucking shame that so many, if not every other vegan channel supports him so strongly, as it makes veganism come off in a bad light. Such a good cause, but I'm yet to see many other vegan channels say a bad word about a guy who makes death threats, talks about killing people and laughs at toher people getting diseases. That's bad PR for veganism. If they really wanted to support veganism and make it as appealing to others as possible, surely you'd condemn the sociopath in your community, no?

Panromir1570 karma

Hey Grade!

I've tuned in to your Twitch stream the other day and you seem to have a much better Mic for Twitch than for youtube.

Is it part of your "character" on YouTube to use your S2's mic instead of something better?

GradeAUnderA3778 karma

I'm basically a prostitute man. A stream viewer donated to me, specifically saying "Get a new mic you bastard." I'm not gonna take someone's money and not do what they say, that's bad prostitute etiquette. So I took his donation and got a Blue Yeti.

But I've also had viewers tell me they'll literally kill me if I ever change my mic, so I can't. I even had Youtuber Egoraptor (who I fucking love btw) offer to buy me a mic, cus he's a fucking badass, but again, the death threats man.

weabooprotectionunit1430 karma

Do you tell people you meet about your YouTube channel?

GradeAUnderA3030 karma

NOPE! I have good friends that I've lied to and told them I still tutor lol. I've told 3 friends about it, that's it. And I told my parents, who then went and told my extended family :/. Thanks for respecting the anonymity mum lol

ThatProFish1303 karma

Hey grade love the videos!

Considering the amount of times you've called out you tubers, have you ever actually got a proper response from anyone? Any PMs?

Have you had issues with YouTube concerning your critique of them?

EDIT: Alright mate

GradeAUnderA1935 karma

I got a very proper response from Jinx lol, but he deleted his video very quickly after. But dw, I was able to download and reupload it. Nothing from Nicole Arbour, the most piss-poor response from VG where me says in the video that I don't warrant a response (but still made a video. Genius) and absolutely nothing from Nicole Arbour apart from screenshotted comments to other people.

And Tyrone Magnus pussied out of our debate. He insists that I lied and calls me a low level intelligence person. To quite a sizeable audience, I claimed that he was scumbag enough to lie on his mother's grave, yet despite all this, he refuses to clear his name. Makes sense, right? lol

JaxnNineteen1186 karma

What made you want to become a teacher?

GradeAUnderA3003 karma

I love teaching man! I've always been really good at maths and just like teaching. Some students are real characters and it was just an exciting job.

I got fired from it, which is a shame. I was doing my teacher training and basically got fired for not brown nosing the guy overseeing my teaching. The school I was at was stupidly strict. I'm not making this up, I literally got shouted at by the vice-principal for signing off an email by saying "hope you have a great day." I'm not fucking lying, this school was fucking stupid.

I literally got screamed at by a 55 year old dainty 5'2" Anna Wintour-lookalike bitch for hoping she had a great day. Guessing she would've been in a better mood had I told her I hoped she got hit by a fucking bus. Uptight bitch.

WaterWacko141026 karma

Where did you get your name from? (GradeAUnderA)

GradeAUnderA2390 karma

It means GradeAUnderAchiever lol.

I used to be a Grade-A Student when I was a student, but when I graduated, I stopped being a student and became an underachiever. Very self deprecating right?

BungieSupreme915 karma

How long does it take you to make a video on average?

GradeAUnderA2064 karma

Fucking forever. Damn near the entire week, sometimes longer.

I have to think up an idea, research it for things to bring up, organise the ideas into an order (I think my ordering for my 1st Pranks video was fucking stellar. The flow of ideas, my god), script it, record it, edit the audio (the most boring shit on earth), draw up the slides and then put it all together.

But short answer is a week of seriously full time work. I know they look like I shit them out in a morning, but that's not the case at all.

Snowyballs911 karma

Hello Grade! As a Scotsman, I don't hate your accent.

I wanted to know what video do you think kickstarted your channel? Was it general content that boosted it or was it the ones directed at YouTubers that got you the spotlight?

GradeAUnderA3988 karma

My Girly Drinks/Manly Drinks video.

I made my first two videos and then quit Youtube cus I was getting no views lol. 19 months later, that video randomly got posted on Reddit by Reddit user bonaboy and it reached the front page. I found out 3 weeks after this all happened and I had like 8K subscribers. I shit my pants man (Lucky I'm not a real Scotsman, otherwise there would've been nothing protecting the carpet!). I saw that and got back into making videos. The guy did such a small thing, but ti had such a huge impact on my life, and I'm so grateful for him, for that.

I know it sounds weird to say it because of his unfortunate username but I don't care man, I'm gonna say it anyway....I fucking love you, bonaboy.

iBurnedTheChurch806 karma

Ass or titties?

BobbyJohnson21806 karma

Hey Grade! What was your inspiration behind the drawing on MS paint?

GradeAUnderA1522 karma

An inability to use anything else, and a lack of willingness to learn.

I've used MS Paint for years. Every slide I've ever used in my pictures had been amde on MS Paint, apart from in my very first video. Near the end of the video, I punch an old man. His battered, bruised-up face was made in Photoshop. That was the first and last time I strayed from MS Paint.

Venous707 karma

How big is your chin?

GradeAUnderA1438 karma

Think Jay Leno having his DNA fused with The Crimson Chin. Like that.

cogs90210570 karma

Hey Grade, keep fighting the good fight!

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

GradeAUnderA712 karma

Aside from huge Youtubers that everyone watches, my favourites are health4thought and elgintensity. They're relatively smaller Youtubers who I've been watching for a while and love. elgintensity has some seriously good comedy writing, and health4thought are the most personable, likeable people on Youtube. They don't upload enough dammit!

HiMyNameIsSander563 karma

Hi GradeA! :D How do you come up with topics for new videos and how much time is there between coming up with an idea and the finished product?

GradeAUnderA1031 karma

I have a Notepad file I've been writing in since 2008 that is FULL of random thoughts I've had over the years. I did a word count a month or two ago and it has 230,000 words. And I always get new ideas randomly all the time.

Renegawd555 karma

Hey, big fan of the channel c: What is your main motivation for uploading consistently on youtube?

GradeAUnderA883 karma

I enjoy it. Being jobless and having nothing to do sucks, I've been there. I'd rather have a hectic weekly schedule than have no schedule, you know what I mean?

lwschrstn538 karma

Do you think you'll ever bring in any new regular "characters" alongside Grade A and Under A?

GradeAUnderA838 karma

I dunno, but I doubt it. I've got a Dickhead character that I kinda introduced. I was making a video that involved Grade shouting at someone. And Grade and Under (they're the names for my two guys) are mates, so I can't have them shouting at each other, so I made a new character and made him the target of the verbal abuse.

But apart from that, probably not. But who knows?

James---Hutch515 karma

I saw in your racism video that you went to imperial college London. Considering it's such an esteemed university, do you ever believe that you are capable of doing something better than making youtube videos? (not hating btw I love your vids but i'm guesing you're quite intelligent)

GradeAUnderA946 karma

There's nothing I would want to do more than make Youtube videos man. By the way, yes it is a very good university, but don't be too impressed by universities. I went there and some of the people there are absolute fucking idiots. And I have a story that would blow your fucking mind.

In short, don't be impressed just because someone went to a good university lol.

HeyYouNow469 karma

I have a story that would blow your fucking mind.

Tell it!

GradeAUnderA486 karma

I can't, it's illegal as fuck lol

Onehates9GAG504 karma

What's the best advice you could give someone wanting to start out on YouTube?

GradeAUnderA1339 karma

DO IT. Just fucking do it. Stop making excuses and do it. It's fun-af.

Another piece of advice I would give you is don't assume large YouTubers have any good advice for you. I have a large channel but I don't have a fucking clue how it happened. And neither does anyone else. If any Youtuber makes a serious video talking about how to grow a channel, they're so far up their arse for thinking they're some special snowflake who has some special formula for doing so. Given just how much content is uploaded to Youtube, you can make the best videos ever but never get seen, because luck has SUCH a large part to play in it all.

Just make videos, enjoy the process and cross your fingers :) >

CreativeArbok407 karma

Love the vids grade. I was the guy who did the ama request lol.

3 Questions:

If you could make 3 changes to the youtube system, what would it be?

What's the plan on the math videos? I read in some article that you were planning on making math videos and I'm wondering when it will be out cos I love math

Do you know CGPGrey?

GradeAUnderA409 karma

Hey CreativeArbok! Thanks for the request man, I'm flattered.

1) 3 changes to the Youtube system is a tough question because it's one taht would require a lot of thought and I can very easily see me forgetting a really big thing here, but get rid of all reaction channels and blacklist them (YT has actually done this before, so it's not a farfetched suggestion), be more transparent about why some channels are getting deleted (because some are absolutely justified, tbh) and actually punish channels who break the community guidelines (I'd like to see some channels be made an example of).

GradeAUnderA820 karma

Shit, I forgot the other questions.

2) The maths videos would take a ton of time, but if I ever find myself able to do them, I reeeally want to do it. I think maths is taught so badly and not saying I'm the SuperTeacher this world needs, but I'd like to give it a try. I've never seen optimisation be explained remotely well in any occasion. Everyone knows you have to differentiation, but I've never seen any teacher describe WHY you differentiate in order to optimise.

3) I don't know CGP Grey personally but we have spoken on DM briefly on Twitter. Super nice guy. He invited me over for a drink if I was ever in his neck of the woods. He's clearly trying to get in my pants. But for him, I wouldn't be wearing any anyways ;)

isis-b389 karma

Hey man! Be honest: Why is SoFlo the greatest entertainer of our generation?

GradeAUnderA738 karma

He's the best prankster, man. I dunno why, but it's as if his videos have the best aspects of all the other prank Youtubers. Can't put my finger on why though...

CartoonWarp360 karma

Some youtubers have multiple shows running on their channel. Is that something you've thought about? Or do you see yourself sticking to rants/twitch?

GradeAUnderA694 karma

For the time being, this is it, I thikn. I've had people on Twitch asking if I'd do a gaming channel but I think I'd be so shit at it. The most popular guys are too over-the-top and my boring personality wouldn't be able to compete with that, I don't have that much energy unless I've taken some meth. And my meth dealer just got put in prison, so my supply's running low.

So until I find a new meth dealer, no gaming channel from me.

Oliver_Grizwald333 karma

Hey grade. How do you feel about Jinx backing out of the charity boxing match versus Jinx?

GradeAUnderA593 karma

Not surprised at all. If anyone ever asked about the fight back on Twitch, I would always confidently tell them to not get their hopes up, cus it was never going to happen.

Jinx literally had a video on his brother's channel where his brother was talking about how someone tried to break into his car and Jinx was talking a lot of big talk about "yeah we strapped mang, I woulda got my gun mang, we pop dudes out here mang" etc. So he's a fearless gun-toting thug when someone's stealing his brother's car, but when a cancer patient wants a fight, he hides in his room and stops answering his phone lol.

Leothechosen309 karma

When you started your youtube career, did you think that you would have the impact that you've had on the youtube community thus far?

GradeAUnderA481 karma

Of course not man. I don't think anyone who starts making videos on Youtube barely thinks they'll even get noticed, unless you're a huge Youtuber's sibling/partner or something like that. But I haven't made an impact yet. If I can persuade Youtube to tweak some of their systems a little, then I'll be a happy man. Long way to go, still.

toyoufriendo289 karma

A / S / L ? ;-)

GradeAUnderA649 karma

Classified/ Female/ Classified

Mafarazzo282 karma

Which of your own videos is your personal favourite?

GradeAUnderA488 karma

It always changes Mafarazzo, but the Interviews video always comes straight to mind. I had just gone to an interview for a role I really wanted (a school that was really close to home, so the commute would've been minimal in the morning!) and I didn't get and was pissed. That video was made right after. I stomped my way home and started writing straight away.

HighscorebreakerJoe266 karma

Hey Grade,

I have one question(s):

if you could change one thing on YouTube, what would it be?

GradeAUnderA693 karma

Reaction channels. I can't fucking stand them.

The fact that Youtube lets them stay is such a slap in the face to all the smaller Youtube channels who bust their arses writing, acting, editing etc etc. The site is nothing without its content creators, and to let these pure fucking garbage channels survive and fucking thrive is not only an insult to creators who make actual content, but it acts as an incentive for more people to not make real videos.

Why bust your arse spending a week to make one quality video which gets no attention; when you can be a reactor, pump out 5-10 videos a day, and have your channel grow like a baby on steroids, right?

coolhand83252 karma

Do you feel like you have a certain moral obligation to try and stop people getting fucked over on YouTube and/or to help stop the moral corruption of our yoof? I personally hate the idea that kids are getting such really fucking bad examples of how to get ahead in the world.

Or is it just that cunts like soflo piss you off?

GradeAUnderA414 karma

Kinda, but only because I'm not seeing anyone else doing a good job of doing it.

And btw, speaking of moral corruption of our youth, there's an insanely popular Youtuber who is seen as a model example of how to be and all that kind of stuff, who I genuinely think is one of the absolute worst examples of a role model I can imagine. Have so little good words to say about this person, but I can't say it because Youtube fanboyism is WAAAAAAY too strong with this channel and my channel would currently suffer way too much if I was ever to say a bad word about this person.

That's all I'll say on this topic lol.

jlevy00199 karma

Favourite food, Grade?

GradeAUnderA595 karma

Ass, titties, ass and titties. Ass, ass, titties, titties, ass and titties.

I dunno tbh. Anything convenient. Anything that's cheap and I can grab and eat with minimal cooking/preparation wins for me.

man_0fbass189 karma

How do I become a master of MSPaint like you?

GradeAUnderA463 karma

Just be too cheap to buy Photoshop, and not be bothered enough to torrent it.

Mahony0509173 karma

Have you ever considered maybe starting a monthly podcast discussing the world's events? I feel you'd be very good at that, and would give a good view on the situations going on worldwide. Greetings from your neighbours, Ireland!

GradeAUnderA215 karma

I dunno man. I have a Twitch where I stream and my main focus is always chat interaction. They;re kinda unofficial podcasts I guess. People ask me shit and I answer it. I particularly enjoy it when people talk American politics, I love that shit man!

noobinpyjamas159 karma

When did you come out of the closet? And how did your parents react to it?

almost best regards, - Noob in pyjms

GradeAUnderA482 karma

SOOO many of the most popular Youtubers are gay/lesbian, so I'm saving my coming out of the closet for when my channel isn't doing so well any more. That's my ace in the hole man, one of my tricks up my sleeve.

Some others include saying I was abused by Sam Pepper, or that LionMaker hit me up 15 years ago.

brain4breakfast156 karma

Grade, who was the worst pupil in your school? We're there any particular little shits?

GradeAUnderA583 karma

By far, this one kid in my year 7 class. He had some seriously weird home situation (not unfortunate, just fucking weird lol) and was the weirdest kid on Earth. He would literally never do any work in class. When I took over the class, I was basically told if he just writes the fucking date and title down, it's a lot for him.

I once held three of his classmates in a detention. The guy who supervises me is normally always in on my lessons and so I have to be strict and can't be personable with the kids, but he had to leave so I was holding that detention by myself, so I just had a chat with them. They told me that that one kid literally masturbates in class! I was like "WHAT?!?! You're joking right? Surely you're joking, the school would never let that happen." One of the boys took out his timetable and said to me "Tuesday Period 3, Thursday Period 1 and Friday Period 6, he does it every Science lesson." A KID IN MY CLASS KNEW THIS KID'S FUCKING WANKING SCHEDULE!

He's so odd. I know he's 11, but the kid is seriously a fucking loser lol. SUCH a weird kid. I once sent him outside for talking and he flat out refused. I asked him again......and he went without a question. Lol what? He was outside complaining to another teacher saying "What about my human rights?" Lol fuck off kid, you're an animal. He then calmly walked back into class, didnt say a word, very carefully turned a table over and left. I have never seen a table flipped so fucking calmly in my life.

About his weird home life though, after I brought up his masturbating to a colleague, one of them told me "he watches porn with his dad." Not making this up. Schools have to have some idea of the home situation of kids, i.e. some kids are the main caregivers of their siblings, so you need to know their home situations so you aren't as strict to them if they're late on some days, didn't do homeworks etc cus they've got more on their plates than most kids. But given that, I have no idea how it came out that this kid watches porn with his dad. How was that not kept a secret by the family. "Son, you wanna come downstairs? Your dinner's ready. And your dad's found a nice Asa Akira scene for us to watch while we eat."

There's no doubt in my mind that kid is gonna grow up to be a rapist.

GradeAUnderA201 karma

To be perfectly honest, the worst were some of the staff. Some kids were dickheads, of course, but looking back, the ones who stand out the most as being arseholes were some of the staff.

I like kids (not in a LionMaker way though lol). Kids are kids and if they're cunts, you kinda give em a pass cus they're kids. But the head of the Maths department in the second school and the vice principal in that school, I have no good words to say about them (the vice principal was impressive in some ways, truth be told, but the head of the Maths Department, none whatsoever). And I don't say that because they were responsible for my firing, I'm not bitter about that at all, it's just my honest take on their characters.

GradeAUnderA219 karma

But saying that, the kids in my Year 7 class told me that one of their classmates would literally masturbate in class. When I brought this up with the other staff members, I was told "all you can do is take him to the bathroom and let him finish"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I shouldn't reveal this detail but fuck it, this school was literally up for a Secondary School of the year Award from a respected teaching body of some sort.

I dunno about you, but if I knew the school my 11 year old went to was doing nothing about one of their classmates fucking wanking in class, I wouldn't say they were worthy of an award.

minotaur199150 karma

Hi Grade, you big chinned bastard!

What are the 3 things you would take to a desert island?

GradeAUnderA521 karma

A candlelit dinner, you, and a bottle of lube ;)

Lol I dunno. Aside from smartarse answers like "one of those Bentley watches with a geolocator signal/beacon thing, a newspaper with a sudoku, and a pen to keep me occupied in the 6 hours before they come to rescue me" etc, probably something like as reliable and sturdy a laptop I can find, a solar charger to keep it working for as long as I can, and a cyanide pill for when it finally stops working.

SizzlinBacen142 karma

Loving the videos man! Keep up the good content! You make my day! Anyway's, when did you begin to see the HUGE increase in audience/viewers? and why was there an increase if you know? :)

GradeAUnderA273 karma

I don't know, I can't remember. It was kind gradual. Some videos made it spike up though. I know my recent Nicole Arbour video got an insane surge. And my male:female ratio went from 93:7 to 87:13 because of that video lol. Still a sausage fest, but I'll take it!

UrfPat132 karma

How much do you think Youtube will do about the current situation realistically?

GradeAUnderA256 karma

Haven't got a clue. One issue is a lot of people absolutely hide behind the hashtags and ruin the cause and make it less respectable. One guy, 8-bit Eric, made a video complaining and crying that his reaction video got taken down and was saying "If the Fine Bros can do it, why can't I?"

People like this are fucking idiots. He literally reacted to a video he didn't have permission to react to. The Fine Bros do have permission for theirs, as far as I've been made aware. Yet this clueless asshole makes a video crying about Youtube, when Youtube did nothing wrong, and he gets hundreds of thousands of views and tons of support. The community is absolutely wrong about some of its complaints and as a result, I can see it possibly affecting the changes happening.

But Google/Youtube is a company I can see being among the ones that might actually be willing to take feedback and actually change. But some people's complaints are absolutely wrong and deserve/warrant no change on Youtube's part at all. So if people have stupid claims, they obviously won't see the changes they want, but as a whole, you never know man. I'll be fighting as much as I can to get them done, dw :)

CyborgShark120 karma

How do you feel about the incredible surge of your popularity? you have grown so quickly!!

GradeAUnderA228 karma

It's awesome man, there's no question about that. I'm surprised by it though lol, not gonna lie. Everyone has such an emphasis on getting some super expensive camera for their 1080p HD videos and a Macbook to edit etc. I didn't think I stood a chance of getting noticed on my zero budget.

SteepHyperspace118 karma

Is that animal name video satire? It is a pretty retarded video. Love your videos by the way.

GradeAUnderA233 karma

Of course lol. I had people educating me about "species are so because they don't produce fertile offspring." As if I don't know how to use Google myself. That's the kind of talks I've had with my mates, as people who aren't zoologists.

However if someone can point out why the Killer Whale was named so, despite technically being a dolphin, I'm all ears. (That was a deleted scene from that btw)

A_Mistborn_Pig98 karma

Do you ever scratch your balls then sniff your hand?

GradeAUnderA136 karma

Yes, but not to my own balls.

CharlesButtlet92 karma

With all the drama in the YouTube community going on lately, I was wondering what has been the biggest honor / dishonor that has happened to you?

Also just wanted to say that I'm a really big fan and you make me laugh in every video

GradeAUnderA290 karma

Thanks man!

I've had a lot of Youtubers I respect and enjoy the content of, large and small, hit me up and that's super awesome man. I actually talk to a few that I've been watching for ages, like elgintensity and health4thought on Instagram DM and a few on Twiter too. The Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki tweeting at me was cool of course, but Donald Trump accidentally tweeting out my #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain hashtag is high up there lol.

epicrat90 karma

What ethnicity are you/where are you from? I know you like to keep yourself anonymous, just a country is fine. Accent is pretty cool hahaha

GradeAUnderA206 karma

I'll just say I'm from England mate, k? That cool?

kingfu_61984 karma

Have any of your past students recognize you or tweeted you?

GradeAUnderA152 karma

Noo man, I got fired from teaching when I had about 50K subs. I was fairly unknown on every level back then.

SmokedSalmon575 karma

Sup Grade, why the long face?

GradeAUnderA154 karma

Don't bully me, k bro?

Kaelrie74 karma

Hi mate! What's your favorite girly drink?

GradeAUnderA419 karma


gekimayusensei68 karma

Hi there mate! Love your stuff.

If it isn't an inappropriate question, do you have a job outside of youtube? I think you said that you were a teacher at one point.

GradeAUnderA170 karma

That's not inappropriate at all. I was training to be a teacher, but I failed my last placement cus the guy there was an arsehole and didn't like that I would take his suggestions (which I didn't take because when I saw him doing the thing he suggested to me, I would talk to the kids and they all told me it as super easy, they weren't learning anything, not fun, not challenging etc. It was a tarsia puzzle, which can be done by process of elimination. I think learning maths by something where process of elimination is possible is a fucking TERRIBLE idea). In my final meeting, my main criticism was that I wouldn't listen to feedback. I see it as I took feedback from the kids, but tat doesn't count for shit. Passing your teaching qualification is more about kissing the arse of the one guy who makes the final judgement on whether you pas or not. There was a Newly Qualified Teacher working there who had recently passed and I've never seen a more chaotic, less productive classroom environment than in his. But he must've kissed a nice bit of arse because lo an behold, this useless fat bastard landed a teaching job!

tekon_42 karma

Hey Grade!

I've been watching your videos since you were on about 100k subs and it's been great seeing you grow, keep it up!

I was wondering, what made you start making YouTube videos in the first place?

GradeAUnderA74 karma

There's no inspiring story here, I was hating my job, if you can even call it that, at the time, and I just thought, ".........fuck it, I should make a video."

Did I ever see this becoming a career? No. Did I know how to make videos? Clearly not. But did I let that stop me? Hell no. Did I quit after my first 2 videos cus noone was watching? ......Yes, but does that mean you shouldn't make videos? No!


shipguy5539 karma

Hey Grade,

Why is there two characters in your videos, when you are the only person (Voice) in the videos?

GradeAUnderA107 karma

When I made Grade (the guy with the big chin) I saw him and just thoguht he needed a mate. So I made Under (the guy with the big nose and the stubble).

In short, he looked lonely.

zakriboss32 karma

What is your favorite 'failed' idea for a video? (IE: one that you thought of but didn't end up doing)

Also as a side note, I've been watching you since your first video came out. Thought you were hilarious, and when you finally uploaded another video after the first one or 2, I was very surprised XD

Keep making the videos man, and as a personal request, i like your non youtube related videos the best, such as the interview one.

GradeAUnderA69 karma

There aren't any failed video ideas, but there's one idea I've been wanting to do for a while but I fee I can't do because of the backlash it would get. Not Youtube related at all, general life related, but I can't help but feel it'll piss a lot of people off. A lot of people will absolutely love it, I know that for a fact, but I KNOW it will piss so many people off lol. But I don't even wanna say what it is. It's nothing illegal, just something that may piss some people off to hear.

insertdumbname31 karma

Will GradeAUnderA ever upgrade his shitty Samsung S2?

GradeAUnderA69 karma

It's on the shit right now man, it's on it's last legs, so I'm gonna have to soon. I was gonna get an S5 but one of the 3 kids I tutor knows his phones and told me the S5 sucks, and would be better off getting an S4 or an S6, so I'll probably get an S6. Or some other random phone called an "X Plus 1" or something like that. The guy really knows his phones, so I might just listen to him. Smart kid man.

jorl1721 karma

Hi Grade!

Do you think that a viable alternative to youtube could be developed by a talented team of individuals, perhaps (but not necessarily) with crowdfunding efforts?

What do you think needs to be done for this alternative to exist? Would you be willing to promote, help or be involved in it (during requirements elicitation, investing, other forms of consultant work, helping with a possible business model, etc)

Perhaps just a niche alternative that could coexist alongside youtube but provide some more guarantees to youtubers, thus restoring the chain of trust? The idea being that, with time, content creators could move to this platform, or publish in both, and that the remaining videos (e.g. music videos) would still exist in youtube?

And if it's not asking too much...if youtube doesn't change, what do you think is the way to go?

P.S: One last question, I swear! Do you think we need a soundcloud alternative?

P.P.S: I love your work, man. I admire and respect you. Keep it up!

GradeAUnderA39 karma

1) From what I've been told, no lol, absolutely not. It's been explained to me that the infrastructure Youtube has is INSANE. Good fucking luck making a competitor lol. Noone appreciates Youtube for the services it offers, and I think that's a shame that noone sees just how much they do for us. Yes it has some flaws, but it's a damn impressive site.

2) No, I would not promote it (unless there was some biiiig money involved, hint hint lol). Seriously though, I'm not looking to take down Youtube, I'm looking to help do what I can to fix it. If a competitor came along, it would never be able to offer the services Youtube does, I don't think.

3) I'm not the person to ask lol, I'm no business expert. And a reddit AMA certainly isn't the fucking place to ask haha.

19nineties3 karma

You going to release any big nose/chin merch?

GradeAUnderA5 karma

I plan on setting up a Spreadshirt very soon. Took me long enough right?