Well it’s nice to be back and doing another AMA!! I’m here with Alexis Ohanian one of the founders of Reddit and he’s helping me out tonight. Should be nice because I’m pretty stoned.

So, a lot has happened over the last couple months. I started a new national cannabis line, endorsed Bernie Sanders, did voiceover work for a new animated Disney movie called “Zootopia,” started touring with Cheech again, a new podcast, and decided to start filming a new YouTube show which I’ll be announcing more info about in a couple weeks. Cannabis Club TV and I also just filmed a bunch of videos last week I think you'll enjoy like "Man Vs Chong," "DJ Chong's Keys to Success" and about six others we're putting out this month. Other than that I’m 77 years old, hanging out with my wife Shelby and making a lot of pipes in my garage and staying in shape.

Cheech & Chong is myself and my comedy partner Cheech Marin. Over the last few decades we have released albums, movies and toured the country. It’s amazing what kind of reaction stoners have given us and I love smoking with my fans whenever I get the chance. We have been credited as pioneers of the legalization of marijuana and the popularizers of cannabis in pop culture. I directed Up In Smoke, Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, Nice Dreams, Still Smoking, Far Out Man and The Corsican Brothers.

You can see more info about Chong’s Choice, my new national cannabis line, at http://www.ChongsChoice.com. My new podcast will be released this Wednesday on http://cannabisradio.com. My Instagram is @heytommychong, my twitter is @tommychong, and my Facebook is @elchapo. “Zootopia” comes out March 4th in the US and I play the voice of Yax the Yak! Lets do this Reddit!

The PROOF http://imgur.com/y7b6cho

UPDATE: Are we there yet? (bye guys! thanks for being great)

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BreatheHeather1291 karma

I loved you in that 70's show! What is your favorite memory from the show?

SantaChong2228 karma

I guess the last show. When Kitty called me by name instead of Leo. "I'm going to miss you Tommy." They took it out. That was the sweetest thing. She didn't like me when I first joined. She was very cold. But she had to warm up to me because she had to. Hehehe.

BreatheHeather528 karma

Thanks for the reply!

How could anyone not like you? :o Thats a really sweet memory, though! Do you still talk to any of the cast?

SantaChong1261 karma

Danny Masterson. I see him more than anybody. And Wilmer.

I know you're wondering. But they never got high.

DanDankroyd676 karma

Any chance of another cheech and chong movie?

SantaChong1397 karma

When hell unfreezes.

ItOughtaBeLegal179 karma

So you're saying there's a chance? Excellent!

SantaChong829 karma

Hahaha. Yeah. Yeah, there is.... I mean, we've been on stage saying it for years. There's gonna be another Cheech and Chong movie, my wife does a bit... we're gonna call it "Grumpy Older Stoners."

how_u_doing617 karma

What's your one favorite thing to do while you're high?

SantaChong2189 karma


SantaChong405 karma

Paint with my cat. Where's r/photoshopbattles? http://imgur.com/K9QNOR5

NiggyWiggyWoo27 karma

That is the most majestic picture I've ever seen.

SantaChong94 karma

(Insert meme here)

mamiesgoo590 karma

My grandma died yesterday and its brought some odd peace about death to me.

Are you afraid of death?

SantaChong1663 karma

No, actually, I just went through a near death experience when I had the cancer operation. I'm kinda looking forward to it. Because I know it's going to be the ultimate high.

splifgod474 karma

Hey Tommy Chong! I have 3 questions:

Whats your favorite strain of marijuana?

If you could smoke with anybody in the history of mankind who would you smoke with and why?

What are the chances you'd smoke with a fan like me?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

SantaChong1395 karma

Anything given to me by a naked woman.

Uhhhh, Paul McCartney, because he's the only Beatle I haven't smoked up with. I smoked in front of Ringo because he was just out of rehab, and smoked in front of Lennon because he was worried about immigration, but me and George Harrison were very close smoking buds. Buds. Hehe. And the other guy there was Wally from Leave it to beaver.

dindr23130 karma

Fuck yea George!! Thanks again for the AMA Tommy

SantaChong53 karma

My pleasure

TheAnswer00464 karma

In your experience, is having sex high that much better?

SantaChong784 karma

Yes it is.

American_Psyco444 karma

From my Father: How much fun was it to make your movies?

SantaChong933 karma

Far as I remember, it was a lot of fun. It was never work. Nobody on the set ever complained. When we did a movie in France (cuz I was the director) we shot in a chateau. We'd have our 2 hour lunch under a tent by the moat with French wine on every table. Can you imagine that?

fuq-daht437 karma

Hey Tommy! Can you name the weirdest smoke circle you have been in??

SantaChong937 karma

This is kinda weird. I think we did it.

tfarrelljjr430 karma

Do you see marijuana being legalized federally anytime in the not-to-distant future?

SantaChong1390 karma

I think when Obama leaves, he'll do a fuck you to the Republicans and reschedule it. That's all we need to do: reschedule it.

StoneyThrashez306 karma

Hey Chong, I'm about to move to Colorado. Boulder really. So in your opinion, what's the best way to celebrate?

SantaChong699 karma

My son lives there! I LOVE Boulder. It's the hippy Valhalla. Best way to celebrate would be with dignity. It's a Chong's Choice strain. Hahah.

mrsdoubtfire10305 karma

Tommy Chong! How long have you and your wife been together? And are you taking any strides in our country as far as marijuana legalization goes? Do you have a voice in this? Much love man you're awesome

SantaChong780 karma

Well, she admitted to 40 years. It's been longer, but that's what she'll admit to. She used to just say "over 20 years."

Absolutely taking strides. I lead by example. If you notice the movies, in 1978, we showed the world that marijuana should be legal by creating two characters that went through a whole movie without hurting anybody or being hurt.

YourKindOfWoman291 karma

What's a secret you've never shared with anyone? Don't be shy with me now.

SantaChong917 karma

Well, it used to be my dick reduction....

SandyVajaynay642 karma

They used to call him Tommy Schlong

SantaChong261 karma

The Chong Thong is a concept we never took to a higher level

Lebowski_Rams260 karma

What do you think is the biggest factor that has changed America's more progressive view on pot?

SantaChong902 karma

The cellphone. Because when anybody says anything, people are on their phone checking it for the truth. When Sanjay Gupta talked about how marijuana helped a child with epilepsy. Once it changed his mind, everyone fell into place. If anything, Up in Smoke delayed it.

How can you argue against a kid who hugged his mother for the first time thanks to pot??

Ahmazinnblazin199 karma

Hey Tommy! Do you ever take any THC breaks? That first bake after your haven't in the while is the best! Cheers man

SantaChong1110 karma

Oh yeah! I took a three year break when I got busted for bongs. I remember when I quit and I remember when I started up again. In between, I enjoyed the rest. I really enjoyed it. It was funny because when I was in jail, the government kept trying to have people offer me dope and drug test me right away. They were trying to bust me so they could put me in solitary, but they couldn't do it because I was on to them. That's the great thing about pot is you don't need to smoke it -- it's not like nicotine.

_bey420161 karma

Where is your favorite place to smoke? In your house and then maybe in the world?

SantaChong607 karma

Hmm... probably Vancouver. On the beach. The sun's going down. I'm a beachcomber, so I'm discovering the beach, I've got these geese honking away, and there's nothing nicer than lighting up a doob and just..... looking.

When I was a poor kid in Calgary my dad would talk about the beach. It just seemed like heaven. Why would he want to leave? That's my heaven.

At home, on my roof. I do a bit in the show: I'm so used to hiding from somebody that I can't really get high unless I feel like I'm hiding from somebody.

Hazardic154 karma

Favorite way to smoke the ganj?

SantaChong349 karma

The kombucha bong. Home made. Check this out. I'm gonna make a video.

thcbbs55 karma

For those of us who can't stand kombucha, what's your 2nd favorite way?

SantaChong32 karma

Chong Water

how_u_doing149 karma

Can you remember the order of the circle during the whole sesh?

SantaChong719 karma

It depends on who you're smoking with. If you're smoking with Snoop Dog you don't have to worry about it, because the joint stops there.

ItOughtaBeLegal128 karma

Hey, man. Great to see you on here. Very much a fan. And thanks for supporting Bernie.

I figure if anyone would know, you would. I've been partaking for about a year and a half now, and can hardly get to a [5] anymore. Is there a way to help get slightly higher without taking a T-break?

Thanks, man.

SantaChong698 karma

Don't think about it. That's the perfect place to be. When you put goals, it's frustrating. Don't frustrate yourself. Just enjoy each toke. Enjoy the process. So many people -- we're all trained to be 'ends justify the means' -- but if you live as long as I do, you realize there's no end. There's just plateaus.

PizzaSeb118 karma

Favorite Go-To Late Night Snack after token?

SantaChong310 karma

Whoa.... uhhh... it's actually 85% chocolate, with raw almonds, and kombucha. Citrus flavor. Then after I drink that bottle, I peel off the label and put it in my to-be-made bong collection. I'm kinda a mini-hoarder.

flyingfalconpunch115 karma

Who was the most memorable person you've ever smoke with? Up in Smoke is one of my my favorite films btw.

SantaChong263 karma

Uhh, William Burroughs and Timothy Leary, I guess. While we smoked up, Burroughs was telling me about the joys of heroine.

smokeswirl108 karma

Hi tommy! Big fan of yours. What is your opinion on dabs, wax, extracts, etc.? Do you think these newer methods of getting high stray into dangerous or uncharted territory? I'm asking this because I have friends who have started dabbing and have found that their tolerances are completely destroyed and merely smoking a joint does nothing for them now. Just curious about your two cents. Thanks!

SantaChong331 karma

Well, I don't dab that much, so I couldn't tell ya. I have no idea. I used to do hash back in the day and we only needed a bit. Back in the day, you were credited for smoking the littlest amount to get you the highest, as opposed to the most to get you the highest because then it would last longer. We'd take a little piece of hash, heat it up, pass it around and that would get us all high.

Because, so many people are trying to die from ODing on marijuana because it bugs them that no one has died from it. These guys are extreme, trying to be the one who passes out and almost dies, but they never do and they're like "maybe next time."

hip_hop_opotimus106 karma

How much do you estimate you have spent on weed throughout your entire life?

SantaChong426 karma

I stopped having to buy pot a long time ago. It helped.

SantaChong45 karma

I'd be in a shit ton of debt

Considerable100 karma

Tommy, I'm such a huge fan of yours, and it's my dream to share a bowl with you - I'm also an aspiring stoner actor/ivist. How well do you handle being stoned on set?

SantaChong257 karma

One of the reasons why we wrote our own movies was because I could never remember any kind of lines. In fact, that was my big thing about working the 70s show and all that. I couldn't remember. I still have a hard time memorizing, but I can create like that. As long as I don't have to use my brain for anything other than connecting with the muse.

tfarrelljjr95 karma

What are some of your favorite albums to listen to/movies to watch after a sesssion?

SantaChong326 karma

I go way back> I'm an old motown guy. Probably my favorite music of alltime has to be What's Going On with Marvin Gaye. That was my alltime favorite record. Followed very closely by Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, followed very closely by anything by Wes Montgomery.

Then I like all the new music: Sammy Smith -- I'm dancing tango to his Academy Award song. My tango teacher, she's this beautiful 6'2" Lithuanian lady, just so beautiful, and we're dancing that together.

BreatheHeather69 karma

I have another question! How was voice acting for zootopia? I'm excited to see it :)

SantaChong421 karma

Love doing voiceovers. Would love to do put my voice on some more things - movies, videogames, that kinda stuff. Maybe a Waze GPS voice. Would anyone use me as their GPS?

kksuck268 karma

Holy shit, I would love to have Tommy Chong, via Waze, map out my trip for me.

SantaChong20 karma

Let Waze know. Start a petition. I'm in!

Babinio63 karma

Hey Tommy, you have many angles in the cannabusiness.. such as futurola, chongs-choice, and many others. I saw reddit promoting that you have a new podcast launching soon... What is this radio show going to be about???

SantaChong149 karma

The podcast is inside Chong's brain. What's going on. The first one we did, we talked about my dance with cancer. Went from dancing with the stars to dancing with the scars.

harayda51 karma

Did you ever get a chance to produce that million dollar bong?

SantaChong102 karma

Working on it. Hehe. Still working on it, but it's coming!

EchoingShadows39 karma

Will you look up a band called Rainbow Kitten Surprise and tell me what you think of them?

SantaChong71 karma

Of course. And thank you. Sounds great.

BobDrillin35 karma

What is your favorite regular polygon?

SantaChong62 karma

Anything equiangular.

free-the-elephants1 karma

Hey Tommy, any tips on how to make your high even better?

SantaChong2 karma

Smoke more.